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New Breathe EZ formula containing Lobelia and Liquorice 5:1 concentrate (equivalent 1 g liquorice root). This is a more powerful, effective and convenient replacement for the Asthma and Bronchitis herbal formula previously supplied by Regenerative Nutrition. 


The most popular and well known use for Lobelia is in opening the bronchial tubes and clearing mucous from the lungs. It is probably the best herb on the planet for this purpose. Depending on the severity of the case it can take from just a few hours to a few weeks (in chronic cases) to provide relief. It also has a wonderful expectorant action, stimulating the expulsion of obstructive mucous from the lungs and airways. In almost all breathing problems, the main issue is the contracting of the smooth muscle that lines the airways, so causing narrowing. Lobelia relaxes these muscles, so widening the airways. This action makes Lobelia the number one herb for asthma, bronchitis and other breathing problems.
Liquorice herb (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) has been used extensively in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years, in approximately half of their formulas. The reason given is that it tends to improve the action of all the other herbs and "harmonise" the action of the herbal formula. Liquorice herb is one of the most important medicinal herbs on the planet. More recently, medical herbalist Gerald Green has elucidated its tremendous value in the reversal of auto-immune diseases (including asthma). This action is far wider than just helping to treat specific diseases, other well-documented activities include significant anti-inflammatory effects, a protecting effect on the liver against toxic substances and anti-allergic activity.
Certain individuals may experience raised blood pressure when taking Liquorice herb. It is highly recommended that blood pressure is monitored during use. If blood pressure becomes high, discontinue use for 1 to 2 weeks then resume at a lower dosage. For those who experience issues with Liquorice, we also supply Lobelia herb as a sole supplement without the liquorice here
*Obstructive lung disease is a category of respiratory disease characterised by airway obstruction. Many obstructive diseases of the lung result from narrowing of the smaller bronchi and larger bronchioles, often because of excessive contraction of the smooth muscle itself. It is generally characterised by inflamed and easily collapsible airways, obstruction to airflow, problems exhaling and frequent medical clinic visits and hospitalisations. Types of obstructive lung disease include; asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Although COPD shares similar characteristics with all other obstructive lung diseases, such as the signs of coughing and wheezing, they are distinct conditions in terms of disease onset, frequency of symptoms and reversibility of airway obstruction. Cystic fibrosis is also sometimes included in obstructive pulmonary disease.

A particularly useful combination of supplements for SUPPORTING the main remedies recommended are....

Click above to view the full information on each or click here for an overview of the two in combination.

2016 Update - Asthma and other chronic breathing difficulties including bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Recent research has revealed that Lobelia, which we previously supplied in quite low amounts in our very effective Asthma and Bronchitis Herbal Formula due to incorrect information about possible toxicity, is in fact (unless given in absolutely huge doses ) a non-toxic, safe herb. Therefore, knowing the benefits of this wonderful herb, we now supply a higher amount in a much more convenient format; vegetarian capsules. The previous formula had to be steeped in hot water for 10 minutes and was quite nasty tasting. The two new remedies in capsules are more powerful and effective as well as being far more convenient. We provide Lobelia as a sole supplement (400mg/capsule) and also in a proprietary 50/50 blend with liquorice 5:1 concentrate (200mg of each/capsule) known as Breathe EZ. Click on either of the images below to view the full information on these products.


We also supply Liquorice concentrate in our Adrenal Boost + formula (with Vitamin C). Used with the Lobelia sole remedy capsules, this gives the option of varying the proportion of liquorice to Lobelia. This can be useful as occasionally, some users may have an increase in blood pressure from regular liquorice use. For those with marked adrenal insufficiency and low blood pressure this is a beneficial side effect and will help with energy and sufficient blood flow, so for a period at least these individuals may elect to take some additional liquorice. On the other hand some may experience raised blood pressure (higher than ideal); in these cases Breathe EZ formula may be discontinued, and Lobelia taken on its own or with Adrenal MAX Support + to provide direct cortisol (bioidentical cortisone) support. This normally has less effect on blood pressure than liquorice.

Full details of how to measure blood pressure to see if there is adrenal insufficiency and the relative benefits of Adrenal MAX Support + or Adrenal Boost + are discussed in the product information for each.

The Histamine Aspect

When the immune system goes into hyper or self attack mode also known as an autoimmune reaction it involves creating inflammation via histamine. There is an aspect of this in most chronic lung conditions. It is more immediately obvious when there is an allergen such as pollen that can cause hay fever or asthma. In this case the chronic condition is usually not so bad but the immediate acute flare up can be anything from a nuisance of sneezing to a serious asthma attack. The nutritional remedy Querecitin (sometimes mixed with Bromaline) has a histamine inhibitory effect and is also a beneficial antioxidant. Regenerative Nutrition does not currently supply this, but offers the recommendation knowing it is readily available elsewhere.

The Underlying Causes

Most chronic cases of asthma (i.e. that progress past childhood or come on after childhood) have a metabolic insufficiency/constitutional weakness as part of the cause. This involves a kind of internal sluggishness linked to low metabolism that leads to a build up of congestion of various types such as poor processing of food and excess mucous. This is often related to underactive thyroid. In terms of traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda, a detailed system of natural health restoration that has developed over 5000 years, there are 3 basic constitutional factors that are responsible for all life in the body. A person can have an excess of one or two types to various degrees. Ideally they should all be in balance. What we are born with has a profound effect on our health profile over our life. In brief the three are: Vatta which relates most to catabolism (air element), Pitta which relates most to metabolic potency (fire element) and Kapha which relates most to anabolism (water/earth). Those with insufficient Pitta tend to have slow metabolism and low digestive energy. This can lead to an accumulation of poorly digested food products (referred to as ama in Ayurveda), congested lymph and an accumulation of mucous. With these cold constitutions, usually the body temperature is below normal. Hot spicy food is beneficial for these types, foods such as pepper, ginger, chilli and garlic are helpful to make up for the lack of digestive "fire". There are many books available on the subject of Ayurveda and online information about the three constitutional types. These are know as the Doshas or collectively Tridosha.

As a intermittent life long sufferer of asthma, from age 2 onwards, now at the age of 66 I am in an ideal position (given my long term interest of natural healing methods and success in treating my own breathing problems with various methods) to establish the most effective treatment methods and an understanding of the root causes. From research by myself and others I am confident that the vast majority (over 90% of sufferers can obtain significant or complete relief from breathing problems). Recent X rays have revealed some damage to my lungs caused by asthma attacks of the past designated as some form of COPD.

I had asthma as a child and it returned with a vengeance when I was 28 years old on a constant daily basis. It was from this experience that I began to investigate methods of cure. Initially I had some small success with acupuncture. The main breakthrough came when I found information and applied the "garlic cure". This worked very well and kept me asthma free for years even though I stopped taking daily doses of raw garlic after about 3 years. When I was in my 40’s asthma returned and knowing the garlic cure took over a year to cure someone of that age I did not resume that method but came across a herbal mixture of Lobelia, Liquorice and Slippery Elm. This was developed by a medical herbalist Gerald Green and details of that are still available here (although the product will be discontinued by the time most people read this note). This normally took about 2 or 3 weeks to relieve the problem. It is not a pleasant drink to take and a bit inconvenient.

I found that I had severely deficient cortisol output and got myself out of some potentially dangerous episodes with Adrenal MAX Support+. More recently and currently I no longer need any adrenal support even though it has been a life long weakness. Just by supplementing with vitamin B5/pantothenic acid one capsule twice daily, and one Lobelia capsule daily I find that even with the structural damage to my lungs, walking up hills is no problem anymore. 
John Claydon, Founder of Regenerative Nutrition


For all of those with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, problems losing weight and any chronic heath issue the most common factor worsening your condition, often dramatically and covertly, is an intolerance to wheat.

Wheat intolerance is very common, in fact a study of a selection of patients with autoimmune disorders found that 100% had wheat intolerance.

Wheat has been found to cause damage and inflammation in the gut. Inflammation then spreads throughout the body and can impact on any organ or system, including the brain.

Any food intolerance can be masked, so that you are not aware of how the food is damaging you, if you have been using it habitually. The food intolerance can be found/unmasked simply by stopping the suspect food for one or two weeks to see if  symptoms improve and then re-introducing them two weeks later (have plenty) and noting if an aggravation of symptoms occurs.

One can spend years with various therapies and nutritional supplements and not regain full health when simply removing a single food (most often wheat) can result in great improvements in health.

Wheat Products: Bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, flour, pasta etc. If you habitually consume these foods then you can more or less guarantee you have an intolerance to them.

Colloidal silver is an excellent natural remedy for a variety of lung problems including bronchitis, lung infections and COPD. While colloidal silver can be used orally to treat some lung problems, delivering the colloidal silver directly to the lungs is the optimum way to treat most lung issues.

An electronic nebuliser, the type that is commonly prescribed by medical professionals for asthmatics and those with chronic lung problems, can be used to deliver colloidal silver to the lungs. It is used successfully by many to treat bronchitis and lung infections.
5-15 ml of colloidal silver is added to the reservoir and nebulised every few hours during the day. A small portable nebuliser is all that is needed. There are a variety available on the market such as the following (as tested and recommended by Regenerative Nutrition, without any affiliation) being both portable and convenient: OMRON MicroAIR U100 Portable, Pocked-Sized, Silent Mesh Nebuliser
It is much better to use the most natural saline as a base rather than colloidal silver in water. This can be achieved with Ionic liquid minerals.
  1. Take 5 ml of Ionic Liquid Minerals straight from the bottle and mix with 150 ml colloidal silver. 
  2. Add 5-15 ml of the mixture to the nebuliser's reservoir each day
  3. Nebulise every few hours during the day
Nebulising this mixture is more beneficial than just using colloidal silver. Mineral salts on their own have proved beneficial in relieving asthma and bronchitis. It is also very gentle on the lungs as is does not disturb the balance of natural salts in the lining of the lungs as nebulising water would.

Colloidal silver not only kills almost all pathogenic micro-organisms but also has some healing effect on the lungs. Nebulising directly to the lungs gets it into the blood and extracellular fluids efficiently and quickly.
Nebulising ionic minerals and colloidal silver is a very effective way to improve breathing during an acute COPD/asthmatic episode. Furthermore,  it can be used on a regular basis for almost all lung disorders to improve the functioning of the lungs. Some mucus may be eliminated from the lungs due to the above treatment and will help improve aeration and blood oxygen levels.
Blood Oxygen levels can be checked with a cheap oximeter such as this one GHB Pulse Oximeter Finger Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor SpO2 with OLED Display

Natural Thyroid and Asthma - Ground breaking Information - Update May 2014

Natural Thyroid can completely or partially eliminate asthma in the great majority of people. This is not just a short term fix it is a fundamental correction of the bodies metabolism that lasts as long as the thyroid function remains in a restored (normal) state.

This is just one of many conditions that will respond to restored thyroid function and hence these curative properties are by no means confined to asthma.

From Dr David Derry

In the mid 1980s I had a chronic asthma patient who developed an inflammation of his thyroid. After consultation with an endocrinologist he was put on Eltroxine (T4). One day when the patient came in later he mentioned that the thyroid treatment improved his asthma considerably. At the same time, my office receptionist had severe asthma since the age 12 requiring constant medications and multiple hospital visits. She knew about the results on this patient, she asked if she could try thyroid as well. I started her on 180 mg of desiccated thyroid and within a month raised her to 250 mg. This was in about 1986. She has been free of asthma symptoms since then. She still takes some medication occasionally but has not been in hospital for asthma since.

Encouraged by these results, I proceeded to work my way through all of my chronic asthma patients. At the time there were 22 severe asthmatics who came into my office on a regular basis for asthma attacks. Some came into the office once a month (or more often when in trouble) and some twice a year. Over about a 2-3 year period I gradually put all of them on desiccated thyroid. All patients improved tremendously. I would not say all of them were completely cured but the improvement was striking. Two things followed from this. By 1990 all asthma patients were on thyroid and thus from 1990 to 2002, I did not see another acute asthma attack in my office and none of these 22 patients came in for their asthma. The other slightly embarrassing problem was for a few months my waiting room became quite slow because of the absence of these asthma patients. From there I went on to learn what other benefits thyroid medication might have.

A high proportion of people with any chronic disease have sub-optimal thyroid hormone levels especially where they are suffering from various states of low energy. Correcting these levels will result in improvement in well being.

Thyroid hormone levels are so important for two main reasons
  1. They trigger the cells into physiological action, generating energy and heat to facilitate the correct chemical reactions throughout the body. With sub-optimal thyroid hormones the cells cannot produce enough energy to maintain well being and long term health, and disease can manifest. Correct internal temperatures are essential for enzymes to work properly for example.
  2. Thyroid hormones are one of the key catalysts to the cells to produce ATP. ATP produces about 80% of the bodies energy to keep it alive. Other important nutrients for ATP production are respiratory enzymes (such as those contained in Zell Immunocomplex and D-Ribose (coming very soon from RN). Nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium are also important.
Before supplementing with Natural Thyroid one should establish a need for the product with 2 simple tests that can be self administered
The first test will indicate the state of thyroid function and hence indicate a need (or not) for Natural Thyroid whilst the second test indicates adrenal sufficiency/deficiency. The reason for this second test is that if adrenal deficiency is indicated, then this should be resolved prior to using Natural Thyroid, as not doing so can cause quite serious health issues. Taking Natural Thyroid, especially during the several week adaptation period, will demand higher than normal levels of bodily hydrocortisone (the adrenal hormones, especially hydrocortisone (cortisol), are the coping/adapting hormones), if the required cortisol is not available then one can 'crash'. Examples of this are serious fatigue, flare up of pre-existing auto-immune disease (including asthma) and even failure to deal with infections.

The majority of people with low thyroid hormone output have low adrenal output too. Some are more thyroid hormone deficient, some more adrenal hormone deficient and some a fairly even mix of the two (more about this aspect in a future newsletter....soon!).

So a good bodily supply of hydrocortisone (via Adrenal MAX Support if bodily supply is deficient) is essential before using Natural Thyroid.

The adrenal and thyroid hormones are core aspects of health and well being. They are the most fundamental tools we have in controlling our health and well being and they are almost always in need of correction in any chronic health issue or in any of a variety of low energy states.

One may be inclined to ask is it not possible and more holistic to normalise the thyroid and adrenal glands with nutrients and herbs rather than 'resort' to taking hormones. Well you can try, you
may be successful; but it takes time, possibly years depending on the individual. If you are not suffering from a disease that is significantly affecting your life then it is logical to try this approach. If however you are suffering form a health issue that is having a significant effect on your life then normalising the adrenal and thyroid hormones, as required, will have the fastest, most efficient, effect in normalising your health.

Once normalised one can gradually support the thyroid and adrenal glands with hormones such as PregnenoloneDHEA and nutrients such as IodineSelenium, B vitamins and so on. Supporting the adrenal glands with Pregnenolone, DHEA and Cortisol (at levels just below the required physiological amount) rests the adrenals and so can actually be part of a restoration program.

 Glycine and asthma

The severity of asthma and other autoimmune disorders has been found to collate with the degree of body glycine deficiency. The reason is simple, glycine is quite possibly the major antidote to inflammation. It is inflammation that causes destruction of tissue and also damage to the beta cells of the pancreas. Supplementing with Glycine at 10 g or more daily, as discussed in the video below can have the amazing effect of stopping the inflammatory process.

Glycine is contained in gelatin/gelatine (hydrolysed collagen from mammals or fish) at about 30%. However, taking gelatin alone will require a dose of at least 30g daily to achieve the best healing. This can work out costly and inconvenient. Since glycine alone is so effective and cost effective and very easy to take in drinks, it makes sense to either take just glycine at optimal doses of 10 g a day to balance the methionine that is contained in our average daily protein input or in some cases, depending on the individual responses, doses higher than 10 g daily. One can take gelatin in addition to provide more balanced nutrition (e.g. 10 g daily each of gelatine and glycine, or more glycine if needed, as stated above).

Both are available from Regenerative Nutrition 

Ocean Repair: Soluble Fish Gelatin See here for further info

Revive & Build (Glycine & Vitamin C Blend) here 

Note: 10 g glycine is approx 6 level 5 ml medicinal teaspoons

There are some specific natural remedies for asthma that are very effective in the vast majority of cases. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding nutritional support for asthma after reading the recommended articles.

Liquorice induces the adrenal cortex to make more of the natural steroid hydrocortisone, thus having a systemic anti-inflammatory effect on the lungs and most other organs. 

As we age the adrenal glands often become less able to produce enough hydrocortisone, and for chronic asthmatics this may have been the case even since early childhood, or at least since a teenager. The incidence of chronic adrenal insufficiency is increasing and it is the case that liquorice will not always work. The good news is that Bio-Identical Hydrocortisone taken only in the correct physiological doses (Unlike the emergency use of the equivalent artificial steroid hormone of way above the normal physiologic doses of hydrocortisone that a Doctor may prescribe) is extremely effective in dramatically lessening the degree of asthma, even chronic long term cases with no harmful side effects. See the article The Importance of Bio-identical Hydrocortisone (Cortisone) in Natural Therapy (See further information tab) This article is also useful in discussing other remedies to support cortisone production by the adrenal glands.

Long pepper herbal capsules compliment Breathe EZ or Lobelia capsules for the alleviation of asthma and bronchitis. If you have sluggish digestion (can be indicated by white coating on tongue especially during periods of asthma) and or a generally cold damp constitution that leads to mucous congestion then the long term use of the herb Long Pepper i is recommended to help eliminate these tendencies and hence factor out those underlying reasons for asthma. 

For those that do not achieve complete remission, further work needs to be done on the health to eliminate chronic infections e.g. Candida fungus, chronic congestion in the lymphatic system and extracellular fluid , poor cellular respiration etc. For these cases we suggest organic germanium and basic support remedies as discussed in the article: Removal of blocks to health improvement and the cure of disease.

The Ayurvedic texts list Long Pepper as one of the most powerful Rasayana herbs, meaning it is a longevity enhancer. Long Pepper is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic herbs. Primarily used for cold, wet and ‘mucusy' conditions of the lungs. Pippali encourages vasodilation and therefore increases circulation, specifically to the lungs. Used for asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and compromised immunity of the respiratory system.

Long pepper helps in expelling out the mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract, it strengthens the nervous system, improves the gastrointestinal condition and normalizes the peristaltic movements. The herb serves as a good digestive agent.

It has been found that Organic Silicon is also helpful in asthma cases. Organic Silicon is not a specific treatment for asthma. It is possibly its calming and stabilizing effect on the immune system, its detoxifying effect on the lymphatic system and its beneficial effect on the adrenal glands and the liver that could explain is usefulness in asthma cases.

The Role of Salt and Water and Asthma

Asthmatics are particularly cautioned about the detrimental effects of a low salt diet. A factor in asthma causation is a low salt intake on top of an establishing dehydration in the body. See Celtic Ocean Sea Salt article for further information

When you understand the physiology of the human body and the role of histamine in its water regulation and drought management, you realize that chronic dehydration, in a vast majority of people, is the one of the factors relating to allergies and asthma. Adult suggested use of water is at least 2 liters daily.

In those who have had attacks of asthma or allergic reactions to different pollens or foods, more strict attention to daily water intake should become a pre-emptive measure. These people will also have other indicators of dehydration that they need to recognize and treat accordingly before a crisis attack of asthma endangers their lives and exposes them to possible premature death.

Any time an asthmatic experiences difficulty in breathing, the dry cough signals imminent danger, he or she should quickly take two or three glasses of water, one after another, and then put a pinch of salt on the tongue. Salt shortage in the diet can be a contributing factor in asthma attacks. Developing a feeling of nausea when you drink water is a sign of salt shortage in the body.

Any time an asthmatic does not drink enough water or take enough salt, his or her predisposition to asthma attacks will come back. When there is a shortage of salt in the diet and there is increased water intake, the body becomes truly salt deficient. Increased urine production washes away the mineral reserves of the body, with salt at the top of the list. Salt especially unrefined salt from the ocean contains many vital elements that balance the mineral content of the blood, including the element sodium. The typical adult use of a full spectrum salt such as Celtic salt is three level 3 ml teaspoons daily over the day, in all food and if need be, drink. See Celtic Ocean Sea Salt article for further information.

Most asthmatics, whether they know it or not, are intolerant to cow’s milk and all cow’s milk products. This includes un-pasteurised products. Switching to goats or sheep’s milk and derived products is suggested.

Summary of recommended products and links to the online store:

Breathe EZ

Lobelia Inflata

Adrenal MAX Support + (Bio-Identical Hydrocortisone)

Adrenal Boost + (Liquorice & Vitamin C)

Long Pepper

Organic Germanium

Organic Silicon

Celtic Ocean Sea Salt

MSM Organic Sulphur


Also see the article: Removal of blocks to health improvement and the cure of disease.

Asthma falls within the category of auto-immune disorders therefore, we therefore suggest that you read the auto immune disorders article here.

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