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Bio-identical Hormones and Support Remedies

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Increasingly, it is being realised that to get the very best results with health improvement; normalisation of hormones must be taken into consideration. In most cases nutritional supplementation such as vitamins and minerals fail, even with long term use, to correct imbalances in hormone production.

It has been found that a more direct approach is needed. Even with excellent nutrition, insufficient hormone production is the norm in all individuals who do not have youth and excellent health on their side. Hormone excess is rare except for when one hormone is being manufactured in excess to cope with a deficiency of another. For example; insufficient thyroid hormone can result in excess adrenalin to compensate.

For mild hormone insufficiencies special super-foods and herbs combined with nutritional supplements can be tried to see if improvement is achieved. These we can designate broadly as nutritional remedies for hormone support. They include hormone precursors and remedies that stimulate the body to produce necessary hormones. See the section titled Nutritional remedies for hormone support; further down this page.

For those with chronic/long term hormone insufficiency there is usually a weakness or insufficiency of function of an endocrine gland or glands. Even with low thyroid output (hypo-thyroidism, for example) that is often, mainly due to iodine deficiency. As this deficiency is normally long standing, simply supplementing with iodine and selenium, although an eminently sensible measure to take for many reasons, usually takes many months or even years to restore optimum thyroid function. In fact, on an individual basis, we simply cannot predict if and when thyroid function will return with nutritional supplementation.

A similar situation is evident with the adrenal glands. Adrenal insufficiency in one or more of the vital hormones is now exceptionally common. These deficiencies are usually mirrored in the thyroid hormone output.

As hormone insufficiency is often a crucial factor in a person's health (possibly resultant in health crises of a serious nature); both now, and in the future, it behoves any skilled practitioner or intelligent layperson to get the hormone outputs restored as a matter of priority. If health issues are long term, by all means try some of the nutritional supports to potentially help hormone output as a first step. However, if improvements do not manifest sufficiently or within a month or two, then direct hormone supplementation is the expedient next step. Efforts with the natural remedies will not have been wasted, as such, as improvement to some aspects of physiological functioning would have been achieved. Do not be afraid or wary of bio-identical hormone supplementation, used correctly as indicated in our articles, it is safe and effective and will help ones health in many ways. It can also help with tolerance to higher energy supplementation AND to help assimilate the nutrition one takes in. Advanced therapists are realizing that the nutritional status of a person (to some extent this can be ascertained by hair minerals analysis) depends not just on what is consumed but very much on the state of the hormone production. Sufficient circulating hormones play a crucial role in the nutritional balancing and status.

The most common hormone production insufficiencies occur with the following hormones:

Adrenal hormones; including pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, eostrogen and cortisol (hydrocortisone)

It is important to understand that the source hormone for all of these adrenal hormones is pregnenolone, next in the source/production tree is DHEA and then the others follow. It is also important to note that adrenal insufficiency is often a failure to produce sufficient cortisol. If cortisol production is insufficient then one is liable to suffer from adrenal fatigue and or auto-immune disorder(s) In this situation supplementing with any stimulating remedy even the source hormone pregnenolone can cause loss of homeostatsis and autoimmune reactions and or increasing fatigue. So if in doubt, supplement with Adrenal MAX Support first. (full details about making this decision are in the pages served by the product link below - see the further reading tab once you open that page up)

Reading the articles on the bio-identical hormones that we supply should give one sufficient information to understand these issues.

Bio-identical hormones are also useful supplements to use as we age, as valuable and as essential as vitamins and minerals for good health and disease prevention. Hormone production drops off as we age and this is closely linked to disease and loss of health and vitality.

Hormone Products currently available from Regenerative Nutrition

Adrenal MAX Support
Bioidentical Hydrocortisone

Adrenal insufficiency/fatigue is a major factor in poor health for many people, possibly as high as 50% of the population of industrialized countries. For these people, the first step in restoring health must be to support adrenal hormone output. It is the hormone hydro-cortisone that is inescapably essential for improving health. So, for these people supplementing with bio-identical hydro-cortisone is the gateway to the journey into wellness.


DHEA levels decline at approximately 20% per decade from the age of 25 (the peak of human DHEA production) until we are left with only about 10% or less of these peak levels by the time we are 70. Maintaining healthy DHEA levels may help slow physical ageing and reduce stress.

DHEA may also have an important role in the repair and maintenance of cognitive function


By its very nature, pregnenolone works with your body to achieve optimal health and longevity. Pregnenolone's many functions underscore its role as one of the most important hormones in the human body. Pregnenolone reduces fatigue and increases endurance. It also provides the brain with the hormonal and neurotransmitter support it needs to retard memory loss, thus helping to improve concentration and focus. Moreover, it helps those with arthritis, depression, and traumatic injuries. Although pregnenolone has long been overlooked because it is "upstream" on the hormone pathway, its many benefits to human health suggest that this vital hormone has just begun to receive the attention it so richly deserves.

Nutri-Pak Natural Thyroid

From healthy, BSE Free, New Zealand cows. The Nutri-Pak label is an identical product to the Atrium brand. This is the number-one natural glandular thyroid on the market. Nutri-Pak Natural Thyroid is intended for the natural treatment of hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid). If suffering from hypothyroidism, especially if the gland has been under functioning for many years, the use of a desiccated bovine thyroid, such as this, can have tremendous benefit; and work far more effectively in the majority of cases than Thyroxine or other forms of drug synthesized T4 hormone.

We do not stock progesterone, eostrogen or testosterone. One reason for this is that we consider supplementing with pregnenolone and DHEA first and foremost as the precursors of progesterone, estrogen or testosterone, and that far more overall health promotion will normally come from getting the fundamental hormones levels corrected first and also give a more balanced effect. In many cases supplementing with Pregnenolone and DHEA will lead to the normalisation of these other adrenal hormones, and even in some cases cortisol, as sufficient does of pregnenolone can stimulate repair of weak adrenal glands.

Note: If a need for hydrocortisone is identified then continue to take this while experimenting with good doses of prenenolone. Expect detox reactions as energy in the body rises, have some Zell Immunocomplex to hand to help you through these reactions.

Nutritional remedies for hormone support:

Wild Yam: This provides progesterone like substances, very good for stress symptoms (especially those related to PMS). There are many other benefits from this herb apart from it's use as hormonal support

Wild Spanish Pollen: This tends to help with fertility and vitality. It can improve health of sperm and stimulate eostrogen when there is insufficiency. Most cases of female infertility are related to insufficient thyroid hormone and iodine.

Lugol's 7% Iodine: This is required by the body for the production process of several hormones and is also associated with health of the prostrate, breast, ovaries and thyroid.

Peruvian Maca: This is an energizing adaptogen. Adaptogens normally help adrenal resilience and hence one's ability to deal with stress. However, for people with low cortisol output this should be used with caution. Take very small doses and build up the dose slowly as it is energising. Maca is said to aid the pituitary gland and in turn has some benefits for the entire hormone system. It is known as a fertility tonic and also there are anecdotal cases of bone density returning to normal in post-menopausal women.

Mistletoe: Like Pollen and Maca has many roles in the body. Specifically it helps in lowering high blood pressure, aiding circulation and is excellent for menopausal problems. A very calming remedy.

Liquorice: Helps to preserve cortisol in the body, so in cases of mild cortisol deficiency it can help. It is further used, traditionally, in the treatment of auto-immune disorders.

Propolis:Helps to improve health of the thymus gland.

Collagen: May aid the production of growth hormone for some people.

Noni:Research reveals that Noni stimulates the pineal gland to release two crucially important hormones; serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland can be viewed as the master gland that controls the five other glands below it. Noni also mimics the secretion coming from the pineal gland as well as acting as a precursor to it, so building it up and allowing it to function fully.

Support Remedies

Sodium Ascorbate And Acerola Cherry Extract: This is our preferred form of vitamin C for adrenal gland support.

Celtic Ocean Sea Salt: This is an important mineral salt complex for the entire glandular system; especially for adrenal health and functioning.
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Bio-identical Hormones and Support Remedies

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