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Breast Cancer

A particularly useful combination of supplements for SUPPORTING the main remedies recommended are....

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Suggested supplements for preventing breast cancer, and help in the elimination of, breast cancer, breast cysts and lumps (including the prevention of recurrence and metastasis)

Prevention of breast cancer, breast cysts and lumps and the elimination of early, pre-metastasis, stage breast cancer

Lugolís 7% Iodine - example use of 7 drops daily in water or juice. In addition, topical application of Lugolís 7% Iodine on tumours near the skins surface is sometimes undertaken to speed resolution. Iodine works to promote cell death of unhealthy cells by a process called apoptosis. This can prevent cancer anywhere in the body from developing but only works if a sufficient dose is taken and then only after the thyroid gland has firstly absorbed all that it needs. Thereafter, iodine will gradually permeate all body cells. Hence, the time taken for iodine sufficiency and the total body protection it offers will depend on the daily dose. Preliminary research indicates that if a person is iodine insufficient, it takes about 3 months to become iodine sufficient at this level of usage and a year to become iodine sufficient while ingesting 2 drops daily. However, one needs to be monitored or at least self aware that detoxification reactions can occur. It is generally advised to start at a low dose such as 1 drop daily and gradually increase until the desired dose is reached. In the case of cancer however, the urgency of the situation generally warrants going to at least 7 drops daily; immediately. Any excess iodine will be eliminated by the body. Once saturation has been achieved, it is generally recommended to maintain a dose 2 drops daily thereafter. Click here for more information on Lugol's 7% Iodine

Oxygenating Supplements - Remedies to promote oxygenation are important for general health and especially in efforts to overcome cancer. The best two we have become familiar with (and they work synergistically) are Zell Immunocomplex and Organic Germanium. Zell Immuncomplex promotes the uptake and use of oxygen by the cells via special respiratory enzymes. It also has other factors that are very effective in helping the immune system to function in a strong yet balanced fashion. Organic Germanium facilitates improved oxygen status throughout all body tissues and fluids; so there is more available to be delivered to the cells. It achieves this by neutralising acid radicals, that cause oxygen depletion, by means of electron donation.

Helping with the elimination of breast cancer

If iodine supplementation at the suggested levels comes too late and cancer has progressed to metastasis, then the further spread can be halted by strengthening the connective tissue with the addition of adequate thyroid hormone and collagen supplements as detailed below.

Glandular Thyroid Hormone (GTH) Ė We do not currently supply this, so a good example product, from grass fed cows in New Zealand, can be found here. Usage levels are very personal and the amount to use is subject to personal trial. Suggested would be the dose that gives best "feel good" state. GTH is especially important in the second phase, when Cancer is spreading outside of the original site (includes metastasis) as discussed in the book Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer by Dr. David Derry. Quoting from the book: "The second part, which involves the spread of cancers cells through the connective tissue and including metastatic cancer, are related to low tissue thyroid hormone levels. Anywhere the connective tissue defence is strong, cancer cells cannot travel in the connective tissue and will stay within the same compartment and probably die of old age".

Ocean Repair and Vitamin C - Connective tissue can also be strengthened with collagen supplements such as these. The spread of cancer, from the initial stage to metastasis involves the attack on connective tissue. This has been established by Mattias Rath and co-scientists who also established, in human test subjects, that providing supplementation to encourage collagen growth and repair prevents cancer from spreading. Please refer Dr. Rath's own website here for further information. From the nutrient combinations that they tested, they found the use of the amino acids L-lysine and proline plus Vitamin C and a polyphenol fraction of green tea was most successful in stopping cancer spreading. Collagen contains the amino acids hyroxyproline and hydroxylysine. Supplementing with Collagen, Vitamin C and other polyphenols such as grape seed extract as found in Vital Protect can be a viable alternative since collagen alone is proven to encourage the growth and repair of collagen. Collagen's effects are most obvious by examining the skin; collagen is the main protein part of skin, it is the matrix between all the cells in the body that holds them together to form tissue. In a 1992 study by Eskelinin, a 90 day treatment period with a marine protein based collagen formulation increased epidermal thickness from 0.11mm to 0.29mm and dermal thickness from 0.74 to 1.39mm, skin elasticity indices increased from 44% to 73%. Click here for more information on Ocean Repair and here for Vitamin C 

Other supporting remedies

Other remedies that are high on the multitudinous list of supporting remedies include Magnesium Chloride, which is good for general health and the immune system and is simply rubbed into the skin once or twice daily. Selenium is also recommend as this works well with Iodine, especially in its role of thyroid health and is often mentioned in literature as a powerful immune system aid and anti-oxidant support nutrient.

For extensive information on cancer; see the article  Cancer Helping To Win The Battle With Nutritional Therapy

Generally for Breast Cancer we suggest prioritising the information on this page and not getting distracted with too many remedies and approaches.


For preventing cancer and terminating early stage cancers that have not spread; Lugol's 7% Iodine and remedies that support oxygenation such as Organic Germanium and Zell Immunocomplex are recommended.

Once cancer is established and spreading we need to add remedies to support collagen growth and repair alongside the iodine and oxygenating remedies already mentioned. These include Ocean Repair, Glandular Thyroid Hormone (GTH) and Vitamin C

It does, however, make good sense to use Ocean Repair and Vitamin C from the outset; not only for the protective roll of strengthening collagen, which takes time, but also for their general health and immune supporting actions.

Further Information

For information on collagen from fish please see the Wikipedia article here 

Mag Sea Pure (magnesium supplement) 

Recommended reading: Breast Cancer and Iodine : How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer Dr. David Derry (Link to - This book is about the cause, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer has two phases. The first one, from abnormal cells up to carcinoma in situ reverses with iodine. The second phase, invasion, is controlled by connective tissue thyroid hormone.

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Thyroid Glandular Hormone from New Zealand This is not a RN product and links to the website of the supplier

Removal of Blocks to Health, Healing and Wellness

We have defined the major blocks to health improvement which should be considered the number one priority for resolution before one goes on to a more specific healing regimen such as that detailed in the programme above. By removing these blocks one will feel stronger and more prepared for a specific programme and will achieve far greater success with it. Please read this essential article here

The Core Regime

Not all of the remedies listed here will neccessarily be needed. We strive to bring you the most effective remedies to resolve your health problems in the simplest supplemental regime possible. We aim to treat the actual root causes of health problems holistically rather than supply remedies that will give temporary or partial relief from only the symptoms. This has been our mission since the founding of Regenerative Nutrition in 1994. As we uncover more fundamental truths about the causes, and therefore the relief, of diseases and health problems we update and revise our product range and recommendations.

Above, we detail targeted remedy recommendations for Breast Cancer, but we further suggest that you view the core regime article and supplement pages by clicking here

To achieve overall good health and long term resolution of this health problem the remedies selected here should be combined with core regime remedies for the best results.

It may well be that there is some overlap and that many of the remedies in the core regime are listed here also.

If you need any assistance in selecting the most suitable remedies, or have any questions, please Contact Us


Supplements for Breast Cancer

The supplements recommended for the treatment of Breast Cancer are listed below. Not all will necessarily be discussed in the article, as some may have been added after the article was posted. If a listed supplement is not mentioned within the article, or you wish to know more about any of the listed supplements, you can find out more information by clicking on that supplement below. You can also now add to your basket directly from this page.

Iodine - Lugol's Solution (7%) 29.5 ml
£16.75  /  29.5ml

Zell Immunocomplex

Germanium (Organic) GE 132
£48.95  /  60 V/Caps

Ocean Repair 100g
£19.95  /  100 g

Mag Sea Pure
£19.95  /  250 ml

Sodium Ascorbate And Acerola Cherry Extract
£18.75  /  100g

Selenium (Food State)

£34.33  /  30 ml

Revive & Build

Vitality Foundation
£44.00  /  60 V/Caps 450mg


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