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Nutrition News - 21 September 2017

Why is EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) stress bad for your health?

Extremely minute electrical potentials, currents and a variety of intermingling frequencies are used by the body to optimise and support the functioning of individual cells, organs, glands and systems such as the nervous system. The body being largely water with conductive electrolytes is a perfect receiver of the EMF that surround us each day. Reception of amplitudes and frequencies outside the range of the bodies healing and communication systems results in a degradation of internal functioning that will impact on all systems including the immune and nervous systems. Optimum health or in some cases any reasonable measure of health cannot be obtained if the person is daily and nightly exposed to greater EMF stress than his/her body can effectively handle. Good nutrition, supplements and therapies will have far less benefits if the person is exposed to EMF stress beyond this level.

We cannot evaluate how much EMF stress a person can tolerate without detrimental effects on health and so feel that the sensible policy is to take steps to minimise the amount of daily exposure.
Daily EMF stress causes include; close proximity to Wi-Fi, Personal Computers (especially notebooks/laptops), Smart Phones, Cell Phone Towers and Electrical Installations.
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How we can minimise EMF exposure?

Wi-Fi broadcasts a signal for some distance, and having a Wi-Fi transmitter in or near a room we habituate is like living close to a mobile phone tower and exposes one to a high level of EMF stress especially at the frequencies that are used for Wi-Fi . This is the most hazardous choice for a home PC network. A wired network is preferable. Alternatively, for mobility, USB connectable "Aircard" type 3G devices have lower EMF transmissions than Wi-Fi . These transmissions can be further reduced by connecting the USB device by a cable, and having the "Aircard" at least 1.5m away. If Wi-Fi is unavoidable, then the router should be sited at least 4m away from any place you will sit to work/browse etc.

Personal Computers The integral keyboards in notebook PCs render their use hazardous as far as EMF is concerned, in particular there is a very high oscillating magnetic component originating from the hard drive. These alternating magnetic effects show on a test meter as being officially in the danger zone. Having one's hands on such a keyboard for considerable times a day is definitely stressful on the bodies own electrical and magnetic communications etc. This can easily be overcome by using an external USB keyboard and a wired mouse (not a radio frequency transmitting wireless mouse) Readings of EMF from external keyboards are almost undetectable making this the definitive choice for lessening the days EMF stress load.

Smart Phones these emit high levels of EMF, often in bursts, even when not being actively used for some task. Furthermore holding such a device for extended periods is a way to substantially increase ones daily EMF exposure. To lessen exposure do not keep in pocket but rather in a handbag or similar, keep at least 2m from the body when not using. At night if left on keep at least 2m away from the body. Standard mobile phones emit considerably less EMF. Speaker mode on smart phones should be used for phone calls whenever possible. For smart phone use such as gaming, surfing or writing it is best to keep the device on a table and touch only when needed.
Sleep it is especially important to check that there are no mains electricity cables near the bed and especially near the head. These may be cables not visible but within the wall, if there are any wall mounted sockets then one can assume that a cable runs to them and along the skirting board area of the wall. Mains frequency EMF emissions are even stronger from sockets. If in doubt move the bed away from walls at least 1m where possible. This can be the difference between a decent sleep and shortened difficult sleep. Decades of clinical research document that a good night's rest supports nearly all systems of the body
Grounding Bed Sheets when sleeping on one of these - the more bare skin in contact with it the better. EMF exposure on the body will be reduced by about 95%.

Bare Feet when one has bare feet on a tiled floor (tiles on top of cement) there is a fair degree of earthing and this will dilute some of the EMF exposure to the body. Even better is an earthing mat. This is an electrically conductive mat that is connected to a certified mains earth terminal or directly to a metal rod inserted into the ground. This mat is normally placed where one is working with a PC etc. so that ones feet can be kept earthed, rendering EMF effects on the body about 95% less.

Supplements that may lessen the impact of EMF exposure

Therapists and users over many years have observed that minerals and trace elements can reduce the impact of EMF stress. The minerals noted to cause this reduction in sensitivity fall into two groups.
  • Soluble Inorganic Minerals - mineral salts such as full spectrum sea salt (Celtic Salt/Ionic liquid minerals), Iodine (such as Lugol's Solution)
  • Insoluble Minerals - such as Schindele's Minerals. These contain crystalline forms and paramagnetic properties and have in various ways been seem to combat even ionising radiation, (nuclear radiation). Minerals are strong sources of their own natural radiation, albeit at quantum levels that there are no known ways of measuring as yet on meter displays.

Devices that may reduce EMF exposure effects

So far I have yet to see/experience a device that can effectively eliminate EMF stress from a person continuousy exposed to it. I do not doubt there are a few devices that can mitigate it to some extent, but often this will only be a temporary reprieve. If any reader has found such a device then please let us know !

Life-Energy Chi Pendant & Quartz Crystal

Based on orgonite principles; it definitely enhances the energetic qualities of rooms. The device eliminates the draining effects of geopathic stress in a room. Recommended where there is a draining factor of the ambient energy in the house or a room we occupy often due to an underground stream. The device raises the charge/energy in the vicinity and in turn will improve the charge/energy of previously drained people. Will it eliminate EMF stress? Certainly not entirely but clients have reported some effectiveness in this area. It may be that EMF energies somehow damage the natural charge energy (Orgone as it has been described or Chi) in the environment so the device restores this charge but does not cancel the EMF stress wholesale.

Note* EMF readings were taken with Electrosmog Meter 'Cornet' (The best comprehensive/economical meter we have found. A low to high frequency EMF meter 30 Hz- 8 GHz)


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