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Primebiotic contains the highest quality, nutrient dense, green superfoods, pre-digested with 13 synergistic live bacteria. Multi strains of bacteria are far more potent than merely supplementing with 1 or 2 strains. The probiotic process complements the inherent make up of the ingredients. Super greens are naturally probiotic, they encourage a rapid growth of friendly bacteria.


  • Helps to improve the health of the immune system & bowel
  • Helps break down food in the gut & improve assimilation
  • Helps the manufacture of enzymes & additional nutrients within the gut
  • Helps eliminate food intolerances & Candida
  • Improves immune competence
  • Helps digest old impacted waste in the gut

Suitable for sensitive types & those generally intolerant to nutritional supplements, especially suitable for those with poor digestion.

The body is made up of living cells - it is imperative that we provide the fuel the body needs through living whole foods; this life force enables the body to use the nutrients. The man-made chemical nutrients found in most vitamins do not work. Primebiotic is Certified Organic in the EU & Australia, giving an absolute assurance of quality; strict quality control guarantees that no pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals are used. The product has not been genetically altered and is in a natural, live food state.


The potent mixture of superfoods, cereal grasses, micro-algae and kelp, provide many health benefits. Cereal grasses are high in chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, minerals, and unique digestive enzymes. Micro-algae contain significant amounts of lipid, protein, chlorophyll, carotenoid, vitamins, minerals and unique pigments and kelp provides all the nutrients from the ocean - nature's most complete nutrient 'store', exposing these wonderful ingredients to the probiotic process enhances their inherent ability to promote the growth and reproduction of friendly bacteria.

In today's fast paced world most foods we are eating are lacking in life giving nutrients. Disease is pandemic. Soils are devoid of nutrients and saturated with chemicals. Over 85,000 chemicals are currently being used worldwide. They are finding their way into our body through the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Man made supplements, are simply not what was intended for the human body. In the process of extracting and fracturing the elements they are rendered mostly useless. Most vitamins are synthetic and do not occur in nature. The immune system is so smart it recognizes the difference between a man made bio-chemical and the natural one produced by your body cells. The body reacts in shock to the foreign substance and shuts off other parts of the immune system, particularly in the stem cells where the basic building blocks of healthy new cells are spawned. The potential for future repair of damaged cells is therefore neutralized by this approach because the organism cannot make new defensive cells for its immune system. It is vital that we obtain our nutrients from whole food sources - the superfoods in Primebiotic provide essential health giving nutrients.

Ingredients and their beneficial content


  • Barley Grass and Wheat Grass: very similar in properties, a natural balance and abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, active enzymes and chlorophyll
  • Spirulina: rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene, fatty acid GLA, the cell wall is composed entirely of mucopolysaccharides
  • Chlorella: the highest known quantity of chlorophyll within a natural source, cleanses and purifies
  • Dunaliella Salina: rich in protein, vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene) and carotenoids (carotenoids provide fruits and vegetables their distinctive colours, odours and tastes)
  • Alfalfa: an abundance of calcium, silicon, phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, zinc and various trace elements
  • Oat Grass: provides vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, and B vitamins
  • Kelp: the ocean’s nutrient superstore
  • Yam: rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene
  • Live Bacteria: extensive bacteria replace missing flora breaking down the complex proteins, carbohydrates and fats to more easily assimilable amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars.

The health benefits of live bacteria

For centuries, cultured and fermented foods produced with micro-organisms have been an important part of man’s diet, as we have moved towards more processed foods in the diet, cultured foods are lacking in many people’s day to day nutrition. Furthermore, the use of antibiotics, fizzy drinks, preservatives, chlorine, fluorides, sugars and alcohol all kill the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. In recent years, more and more products have come on the market promoting the benefits of "friendly bacteria”, but by and large, these are processed products, often with high levels of sugar and are far from their natural state.

Good digestion is central to improving health, it is vital that we eliminate bad bacteria from the intestinal tract, and keep the whole internal terrain more balanced by nourishing the friendly bacteria that promote good health. Digestion is the most energy consuming function of the body - it takes more energy than running, swimming or bike riding. Beneficial bacteria provide live enzymes which encourage foods to be digested and assimilated effectively. Enzymes are essential for health and vitality; when these enzymes are depleted, the body becomes diseased. Maintaining a constant living enzyme supply through proper food intake ensures good health and vitality.

Primebiotic promotes the healthy environment in the intestinal tract that is at the base of good health. Extensive lactobacillus bacteria are present to replace and replenish the missing flora that is necessary for digestion. These organisms predigest the superfoods, breaking down the complex proteins, carbohydrates and fats to more easily assimilable amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars. This leads to more efficient assimilation and utilization of these nutrients and a reduced burden on the digestive tract. The action of the culture organisms makes the minerals in cultured foods more readily available to the body. This makes this product especially necessary  for people with food intolerances, bowel disorders and poor digestive assimilation. Also, due to the action of the micro-organisms that digest the greens and other foods, the final product is less stimulating than if these foods were taken in a raw state. This means that this product is suitable for sensitive and delicate types, including the young and old.


Vitamin K

A healthy intestinal tract can produce Vitamin K but in many cases it is not produced efficiently so it must be supplied by your food. Vitamin K is different from other fat soluble vitamins because it cannot be stored in the body. It will almost always be necessary to get Vitamin K from your diet. Click here for more information.

Primebiotic is our number one product for intestinal tract health, it will help enable your body to produce vitamin K more efficiently.

The Importance of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the 'green blood' of all plant life and has a chemical structure very similar to haemoglobin, our own red blood molecules. Chlorophyll carries oxygen around the blood supply and builds the red blood cell count. It cleanses and purifies the blood stream, kidneys, liver and bowel. Scientists and medical professionals have long recognised the importance of chlorophyll in the diet as a bowel cleansing agent and a natural deodorant, and topically as a wound-healing accelerator. Chlorophyll is a concentrated sun energy that can be assimilated and released into the cell structure of the body, cleansing the body of toxins, energising the immune system, strengthening cell membranes and boosting natural energy. It is vital that the body has the necessary nutrients to eliminate toxins from the body. Chlorophyll detoxifies the human body. If the body cannot rid itself of toxic agents they will be stored in the tissues and cause all manner of harm to the body and manifest in disease. Cereal Grasses, Spirulina, Dunaliella salina, Kelp and Chlorella are all excellent sources of chlorophyll.

Amino Acids (Protein)

Most people think that to obtain protein you must eat protein, the situation is a little more complex. All proteins the body needs are assembled from amino acids. Our body requires amino acids in their natural form, (not synthetic) in order that all bodily metabolic functions can operate properly. There are 20 different amino acids, all are essential. Fourteen can be produced by the body, eight can only be derived from food and thereby are called the eight essential amino acids. Amino acids boost the immune system, detoxify the liver, (which is under constant attack form the moment you are born to the moment you die) and provide the food your brain needs.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids are essential for our cells to operate normally and stay alive. Passage of necessary minerals and molecules are regulated by cell membranes. When your cell membranes are healthy they stop harmful chemicals, parasites, moulds, viruses and other dangerous organisms like bacteria from entering into the cell. Chemical receptor sites for hormones are also maintained in the cells. Hormones are the body's crucial messengers. Fatty acids are part of numerous chemical processes in the body and are used as building blocks for certain hormones.


Carotenes like Beta Carotene have been shown to protect against a highly energized free radical form of oxygen called super oxide in addition to a broad spectrum of free radicals. Carotenes are your front line anti-oxidant defenders. There are over 600 toxic compounds found in the urban air. They all have the potential of introducing free radicals in the body. When you breath in air, it does not all stay in the lungs. It is absorbed into the blood stream and circulated through the body. Carotenes are designed by nature to act as protector substances against the formation of free radicals. They also prevent already pre-formed free radicals from being absorbed from the outside environment that can damage the internal environment. Carotene pigments work as free radical quenchers by squelching free radicals before they can harm the sensitive RNA messenger which replicates the DNA code signal which in turn creates our new cells. A free radical is an atom or molecule, which possesses an unpaired electron and is therefore unstable. Each day, free radicals attack the DNA in a single cell about 10,000 times. Free radicals attack cellular membranes sometimes causing severe damage. They can cause red blood cells to burst by rupturing their cellular membranes. Research has linked free radical damage to premature aging and virtually every degenerative disease known. Nature has provided plants with this type of protective pigment (carotenes), because the sun's radiation raises the potential of all the photosynthetic systems to produce extra electrons and too many electrons will kill the plants.

A Healthy Immune System

Our happiness or sorrow lies in our knowledge of the way our own body defends us against debilitating diseases such as cancer. Most of us take our immune system for granted and do not seek to discover how we can energize it until we get sick and then we develop real motivation to find a cure for our problem. If we can clean up the cell environment and trigger the immune defence system we can find a natural way to deal with all disease. In other words we must use preventative measures. Disease is a breakdown of the cells immune defence system. Change the potential within the system and the external condition is also changed. Primebiotic is full of nutrients that assist the immune system.

Please be persistent with Primebiotic use, many health benefits can be resultant from the regular use of this product, but in some cases these may not occur quickly. It is possible that several months of regular use may be needed before one reaps the main benefits of this supplement. A continued maintenance dose is recommended to ensure optimum, continued benefit.


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