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Helping to Win The Battle with Nutritional Therapy

possibly the most important  remedy to take but even better to combine it with further suggestions listed

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See information on essential oils must be included to give the best chance of a successful outcome
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A particularly useful combination of supplements for SUPPORTING the main remedies recommended are....

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Update October 2018: Cutting off the glucose supply to cancer cells is one of the main ways to stop cancer continuing its development in the body. This can now be simply achieved with fermented wheat germ powder or capsules. 
Extracts from fermented wheat germ extract exhibits positive effects against cancer by Dr. David Williams 

 1/ Cancer cells grow and proliferate using glucose as there primary source of nutrition at rates that are 10 to 50 times higher than normal cells. Avemar (fermented wheat germ extract) significantly reduces the amount of Glucose cancer cells can use and this has the effect of halting their proliferation and growth.

2/ In the presence of Avemar compounds, cancer cells begin to utilise the available glucose to produce substances that actually inhibit cell division and stimulate programmed cell death (apoptosis) within the tumour.

3/ Avemar promotes immune cell recognition of cancer cells to promote their destruction and also assists the immune system’s ability to identify and destroy cancer cells. The cells responsible for this are a specialised type of white blood cell called natural killer (NK) cells. Cancer cells can evade NK cells by masking their outer membrane with a special substance that the NK cells recognise as "normal.” Avemar suppresses the release of this masking substance—allowing NK cells to better target and kill the cancer cells.

4/ Avemar also can protect cells against effects caused by conventional therapies. For instance, following radiation and chemotherapy, it has been demonstrated that Avemar was successful in restoring the bone marrow’s ability to produce red blood cells.

Avemar’s safety has been studied extensively in cell lines, animals, and humans, and no adverse effects have been identified. When the data were reviewed by a panel of doctors and toxicologists, it was their opinion that Avemar has a toxicological profile similar to that of bread. (Though the product is made from only the germ part of wheat, the manufacturer has included a caution for people who are sensitive to gluten.)

As one report explains, decreased glucose consumption of the tumours results in a harmonising of the patient’s metabolism—as well as weight gain, even in people with advanced cancers. As a result, patients treated with Avemar also have improved tolerance for surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Further, Avemar achieves these results without creating any toxicity or damage to normal, healthy cells. As a result, patients have less fatigue, pain, and depression, and experience an increase in appetite that can help them regain lost weight.

Given the existing scientific research, there’s absolutely no reason that Avemar shouldn’t be used with every single cancer patient.

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Update October 2013: New information prioritises iodine and collagen support supplementation

 New priorities for the prevention and treatment of cancer - In brief

For preventing cancer and terminating early stage cancers that have not spread; Lugol's 7% Iodine and remedies that support oxygenation such as Organic Germanium and Zell Immunocomplex are recommended.

Once cancer is established and spreading we need to add remedies to support collagen growth and repair alongside the iodine and oxygenating remedies already mentioned. These include Ocean Repair, Glandular Thyroid Hormone (GTH) and Vitamin C

 Priorities for the prevention and treatment of cancer - In detail 

Prevention of cancer and the elimination of early, pre-metastasis, stage cancers

Lugol’s 7% Iodine- example use of 7 drops daily in water or juice. In addition, topical application of Lugol’s 7% Iodine on tumours near the skins surface is sometimes undertaken to speed resolution. Iodine works to promote cell death of unhealthy cells by a process called apoptosis. This can prevent cancer anywhere in the body from developing but only works if a sufficient dose is taken and then only after the thyroid gland has firstly absorbed all that it needs. Thereafter, iodine will gradually permeate all body cells. Hence, the time taken for iodine sufficiency and the total body protection it offers will depend on the daily dose. Preliminary research indicates that if a person is iodine insufficient, it takes about 3 months to become iodine sufficient at this level of usage and a year to become iodine sufficient while ingesting 2 drops daily. However, one needs to be monitored or at least self aware that detoxification reactions can occur. It is generally advised to start at a low dose such as 1 drop daily and gradually increase until the desired dose is reached. In the case of cancer however, the urgency of the situation generally warrants going to at least 7 drops daily; immediately. Any excess iodine will be eliminated by the body. Once saturation has been achieved, it is generally recommended to maintain a dose 2 drops daily thereafter. Click here for more information on Lugol's 7% Iodine

Oxygenating Supplements - Remedies to promote oxygenation are important for general health and especially in efforts to overcome cancer. The best two we have become familiar with (and they work synergistically) are Zell Immunocomplex and Organic Germanium. Zell Immuncomplex promotes the uptake and use of oxygen by the cells via special respiratory enzymes. It also has other factors that are very effective in helping the immune system to function in a strong yet balanced fashion. Organic Germanium facilitates improved oxygen status throughout all body tissues and fluids; so there is more available to be delivered to the cells. It achieves this by neutralising acid radicals, that cause oxygen depletion,by means of electron donation.

Helping with the elimination of established cancers 

If iodine supplementation at the suggested levels comes too late and cancer has progressed to metastasis, then the further spread can be halted by strengthening the connective tissue with adequate thyroid hormone and collagen supplements as below.

Glandular Thyroid Hormone (GTH) - can be found here. Usage levels are very personal and the amount to use is subject to personal trial. Suggested would be the dose that gives best "feel good" state. GTH is especially important in the second phase, when Cancer is spreading outside of the original site (includes metastasis) as discussed in the book Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer by Dr. David Derry. Quoting from the book: "The second part, which involves the spread of cancers cells through the connective tissue and including metastatic cancer, are related to low tissue thyroid hormone levels. Anywhere the connective tissue defence is strong, cancer cells cannot travel in the connective tissue and will stay within the same compartment and probably die of old age".

Ocean Repair and Vitamin C - Connective tissue can also be strengthened with collagen supplements such as these. The spread of cancer, from the initial stage to metastasis involves the attack on connective tissue. This has been established by Mattias Rath and co-scientists who also established, in human test subjects, that providing supplementation to encourage collagen growth and repair prevents cancer from spreading. Please refer Dr. Rath's own website here for further information. From the nutrient combinations that they tested, they found the use of the amino acids L-lysine and proline plus Vitamin C and a polyphenol fraction of green tea was most successful in stopping cancer spreading. Collagen contains the amino acids hyroxyproline and hydroxylysine. Supplementing with Collagen and Vitamin C  can be a viable alternative since collagen alone is proven to encourage the growth and repair of collagen. Collagen's effects are most obvious by examining the skin; collagen is the main protein part of skin, it is the matrix between all the cells in the body that holds them together to form tissue. In a 1992 study by Eskelinin, a 90 day treatment period with a marine protein based collagen formulation increased epidermal thickness from 0.11mm to 0.29mm and dermal thickness from 0.74 to 1.39mm, skin elasticity indices increased from 44% to 73%.Click here for more information on Ocean Repair and here for Vitamin C.

It does, however, make good sense to use Ocean Repair and Vitamin C from the outset; not only for the protective roll of strengthening collagen, which takes time, but also for their general health and immune supporting actions

Other supporting remedies

Other remedies that are high on the multitudinous list of supporting remedies include Magnesium Chloride, which is good for general health and the immune system and is simply rubbed into the skin once or twice daily. Selenium is also recommend as this works well with Iodine, especially in its role of thyroid health and is often mentioned in literature as a powerful immune system aid and anti-oxidant support nutrient..

Further Information

For information on collagen from fish please see the Wikipedia article here

Mag Sea Pure (magnesium supplement)

Recommended reading: Breast Cancer and Iodine : How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer Dr. David Derry (Link to - This book is about the cause, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer has two phases. The first one, from abnormal cells up to carcinoma in situ reverses with iodine. The second phase, invasion, is controlled by connective tissue thyroid hormone.

Links repeated from the article above for ease of access

Thyroid Glandular Hormone from New Zealand This is not a RN product and links to the website of the supplier
"A new cancer paradigm; one that is based on an understanding that cancer is ultimately caused by multiple interacting factors that combine to invite primary yeast and fungi infections to destroy your life."
Cancer is a prime example of how heavy metal toxicity, free radical damage, pathogen infection, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, inflammation, mitochondria dysfunction, (Causing oxygen deficiency) immune system depression, and oxidative stress all come together into an end stage life threatening condition. Cancer treatment can be approached in many ways but the best way would be to address all these problems simultaneously
Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate) and Molasses Treatment
Based on the observation that cancer is symbiotic with advanced Candida Albicans fungal stage in an acid and low oxygen cellular environment.
This is an ideal protocol with which to give your Regenerative Nutrition protocol a head start. This is something that can be done whilst you plan and wait for delivery of your order.
You will need aluminium free bicarbonate of soda (do NOT use Baking Powder, this is not the same)
Twice daily, take one level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with 1 teaspoon of molasses, for up to two weeks MAXIMUM. Do not take more that the following amounts in 24 hours: 3 teaspoons. One and a half teaspoons if you are over 60 years.
Dissolve molasses in one glass of warm water (not boiling) and allow to fully cool (room temperature), mix the bicarbonate of soda into the cooled liquid and drink.
After Treatment:
Once you have undertaken a course of intensive bicarb treatment it is sensible to keep an eye on ones pH. It is probably a very good practice too keep taking molasses on their own twice a day on a more or less permanent basis to keep up the alkaline minerals in the body, and if pH slips too low i.e. below 6.5 on a consistent basis (urine test) introduce some bicarb again e.g. one teaspoon daily until pH comes up.
Although there is no controversy to the virtue of raising pH for a week or two into the 8's in dealing with a serious-life threatening condition, regular long term pH levels are a matter of controversy and also not at all straight forward to understand, as there are compensatory mechanisms that can lead to, for example, saliva pH showing as highly alkaline, when in fact the blood is not. Generally pH readings are more acid first thing in the day. One expert in studying pH and Health is Dr. Reams. Perhaps surprisingly he recommends that the most healthy pH to aim for, for the urine and Saliva (saliva tests must only be done when there is no trace of food or drink in the mouth and some time after eating) is 6.5, whereas the popular health advice is around 7. It does seem that the general agreement is that both saliva and urine pH should be ideally be the same. Dr Reams has detailed knowledge, of the body's bio-chemistry and states that the saliva and urine pH is not the same as blood pH and everyone agrees blood pH should be in the narrow region of around 7.35.
Testing papers should be for the range covering 5 (or 5.5) to 9 and preferably graduated in 1/2 pH divisions of colour recognition.  
Please see the additional article, reporting about bicarbonate and maple syrup usage here. The maple syrup discussed in this article may be replaced with molasses, or any of the other alternatives listed in this article. However, we believe that molasses are the best partner for bicarbonate of soda in this regard.

Right click here to download a short article (67kb) by Dr.M.Sircus, Medical Science Proves Sodium Bicarbonate Cures Cancer
Regular use of Inland sea water- Ionic Minerals and Trace Elements  (See further reading tab in all articles also see for further information: )
Using the specific method described (usually hypertonic) is a very good way to balance the bodies pH  i.e. eliminate acid areas that support cancer.  In emergencies / in the short term sodium bicarbonate can be used as discussed later in the article, for long term use Ionic minerals is a more balanced solution. Daily monitoring, e.g. on rising of saliva and urine Ph is recommended using these test strips If regular dosing with Ionic minerals is not stabilising ones pH readings fast enough as discussed in the linked information  then some sodium bicarbonate can be used as a combination therapy, taken at least 1 hour apart.  

WARNING: When taking sodium bicarbonate it is essential to refer to the guidelines in this article as excess taken for a period of more than a few weeks can lead to serious health unbalance i.e. alkalosis

Hypertonic Inland sea water / Ionic Minerals and trace elements

Dilute from the bottle to 1/10th strength. A powerful method to improve physiology including strengthening the immune and repair systems and even overcoming infections, being 3 times the concentration of extracellular fluid. Use 10 ml of this hypertonic dilution a few times a day (3 or 4 times or up to 6 times in serious conditions such as cancer therapy support and acute infections).

Contra-indications of Hypertonic

Suitable for all except those who suffer from high blood pressure, a heart condition, kidney disease, eczema or psoriasis. In such cases Isotonic should be employed for several weeks and then once adapted, switched over to Hypertonic.

The solution may be taken on a short term basis, over several weeks or months, or regularly year round, according to individual requirements. Considered by traditional medicine an energy-boosting, re-balancing and regenerating nutritional supplement.

 The Regenerative Nutrition Cancer Protocol

With this knowledge we must redouble our efforts to alkalize the body in the long term with suitable diet and remedies such as Barley Grass Juice Powder and Vitalyza 3 and overcome Candida with remedies such as Colloidal Silver, Iodine and Vitalyza 3. Further, to promote cellular oxygenation we suggest Organic Germanium and Zell Immunocomplex The suggestions in the new information below should therefore be combined with this understanding.

Valuable Information for a Full Nutritional Support Program and Long Term Well-Being

For long term alkalisation and well-being all the minerals are required, not just sodium bicarbonate as a means of alkalisation. Furthermore the balance of sodium to potassium, calcium to magnesium and so on should be fostered and maintained. A low cost way of doing this is to take one dessertspoon of organic Molasses in a cup of hot water twice daily. This is very rich in minerals and has been responsible for cancer remissions as detailed in Cyril Scott’s little book Crude Black Molasses. Adding refined sugars or refined grains to the diet (such as bread and biscuits etc that are not 100% whole grain) is recognised as a good way to get/keep sick. One of the reasons for this is that these items acidify the cells. The minerals that have been removed from these foods are the elements that alkalise the body. That is why whole, especially raw, fruits move one towards health and alkalisation. A good example is the sugar cane. The sugar cane juice may be considered a whole food like a fruit juice, very rich in minerals. Sugar is produced, basically by removing the valuable minerals from sugar cane. Regular consumption of refined sugar causes mineral depletion in the body and an acid state. On the other hand the minerals that have been left behind in the sugar making process are super concentrated and are therefore a good source of minerals, and tend to heal and alkalise the body. Molasses does have some remaining sugar content, but this is lower % wise than the original sugar cane, so the concentration of alkalising minerals is more than able to balance this.

The most therapeutic supplemental way to add minerals to the body in the long term, in to use live products that have not been heated and also contain enzymes, anti-oxidants and a full range of vitamins and other phyto-nutrients. The two most obvious ones are Barley Grass Juice Powder or wheat grass (Barley grass juice powder enzyme rich without heat treatment is available as a supplement) and cold temperature dried sea weed, (Available as a supplement such as Seagreens). Barley grass juice powder should ideally be taken in quantity, e.g. one dessertspoon blended in cold juice or water once or preferably, twice daily.

MSM Organic Sulphur.

This is another remarkable nutrient; it is included in the cell detoxification/heavy metal detoxification mixture Deep Cell Detox. MSM helps to make the cells more permeable this in practice means that all unwanted items in the cells such as pesticides, heavy metals, fungus, virus and unhelpful bacteria can pass out of the cells where they can be eliminated by the rest of the nutritional program and immune system. Also essential nutrients will more easily pass into the cells, to help with their return to healthy function. MSM also supports cellular oxygenation as does Barley grass, Zell Immunocomplex, Vitalyza 3 and Organic Germanium each in their own way as a team (Although the roles of Vitalyza 3 and Organic Germanium overlap).

Colloidal silver

This is safe to take on a continuous basis. It is far more effective if small amounts are regularly taken, rather than drink larger quantities once or twice a day. 1ml (one third of a domestic kitchen teaspoon) has been suggested as an optimum dose (although more can be used but is less economic). It should be held in the mouth for a minute or two to mix with saliva before swallowing, and repeated every waking hour. Whilst this has been suggested as the optimum way to take it, it will still work if taken less frequently (e.g. every two hours). Not only is this method more effective it will keep down the costs of the product enabling a 300 ml bottle to last up to one month. As Colloidal Silver mixes with protein carriers in the mouth and it is the positively charged ions that kill Candida and other infections (without touching the beneficial bacteria) it is the Ionic Colloidal Silver that is most effective.

As Candida is symbiotic with cancer and Colloidal silver has been demonstrated to eliminate Candida infections and tends to revert damaged and deranged cells towards normal , it would seem sensible to use colloidal silver on a regular basis. Colloidal silver is also extremely broad-spectrum as an eliminator of virtually all virus, parasites, fungi and other pathogenic micro-organisms that may be contributing to the cancer or other health disorders. Further more pathogenic micro-organisms cannot mutate to achieve resistance and beneficial bacteria are not killed by Colloidal silver. For legal reasons we only suggest the remedies listed here are for cancer support. We do not claim any remedies are a cure for cancer. Please see our full Legal Disclaimer at the end of this article.

To view all of the recommended products / overviews in the online shop Click Here but please do read this article in full.

Please also see our Dietary Guidelines article, as there are common every day things you may take for granted that can limit your chance of recovery.

There are a tremendous number of nutritional remedies / protocols that have helped individuals in the battle with cancer. In fact, if one goes into the subject one can be bewildered by the plethora of remedies, diets and methods suggested. It is against this background, that over many years we have kept an open mind for the best possible solutions to emerge. The criteria for such solutions is that they are easily obtainable, not excessively expensive, have been demonstrated to be effective on people (called in vivo, not just in the laboratory - ‘in the test tube’ referred to in ‘vitro’). This effectiveness can really only be demonstrated by simple trials where a group of persons suffering from cancer are all given the same remedy and after months and preferably years their condition is assessed. Also, a variety of cancers and degrees of progress of the disease, right up to stage 4 and 5 in the group of patients tested, would give a clearer indication as to the effectiveness of a remedy. It is rare to obtain such results for non-pharmaceutical remedies as the lack of organisation and finance of therapists providing ‘natural’ solutions. Also you will not get the so called ‘double-blind’ trial, with natural remedies as the persons delivering these treatments, believing in the effectiveness of the remedies, do not have the heart to take two groups of sufferers, and not reveal which group will be receiving the remedy, hence condemning one group to a higher mortality rate.

Besides this, remedies such as Vitalyza 3 and Organic Germanium, in most cases quickly remove pain and improve the mental and physical state of the patient; no therapist with any compassion is going to pander to the straight jacket of a double blind trial. The reality is that a very high percentage of people with advanced stage 4 or 5 cancer will succumb to the disease. If even a small proportion of these can be relieved of suffering and even better turned around to regain full health then double blind or not, the remedy is a valuable tool.

It also helps if the ‘natural’ remedy has a means of helping overcome the disease in a way that is understandable and backed by scientific research. Cancer has been very well researched by many eminent scientists, but unfortunately it does seem that the bulk of this information has not been taken up by the Pharmaceutical companies or the Health Services who work primarily from the same outlook.

For example, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel prize as far back as 1931, for clearly demonstrating that Oxygen deficiency at a cellular level is a primary condition for cells to turn to a more primitive life form, i.e. cancer. This work was followed on and confirmed by other scientists in Germany just prior to World War 2, including Dr Seeger at the department for cyto and virology of the Robert-Kock institute of Berlin. He demonstrated in around 1938, that in cases of cancer, oxygen from the blood was not effectively combining with the hydrogen in food substrate; in other words, hydrogen can no longer be combusted (combined with oxygen.) The positively charged hydrogen accumulates in the cells and forces the cell to cover its energy demand by fermentation, (converting sugar to lactic acid) instead of obtaining energy from oxygen and hydrogen combining. When this happens, the cells are converted to cancer cells. At the same time he found that there is a reduction of cell mitochondria, (the microscopic entities in each cell that enable cells to take in oxygen). This was confirmed 6 months later by Nobel prize winner Prof V Euler of Stockholm.

From this understanding of the importance of cellular respiration, was born the development of nutritional strategies to rectify the pathological biochemistry that supports cancer. Further research was able to identify nutritional elements that will restore the numbers and activity of cellular Mitochondria, and hence re-establish healthy cellular respiration. It was this work that led to the development of a German product called Zell-Oxygen and more recently the enhanced Zell Immunocomplex. This is a "live cell” nutritional yeast that has been grown in a high oxygen environment, causing the production of oxygen processing enzymes within the live ‘baby’ yeast cells. By taking this nutritional product, cellular respiration is improved, undermining the process of cancer. It has proved helpful in cancer support over many years including being used clinically By Prof. Dr. Serge Jurasunas in Portugal as part of a cancer treatment protocol for about 30 years. We are not aware of any clinical trials with Zell Immunocomplex, and clearly its success rate as a single remedy is limited. However it usually rapidly improves the overall condition of many patients, improves immune response, and at larger doses, for example 4 or more dessert spoons daily, can offset much of the nausea and other symptoms associated with ‘chemotherapy’. Zell Immunocomplex is said to aid the detoxification process, i.e. it makes detoxification easier.

Many remedies that are said to detoxify can lead to an increase in toxic burden in the body until the vitality and eliminative organs of the body are able to catch up. Zell Immunocomplex on the other hand aids the detoxification ability of the body, and improves cellular function and organ function via improvement in cell respiration. To summarise the action of Zell Immunocomplex, it improves the uptake of oxygen into the cells by providing enzymes that support healthy cellular respiration. In turn this will lead to the consumption of some of the toxic positively charged hydrogen contained within the cells. In turn this will move the cells that are cancerous or will later become cancerous in the direction of healthy functioning. Live Cell Immunocomplex is more potent - this is based on Zell-Oxygen with the addition of more Beta-Glucans for immune system activation and additional food state Selenium, this is an important trace-element in the battle against cancer, Immunocomplex also includes plant based anti-oxidants. So in practice the improved version of Zell (Zell Immunocomplex) is recommended.

Another researcher worthy of note is Dr Kazuhiko Asai PhD, who spent much of his life devoted to finding a way to synthesise Organic Germanium from coal, and elucidating its beneficial effects. He came to the conclusion after many years of study and clinical experience, that Organic Germanium is non-toxic, and can be extremely helpful in overcoming most health disorders. This is because most health disorders have an element of oxygen deficiency. (Supplementing with liquid oxygen products, whilst they have some benefits, in the medium to long term can stress the body and overall the benefits are far inferior to Organic Germanium). He went on to state, that Organic Germanium’s main mode of operation is to release electrons that latch on to the un-burnt positively charged hydrogen (or toxic dust as he calls it), that is resident in the blood and all cells of the body. This then causes the hydrogen to combine with oxygen and be released from the body as water. Germanium also has the ability to quickly absorb damaging positive charges (the basis of free-radicals) and discharge them from the body. Whereas Zell Immunocomplex is enzyme therapy to help the cells use oxygen, Organic Germanium, according to Dr Asai, helps conserve oxygen in the tissues and it does this electronically. The complexion (e.g. from a pale colour) rapidly improves, as does the disposition of the patient. In most cases pain from cancer is rapidly reduced when taking Organic Germanium, although sometimes up to 4 grams may be required, according to Dr. Asai.

Dr Asai suggests in his book "Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium" that in most cases, metastasis can be prevented by taking Germanium, and indeed cured himself of throat cancer with Germanium. He also quotes many recoveries from cancer in his book. Sadly we do not have clinical trials or significant data of the success rate of Organic Germanium at our disposal in helping to win the battle against cancer. However, after reading his book, taking Germanium, and seeing its action on our own customers, we are drawn to the conclusion that Organic Germanium is indeed a very potent remedy, and works in a way to undermine the basis of cancer as elucidated by Warberg, Seeger and others.

Germanium works in a different way to the supply of respiratory enzymes as in the case of Zell Immunocomplex- works to improve cellular uptake of oxygen, whereas Organic Germanium immediately and directly, works electronically (at the heart of the process), to eliminate positive Hydrogen radicals and conserve oxygen within the blood and tissues. By combining these two approaches it is logical to assume that we are providing more all round support in the battle against cancer, or at a very least providing support to the patient, who may be utilising other therapies.


For full information on Iodine it's safety and use see Iodine Why we Need It

Iodine has several properties that make it a priority in cancer prevention and amelioration as part of a therapeutic regime. It tends to help rid the body of unhealthy cells and induces apoptosis , helps to eliminate/destroy rouge cells in the body. It also at the correct amounts will kill harmful micro-organisms and fungi that are part of the cancer process. Used at the correct dose it can be used as a sole agent for eliminating these harmful micro-organisms removing the need for Colloidal silver. This simplifies the regime and is also cost saving.

For hormonally related cancers Iodine is specific i.e. for breast, ovarian and prostate. This is because Iodine has an affinity for those areas of the body and it will help to balance hormones and also carry it's other healing properties directly to those areas.

Iodine Suppresses Tumor Growth

[Funahashi et al.] Japanese researchers have found that iodine suppresses tumor growth in experimental animals and they have demonstrated that seaweed, that is high in iodine, induces apoptosis in human breast cancer cells Japan and Iceland have the highest intake of iodine and the lowest incidence of goiter and breast cancer).

Dose of Iodine best for protecting against Cancer ranges from 6-50mg a day. To enable Iodine to work properly and also for immune system help and cancer protection Selenium is also required. Selenium is well known to be important in helping the Immune system and anti-oxidant cycle in the natural resolution of cancer. Selenium is available in food state tablets and also in food state form as part of Live cell Immunocomplex. Getting the Thyroid-metabolism to work effectively in conjunction with mitochondrial correction is a dynamic way to improve the competence of the Immune system, especially if sufficient sun exposure is obtained or failing that the use of the correct dose of Vitamin D

Iodine is able to penetrate quickly through the cell walls of microorganisms.

Iodine is a deadly enemy of single cell microorganisms thus it can be our best friend. Iodine was not available to these life forms at the beginning of evolution and it was not until seaweed concentrated it did it become involved in higher life forms. It is for this reason that the simplest level of life cannot tolerate iodine. Iodine kills single celled organisms by combining with the amino acids tyrosine or histidine when they are exposed to the extra-cellular environment. All single cells showing tyrosine on their outer cell membranes are killed instantly by a simple chemical reaction with iodine that denatures proteins. Nature and evolution have given us an important mechanism to control pathogenic life forms and we should use it and trust it to protect us in ways that antibiotics can’t. As we shall see directly below, so powerful is iodine in a protective sense that it also helps us rid the body, not only of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, but also rids the body of abnormal cells meaning it qualifies as an anticancer agent.

"It takes 20 to 40 times the amount of Iodine needed to control breast cancer and fibrocystic disease than it does to prevent goiter".

For Chronic Infections, including Candida.(extracted from the article Iodine Why we Need It)

24 drops daily of 7% Lugol's Iodine for one week, thereafter 12 drops daily until cleared. However take into account considerations such as basal metabolic rate referred to above if continuing 12 drops or more daily for more than two weeks. For support during Infections and detoxification reactions companion product is Live cell Immunocomplex. Order Lugol's Iodine

Vitalyza 3

In some ways Vitalyza 3 is similar to Organic Germanium, in that it is a semi-conductor and electron donator please see our article for a fuller discussion. This means it is a ‘mother’ anti-oxidant and as such is a potent free-radical neutraliser. It also helps to detoxify and improve tissue oxygenation. Further more it is a very potent alkaliser, and hence fulfills a number of important roles in cancer management, improving the chances of a successful outcome. It is cost effective and easy to take (Intensive use 40 drops daily in at least half a pint of water). It will help complement the action of Organic Germanium, and need not increase the total cost of the selected remedies as the dosage of the Organic Germanium can be reduced somewhat due to their mutually enhancing action. Vitalyza 3 helps with tissue and cell pH, i.e. it helps eliminate acidity and associated toxins so is recommended along side Organic Germanium. There have been successes using Vitalyza 3 alone (see main article on Vitalyza 3).

The full Oxygen Solution

There are 3 complementary ways to improve oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells. Warburg has proven that cancer can only live in a cellular environment that has less than normal (e.g. 35% less) levels of oxygen. We have discussed two ways of helping to provide adequate oxygen to the cells, namely the use of Immunocomplex and Organic Germanium.(Also Vitalyza 3 supports cellular oxygenation, and may be used as an alternative to Germanium) Another crucial factor is the correct form of essential fatty acids. If sufficient raw, unheated Omega 6 oil is supplied this acts as a transport system for oxygen across the cell membranes, and has been found to improve the recovery rate and success of cancer sufferers as detailed by Brian Peskin. The details of how to supply the correct oil is given next. Also you can go straight to Brina Peskins articles on essential fatty acids and cancer prevention and management.

By providing this 3 way method of oxygenating the cells, possibly we have found the practical method of achieving the solution to the problem that was identified by the great Nobel Prize winner Warburg-that with sufficient oxygen in the cell cancer cannot be maintained or develop.

Important Information Concerning Essential Fatty Acids

This subject can appear complicated and contradictory, so if you consider yourself up to speed then it is essential that you read the information from Brian Peskin, a world leading researcher on the subject.

If you are relatively new to this subject then the task is easier. Just supplement your diet with unprocessed oils that have not been heated or processed in any way (such as a handful of raw nuts every day - mainly use walnuts, and almonds - if you have trouble chewing, grind them in a coffee/food grinder - you can add some sea salt and olive oil to make a raw nut spread - keep in the fridge and eat daily - about one dessertspoon). If you would like a ready made supplement I cannot recommend a more therapeutic supply of unprocessed, unheated, oil than Black Seed Oil (Available from Regenerative Nutrition). Black Seed Oil this will compliment the raw nuts.

Avoid all processed and heated oils like the plague. These are the biggest single threats to your health. Most processed food has processed and heated oils added such as hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils (heat extracted normally) trans-fatty acids and so on. Frying with vegetable oils produces degraded oils that Brian Peskin discusses in his writings. If you must fry, coconut oil is the least toxic, on heating, olive oil coming in second…but best to use low temperature frying, or even better not to fry at all.

Do NOT avoid Cholesterol containing foods. All of the newspapers and health services are simply copying the incorrect information given on this subject (this is discussed further in the article Statins and Increased Cancer: The Hidden Story and a New Solution by Brian Peskin, BSEE. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient and without it we could die. It does not clog the arteries, and has been contained abundantly in the natural diet of man for thousands of years with no link to heart disease.

Fish Oils and Vitamin D Deficiency:

Do not take fish oils as your main supplement for essential fatty acids or even as part of your essential fatty acid supplements. Previously I gave the advice, like many other nutritionists to take regular cod liver oil as a way of not only combating essential fatty acid deficiency but also as a way of reducing vitamin D and A deficiency. Brian Peskin describes, and as always gives true results not just theory, as to why supplementing with fish oil is often counterproductive.

Many people suffer a sunlight deficiency and hence Vitamin D deficiency. It does not matter how good the diet and supplements are without sufficient vitamin D. This is essential for optimum health. Research has established that at least 1000IU a day of vitamin D is required, and preferably double that for the first few months, to overcome chronic failure to expose the skin regularly to sunlight. This is available in supplement form as Vitamin D capsules. Vitamin D, especially alongside Iodine is a prime support for the immune system, and anyone with a serious health problem would be foolish not to obtain either regular non-burning sun-exposure without the use of sun block- (coconut oil can be used instead) or adequate Vitamin D exposure. There is now much evidence that the cancer epidemic is to a great extent worsened by Vitamin D deficiency

As can be seen in the chart below nature provides vastly more omega 6 than 3 in nuts and seeds, and this corresponds to our bodily needs. Linseed does contain more omega 3 than 6, but in a natural situation as they are so small it would be difficult to obtain a large amount on a regular basis. We do not recommend Linseeds or linseed oil as a supplement due to the need for more omega 6 than 3 as discussed in this article, and Brian Peskins articles and extensive research. Of the common nuts walnuts do contain the most amount of omega 3 in proportion to Omega 6 but still contain far more omega 6 than omega 3.

Summary: We now recommend Black Seed Oil, as a high quality source of Parent Omega 6, (maintenance use 1 teaspoon daily but more for serious health problems) supplemented with a variety of nuts, e.g. Walnuts, Almonds, and pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, (or their unheated cold extracted oils) preferably in their whole form, eaten raw and fresh. Just one heaped dessertspoon of any of these daily is sufficient, or more if used in the treatment of a serious health disorder. Do not consume roasted nuts as this will supply a source of degraded oils.

Heated, degraded, hydrogenated oils are transferred to cell membranes and create the basis of serious disease including Coronary heart disease and cancer. Raw unheated Parent essential oils especially omega 6 is required to nourish the cell membranes and are essential for many metabolic functioning including delivery of oxygen to every cell in the body. Cholesterol is the transporter of these essential oils around the body, so cholesterol deficient diets or cholesterol lowering drugs reduce the transport of these essential nutrients to the cells.

For the full article and more information on the correct EFA balance click here

The ‘scientific’ approach of providing support for all the different aspects of cancer management rather than trying to select from a plethora of traditionally used ‘natural remedies’ means that we will stand a better chance of a successful outcome. Also we are providing a balanced nutritional regime with overall health promoting benefits that is also suitable as part of a health regeneration program for anyone. In other words we are working with nutritional remedies to support the self-healing powers of the body in a balanced manner, thus:

Promoting a strong yet balanced immune system.

Optimizing the oxygen metabolism.

Supporting the healthy functioning of the organs including the liver.

Restoring correct cellular pH

(cancer can only thrive in low oxygen and acidic environments)

Supporting collagen repair

Providing a full range of anti-oxidants, including electron supply (mother anti-oxidants)

Providing a full-spectrum of nutrients to support overall healing and detoxification

Eliminating heavy metals that are contributing to the disease

Organic Germanium

Adding colloidal minerals to germanium (available in capsule form) combines the benefits of Organic Germanium with Colloidal minerals in the form of Para-magnetic minerals and trace elements, (Superbiomin) The energy of the colloidal minerals is potentated by the Germanium. This makes the effect quite energising (In terms of stimulating metabolic activity) This can be felt as a little strong by sensitive and delicate individuals, but can be adapted to by the majority of sensitive individuals within a viable time, e.g. a week or two. Organic Germanium is also supplied without Colloidal minerals for sensitive and delicate types so that the dose of germanium can be raised more quickly. One they have adapted to the Germanium without colloidal minerals, then the more potent formulation that includes the colloidal minerals can be tried.

It is interesting that Dr. Asai (Organic Germanium developer) makes the point that to gain the best possible advantage over disease (whether it be cancer or any other chronic disease) with Organic Germanium, the blood and the cells should be kept in an alkaline condition. He discusses the role of diet in helping to maintain a healthy cellular alkaline state. He goes on to say that occasionally when the Organic Germanium does not remove pain, that this is because the cells are too acid. Vitalyza 3 can restore cellular alkalinity. Cells should be at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35)

Heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides and other organic poisons are thought to be one of the original causes of failure of cellular respiration by the German researchers in 1930’s. Additionally, it has been found that people who have received Chelation therapy are 9 times less likely to subsequently develop cancer than the general population!

The combination of Organic Germanium, and Vitalyza 3 will also act as a chelating agent. See also Deep Cell Detox

A recently published article from the University of Zurich in Switzerland reported an 18-year follow-up of a group of 56 Chelation therapy patients. When comparing the death rate from cancer with that of a control group of patients who did not receive Chelation therapy, the authors found that patients who received EDTA Chelation therapy had a 90% reduction of cancer deaths. Epidemiologists from the University of Zurich reviewed the data and found no fault with the reported facts or the conclusions. This adds weight to the observation that heavy metals including cadmium and mercury , that are removed by chelation therapy, may significantly contribute to the development and maintenance of cancer.

Magnesium Chloride This oily like liquid is massaged into the body and absorbed via the skin. This is a fast way to raise the magnesium levels that are always low in persons suffering from cancer and generally in the population as a whole it is recommended Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association as being one of the most important nutrients in the battle against cancer. It raises the immune system and tends to normalise many biochemical processes. We supply Magnesium Chloride as, Mag Sea Pure. Magnesium Chloride can also be taken in Juice at 5 to 10 ml daily.

The Use of Enzymes in the Battle Against Cancer

About 100 years ago, a British embryologist John Beard, started the research concerning the use of protein digesting enzymes and the treatment of cancer. He had some success using enzymes taken from the pancreas of young animals. He injected them into his patients and achieved some good results, but there were side effects form the immunological reactions of injecting components of raw pancreas into the blood stream. He was later followed by Kelly who treated thousands of cancer patients and claimed very high success rates. Today enzymes are produced, by in large using bacteria, their activity units are measured meaning stronger and more effective enzyme blends are now available. Using large amounts of activity units of enzymes to treat advanced cancers requires clinical supervision. Toxins released from the tumors break down, when there are large, or many tumors present, these toxins are a possible danger to the patient, therefore this break down should only be achieved at the rate the system is able to detoxify them.

For this reason, we recommend enzyme therapy at lower doses than generally used to try and dissolve tumors, but at a dosage level sufficient to (a) Balance the immune system, (b) Reduce inflammation, and (c) help the immune system to absorb any dead or dying cancer cells. It is safer to allow as many cells as possible to revert back to normal once cellular alkalinity is re-established, rather than having to deal with large amounts of broken down cancer cells and eliminate them from the body with organs already weakened by the disease and especially by chemotherapy. It is therefore sensible to combine a low to moderate enzyme dose between meals in conjunction with the other nutritional remedies listed.

Multi-Enzyme Protect is a high potency enzyme supplement that is suitable for enzyme therapy. Prof. Wolf continued the study of these wonderful biological agents, (mainly protein digesting enzymes). He noticed that by using purified mixtures of enzymes there were no risks of frequent allergic reactions. Each cancer cell has on the surface of its membrane, specific antigens. It is naturally ideal when the body can recognize these markers by being released from the fibrin, because the cancer cell can be destroyed after this. Although the cancer cell is destroyed however, the antigen remains. By means of a change in its membrane, the cancer cell can sometimes throw off its antigen. It seems that cancer cells do this, so that our defenses go in the wrong direction. Regrettably, this trick really works. If the number of formed immune complexes is kept within the normal limits and our defenses are all right, then our macrophages can embrace and dissolve these immune complexes. If the number of immune complexes is superior to the strength of the macrophages, then some immune complexes remain un-dissolved in the blood, as well as in the lymph.

The immune complexes can weaken the body's defenses in another way. Too many immune complexes inhibit the activity of the macrophages, which are the main destroyers of the cancer cells. Their capacity to destroy and to clean out the system is paralyzed. Thus cancer cells can grow without being bothered by macrophages. What the enzymes do to help, is to discover the receptors. Enzymes also facilitate the reaction of recognition. Another important action is to improve immunity, by breaking the circulating immune complexes by activating the natural killer cells and the T-cells, and by inducing mediators and cytokines, such as TNF, Tumour Necrosis Factor B. Enzymes have the ability to reduce the thick fibrin layer which is abnormally 15 times thicker than normal. By reducing this fibrin layer the stickiness of the cancer cells is also diminished, and by this means we can prevent metastasis.

Summary of Natural Remedies for Cancer Support

Organic Germanium

The dosage range varies quite considerably. It is non-toxic at dosages way above the maximum effective dose, and leaves the body within 24 hours of administration. Like the other suggested remedies, better results are obtained by taking divided doses over the day. Good results have been obtained in doses 300mgs to 2 or more grams daily (2,000 mgs). For persons with cancer, generally the minimum recommended dose is around 450mgs a day (1 x 150mg capsule three times a day). For those in pain from cancer, increase the dose daily until the pain is relieved. If it is not relieved significantly by about two grams a day, then Vitalyza 3 may provide additional pain relief. Germanium instructions: For sensitive individuals, and for those that are not in the advanced stages of cancer, and who become easily over-stimulated, are hyperactive and have trouble sleeping, start at one capsule daily and gradually build up to three capsules daily. If more over-stimulation occurs and remains for more than 48 hours stop the Germanium for one day and resume at a lower dose or if only taking one capsule a day continue at this level until adaptation occurs. Try to get up to a minimum of 3 capsules daily. For advanced cases (stage 4 or 5) and even more so those undergoing ‘chemotherapy’ higher doses such as one gram daily are more effective.

Zell Immunocomplex - The typical daily maintenance dose is two dessertspoons, but for intensive use and generally for those suffering from cancer 4 dessertspoons is more appropriate. Very sensitive or fiery individuals may have to build the dose slowly If undergoing chemotherapy or if immune system is very under-active, then 6 dessertspoons daily is more appropriate.

To download/view a small .pdf file outlining recent clinical research trials using Zell Immunocomplex: The Clinical Evidence of Cellular Respiration to target Cancer, by Professor Serge Jurasunas click on the .pdf icon below (to save the .pdf to your PC, right click and select "save target as")

Vitalyza 3 is convenient to take. Simply add drops to water or juice. Maintenance use is 20 drops daily and intensive use, to help win he battle against disease, is 40 drops daily. Ideally it should be spread out over the day. Example, if drinking 4 glasses of water daily add ten drops to each glass. Unlike Organic Germanium, 40 drops daily can be used from the start, even for sensitive individuals, although there may be exceptions. As with any nutritional support some individuals will need to introduce remedies incrementally to slow down the rate of detoxification in certain situations. Your therapist can advise.


For full information on Iodine it's safety and use see Iodine Why we Need It

Iodine has several properties that make it a priority in cancer prevention and amelioration as part of a therapeutic regime.

For eliminating infections including fugal infections that help to maintain a cancerous state, (Of 7% Lugol's Iodine at about 4mg per drop- 24 drops daily for one week, thereafter 12 drops daily until cleared. However take into account considerations such as basal metabolic rate referred to in the Iodine article if continuing 12 drops or more daily for more than two weeks.

Enzyme Therapy

This should preferably include protein digesting enyzmes such as Protease and also Serrapeptase These are both contained in Multi-Enzyme Protect If taken with food these will help the digestion of food but act less on the immune system etc. To help the immune system, take doses between meals and on an empty stomach, for example; 2 capsules three times a day on an empty stomach. People who have Gastritis or Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers may experience a burning sensation when taking Protease. Some persons may also experience nausea if taking Protease either on its own or as one ingredient in a multi-enzyme product. In such cases do not take on empty stomach, but try with food. Also in these situations Serrapeptase as a single enzyme remedy, is especially valuable. This must be taken on an empty stomach and will not produce nausea or burning. It helps the immune system keep a balance, helps eliminate inflammation, and helps to break down old, dead proteins, and thin out mucous and the lymph fluid. If there is swelling in the lymph nodes and ducts and general lymphatic congestion Serrapeptase will help with this, especially if used in conjunction with Lugol's Iodine. However a combination of high potency enzymes as discussed in the article Multi-Enzyme Protect, Introducing enzymes is more effective than Serrapeptase alone.

Combining the Remedies

As each patient is different, it is not always good practice to start on all remedies, especially at full dose at once. It would seem wise to start with one to 3 remedies, (if there is pain then the first remedy or combination of remedies should be selected from; Germanium, Vitalyza 3,), and then after a period of time, dependant on the individual, increase the dose to a certain level before introducing the next remedy and so on. For example, when introducing protein digesting enzymes, there may be nausea, if these had been introduced at the same time as other remedies this may put the person off taking any remedies. Due to the detoxification induced by the remedies, the process should not be too fast, Zell Immunocomplex, can aid detoxification process, rather than just dig out more toxins for the body to process, but a gradual stepping up process. There are exceptions to this guide; for example, when the patient is either undergoing ‘chemotherapy’, when the body will ‘soak-up’ remedies and larger doses of remedies are required, and these will off set the negative effects of ‘chemotherapy’ such as nausea and general organ and immune system destruction, or for patients who have received chemotherapy and or radiation therapy in the past and the immune system is functioning at a very low level. While using self treatment as cancer support, a person with experience of remedy reaction (therapist) is advisable to guide one through the process, but if no such person is available, then one is advised to proceed with one remedy at a time and add the next one in when adapted to the previous one. (We also offer an email help line with any queries you may have).


Drink plenty of water to facilitate the changes and detoxification your body will be going through. Water must absolutely not contain any chlorine, it should be well filtered or still spring or mineral water.

Adding moderate Ionic minerals will further enhance its effects. Suggested Use: Add a 5ml medicinal teaspoon of Ionic Liquid minerals and Trace Elements

Coconuts and the Ideal Environment to get well.

If your diet contains a lot of water in the food such as a high fruit diet, and a largely raw diet then less water will be required. (Cooked food, grains etc all dehydrate the body) If you live in the tropics then as much coconut water as you can take is suggested as a perfect way to hydrate, also eat the flesh of the coconut. I believe that a diet high in young fresh coconuts is the best diet for recovery from virtually any illness, and the healing powers of the oils in the coconut meat (It is soft and gelatinous in the young coconut, not the hard flesh in the older coconuts available in the shops in the west) Young coconuts complete with the coconut water are available in the west e.g. UK but have to be obtained from Chinese wholesale suppliers and cost about £1 each. Since at least 3 a day should be consumed this would work out very expensive. Living next to the beach in a tropical country with a daily supply of sun, coconuts, fresh fruits, especially the mango, papaya and pineapple, fresh air and barefoot walking is the ideal environment to get well. Regular consumption of coconut or failing that application of the non-heated produced oil to the skin tends to make the skin go brown quickly (If white in the first place!) and prevent burning. Experiment to find out how long you can sun bathe without burning. The Ultra-violet light is especially beneficial to the healing process and only presents a hazard on skin that has not got the benefit of coconut oil and essential anti-oxidants in the diet combined with sudden excess exposure that the skin is not used to. Sun light as therapy should be a minimum of half an hour daily but one hour is more appropriate. Gradually build up to this if you need to, and have some coconut oil on hand to relieve any feeling of soreness or burning on the skin.

Sunbathing and Cancer

Unfortunately there has been much misinformation about the relation of sunlight exposure to health and we have to conclude that the source of this unbalanced approach has originated from the manufacturers of sun block creams. Studies have revealed that lack of sunlight increases the cancer rates/tendencies. Some therapists have recommended sunbathing to help recover from cancer and it can be the missing link in the chain, in a resolution of your cancer, even just from the point of view of vitamin D synthesis in the skin from sunlight exposure. However, there is more to it than that. Sunlight contains a complex mixture of visible and non-visible radiation that is good for us. All we have to do is to practice safe sunbathing by not getting burnt. This is basically achieved by sunbathing only in the period of up to two hours after sunrise or up to two hours before sunset when the UV factor is low. (At high altitude, possibly only one hour window after sunrise and prior to sun set may be safe).

Tragically, using sun-screen creams can have adverse effects on our health, as the creams break down in the sun and form toxic chemicals that in themselves can encourage the development of cancer. The skin is an absorbent organ of the body, do not apply any chemicals to the skin if you wish to optimize your chance of recovery and do not block sweat with underarm applicators. Possibly the only safe oil to apply to the body is coconut oil.

"So far as internal cancers are concerned, few physicians seem to have actually used sunlight therapeutically. One notable exception is the American physician Dr Zane Kime. In his book, "Sunlight Could Save Your Life” published in 1980, Dr Kime describes how he encouraged one of his patients with breast cancer to sunbathe. He took this rather unusual step following a consultation with a 41-year-old woman whose breast cancer had spread to her lungs and bones. She had already undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy but to no avail. Dr Kime did not treat the cancer directly but instead introduced a programme to improve the general health of his patient. She was only allowed to eat whole foods, and all of the refined polyunsaturated oils and fats were removed from her diet. She was also encouraged to spend time sunbathing; and the combination of diet and sunlight seems to have achieved remarkable results. Within a few months the patient was back at work and in the years that followed there were no apparent symptoms of her metastasized cancer. Unfortunately Dr Kime did not devote much of his book to this episode, nor did he state how many years of remission his patient enjoyed”

It should be noted that the good results obtained by Dr. Budwig's method involved encouraging exposure to the sun, so by combining the use of oils as discussed with the correct sun exposure we optimize the chance of recovery.

Insufficient exposure to ultraviolet radiation may be an important risk factor for cancer in Western Europe and North America, according to a new study published in the prominent Cancer journal that directly contradicts official advice about sunlight. The research examined cancer mortality in the United States. Deaths from a range of cancers of the reproductive and digestive systems were approximately twice as high in New England as in the southwest, despite a diet that varies little between regions. An examination of 506 regions found a close inverse correlation between cancer mortality and levels of ultraviolet B light. The likeliest mechanism for a protective effect of sunlight is vitamin D, which is synthesized by the body in the presence of ultraviolet B.

Sea bathing is also recommended as the absorption of sea water through the skin is highly beneficial. If you cannot do this walking in the water e.g. up to your knees for half and hour or more a day is helpful, as is at least a half an hour walk on the beach daily. If you cannot do either of these sitting or lying on the beach with the soles of the feet in contact with the sand will help to relieve electro-stress the body has built up, relax the system and generally aid the healing process. This can also be combined with barefoot walking, sea walking etc. See also the information below titled Sun Bathing and Cancer and Linseed oil/hemp oil.

Additional Nutritional Supplements for Cancer Support

Seagreens - sea weeds are the most concentrated source of food state minerals and trace elements, and contain a wealth of other nutrients that provides all round support for the immune system, glandular system and metabolism. They have been used extensively as natural food/remedies for thousands of years and have been especially in use in Japan and China and as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Sea weeds contain polysaccharides (apparently 5 or the 8 essential ‘sugars’ used in cell to cell communication) and a substance called fucoidan.

Research in Japan demonstrated that fucoidan administered to cancer cells in a laboratory dish were virtually wiped out within 72 hours. The process by which these cells withered away was self-induced, in that the DNA within each of the cancer cells was broken down by digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. This process is known by the technical term "apoptosis". This does not mean that consuming regular uncooked sea weed will eliminate cancer in a high proportion of people, but there have been studies with people, that show promising results but unfortunately lack of funding has curtailed follow up studies. There is some evidence that uncooked seaweed can be helpful as part of a holistic approach to winning the battle against cancer.

Evidence suggests that cooking or excessive heating of sea weeds will render this fucoidan inactive. It is interesting to note that Okinawa, Japan has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan where the people eat their seaweed mostly uncooked, in contrast other parts of Japan where it is used mostly in cooking. However, in general, breast cancer rates are lower in Japan than in western countries, and this may be due to seaweed consumption. A common way to obtain seaweed is via Kelp tablets. However these are not suitable as the sea weed has been heated to very high temperatures during processing. Also to continually take high doses of dried kelp, in some individuals may lead towards an over-active thyroid. Both these issues are overcome with the introduction of the seaweed product in capsules called Seagreens. This product has been gently heated just above blood heat at 40 C, hence preserving the valuable enzymes and fucoidan activity.

Sea weeds (raw, not heated above 40 C) can also be used as part of a heavy metal detoxification Formula. Taken with MSM Organic Sulphur and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid forms a team that will remove heavy metals and other toxins form the cells, that is subsequently removed from the body by the sea weed. Deep Cell Detox is a ready combination of these nutrients formulated specifically for this purpose.

Zell Immunocomplex and colloidal silver will help the system from being overwhelmed with toxins and trapped infections (Including Candida) released from the cells. Heavy metal contamination is one of the prime causes for the generation of any chronic disease including cancer, as the correct biological processes cannot properly occur even with minute amounts of mercury and other heavy metals effecting the cells. If you have or at any time in your life, had mercury fillings then Mercury is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Barley Grass Juice Powder (Please also see Multi-Green Nutrition below) - this is available as a ‘live’ product since it has been low temperature dried therefore is still enzyme rich. The expressed juice of cereal grasses, wheat and Barley have been used therapeutically, especially for cancer, by many individuals growing their own at home in trays, and in clinical situations as a main treatment for cancer. The properties of wheat and barley grass juice are virtually identical. Barley grass grown on volcanic soil until it reaches a few inches high has been found to be more concentrated in some vitamins than home grown grass, but obviously it would depend on how much sun the home grown variety had and the quality of the soil it was grown on.

One of the reasons that wheat and Barley grass has helped people recover from cancer takes us back to the Work of Seeger and failure of respiratory enzymes and consequent oxygen starvation of cells, a basic cause of mutation: Barley Grass Juice Powder contains relatively large amounts of chlorophyll, this has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and release free oxygen. Both chlorophyll and hemoglobin (red blood cells) are molecularly similar. The only actual difference is that the central element in chlorophyll is magnesium and in hemoglobin it is iron. Chlorophyll therefore is able to help transport oxygen from the lungs and increase blood levels of oxygen. This completes the oxygen circuit, as Organic Germanium conserves oxygen, makes more available to cells and tissues and the special respiratory enzymes in Zell Immunocomplex enable the cells to take in and react oxygen with Hydrogen radicals in the cells. In a study reported in the journal Mutation Research comparing the anticancer effect of chlorophyll to beta-carotene, and vitamins A, C and E, chlorophyll was proven to be the most effective antimutagen. Cereal grasses also contain superoxide dismutase, a powerful anti-oxidant that converts one of the most dangerous free radicals Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), into a hydrogen peroxide molecule (which has an extra oxygen molecule to kill cancer cells) and an oxygen molecule. And finally cereal grasses contain laetrile (Vitamin B17 that is toxic to cancer cells) and selenium that helps the immune system in relation to cancer.

Barley Grass Juice Powder is a convenient form of taking cereal grass juice, and as dried juice is highly concentrated (the dried grass is less concentrated). Simply mix two dessertspoons of the powder (or blend) with a pint of chlorine free water and drink on an empty stomach. Until adapted, it is probably wise to sip over the day to reduce any possible nausea that some people experience as toxins are released from the stomach.

Another way of increasing oxygen uptake is to use a little raw beetroot juice (about 200 grams daily). Obtain organically grown Beetroot and extract the juice using an electric juicer. Do not heat this or the barley juice as heat above 44 C can kill enzymes. Raw beetroot juice can also be mixed with raw carrot juice for all round good raw vegetable nutrition. It takes virtually no digestive effort to absorb raw vegetable juices including Barley Juice and assimilation is easy. The nutrient value of raw juices is higher than that of cooked vegetables.

Multi-Green Nutrition This provides a mixture of powerful nutrients with Barley Grass Juice Powder and Seagreens being the main ingredients, and a range of others to help support the immune system. It is recommended as an elegant way to provide all-round nutritional support, and is available as a powder or capsules. If using the powder, you can add Linseed or Hemp oil with water and blend as discussed below, alternatively it can be taken conveniently as capsules three times daily.

Seagreens 24%

Barley Grass 22%

Bee Pollen 10%

Wild Crafted Rosehip Powder (whole fruit inc seeds) 10%

Vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate 10%

Acerola Cherry Extract (17% food state vitamin C) 10%

Ginger certified organic 8.02%

Propolis high potency extract 4%

Liquorice 5xs concentrate 1.6%

Serrapeptase 0.38%

The seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Johana Budwig, a pioneer of E.F.A research, reported success in treating heart infraction, arthritis, cancer and other common diseases with massive doses of E.F.A.'s. Budwig's research indicates that many of these killer and crippling diseases may be caused in part by our diet that includes heated vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils (found in most processed foods). According to this healing Doctor, heated and processed fats (this includes margarine) befuddle the electronic charge of the unsaturated oils, which are present in cell membranes.

‘This decreases the cells ability to receive and store electrons from the sun, which according to Budwig is a key factor in human health.’ Alternatively, a balanced diet of E.F.A’s keeps the charge of the unsaturated fats in the cells membranes working properly and electron rich. As Budwig herself explains:

"The sun's rays are very much in harmony with humans. It is no coincidence that we love the sun. The resonance in our biological tissue is so strongly tuned to the absorption of solar energy that physicists who occupy themselves with this scientific phenomenon, the quantum biologists say that there is nothing on earth that has a higher concentration of solar energy photons than humans. This enrichment with solar energy depends strongly on the like energy aspects, a wavelength that is compatible with humans, and this is supported when we eat foods that have electromagnetic waves of solar rays--the photon. An abundance of these electrons, which are tuned to the solar energy frequency, exist, for example, in many seed oils. Scientifically these oils have even been designated as electron-rich, essential, highly unsaturated fats. (Budwig 1992)

Budwig states that when we began to process vegetable oils in order to improve their storage ability, we unknowingly changed their E.F.A. content into trans-fats during the heating process. These E.F.A. are thus electron poor "promote the emergence of cancer.... They behave like tar, as insulators relative to the transport of electrons in living tissue”. Alternatively, "electron-rich highly unsaturated oils, (raw unheated oils, cold pressed, stored carefully and consumed directly from the bottle), increase the absorption, storage and utilization of the sun's energy".

Budwig relates that after her ailing patients have been treated with an E.F.A. rich diet and then "lie in the sun, they notice they feel much better-rejuvenated"; (Budwig 1992) "On the other hand, nowadays we frequently observe that the heart fails on sunny beaches, and not infrequently heart attacks occur. We can observe some individuals in our time experiencing stress from exposure to the sun’s energy, whereas others respond with dynamic improvement in all vital functions. The stimulating effect that sunshine has on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bladder, and salivary glands is easy to observe. These organs only dry out upon exposure to sunshine when the substance that stimulates secretions is missing. The decisive factor in all these observations is whether the surface-active, electron-rich, highly unsaturated fats are present as a resonating system for solar energy, or, if they are missing. The doctor tells cancer patients to avoid the sun; that they can't tolerate the sun. As soon as these patients - also cancer patients - were placed on my oil-protein diet for just 2-3 days, i.e. a diet that contains an abundant supply of essential fats, they were able to tolerate the sun very well. Yes, they emphasize how well they suddenly feel in the sun, how the life forces are stimulated and that they feel dynamically energized." (Budwig 1992)


We are not against raw saturated fats such as found in raw eggs as discussed in the article Dietary Guidelines. Raw animal fats have solvent properties on accumulated trans-fats, (as do raw cold pressed vegetable oils) and will help to remove them. These raw saturated, and poly-unsaturated fats will also help the body to deal with the detoxification process during cancer recovery. Persons lacking fat have a lower chance of making a recovery. Another beneficial source of raw fat is the avocado (these contain mainly omega 9 fats). By having a mixture of these different kinds of fats in the body, a more balanced body chemistry ensues. The first fats we consume when we are born are raw saturated fats as supplied by mother’s milk, and the bulk of the fats we have consumed for millennia have been saturated fats. So raw, saturated fats are beneficial and complement the different nutritional profile of raw polyunsaturated fats. Coconut oil is probably the most therapeutic saturated oil in the world. This can be taken at one to 4 dessertspoons a day, and will prevent the free radical effects of any unsaturated fats consumed (produced with a method that does not involve heat, and most likely labeled organic…it has a fresh coconut smell with no smell of burnt material and is clear and colorless above 25 C, below that temperature is solid.

Supplementary Remedies for Consideration

As mentioned above, certain herbal remedies have been used with some success in cases of cancer support, however in many instances, the body is not in a state to take the full therapeutic input of herbal remedies and more potent solutions are needed. We believe that the protocol detailed above is the most effective approach, however, there are some additional products which may be of interest.

Apricot Kernels contain "Amygdalin" (Vitamin B17). It is contained in hundreds of foods, but those particularly rich in Amygdalin have largely disappeared from our Western diet. Peoples who still eat a traditional, natural diet, have been found to be largely free from cancer. Amygdalin seems to be unique in that it directly attacks cancer cells and can certainly be added to the products previously described if required, please see the full Apricot Kernels article. Apricot kernels have become quite well know as a natural treatment for cancer, but their main role has been found to be a preventative. In cancer that has progressed to stage 4 or 5 when it is considered terminal the reported success of Apricot kernels is only in the region of around 10% as a single therapy.

One problem with using Apricot Kernels is that it can be a burden to the patient to take so many remedies and the Kernels require either chewing (very bitter) or they can be ground and added to food. Personally I find that the bitterness can be reduced by grinding and mixing with honey and used as a spread. If there is any likelihood that taking many remedies will put the person off the whole support process it is best to exclude the Kernels from the nutritional program

We also supply Rene Caisse's Essiac Formula , (now generally called Caisse tea due to copyright reasons) in concentrated liquid extract; Burdock Root, Sheeps Sorrel, Slippery Elm, Rhubarb Root. Plus potentising amounts of Kelp, Red Clover, Blessed Thistle & Watercress. It's use was first propagated in 1923 by Rene Caisse, who treated many cancer patients with Essiac Tea and it has gained a good reputation since. Geopathic and electromagnetic stress

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth radiations occur in quite a high proportion of the buildings we work or live in. Indeed research has found that cancer and other serious health issues are much more common for persons who have lived in geopathically stressed houses for considerable periods. It creates stagnant energy in the body, renders the immune system lower and can encourage constitutional diseases to manifest. Geopathic Stress can also prevent your body absorbing vitamins, minerals and trace elements from your food and supplements.. In cases where geopathic and/or electromagnetic stress is strong, this could stop a therapy from working, or at least weaken it. It is for this reason that it is important to address this unseen, yet powerful influence. Geopathic stress can be dealt with in two ways . First of all it is important to get out of the room or the house/flat that is contaminated. A history of sickness in certain buildings over a period of time, i.e. disease hot spot is evidence of geopathic stress. Sometimes the GS is confined mainly to one room or even part of a room so moving the bed/chair can reduce the stress. In some cases moving out of the building altogether is the best solution. Some dowsers claim to be able to locate GS. There are various devices on the market to help relieve GS that can be placed in the house, although their effectiveness varies.

For effective devices to raise the vitality and eliminate the effects of geopathic stress and reduce the effects of electromagnetic stress click here

The Process of Cure

The supports suggested in this article are tools that can help. However we recommend that you consult with a therapist that has experience in the healing of cancer, although it may be hard to find such a person. For example, swelling usually occurs, either in various sites around the body due to toxins being released into the Lymph system, or the tumors themselves can swell as part of a resolution phase e.g. swelling of tumor then becoming softer. In some cases, tumors remain for many years but are no longer active; they stop growing and change from a malignant to a benign status. Cancer is a systemic disease, and especially in cases where there has been tumors in various locations, as the body begins to win the battle, the immune system is improving, and cellular oxygenation and pH is improving, the body will then start to detoxify. These toxins come out into the Lymph system, the blood, etc.

The body uses various methods to eliminate them. This can be a difficult process and with some individuals, particularly those. who have a long history of poor diet, stress, and possibly toxic recreational or pharmaceutical drugs, can be particularly difficult. It is important at these times to have some understanding of the healing phase, as it may appear that one is losing the battle. It is important at these times to have some support from persons who are experienced with this process, or at least understand the process of detoxification. This highlights the difference between conventional treatment and ‘natural’ treatment. Conventional treatment is aimed at reducing or eliminating (i.e. through surgery) actual tumors, but pays no regard to the overall process of the efficiency of the immune system or cell-respiration for example. It must be seen that they are doing something to destroy the tumors. Natural treatment is almost diametrically opposite, as it works to improve the overall status of the persons self curative systems, during this process increased symptoms and swellings do often occur.

Treatment/Support Essentials

A simplified list of the basic essentials

This is given for the sake of clarity and for persons who are overwhelmed by the idea or practicality of multiple supplements.

Bicarbonate plus Molasses Treatment.

This can be employed intensively for up to two weeks as described in this article, e.g. up to 2 teaspoons daily of Sodium Bicarbonate + Molasses. You may choose to monitor Urine pH. After that period you can take half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in your drinking water daily and continue with some molasses use. If need be you can periodically increase the Sodium Bicarbonate, but it is intended as emergency treatment, to try to resolve a dangerous situation speedily. In the long run however to maintain general well-being and to detoxify the body and correct the physiology to a point it cannot ever again be susceptible to cancer.

Lugol's Iodine

This is simple to use and generally recommended for anyone who wishes to maintain health and well-being. Just add the Lugol's drops to water or juice and you can add the Immunocomplex to the same water or juice. If you follow the directions given with the Lugol's and in the article Iodine why we Need It you will see than intensive use for a period will knock out infections that are supporting any cancer or other health issues. Maintaining at a lower dose e.g. 3 drops a day indefinitely, especially if Immunocomplex or failing that some selenium supplementation is taken, will in the vast majority of cases help to normalise metabolic rate, the hormonal system (especially important for the hormonal cancers as discussed) and keep the immune system up to a level where conditions like Candida that support the disease process are very unlikely to occur.

Zell Immunocomplex

The regular Use of this live food state complex of nutrients, will have a very effective influence on cellular respiration, Immune system and anti-oxidant status. 30 mls daily in qater or other drink.

Vitalyza 3

Regular use of this cost effective liquid added to water (do not mix with other supplements) will tend to keep away pathological infections, maintain correct cellular pH and aid in cell oxygenation. It is also a 'mother' anti-oxidant. Aids re-hydration

Magnesium Chloride

Again, another liquid supplement, and like the others listed above easy to absorb even by the weakest digestions. May also be applied directly to the skin (dilute with 2 parts water to one of magnesium chloride if your skin reacts to it)

Vitamin D capsules

Take 2 capsules daily, unless obtaining daily U/V exposure-see articles for more details, these can be found via links from the shop link Vitamin D capsules.

Geopathic Stress.

This can be surprisingly important to deal with, as the effect of the remedies will be reduced if there is significant draining energy in your residence or workplace. For energy devices to boost chi/life energy click here here
Avoid all processed and heated oils like the plague.

These are the biggest single threats to your health. Most processed food has processed and heated oils added such as hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils (heat extracted normally) trans-fatty acids and so on. Frying with vegetable oils produces degraded oils that Brian Peskin discusses in his writings. If you must fry, coconut oil is the least toxic, on heating, olive oil coming in second…but best to use low temperature frying, or even better not to fry at all.

For the full article and more information on the correct EFA balance click here

To view Basic Essentials in the online shop Click Here

If you are undergoing or considering undergoing 'Chemo' for its relationship to 'Alternative' or Natural therapy / support: click here for information

Removal of Blocks to Health, Healing and Wellness

We have defined the major blocks to health improvement which should be considered the number one priority for resolution before one goes on to a more specific healing regimen such as that detailed in the programme above. By removing these blocks one will feel stronger and more prepared for a specific programme and will achieve far greater success with it. Please read this essential article here

The Core Regime

Not all of the remedies listed here will neccessarily be needed. We strive to bring you the most effective remedies to resolve your health problems in the simplest supplemental regime possible. We aim to treat the actual root causes of health problems holistically rather than supply remedies that will give temporary or partial relief from only the symptoms. This has been our mission since the founding of Regenerative Nutrition in 1994. As we uncover more fundamental truths about the causes, and therefore the relief, of diseases and health problems we update and revise our product range and recommendations.

Above, we detail targeted remedy recommendations for Cancer, but we further suggest that you view the core regime article and supplement pages by clicking here

To achieve overall good health and long term resolution of this health problem the remedies selected here should be combined with core regime remedies for the best results.

It may well be that there is some overlap and that many of the remedies in the core regime are listed here also.

If you need any assistance in selecting the most suitable remedies, or have any questions, please Contact Us


Supplements for Cancer

The supplements recommended for the treatment of Cancer are listed below. Not all will necessarily be discussed in the article, as some may have been added after the article was posted. If a listed supplement is not mentioned within the article, or you wish to know more about any of the listed supplements, you can find out more information by clicking on that supplement below. You can also now add to your basket directly from this page.

Zell Immunocomplex

Iodine - Lugol's Solution (7%) 29.5 ml

Vitalyza 3 - Elemental Silicon

Germanium (Organic) GE 132
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Vitamin D3 4000IU
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Mag Sea Pure
£19.95  /  250 ml

Multi-Enzyme Protect

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) & Acetyl-L-Carnitine
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Barley Grass Juice Powder - Synergised Organic

Black Seed Oil

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Colloidal Silver
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Curcumin 95 (Organic Curcumin & Piperine)
£25.95  /  60 V/Caps

Deep Cell Detox
£24.75  /  120 V/Caps

DMG (N-Dimethylglycine)
£24.75  /  100 Vegetarian Capsules

Ginger Root

Keela Nelli

King of Bitters
£18.65  /  400mg - 120 V/Caps

Long Pepper

Ocean Repair 100g
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Revive & Build
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Vitality Foundation
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