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Many people, especially women, who use skin oils or creams buy products with petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) as a base. Petroleum jelly is even advertised as suitable for babies. We believe that you should not include any petro-chemicals in a skin-care regime. What you put on your skin, especially if oil based will most certainly enter the lymph, the blood and finally will be deposited and stored in the liver, brain and other tissues. Many people use these products all of their lives without any real knowledge of the damage they could be doing. Petroleum jelly has also been found to contain carcinogenic chemicals that have been banned in the EU. At Regenerative Nutrition we like to provide you with alternatives.

CBD Oil 10% 3000 mgRead More
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£34.33  /  30 ml
King of Bitters
King of Bitters, scientifically known as Andrographis Paniculata, is a master herb used in 26 different Ayurvedic formulations to treat liver disorders.Read More
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£18.65  /  400mg - 120 V/Caps
Lobelia Inflata
The most well known use for Lobelia is in opening the bronchial tubes & clearing mucous from the lungs. It is a great herb available for this purpose.Read More
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£24.85  /  90 V/Caps 400 mg
Miracle II Gel
Can be applied to affected areas such as burns, scratches, muscle pains, insect bites, bruises, cellulite, and nappy rash. As lubricating gel. Can also be applied directly on to mouth ulcers; sunburn, varicose veins and is reportedly very good for wrinkles.Read More
Miracle II Soap
Miracle II Soap is a chemical free liquid soap that deeply cleanses the skin and pores. Lean more about Miracle 2 Soap with Regenerative Nutrition.Read More
Ocean Repair 100g
Our extensive information library & natural ultra absorbable fish collagen supplement is a great combination to understand collagen & get optimal results.Read More
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£19.95  /  100 g
Water Filter - Shower
Chlorine free showers. Tests show the body absorbs more chlorine during a ten minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of the same water.Read More
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