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This article details the factors involved in the causes of, and therefore reversal of, autoimmune conditions. In cases where there is severe tissue damage, such as long standing MS or Motor Neuron Disease, the autoimmune condition can be routinely reversed using the correct combination of remedies. Tissue damage, however, may take time to heal and in some cases may be partial or insignificant, depending on the remedy regime, the age of the person and other factors. 

Autoimmune diseases result from the body's immune system being incorrectly activated to defend against organs, tissues or substances that are naturally present in the body. These body components are attacked by the immune system as if they were bodily invaders. Essentially, the body attacks it's own cells. There are many different autoimmune conditions (over 100), just like there are many cancers, however unlike cancers, each autoimmune condition tends to be individually named and treated as a singular condition rather than grouped together under the auspices of "autoimmune". Regardless of what organ or part(s) of the body come under attack (and hence the name given to the condition) there are common underlying contributing factors with all autoimmune diseases. It is these underlying factors that we must address. The purpose of this article is to provide a broad, effective approach to dealing with the underlying factors of autoimmune conditions. We also provide recommendations that are specific to many autoimmune conditions, these recommendations can be found in the health conditions list here, but these recommendations are made for support of the main protocol detailed here, not in place of it.

Autoimmune conditions include but are not limited to:

Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, Scleroderma, Celiac, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's Disease, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Graves' Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Myositis, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS), Uveitis, Polymyositis, Raynaud's Disease, Demyelinating Neuropathies, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (also the rarer forms of arthritis e.g. Reiter's, Behcet's and Sjogrens Syndromes), Ankylosing Spondylitis, Migraine and cluster headaches, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Asthma, Psoriasis, Macular Degeneration, Hypertension, Sciatica, Prostrate Inflammation, Emphysema, Cystitis (especially Interstitial Cystitis) and all inflammatory bowel diseases.

Many other chronic health disorders are increasingly being recognized as having an auto-immune component, including diseases traditionally recognized as 'degenerative' such as Alzheimer's and certain Circulatory Disorders.

The seven underlying causes of autoimmune diseases

1. Infections known and unknown

Infections of various types, known and unknown (usually Candida Albicans overgrowth is involved) contribute to autoimmune disorders. Eliminating these chronic infections, even if you don't know they are there, is essential to achieve freedom from or at least amelioration of autoimmune disorders.

2. Heavy metals and other toxins

After infections, the most important and prevalent underlying cause of autoimmune disorders is body toxicity (heavy metals, pesticides etc.) Mercury is the most common and significant heavy metal to be implicated in auto-immune disorders and indeed in all chronic health disorders. Common sources of toxicity include amalgam fillings, these have been shown to constantly release mercury vapour into the mouth and onwards into the rest of the body. Many vaccinations include mercury, also sea fish especially of the larger variety are a significant source of mercury toxicity. Mercury accumulation in the body damages the bodies healthy function in several ways and renders the body more susceptible to chronic infections. It can also impact upon cellular respiration, resulting in oxygen deficit and subsequently acid accumulation, two basic factors in creating chronic health issues including autoimmune disorders.

3. Deficiency of cellular oxygenation

This in turn impacts upon the immune system and the bodyís ability to burn off acid waste products (see Removal of blocks to health improvement for further discussion on this subject)

4. Immune system malfunction.

The immune system is very complex and has many different aspects. As discussed in the opening paragraph, in autoimmune disorders the immune system (certain specialized cells that are designed to help eliminate invaders and dead cells in the body, attack living tissue erroneously). The ability of such a compromised immune system to efficiently deal with infections and waste products is often reduced. The tissues they attack define the name of the autoimmune disorder (lungs giving rise to asthma, joints to rheumatoid arthritis and so on). Apart from heavy metal and toxin accumulation and chronic infections, the action of the immune system in creating inflammation in the target tissues involved in the auto-immune disorder is a very important issue. Inflammation is a natural part of the immune systems function in case of injury and infection, but needs to be curtailed quite quickly so that healing can begin. If allowed to continue for too long it will result in tissue damage. There are specific remedies/nutrients to help the immune system distinguish between friend and foe and can be described as immune system normalisers. In practice the efficiency of the normalising action, the end result, will depend on addressing all the needed aspects discussed in this article.

5. Adrenal Gland (insufficiency of hormone output)

These release several hormones to help maintain the bodies correct biochemistry. One of these hormones is hydrocortisone (AKA cortisol). One of cortisol's main actions is to balance the immune system, especially to curtail any excess inflammation. It is like the fire department that puts out the flames of inflammation that directly and most immediately create and maintain autoimmune conditions. Insufficient cortisol production from the adrenal glands results in excessive inflammation and perhaps surprisingly, a weakened ability to fight off infections and to deal with detoxification episodes. Further information here.

6. Food Intolerance's

Eliminate any foods that the body is intolerant to, these cause inflammation in the bowel and that fires up the whole immune system. The "usual suspects" are wheat and dairy products, but may well be other foods. Any foods that are desired every day (and if withdrawn will cause protests) suggests that they are the addictive/intolerant foods. One method for determining food intolerance is to eliminate a single food that is eaten regularly (at least once a week).  Do not have any of the selected item for a week, then have a fair portion of that food on the 7th or 8th day. If you have a bad reaction to that food, then you are intolerant. Repeat with the next food and so on, until you have eventually found all of the foods you are intolerant to, and eliminated them from your diet. After a few months you can experimentally re-introduce one food at a time to see if you still have a bad reaction, if not then you may use this food again (but not to excess). In some cases a person with leaky gut syndrome will be intolerant to most foods, so it is not possible to completely eliminate foods that cause autoimmune reactions. It should be borne in mind that the use of the other components of the autoimmune protocol discussed in this article will tend to reduce these food intolerances. MSM (organic sulphur) can be especially helpful is reducing food intolerances and allergies.

Recommended reading: Fire In The Belly: The Surprising Cause of Most Diseases, States Of Mind and Aging Processes by Keith Scott-Mumby (Amazon UK link)

7. Nutritional deficiencies

Celtic Salt, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Iodine, Vitamin C

Research suggests that the three most important, identifiable, components for immune system integrity are Vitamin D, Iodine and Vitamin C. It is commonly believed, by researchers, that deficiencies in these three immune system essentials are widespread, to the point that the vast majority of people living in northern climates are significantly deficient. In addition, Zell Immunocomplex is an essential broad-acting nutritional remedy for rapidly creating a competent immune system. Celtic salt is a high mineral salt, it has significantly more trace minerals than even regular sea salts. See more details concerning these nutrients towards the end of the section below.

Remedies for the Resolution of Autoimmune Disorders

There are several options for ostensibly achieving the same result. We list here our preferred remedies as we know from experience and from the remedies characteristics and history of use etc.; that these are some of the most effective. We also note that some of the remedies listed cover more than one of the causes detailed above.

Liquorice Concentrate

For information on Liquorice concentrate supplementation, dosage, applications and safety click the title above.

It should be noted that Liquorice concentrate  is the first line of defense in checking the excesses of inflammation and therefore reduces the tendency to autoimmune episodes and disease. It should be also noted that periods of detoxification and die off of harmful pathogens will occur using the suggested remedies, and that higher than normal amounts of hydrocortisone are required during these periods (for a few days at a time).  Liquorice concentrate supplementation is a valuable tool for boosting hydrocortisone making the passage to recovery a smoother, more effective process. Virtually all those with autoimmune disorders will respond to this to some degree. 

 For the overall best balance of the (Adrenal) hormonal system, DHEA and Pregnenolone supplementation is a good choice (especially if over the age of 40 years, and increasingly so as one ages). These help can support the production of hydrocortisone and regular use may enable the adrenal glands to produce more than they could previously.  Also they can, especially with liquorice concentrate, make withdrawal of artificial high dose steroids possible. It should also be noted that many autoimmune patients do well when supplementing with DHEA.

Zell Immunocomplex

First and foremost; Immunocomplex supplies respiratory enzymes. These are highly significant as they promote the utilization of oxygen in all of the bodyís cells and by that promote the ATP energy production for the whole system. This energy is then utilised for many physiological functions including the immune system and the ability to detoxify. In practice, all of those with chronic health issues benefit from improved assimilation and utilisation of oxygen. The ability of the cells to utilise oxygen via the mitochondria is invariably compromised to a greater or lesser extent by toxins and free-radicals that effect us all.

Secondly; Immunocomplex also contains significant quantities of Beta Glucans that help to balance the immune system so that it better distinguishes between the body's own organs and tissues and genuine invaders. This is a very useful property to help resolution of autoimmune disorders.

Thirdly; Immunocomplex contains multiple food state nutrients rendering daily doses a significant factor in improving the overall nutritional status. These include anti-oxidants, B vitamins, chromium and selenium to name a few. Note: The amount of selenium contained is below the ideal level if undertaking Selenium therapy (if taking Iodine as discussed below, for example).

Fourthly; Immunocomplex ingredients provide an additional pre-biotic function so allowing healthy gut bacteria to grow, and so crowding out areas where Candida Albicans can live. As discussed in the section on food intolerances above, establishing and maintaining healthy gut bacteria is an important part of overcoming autoimmune disorders, and establishing general good health. 

Lugolís Iodine 7% Solution

Lugolís Iodine is one of the oldest nutritional remedies and has a proven safety record even at high doses for over 100 years of clinical use. It will eliminate all, or almost all, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal infection without compromising the beneficial aerobic bacteria that we need. By eliminating known or unknown harmful infections and infestations (these are the rule rather than the exception) we are half way and in some cases 100% of the way (with rheumatoid arthritis for example) to alleviating autoimmune disorders.

Iodine has properties that enable it to remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body too. This is a vital aspect of restoring health for all, including those with autoimmune problems. 

Many people have chlorine and/or flouride contamination from municipal water supplies and bromine contamination from bread. These chemicals harm the function of the immune system and the thyroid gland. Iodine displaces these toxins and feeds the thyroid. As an extra bonus when we top up with adequate doses of iodine, damaged and rogue cells that could turn into cancer are eliminated in a process known as apoptosis. Please see the article here for more information. 

Please click on the Iodine title above for full information. This should be considered as essential reading in our opinion.


It is very important to do the temperature test to see if your thyroid is under (or in rare cases over active)  Under active thyroid ('sub-clinical') is very common. click here for details. Note: Always support Adrenal hormones before thyroid when required. Relevant information is included and linked from the thyroid article. Also see the information at the end of this page concerning metabolism. Use of Lugol's and selenium, although very useful for eliminating infections and heavy metals, often will not raise an under active thyroid to normal or may take a very long time; therefore Thyroid glandular is a highly valuable option.


Selenium has been shown to counteract the toxicity of heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. Selenium appears effective in counteracting chemical carcinogens too. It is vital for protecting the anti-oxidant status of the body, an invaluable component of immune system strength and balance and a co-factor in thyroid hormone conversion along with iodine. Balancing the Thyroid gland is an important and common aspect of correcting poor health, especially thyroid autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto's Disease and Grave's disease.

Vitamin D3

Unless one is getting regular sun on the skin then one will almost certainly be vitamin D deficient. Deficiency has been consistently linked to poor immune function both from infections and also autoimmune disorders. For example a study found that incidence of the autoimmune disorder Multiple Sclerosis is higher in the North of England and Scotland where there is less daylight. A sufficient dose of at least 4,000 IU daily is recommended (8,000 IU being preferred).

Vitamin C

This common vitamin is important for many reasons including adrenal gland support and a correctly functioning immune system. It has been referred to as the anti-stress vitamin via its stabilising effect on the adrenal glands and the immune system. It is available in several formats (click title link above for details) However, it should be noted that the hydrocortisone supplement Adrenal MAX Support contains 395mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C per capsule; the bodies preferred source. At a typical dose of 5 Adrenal MAX Support capsules daily, almost 2g daily of vitamin C is supplied in addition to the hydrocortisone. So those using Adrenal MAX Support at a sufficient level would not need to further supplement their vitamin C intake.

Celtic Ocean Sea Salt

Unrefined salt with all its trace minerals is the prime stabilizer of the bodies electro-chemical functioning. Without sufficient unrefined salt the body cannot maintain balance or achieve full health. This unprocessed salt contains far more trace minerals than normal unrefined sea salts, and is a foundation supplement for all health programs. At least two three ml teaspoons daily as the total of ones daily food and drink consumption, see article for details of the research behind this. At least 1.5L daily water should also be consumed this excludes other drinks e.g.tea, coffee, fruit and vegetable drinks.

Mag Sea Pure (magnesium oil)

This major mineral, like unrefined salt, has proven to be a genuine foundation supplement for any nutritional program. In relation to autoimmune disorders it has many functions including helping to lessen inflammation. It's action extends to nerves and muscles, hormone production and immune system. It is cost effective and can be applied via the skin e.g. 1 or 2 teaspoons daily, or added to drinks.  

This concludes the major remedy suggestions for autoimmune disorder resolution. There are however, several useful additional or "follow on" remedies that can also be useful thus....

Additional Remedy Suggestions

MSM (organic sulphur)

For those with toxic livers and/or symptoms of nausea, digestive difficulties, obvious food intolerances, allergies and pain; MSM can be very useful. It is normally taken with vitamin C. It is also a potent heavy metal detoxifier, so if taken, detoxification issues are to be expected. These can be supported with Zell Immunocomplex, vitamin C and hydrocortisone as detailed earlier in this regard.

Deep Cell Detox

For deeper detoxification of heavy metals that may not have been dealt with by iodine and selenium. This is a mixture of R-Alpha Lipoic acid, MSM and Seagreens. R-ALA has an affinity for nerve cells and is a prime antioxidant, so it is a viable add on remedy for conditions involving the nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease.

The Ordering of Remedy Introduction

1. Immediately 

2. A few days after starting on the above 

3. One weeks after the introduction of section 2 remedies above 

4. Two weeks after the introduction of section 3 remedies above

 Other Considerations and Issues when Treating Autoimmune disorders.

The essence of this article/information regarding what we consider to be the best combination of remedies to resolve many diverse autoimmune disorders is to detail these remedies and give a general idea as to why they have been selected along with an approximate guide to their order of introduction.

There are many variables such as the general health of the person, their age, how long the condition has been present and how severe it is to be taken into consideration too. For example, those who are weak, who need plenty of rest, who have little physical energy and those who are sensitive to nutritional and herbal remedies used to have to generally proceed slowly with therapy. This was achieved with lower doses and gradually increasing those doses as adaptation occurred. However, with Liquorice Concentrate Support now being at our disposal; this somewhat changes the situation and in most instances, these types can now proceed more rapidly. This is quite a revolution in health care.

Conversely, those who are quite robust, have sufficient energy to maintain a full time job or work schedule, who do not need to nap in the day, and are generally of quite good energy are likely to need smaller doses of Liquorice Concentrate Support. Usage at the dose range discussed in the article is completely safe and symptom free for the vast majority of people, so a therapeutic trial on oneself is the sensible option. In cases of Asthma and/or chronic Bronchitis, Liquorice Concentrate Support is recommended (and is usually essential). If one gets well using Liquorice Concentrate Support it is important to bear in mind that there are other factors, as listed in this article, that have contributed to the autoimmune disorder he/she may be experiencing or may run into in the future. It is therefore important to use the whole program or at least ensure the main aspects of health endangerment are eliminated and good processes such as improved cellular oxygenation and the elimination of chronic infections are implemented. These measures will in most cases prevent the development of cancer later and also raise the general health. 

For some, a single remedy may produce an alleviation or even a complete elimination of symptoms. An example of this is Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some cases have been resolved with the use of Iodine alone. This occurs as the primary cause of the condition in those persons was chronic infection(s), usually unknown to the person.

It is important to note that some people following this programme will experience a worsening of their condition for a period (a few days to a maximum of two weeks normally). This will, generally speaking, not occur or be greatly reduced if Liquorice Concentrate Support is used. There will be many who's journey on the road to recovery will be almost symptom free in this regard.

For those with breathing issues the use of the correct physiological doses of  Liquorice Concentrate , from the start, will prevent any worsening of the condition.

One aim of this approach to autoimmune disorder resolution is to minimise aggravations and any unpleasant detoxification reactions. However, they cannot always be avoided completely. These reactions, and the reasons behind them, are discussed in greater depth in the article here

Please click here if you have any queries about how to proceed or for support during the journey to better health.


Plenty of rest and calm are supporters of the healing process whilst stress and insufficient rest are the enemies


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