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Paula, aged 48, from the UK suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis, she reports "I was taking 25mg of Methotrexate per week for years but still had arthritic pain and the "Psoriasis" was actually getting worse. I couldn't stand the side effects of this drug anymore and as I was still in pain it seemed an easy decision to stop taking it. Several weeks before coming off Methotrexate I started taking Immuno-Calm and Liquorice (the two supplements that I firmly believe made the difference - Serrapeptase was a later addition so that could be helping too). I've been off the pharmaceutical toxins for 4 months now and the pain is only occasional and nowhere near as bad as it was, the "Psoriasis" is almost non-existent. The inflammation is roughly 70% down on what it was and I've gone from frequent flare ups where I could barely walk to none - I haven't had a flare up since I came off methotrexate and started taking these supplements. There is damage to a joint in my foot from the arthritis - methotrexate was supposed to be a DMARD (stopping the disease causing damage) but it's recently been discovered that it isn't actually doing that at all (study's show that it does not act as a DMARD at all). I will stick to supplements from now on and a good anti-inflammatory diet. I firmly believe that Immuno-Calm and Liqourice has played a major role in calming down my autoimmune disorder, bringing my immune system back to normal.
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