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Acid Waste & Oxygenation
Most of us know that it is important to keep the level of acid waste in the body to a minimum by consuming an alkaline forming diet. This alone, however, is not enough to guarantee that we will live a long and healthy life. 

There are two main contributory factors that result in acid waste accumulation in the body. 
  1. All foods consumed require oxygen to "burn" them. This process is less than 100% efficient. To put it simply; food that is not completely consumed for metabolic energy will leave acid wastes polluting the system. 
  2. Millions of dead cells needing to be broken down and eliminated from the body every day. These cells are eventually eliminated from the body after processing by the liver, bowel and kidneys, and to some extent sweat, however about 10 to 20% of the debris is too large in size (such as discarded proteins) to pass back into the venous capillaries for elimination in this manner and therefore have to exit via the lymphatic system, the body’s main waste disposal system.
This ongoing pollution can be reduced by taking supplements that aid oxygenation such as Zell Immunocomplex and Organic Germanium, but these alone, whilst helping to prevent serious disease (and most likely extending lifespan), will not eliminate the stored acid waste in our bodies, they rather just mitigate it's effect on our health. 
These acid waste products produce a thicker lymph fluid so it cannot flow efficiently out of the body. Over time this poor flow leads to a progressive clogging up of the lymph system and the interstitial fluid. This then makes the elimination of waste from the cells less efficient. Oxygen is consumed resulting in lowered cellular oxygenation and in turn this increases the acidity of the cells, interstitial fluid and lymph fluid. 
So here we have it, the process of degeneration and a common foundation for the development of all chronic disease. It can take years for this gradual clogging up of the lymph system, lowered oxygenation and inefficient metabolism to start to negatively influence ones health, but unless this waste matter is cleared out properly from the system, disease and poor health can mainfest at any time.

So when one refers to detoxification, we can more clearly understand what the "goal" of such a detox should be now. 

Two essential steps in eliminating trapped acidic waste in the interstitial fluid and lymphatic system
Electron Donation

Several scientists have concluded that longevity and health of the healthiest and most long lived people on earth is largely due to the presence of plentiful free electrons in the glacial melt water that they drink. Anti-oxidants support the process of electron distribution to neutralise free radicals. However, actual electron donation has been referred to as the mother anti-oxidant. Organic Germanium is an electron donor and one of the most valuable nutritional supplements available, but we do not have enough information to know how effective it is in breaking down acid wastes, so for this purpose we suggest Vitalyza 3

Vitaliza 3 is an excellent electron donor, a form of silicon compound with free electrons readily available to neutralise acid wastes. Once this neutralizing occurs the waste in the lymphatic and interstitial fluid are broken down making transport out of the lymph system relatively easy. Intensive use for 3 months at 28 drops daily is recommended, dropping to a 14 drop maintenance dose after this time. It is a very low cost solution, and therefore we have no reservations in recommending it's use at this level on a permanent basis. Life-long supplementation of an electron donor makes very good sense.

Most of the stubborn waste in the lymphatic and interstitial fluids is composed of degraded protein, some from poorly metabolised food, some from dead cells. Enzymes facilitate the dissolution of these proteins and render the fluids that contained them thinner, thus promoting easier removal from the body via the lymph and interstitial fluid/venous system.
Enzymes that can be used for this purpose include Multi-Enzyme Protect and Serrapeptase.

Digestive Enzymes can also have a role in this process, reducing the enzyme load or overall enzyme deficiency.
As we age the tendency to reduced enzyme production is common especially the protein digesting enzymes. We tend to gradually clog up with poorly processed proteins as we age. This leads to inflammation and fibrosis of the internal organs, an unnecessary part of ageing.
Suggested cleansing regimen 

An absolute minimum of 3 months but preferably a full year to have any significant effect on ones lifelong accumulation of acid wastes. 

Resolution of some health problems, even of a serious nature, may begin in just a few weeks but continuation of the regimen is encouraged. 

A final note

A famous experiment was carried out by a French doctor named Alexis Carrel, who kept a chicken heart alive for 37 years (until there was an error in the laboratory doing the experiment) by using fresh water containing Celtic Salt. Demonstrated here is the principle that if the fluids that bathe our cells are replenished with clean, fresh, fluid then great extensions to longevity can be expected.

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