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Glycine & Collagen in Combination

Using Ocean Repair and Revive & Build in Combination

Ocean Repair is hydrolised collagen, also known as gelatin; Revive & Build is a combination of glycine & vitamin C

Why this particular combination?

One of the main healing nutrients in Ocean Repair is glycine. Glycine has many healing properties as detailed in the full article here. The ideal dose of glycine is in the region of 10g daily for most people. Since Ocean Repair is only about 30% glycine it would require 30g of Ocean Repair daily to achieve that level of glycine, so each pot would only last a few days. There are other valuable nutrients in Ocean Repair as detailed in the product info here. Hence, we recommend the combination, where Ocean Repair provides these nutrients and Revive & Build boosts the glycine to the proper daily level and further provides a good daily dose of vitamin C (1g). As well as being more effective in combination these remedies used together provide a more cost effective option than Ocean Repair alone.

You will see (if you look) that this combination is recommend as support for so many other supplements and health protocols throughout our website. There are several reasons for this. The prime one being the usefulness in tackling inflammation. For example; protein from meat is mostly derived from muscle. This being a prime source of inflammation, ageing and a host of related diseases because of the damaging effects of one of the amino acids found in muscle meats (amongst other sources such as cooked eggs). This amino acid is called methionine. Glycine at sufficient levels effectively deals with the toxic by-products of methionine to drastically reduce inflammation and related auto-immune responses. Furthermore, glycine is a major nutrient in the production of the main anti-oxidant in the body; glutathione. Ocean Repair works in tandem with glycine to support collagen repair and production. This is not just important in combatting the effects of ageing and arthritis, it is also important in maintaining the lining of the gut. This provides major protection agains the inflammatory bowel diseases. Furthermore, with regards to cancer; metastasis only occurs when collagen is weak. There are specific cancer protocols that work by boosting anti-oxidants and strengthening collagen with the amino acids found in this combination. Another example would be proline.

It is becoming widely recognised that most chronic diseases have a degree of inflammation and auto-immune responses at their core. So by protecting against collagen destruction many can be reversed.

Even using these 2 supplements alone can have dramatic and cost effective healing effects on the body. Adding a Selenium supplement such as detailed here further promotes the formation of the bodies main anti-oxidant; Glutathione.

In addition to..... (as detailed above) 
  • Tissue maintenance and repair
  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory action
  • Anti-oxidant co-factor provision
  • Quieting or elimination of autoimmune responses
  • Bowel wall support

Further benefits of this combination include

  • Circulation support
  • Growth hormone co-factor provision
  • Nervous system calming
  • Aid to good rest and sleep.

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