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A small selection of testimonials received by Regenerative Nutrition 
Julian from UK, aged 44 suffered from heart pains and a general feeling of low energy and lack of clarity.
Julian says "I first came across your excellent company when I gave up smoking because I could feel the harm it was doing me. I suffered from heart pains and a general feeling of low energy and lack of clarity. After about two months of being clean I realized that I needed to futher heal myself with suitable food medicines, so I purchased Zell Immunocomplex, CaProtein (From Mount Capra Goats), Colliodial Silver, Multi-Enzyme Protect, Multi-Green Nutrition, Serrapeptase and Germanium (Organic) GE 132. Within a week my energy increased and within a month or two my chest returned to normal. I now use your products to feel more alive and vibrant. The products I have used are...
Alka-Vita Elemental Silicon (Now Vitalyza 3), CaProtein (From Mount Capra Goats), Celtic Ocean Sea Salt, Germanium (Organic) GE 132, L-Carnosine, Iodine - Lugol's Solution (7%), Mag Sea Products, MSM Powder, Multi-Enzyme Protect, Multi-Green Nutrition, Peruvian Maca, Primebiotic, Multi-Green Nutrition, Serrapeptase, Colliodial Silver, Selenium (Food State), Vitamin B12 - Methylcobalamin, Zell Immunocomplex and Zinc (Food State)
MSM for depression/anxiety. I have been using MSM every morning for about a month, along with other products as well. I began feeling clear headed and "happy" within a week. I am now off of the Ativan(anxiety medicine) that was prescribed by my doctor. Even my family has noticed a big change in my mood :) I am waking up with a positive attitude and my patience as increased in dealing with "life" and 4 Children. I have also bought this product for my mother who has been suffering with depression all her life and can't wait to see her benefit from this as well. Thank you so much!! Tammy, age 43.
Gyongyi from UK, female Aged 42 suffers from low neutrophil (Neutrophenia) and Candida from frequent antibiotic use. She has used Iodine, Vitalyza 3, Noni, Organic Germanium and Multi Enzime Protect.
Gyongyi tells us "I had plastic surgery nearly 3 years ago in my native Hungary. During the surgery I bled badly and my surgeon suggested I have a blood test to see if there was an underlying cause for this. I returned to the UK, where I have been living for 16 years, and thought nothing more of it. But my heatlh was not as it used to be. I felt tired all the time, had cold sores, had colds all the time which I never seemed to be able to shake off without antibiotics. Every few months I was prescribed different antibiotics for different illnesses which then caused candida infections. So treating one thing I ended up having more that I bargained for. My GP was useless. I kept asking him questions about why I seem to be having all sorts of illnesses when I used to be very healthy before, but he could not give me any answers. I was offered no tests of any sort which had made me helpless and frustrated. Then I had remembered about what my surgeon had said and requested a full blood count. Indeed, it came back not so good. I was called by my GP saying that my Neutrophil level was low but nothing to worry about. But i did worry. So I rang my GP in Hungary and had asked him what it meant as I had never heard of a Neutrophil before let alone about having it low in the blood. He explained all I had to know, which was more than I can say about the GP in the UK, and advised to have the test repeated in 3 months time, which I did. The test again came back positive, even worse than before so my Neutrophil level was dropping which was alarming. Then I saw a different GP and he told me that it is not a very good thing to have as I am prone to infection and indeed if not treated with antibiotics it can be fatal. Then, I got scared. I asked him if there was any supplements I should take to increase my Neutrophils but he shock his head and said there was nothing I can do or take. Then I asked him if there was anything that he could do about it but again, he said they would only offer treatment if the Neutrophil level is extremely low at about 0.5, which was not the case with me at the time. I was stunned and desperate.
That was the time when I sat down and did my own research. I found Regenerative Nutrition and never looked back. I read all the articles of all the supplements and made some decisions. First I had ordered just a few supplements, like Iodine and Vitalyza 3, but slowly added a few more. I have found that after taking Iodine I never had yeast infection again, combined with Vitalyza 3, Organic Germanium, Multi Enzime Protect I have not had a cold sore since and the most important that my Neutrophil level started increasing after a few months. Now it is back to normal levels and I feel better than ever. I keep taking all the supplements as I know that these helped me to get back to optimum heath. Without these supplements I can honestly say that I would be very very ill by now, as I had no support from the very people whose responsibily would be to keep us well and well informed, GPs.
I trust no medical professional in this country, and recommend Regenerative Nutrition to all my friends so they can make intelligent decisions about their own health. Many thanks, and may you continue to keep us informed and healthy.
40 year old Jonathan, from the UK suffers from Coeliac Disease, Gilbert's Syndrome, Constipation and Hiatus Hernia. He has used Colloidal Minerals & Trace Elements with Boron & Vit D, Immuno-Calm, Zell Immunocomplex, Iodine, Repair Tonic, Vitalyza 3 and Deep Cell Detox.
"After suffering from digestive problems for many years I was finally diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and Gilbert's Syndrome in 2008. I switched to a gluten-free diet and noticed an immediate improvement in symptoms, but for the next few years I still suffered from difficult (often painful) bowel movements. I tried all the usual recommendations: eating enough fruit and veg and drinking enough water. I also tried supplements containing bulking agents like psyllium husks, but to no avail. Over the summer of 2011 I embarked upon the (Regenerative Nutrition) Autoimmune Protocol to boost my immune system and eliminate any infections or toxins. It was during step 2, when I took 24 drops of Iodine a day for a week, along with Zell Immunocomplex, that I started to notice a definite improvement in my bowel movements. I have had comfortable bowel movements since starting the Autoimmune Protocol three months ago. The improvement in my overall digestion has been dramatic and I would whole-heartedly recommend Regenerative Nutrition to anyone who was wondering about using their products.
David, aged 57 from London, UK developed Asthma-like symptoms (tickly chest and a dry, wheezy cough) following a particularly bad cold or flu, which did not clear up even after several months. He used Multi Enzyme Protect, Multi Green Nutrition, Serrapeptase and Licorice Capsules. David reports "I found that this combination of supplements helped calm down the tickly chest and helped my recovery from what was a very debilitating cold or flu. I also used a Pulmicort inhaler as prescribed by my GP for a period of time, but was able to reduce the dose quickly to a very low level, and then stop taking it altogether. The Licorice capsules certainly seemed to help the recovery, and the overall supplementation regime, which I now take on a regular basis, definitely helped me to recover and sustain my energy levels, fitness and feeling of good health.
Using the Iodine along with Sodium Ascorbate and Selenium has vastly improved my ability to lose inches around my waist. I believe my thyroid was not working as it should and thanks to your in depth articles regarding Iodine and the thyroid I have managed to heal myself. If I had visited my Doctor, I know he'd have prescribed some kind of drug which would not have addressed the problem - drugs never seem to address the cause, rather they mask the symptoms, at least that's what I've always found. Keep up the good work! Shaun, 41, from Devon, UK
Elaine, aged 48, suffers from asthma, high blood pressure and coccyx (lower back) pain.
Elaine uses Vitamin D3, Iodine (Lugol's 7% Solution), Deep Cell Detox, Celtic Ocean Sea Salt, Olive Leaf Extract, Serrapeptase and Vitalyza 3
Elaine say's "I generally wanted to improve my health, especially as I am getting older. I started with the Celtic Ocean Sea Salt in order to re-mineralise my body and to help with my blood pressure as I didn't want to take medication. The salt seems to have normalised my blood pressure as it was 156/102 and it now ranges from 125/85 to sometimes 100/65!! I also was very interested and fascinated by the Core Regime and it made perfect sense about us all being so deficient in minerals due to farming methods and deficient in Vitamin D3 due to us constantly covering up from the sun. I consequently started to use the Iodine (Lugol's 7% Solution), initially at 3 drops per day. I have found my optimum level seems to be 8 drops per day. I feel absolutely fabulous when I take the Iodine, I have so much energy and positivity. I really notice when I haven't taken it for a while. My husband and daughter both take it now and they noticeably improve on their energy etc. The Vitamin D3 article puts the proposal forward that coughs, colds and flu often occur in the winter months, and this is true for most folk, and they go on to say it is the lack of sunlight due to the low angle of the sun so insufficient vitamin D3 can be made, even if there is exposure to the sun. This made perfect sense to me as when I get a cold, being asthmatic, it would go directly to my chest and I would be very ill for some weeks and almost unable to function. I always used to think 'take lots of vitamin C' but that didn't seem to help at all. I commenced Vitamin D3 and I hardly now ever get a cold. I had my first cold for one year recently. interestingly I hadn't been taking the Vitamin D3 as I felt so well, so when it happened I took 3 capsule each day (6000IU) and it almost immediately reduced symptoms. It did go into a cough but this was minimal and was only a slight annoyance!! Vitamin D3 is a life saver for me with colds/coughs/flu. The Deep Cell Detox I took to remove mercury from my system, I have had many amalgum fillings over the years and was concerned about toxic build up. I took a course starting off as directed and found to my surprise that my asthma symptoms greatly reduced!! and this wasn't even what I took it for, but maybe I was toxic and this helped to relieve this. Awesome!! Serrapeptase I take as a preventative to ensure my arteries are de-furred! The Vitalyaz 3 I take to generally alkalise my body, as on urine testing, I am extremely acidic and this isn't good in any disease state. I am more alkaline now but the most amazing thing is that it completely removes my awful tender coccyx pain for which I had tried many things, this again was a random finding! I love this website, the information is amazing and the products fantastic! Many thanks.
Jo, from Australia is a 39 year old female. She suffers from Psoriasis, Thyroid Troubles and Psoriatic Arthritis. Jo tells us "I took the Immuno-Calm for 4 months and noticed a definite calming down of the thyroid troubles and a significant improvement of my Psoriasis. I was also being treated with herbs from a Naturopath specializing in Psoriasis and Skin disorders. I believe these natural supplements worked together to calm down the inflammation that was occuring in my body. I have recently had a baby and my immune system went a little haywire when my body was recovering. I believed I was on the verge of several autoimmune diseases. I did a lot of research on the internet and was particularly impressed by your website and its thorough explanation of the autoimmune disease process. Because of your informative articles I was literally able to work out for myself which supplements would most benefit me. I am just about to order you Arthro-Care as my Psoriasis is again playing up on my hands, fingers and nail beds and I feel I could benefit from Boron supplementation. I will also do another course of the Immuno-Calm as I could benefit from lessening the Inflammation. In general I feel much better after being unwell for a year with a young toddler. My doctor just kept insisting I was depressed and needed therapy and anti-depressants. I was simply not interested in going down that road and it was frustrating to me as the doctors were only interested in treating the symptoms and not the actual cause or imbalance within the body. I had never had Psoriasis before and it devastated me as my hands and nails had always been my best feature. I was most relieved to find your website. I would like to thank RN for helping me to help myself with your very informative articles, website and of course your wonderful products.
Tom, aged 37, from USA suffers from "something similar to Addison's. I was never diagnosed officially but any intake of carbohydrates pushes me into a state of serious brain fog and dizziness -- almost a drunk feeling in severe cases. Taking the daily dose of Zell Immunocomplex has significantly changed my life. I call it my "magic juice!" While I still experience spells of brain fog and dizziness in reaction to certain (or too many) carbohydrates, my overall well-being has significantly improved ever since I began taking this supplement on a daily basis. My mind stay's clear throughout most, if not all, of the day and I am able to stay focused at work -- something with which I struggled prior to finding this juice online. In a panic, when I was running low on my "inventory" one time, I did try ordering a version sold in the US but did not react as favorably (I noticed the brand sold in the US had a different ordering of ingredients so perhaps the formula is slightly different). Bottom line is that Regenerative Nutrition delivers the real deal... and I now just know to order multiple bottles at once so as not to run out! I am a loyal customer for life and thank you for making this product available!!!!"
I have been using Celtic Ocean Sea salt for High Blood pressure for about nine months and I have to say that my general well being has improved considerably and I no longer have a problem with high blood pressure, now down to 158/78 which my doctor says is acceptable and my cholesterol count is down sufficiently for me not to worry about. Until I found your Celtic Ocean Sea salt I used normal refined sea salt in and on my food and always had a problem with high blood pressure, imagine how delighted I was to discover that using your salt resolved the blood pressure problem for me. I also seem to have more energy and an increased interest in life, including playing 2/3 rounds of golf per week, weather permitting of course which I thoroughly enjoy. Sandy, aged 81, from Yorks, UK
Nina, aged 37, from Peterborough in the UK has an underactive thyroid, Candida and ovarian cysts. She has used a combination of supplements and remedies until she found what works best for her. Namely, Iodine (Lugol's solution), Seagreens, Wild Yam and Colloidal Silver. Nina say's "I've been taking Iodine as my main remedy as I have suffered from underactive thyroid for over 3 years. I used to take Levothyroxine for a long time but as doctors couldn't find the right dose I decided to do a research on natural remedies that would help improve my condition and had found that when I started taking Lugol's Iodine solution my blood tests were 'perfect' and even my cholesterol level came down to 'normal'. I also gradually stopped taking Levothyroxine and eventually ditched it. Iodine, along with Wild Yam and Colloidal Silver, helped me get rid of my ovarian cysts and Candida too. So, I'd like to say a great THANK YOU to Regenerative Nutrition who have proved very reliable and helpful, and will hopefully provide us with natural remedies for years to come..."
With 6 people in my family (husband and 4 children) we suffer a variety of minor issues that were becoming more constant and I worried about some "medicines" that were perscribed with some aweful side affects and began searching for a more natural way to combat these issues. My son (15) suffers from digestive issues and fatigue. My daughter is "insulin resistant" and also is struggling with depression from a "love gone bad" situation and weight gain. My husband and other daughter both suffer from Anxiety and OCD. After only 1 month I have truly seen remarkable improvement in all these areas. I even saw first hand how well the Primebiotics were helping all of us when I ran out and we didn't take them for a week while waiting on our new supply (I will remember to order before we run out this time). I am so very excited and impressed with these products and am now a "lifer" of these vitamins. Not to mention we have slowly decreased all of our prescribed medicines and my daughter is now off of the Metphormin(insulin balaceing med) and has lost 10 pounds. My son carries a bottle of the Methylcobalamin to school and uses them when he feels tired and his grades have improved as well as we are all feeling more energy than EVER!!! Thanks you so much!!! Tammy from SC
Paula, aged 48, from the UK suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis, she reports "I was taking 25mg of Methotrexate per week for years but still had arthritic pain and the "Psoriasis" was actually getting worse. I couldn't stand the side effects of this drug anymore and as I was still in pain it seemed an easy decision to stop taking it. Several weeks before coming off Methotrexate I started taking Immuno-Calm and Liquorice (the two supplements that I firmly believe made the difference - Serrapeptase was a later addition so that could be helping too). I've been off the pharmaceutical toxins for 4 months now and the pain is only occasional and nowhere near as bad as it was, the "Psoriasis" is almost non-existent. The inflammation is roughly 70% down on what it was and I've gone from frequent flare ups where I could barely walk to none - I haven't had a flare up since I came off methotrexate and started taking these supplements. There is damage to a joint in my foot from the arthritis - methotrexate was supposed to be a DMARD (stopping the disease causing damage) but it's recently been discovered that it isn't actually doing that at all (study's show that it does not act as a DMARD at all). I will stick to supplements from now on and a good anti-inflammatory diet. I firmly believe that Immuno-Calm and Liqourice has played a major role in calming down my autoimmune disorder, bringing my immune system back to normal.
Nogs, aged 76, from East Sussex, UK has high cholesterol and "at my age quite a lack of libido which is to be expected." He says "I did have quite high cholesterol around the eight mark but have found that the Serrapeptase has been very beneficial in my case. I had a cholesterol test on the 16th of October 2011 and its down to 4.45 which I am very happy with. I have been taking this product on and off for sometime now and would recommend it highly for anyone suffering from high cholesterol. As far as the Peruvian Maca is concerned I tried other makes and found it to be less affective than the Regenerative Nutrition product and have just ordered two pots today and l am looking forward to a beneficial affect on my libido.
Since I have started on the RN Core Regime my energy levels have been excellent. I have been able to push my body through training, recover faster, and have less injuries as a direct result of adding the RN suppliments to my daily nutrion protocol. I Beleive the quality of the RN suppliments are the best in the market. I have recently put in another order with RN and I look forward to continuing my Ironman training with the best quality suppliments that money can buy! I would also like to comment on how superb the customer service is at RN. Thank you for getting back to all of my emails and questions I have had over the past few months!! All the best, Cheers Ryan Anderson, aged 30
M Michael Murray, aged 57, was diagnosed with lupus early this year, but has suffered for at least 2 years. He say's "The disorder caused significant pain in all of my major large joints; especially my knees and shoulders, difficult and painful swallowing and rapid heartbeats during rest periods. I couldn't sleep well at night and the pain was always worse in the morning upon awakening. I also suffered from unusual muscle weakness. I have been using Immuno-Calm for the last 6 to 8 months. Eventhough I have been treated with conventional medicine since April 2011, the positive results were greatly enhanced when I took 2 capsules of Immuno-Calm at night with the conventional medicine and two capsules first thing in the morning; consistently. Although my doctor originally told my that I may never be able to run or participate in sports activities again, I have been running, taking long walks and playing competitive Table Tennis. The pain and swelling in my fingers have disappeared. My heart rate was tested normal for the first time in months. I can function fully again. I have restful sleep at night and I no longer have excruciating pain in the morning. I highly reccomend Immuno-Calm to anyone with lupus ar any other autoimmune disease. It can supplement or compliment any other medicine one is taking.
Delia, aged 69 has oesteoarthritis in the hands. She reports "Before I started taking Repair Tonic the joints of my fingers were painful and stiff. My hands would also "lock" when I grasped items. With regular us of the capsules my fingers no longer lock and the pain and inflammation in the joints has virtually stopped. This means I can now use my hands more effectively again and perform short daily exercises to improve the movement in the joints. I enjoy dressmaking and before taking the capsules I was not able to cut out a dress pattern without having to take many pauses due to the discomfort in my hands. My hands still look distorted but they function like they used to. Repair Tonic has rejuvenated me."
I've suffered from M.E. for over 20 years, I would slowly build up my energy over a few months only to be knocked back down again through catching a cold or other related viruses. Over that time I've tried numerous health products without any significant if any results to my health. Two years ago I came across the Regenerative Nutrition website, I decided to try some of their products. As most, if not all, M.E. sufferers who are suffering with this terrible illness will tell you, you will try almost anything to improve your wellbeing especially in the energy department. In my case I've tied that many different types of products that were supposed to help you with your symptoms but never did, but I tried them anyway in the hope they would work. Again, I thought I would try some of Regenerative Nutrition's products knowing full well they probably won't help. I ordered two products Zell Oxygen & Olive Leaf Extract & to my surprise after a week I did seem to feel better & my energy improved enough to notice. Since taking just these two products I haven't come down with a cold or any illness that's knocked me off my feet, it's not a cure by any means but I have noticed an improvement. I still have bad days some worse than others, but the main thing for me personally is the fact that I haven't caught a cold or any viruses over the last two years. Now, I've increased my order to include (replacing Zell Oxygen with) Zell Immunocomplex, Mag Sea Ionics, Iodine & Reishi Mushroom. This seems to work well for me, although I will still tweak it from time to time with other products from Regenerative Nutrition but sticking to the Zell Immunocomplex & Olive Leaf Extract. Steve. UK
Mimi is 73 and has had High blood pressure for 15 years. She has used Circulate and Serrapeptase and reports "After 15 years I have been signed off by my Doctor as I no longer have high B. P. When the allopathic medication got to 3 different drugs and each one becoming stronger every year, I thought this is enough. This is not working. So bravely or foolishly I threw them away. I read a lot on Google and found Regenerative Nutrition who supply various remedies. It was easy to choose as there is a lot of information. I tried Mistletoe in powder form but hated it. Eventually I settled on Circulate and Serrapeptase. Another company sold magnesium oil (ed. Regenerative Nutrition supply the highest quality and strength of magnesium oil as Mag Sea Pure) and this combination has worked. I told my Doctor and he said you must have lost weight. Not true as I am always 55 kilos. This year has been stressful as I am in the middle of a year long building project so the supplements must be helping . Do keep trying different remedies. It is likely something will help you."
Corina from Turkey suffers osteoarthritis in her left hip due to an earlier accident. Corina has used the following supplements in her regime: Repair Tonic High Potency Formula, Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements, Serrapeptase, Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Vitalyza 3.
In 2007 the pain in my left hip was becoming a problem. I was limping and the medical doctor gave a very grim future for me after seeing my x-ray and MRI. I was very upset but wasn't going to follow the medical path of cortisone injections and anti inflammatories. Instead I sought a natural health solution. In Australia I saw a chiropractor and began taking various supplements recommended by my naturopath. My hip was improving. Contrary to the doctors advice, I walked at least 40 minutes everyday and did plenty of stretching. When I moved to Turkey, I found I wasn't able to get the supplements I needed. I searched the net and found Regenerative Nutrition. Their products are amazing. I found that the addition of boron to my health regime had a big impact. Boron is in the Repair Tonic and the Colloidal Minerals. Also I used the Vitalyza3 to keep my system alkaline. I noticed that if I had pain, I needed to alkalise. Also the enyzme Serrapeptase taken at night 3 or 4 hours after dinner, helped relieve any pain and ensured a good nights sleep. I also added the anti oxidants and sometimes ordered the Barley Grass which again helps to alkalise. With Regenerative Nutrition I have no problem receiving the products in Turkey. They usually arrive in less than 2 weeks. I am so happy I stumbled upon their website! And the best thing is I am pain free, very active and doing all the things I enjoy!
Egbert from Holland was a pilot for 35 years, the last 18 years on 747s. Egbert says "Coughing the last 10 years and mucilage sticking in my bronchial area more and more, making funny noises ! I didn't want to take the puffer recipes my father got addicted to, needing hospitalisation every few years at the end of his illusionary dream-time. The asthma formula got rid of 90 percent of the mucilage but it kept coming back. Now I find great release in the Iodine which I use for a few month loosening the remaining mucilage within 30 minutes so I can clear it. Still awaiting a total healing in of this trachea area. I call myself a miracle worker following my Other Voice according the course in miracles.
Thanks to RN for making these formulas available in my dream-time!"
A few weeks after taking Vital Protect, which I originally purchased as a good general anti-oxidant, I noticed that my daily headaches were becoming much less frequent. I have been experiencing daily headaches and occasional migraines for many years and was greatly concerned about my need for strong over-the-counter painkillers and the effect they could be having on my general health. I also believe that the daily use of painkillers was now the cause of my headaches and despite trying many alternative therapies nothing was that effective.  I have, however, been taking Vital Protect now for several months and am so pleased that I have been able to greatly reduce my need for painkillers and now only get the occasional headache. Ruth, aged 65
Peter Weston is 28 and suffers from seronegative arthritis. The seronegative arthritis family is differentiated from rheumatoid arthitis in many ways. Rheumatoid arthritis is prevalent in the female population, whereas seronegative arthritis is more frequently seen in males.
Peter has used Immuno-Calm, Colloidal Minerals & Olive Leaf Extract with best results. He has used other remedies but feel these 3 have been the most helpful.
Peter writes "To end up with seronegative arthritis I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for four years before having surgery which, looking back didnt go so well because the operation never seemed to heal completely. As a result my body and immune system were left to deal with a lot of inflammation. About a 18 months after my operation my immune system finally went haywire and started attacking my joints (or so I am told this is how it went) And that is how I ended up having seronegative arthritis. It got so bad that i was at the point where i could no longer walk and to even move one muscle of my body caused extreme pain. All of my body was affected apart from my neck and spine. I was bed ridden for about a year or so before I discovered "Regenerative Nutrition". The recovery didnt happen over night, but a turn around did. Before too long my health was improving rapidly and a few months later I was exercising and becoming strong again! It really has saved me from a life of misery. Health is priceless!" 
Eve from England is 55 and suffers with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis and Insomnia. Eve writes "When I first discovered Regenerative Nuitrition I was in a very bad state having had RA for some 30 years and declining rapidly in the last 5 years. I was, in desperation, taking a variety of conventional medications as advised my my Consultant which not only seemed to have no effect but actually made my conditions worse in some instances. I started off with Zell Immunocomplex followed by Olive Leaf Extract, then moved onto the collodal Minerals, Vital Protect and Multi Enzyme Protect which I now take constantly. At first there was only a very slight improvement, but gradually over the months I have noticed that I hardly get any Tendonitis (which used to be absolutely crippling for me). The Insomnia is also improving. The RA is at a very advanced stage with much joint fusion pain and reduced movement, but on my regime of supplements I have now stablisied considerably and dont get so many bad days as I used to get. I have reduced my pain and anti inflammatory medication considerably - my goal is to come off it all completely. Over the years I have tried so many different supplements and so called cures for Rheumatoid Arthritis, none of which have helped much, but I do feel that on the Regenerative Nutrition regime of supplements there has been a worthwhile improvement and I would recommend them most highly."
Ruth is 65 and suffers from daily headaches. Ruth discovered that Vital Protect gave her relief from her headaches. Ruth writes ""A few weeks after taking Vital Protect, which I originally purchased as a good general anti-oxidant, I noticed that my daily headaches were becoming much less frequent. I have been experiencing daily headaches and occasional migraines for many years and was greatly concerned about my need for strong over-the-counter painkillers and the effect they could be having on my general health. I also believe that the daily use of painkillers was now the cause of my headaches and despite trying many alternative therapies nothing was that effective. I have, however, been taking Vital Protect now for several months and am so pleased that I have been able to greatly reduce my need for painkillers and now only get the occasional headache."
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2008 and look into natural health to help my condition , I found your web site and found it very interesting. I take bicarbonate of soda regular and keep a close eye on my PH, I like it to be around 8.5. Vitaliza 3 is also very good at achieving a good PH I do use this product. I found that I always suffered with acid reflux now I do not get this any more. I put this down to keeping an alkaline body. Over the past three years I have been taking regular supplements, these include Magnesium Chloride, Iodine, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin D&C, Kelp (Ed. Seagreens). I have found these products have helped me stabilise my condition, and it may seem unbelievable but you do feel different I was allways tired, and no energy but now I feel more alive, and energetic. I try not to have any processed food,s eat a lot of raw organic foods such as nuts, milk, vegetables which i grow myself, I have cut out aspartame, and fructose base products.
There has been so much I have learnt from your site I would just like to say thank you and keep up the good work. I hope my story can help others achieve better health.
Yours sincerely
P Boggis
Richard B, Age 57, suffers from Hepatitis C, GERD and Migraine Headaches.
Richard B has used the recommended supplements (as detailed in the health condition articles) for these conditions
Richard B writes "I have been an advocate for supplementation and alternative health practices for many years. It is a pleasure to find a website that is informative and progressive in their recommendations and approach to healing and health. We are being bombarded by a corporate culture that only wants us to use their drugs, nothing else. It is not pleasant to watch all my friends and colleagues suffer needlessly when supplementation could allievate many of their persistent symptoms, but their doctors told them that supplements were a waste of money. I have moved from being very ill to being rather healthy. I still have some work to do on the hepatitis c front, but my GERD and migraines are essentially gone. I am deeply grateful. I keep revisiting the site to see if any new information or discoveries have been posted.
I have used the supplements recommended for the above illnesses with great pleasure and success.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my story."
Marie from Holland is 44 and suffers from Hay fever for all trees and grasses, allergy to cats and house dust. Hyper-hypoglyceamic swings. Candida flare ups in the intestines which coincide with inflamed tendons and cysts in the breasts which come and go according to her hormone cycle.
Marie has used the following supplements: Multi Green Nutrition, Sodium Ascorbate with Acerola Cherry, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Zell Immunocomplex, Chlorella, Peruvian Maca, Wormwood & Deep cell Detox
Marie writes...."The sensitivity of my airways was particularly bad this year due to a wet and sunny spring in the Netherlands. I had no useful help from my GP and a friend who is a lung surgeon prescribed strong anti inflammatories which made me depressed and spaced out. The homeopath presrcribed a nose spray which did give relief but not a cure. As I am inclined to use natural remedies I looked around on the internet and came across regenerative nutrition. What I appreciate is the in depth description of the supplements and health conditions. In this way I could puzzel myself out and came to the above list of supplements. This I could check by mail with an RN consultant before I placed my order. At first I found that if I took everything in one day I got a great whooshing sound in my head so I reduced my intake and started alternating. One day a combination of this and the next day a combination of that. I have a lazy eye and I found that the deep cell detox greatly increases the quality of my vision. I also notice that when I am in Austria my eyesight improves and I don't need to wear glasses, whereas in Holland I do. I am not sure if this is beacuse of the sunlight or the oxygen levels? My energy levels have increased and are more stable. I have less hyper-hypo swings and have adjusted my diet, I have no exhausting allergy symptons and my hormones are more stable. The swelling in my breasts has receeded and I feel chemically more stable and able to handle what comes my way. I have taken supplements on and off for 20 years and I am impressed with the quality and food state supplements that RN offers."
Thank you for your great newsletter as usual, and I knew that the EU ruling on sales of herbal and nutritional products, was imminent. Several years ago, Joanna Lumley and other well known personalities who protested strongly when it was first floated as a proposed piece of EU interference (laughingly called legislation), saw this blanket ban approach as a reaction to a very small minority of problems arising from products which were not sold by reputable companies, the inevitable odd exception to the rule that always crop up from time to time, the 'fly-by-night' sellers of supplements. This ban is yet another reason why the EU has far too much power over far too much of our lives. You can be sure that when governments take such sweeping action, especially when they want to impose it on the whole of the EU, there is usually more to it than meets the eye, namely, big drug companies climbing out of their shopping trolleys to protest about natural and pure products that threaten their credibility and profit margins. 
I am very sad that you have been forced out of the EU because of this ridiculous ban, but delighted that you have taken a stand and appropriate action to enable you to continue to supply your customers with the products that are clearly helping people like me to stay fit, young in mind and body, and healthy. If there is an increase in price I am sure you will do your best to minimise it, and for my part as a regular and forever customer in the future, I will gladly offset that increase by not buying something else that I don't need or which doesn't help me in my intent to stay healthy.
So, please continue to market your products and thank you for keeping us all so well informed and providing that ever disappearing thing called Customer Service - you do it brilliantly and it is very much appreciated.
Val Cansick
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all at Regnenerative Nutrition - I very much appreciate what you do and being able to purchase your supplements
With love and gratitude
JJ from Devon, UK is a 68 year old female who has experienced heart failure. She has used Serrrepeptase and later Multi Enzyme Protect. JJ say's "My legs were painful. Serrepeptase and then later Multi Enzyme Protect cleared the pain and hardness after taking them. I have taken the Multi Enzymes ever since. I had not been diagnosed at this time with thickening of the heart muscle through high blood pressure and stress. I have reluctantly had to take drugs for first time in 40 years and have reacted badly to many of them. I would like to keep off as much of it as possible but supplement with vitamins and Multi Enzymes.
Just a note to give you some feedback on the effects I have experienced whilst using your products. 
I got myself thoroughly run down this year while fulfilling some major art projects. I am 63 and pride myself on not thinking 'old' but in July this year I felt decidedly just that! I have always taken some form of natural products to maintain health but had let the dietary side slip, as well as having much too little sleep, with the result that my body refused to keep up with me. We forget sometimes that the body is like a living larder - it can only hold so much and when you use it all up, things start to fall apart!!
I bought several products from you this summer, including the Zell Immunocomplex and Cayenne tincture to help clean out arteries and generally improve my health. A few months on I feel much much better and have just re-ordered, adding several new products to my stock. Naturally I have had to improve my sleep routine and paced myself better with work, but as winter approaches I am topping up with supplies to give myself a further immune boost. Your products are high quality and do have a noticeable effect once you have been taking them regularly, and I especially like the absence of artificial coatings etc that are so prevalent with a lot of so-called health products these days. Many have synthetic additives which reduce greatly the potency of tablets for example and having the detailed information you provide on your website (and in your accompanying information with orders), helps to choose more accurately the things the buyer may need in their daily intake.
So thank you for providing this service; please keep doing what you are doing - your products are high quality at reasonable prices and your customer service is excellent - products arrive promptly and you communicate at all stages which is all most customers want to keep them happy once they are sold on a product. There is nothing worse than not being able to contact a company. I know you have some days when we can't phone you but you have your secure message answerphone system, email, and snail mail if all else fails! I will spread the word with my friends who are of like mind regarding supplements and have already given several of your product sheets out to explain why I take certain things and to show your range.
Best regards,
Val Cansick
I must say I have never been so impressed by a website on health especially for the elderly. Also impressed by prompt delivery and reply to my recent query and your articles are so comprehensive and fascinating 
Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I am very appreciative of your professional approach, which is certainly not always the case when I have contacted other health websites with queries I have about their information and not received a reply.
So I am very happy to receive a same-day response on a detailed query.Thanks also for producing such a superb website which, I think has proved to be the missing link in my search for recovery from long-term undiagnosed chronic illness.
I have already begun to feel a noticeable strengthening in my system after just a few weeks of going back to the mineralisation drawing board. As a mark of appreciation, when I feel I am fully recovered, I will write to you with my full story, which you could maybe use as another case study to develop your website. 
Thanks again 
Mike Hewitt
Its also good to see that you are still in business after so long and so thank you for sending me your latest listing. I will order some Celtic Sea Salt sometime soon.
Kind regards
John Wantling
I've been using your Celtic Ocean Sea Salt now for some time and have recommended it to so many people. Many of which have suffered from high blood pressure and it has stabilised them. Wonderful stuff!!
Thanks a million,
Thank you for your prompt reply and for sending the pot of Celtic Sea Salt. I have been using the regenerative nutrition products for quite some time now and as well as being top quality natural products, i am continually impressed by the online support and service that you have provided. As i had mentioned before, even though i am a long way from the UK in Australia, i am treated like a local customer, and that is great and that is why I will continue to purchase the great products from Regenerative Nutrition,Thankyou so much,
Best Wishes,
Adelaide, Australia
Thank you so much. You are awesome and so prompt. I have never done business online with such a wonderful company.
Warm regards,
Following your recommendations he's taking the Organic Silicon with great success. Within the first week he experienced relief of pain (arthritis) and since then has had very few twinges. He thinks it's a miracle, as a non-believer in alternative medicine!
p.s. May i tell you that i'm loving the products i've received thus far. I had a lump in my neck gland for years until i took your Olive leaf extract. Its gone, and we are feeling so much better on it. So, a big Thanks!
I just discovered your website and so far, it is the most comprehensive and helpful site I have seen on the internet.
Very truly yours,
While I am on line, I would like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the service and the information provided by Regenerative Nutrition. It is always my first port of call when looking for information on ailments or supplements. 
Best regards 
I have been recommended to your website from someone who is extremely happy after purchasing something for his blood circulation problem.
Yours faithfully,
First of all let me say thank you very much for offering these products, you and they are invaluable....
Yours sincerely,
Thanks a million...this is the kind of support that is much appreciated.
I appreciate the inspiration your business is providing.
Best wishes
Very pleased with your informative website and suuplements. I have recommended you elsewhere already, and will continue to do so
Hi there. I would like to thank you for helping me with a prolapsed disk in my lower spine. I tried 2 chiropractors and an osteopath and also an inversion table with out success. I bought the 4 products recommended for a slipped disk as well as a few others. I noticed improvement in the 3rd day and now am able to work with out too much discomfort where as before it was extremely painful.
Thank you.
I have been very pleased with all the products I have received from Regenerative Nutrition over a long period.
Thank you
Thank you for the E mail and the information you provided on my condition.
I went for the Bee Pollen because I am a 'thin/chilly' type and somewhat depleted energy wise following over 25 years usage of cortisone-containing creams for eczema as a child and young adult. But being a great believer in the healing power of nature, I am sure there is some herb or other natural product that can give back what cortisone slowly takes from one's body, and actually the mind too. Reading about the Pollen I thought this could be what I have been looking for; when I read the further information you sent, I was even more convinced of it.
So far it has given me more energy and greater stamina, made me calmer and improved my sleep, also it makes me feel wonderfully positive and very 'alive' with a spiritual quality with it. I still hope it will help physical symptoms too, though these will no doubt take longer... 
p.s The celtic salt is wonderful - it makes me tingle inside.
Thanks ever so much for all your excellent, reliable service, it is much appreciated!    
Kind regards
Sue Ostler
For the past two months I have been taking a range of supplements from your website. These are Zell Oxygen, Serrapeptase, Nature-Leaf and Digestive Enzymes. I also take Acidophilus. All these supplements have greatly improved my wellbeing.
Thank you for your excellent web site and I have been very pleased with the products that I have ordered from you.
My blood pressure has been high for the last six to seven years. Nothing I did would lower it. Sometimes it would come down a bit but other times it would skyrocket. For no apparent reason! I tried everything including:
Lotril 5/10
Hydrogen Peroxide. Diluted food grade ingested three times daily
EDTA Chelation
Nothing worked. As a last ditch I decided to try the "water cure". The water cure says to drink a gallon a day of water. Add one teaspoons of CELTIC SEA SALT.
So I ordered some sea salt. Now its two weeks later and my blood pressure is NORMAL!!!! I feel incredible!!! I cannot believe that after all the crap that I've been through in the last six years, the doctors, the meds that this is all it took!!!
Anyone with Hypertension should use Celtic Sea Salt!!!
Jim Bews
I have been reading a lot of the articles on your website with great interest. They represent a totally new approach to nutritional therapy from those I have tried before.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Even if this is a short remission I can't thank you enough for giving me the extra quality time with her. I have just re-ordered from you site and will keep on with the regime.
With my utmost gratitude, thank you.
I thank you for exceptional support.
Take Care
Thank you for your interest in this field and wanting to help others naturally. I am excited to learn much more.
Hello. I am very pleased to have found your website. It is most informative, particularly with regard to the information provided on auto-immunity.
Thanks very much in advance!  
This stuff is phenomenal! I don't know what is happening, I just know it is. I'm marking my calendar to keep track of all this. I'm feeling very good, Its hard for me to tell you the difference I've felt since using the supplements I've ordered from you. Let me just say I've moved from feeling age 75 to feeling about 50 and getting younger and stronger feeling daily.
God Bless you & Me Too!
Carol Crow
Your Web page is a fantastic source of health/nutrition information which I have just discovered via a friend.
Many thanks
Joan Lancaster                   
I came out of hospital 4 1/2 years ago with a chest infection and have been fighting it ever since. Your products are the first in healing it from the inside. Everything the Doctors gave me only healed the outside, or drove it back in! I want to say a big thank you for your excellent products.
Kind regards,
Many thanks for all your answers to my queries. I have chronic fatigue, and am impressed by the sense of your approach that uses the natural intelligence the body to heal. Many thanks for all your knowledge
I just love all the information in your notes and re read them often to absorb the information. I used to get a newsletter in the US called the Healthview Newsletter, and the names of many of the pioneer practitioners who contributed to these wonderful newsletters turn up on your information pages....Like Howell on enzymes and Sam Biser on salt. It's nice to know they are still around and are given your imprimatur!!
THE IONIC MINERALS:- I do feel that these are helping to reduce the severity of my migraines; and even may have averted the onset of an attack sometimes. I still have two bottles and by the time I have taken them the picture should be much clearer!
MIRACLE SOAP:- Love it. Have used on kitchen surfaces, windows, as a shampoo and in the running out of things to try it on.
GREEN BARLEY GRASS:- Almost finished a tub. I think the combination of this and minerals is evident in stronger and longer nails.
Mrs P Sturgeon
Thankyou for helping to spread the TRUTH about disease and illness.
I think your web site is wonderful, so informative, i will be spreading the word as it may help other people i know
I have been reading you information and I find it very helpfull and extremely useful. I have learned so much by reading your articles.You have been very prompt and polite in your answers, thankyou
I've just abandoned my old vitamin regime in favour of your Core Regime. I'm loving it.
Many thanks

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