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Nutrition News - 24 August 2017

Natural Thyroid and Asthma - Ground breaking Information

Natural Thyroid can completely or partially eliminate asthma in the great majority of people. This is not just a short term fix it is a fundamental correction of the bodies metabolism that lasts as long as the thyroid function remains in a restored (normal) state.

This is just one of many conditions that will respond to restored thyroid function and hence these curative properties are by no means confined to asthma.
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Before supplementing with Natural Thyroid
From Dr David Derry

In the mid 1980s I had a chronic asthma patient who developed an inflammation of his thyroid. After consultation with an endocrinologist he was put on Eltroxine (T4). One day when the patient came in later he mentioned that the thyroid treatment improved his asthma considerably. At the same time, my office receptionist had severe asthma since the age 12 requiring constant medications and multiple hospital visits. She knew about the results on this patient, she asked if she could try thyroid as well. I started her on 180 mg of desiccated thyroid and within a month raised her to 250 mg. This was in about 1986. She has been free of asthma symptoms since then. She still takes some medication occasionally but has not been in hospital for asthma since.

Encouraged by these results, I proceeded to work my way through all of my chronic asthma patients. At the time there were 22 severe asthmatics who came into my office on a regular basis for asthma attacks. Some came into the office once a month (or more often when in trouble) and some twice a year. Over about a 2-3 year period I gradually put all of them on desiccated thyroid. All patients improved tremendously. I would not say all of them were completely cured but the improvement was striking. Two things followed from this. By 1990 all asthma patients were on thyroid and thus from 1990 to 2002, I did not see another acute asthma attack in my office and none of these 22 patients came in for their asthma. The other slightly embarrassing problem was for a few months my waiting room became quite slow because of the absence of these asthma patients. From there I went on to learn what other benefits thyroid medication might have.

A high proportion of people with any chronic disease have sub-optimal thyroid hormone levels especially where they are suffering from various states of low energy. Correcting these levels will result in improvement in well being.

Thyroid hormone levels are so important for two main reasons
  1. They trigger the cells into physiological action, generating energy and heat to facilitate the correct chemical reactions throughout the body. With sub-optimal thyroid hormones the cells cannot produce enough energy to maintain well being and long term health, and disease can manifest. Correct internal temperatures are essential for enzymes to work properly for example.
  2. Thyroid hormones are one of the key catalysts to the cells to produce ATP. ATP produces about 80% of the bodies energy to keep it alive. Other important nutrients for ATP production are respiratory enzymes (such as those contained in Zell Immunocomplex and D-Ribose (coming very soon from RN). Nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium are also important.
Before supplementing with Natural Thyroid one should establish a need for the product with 2 simple tests that can be self administered
The first test will indicate the state of thyroid function and hence indicate a need (or not) for Natural Thyroid whilst the second test indicates adrenal sufficiency/deficiency. The reason for this second test is that if adrenal deficiency is indicated, then this should be resolved prior to using Natural Thyroid, as not doing so can cause quite serious health issues. Taking Natural Thyroid, especially during the several week adaptation period, will demand higher than normal levels of bodily hydrocortisone (the adrenal hormones, especially hydrocortisone (cortisol), are the coping/adapting hormones), if the required cortisol is not available then one can 'crash'. Examples of this are serious fatigue, flare up of pre-existing auto-immune disease (including asthma) and even failure to deal with infections.

The majority of people with low thyroid hormone output have low adrenal output too. Some are more thyroid hormone deficient, some more adrenal hormone deficient and some a fairly even mix of the two (more about this aspect in a future newsletter....soon!).

So a good bodily supply of hydrocortisone (via Adrenal MAX Support if bodily supply is deficient) is essential before using Natural Thyroid.

The adrenal and thyroid hormones are core aspects of health and well being. They are the most fundamental tools we have in controlling our health and well being and they are almost always in need of correction in any chronic health issue or in any of a variety of low energy states.

One may be inclined to ask is it not possible and more holistic to normalise the thyroid and adrenal glands with nutrients and herbs rather than 'resort' to taking hormones. Well you can try, you may be successful; but it takes time, possibly years depending on the individual. If you are not suffering from a disease that is significantly affecting your life then it is logical to try this approach. If however you are suffering form a health issue that is having a significant effect on your life then normalising the adrenal and thyroid hormones, as required, will have the fastest, most efficient, effect in normalising your health.

Once normalised one can gradually support the thyroid and adrenal glands with hormones such as PregnenoloneDHEA and nutrients such as IodineSelenium, B vitamins and so on. Supporting the adrenal glands with Pregnenolone, DHEA and Cortisol (at levels just below the required physiological amount) rests the adrenals and so can actually be part of a restoration program.

For more discussion of Asthma remedies see here; for example there are two main aspects to asthma.
  1. The over active immune system (that can be brought to its senses with thyroid and cortisol hormones) that is waging chemical attack on the lungs inducing inflammation and constriction of the airways.
  2. The generation of mucous that occurs to try and deal with this frontal attack from the immune system. This mucous will also prevent adequate air from entering into the blood.

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