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Healing Process

The Natural Healing Process


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Adapting to the Regenerative process

If we optimise the total integrity and functioning of our bodies, disease cannot survive the healing power of a harmonious and invigorated system.
Do you want to repair your body?

Do you want to overcome health disorders?

Do you want the vitality that comes with optimum health?

The following article will help you achieve these goals and more and covers the following aspects of the natural healing process:

*Solving the Problem of Broad - Spectrum Mineral and Trace Element Deficiencies
*Simple And Effective Measures We Can Take To Re-mineralise
*Why Do We Suffer from Chronic Health Disorders?
*Essentials to Support the Healing/Regenerative process

*Adapting To The Regenerative Process


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Understanding & Facilitating the Healing & Regenerative Process


A Study by John Claydon D. Hom,

Updated April 2009

This article has been written in order to convey the simple, yet crucial information to enable people to regain their health, so that their body can repair itself, and hence overcome any health disorder that has developed since birth.

All diseases are curable but only the body knows how, the body gets ill, the body heals itself. No single remedy either natural or artificial can be relied on to cure any named disease in all persons. If a particular therapy, supplement or herbal treatment improves the overall balance and wellness of the person, then an improvement in health sets in. This can often lead to an improvement, or even the disappearance of a particular disorder.

On the other hand, as is the thrust of this article, if we optimise the total integrity and functioning of our bodies, then any disease we suffer from, cannot survive the maximised healing power of our harmonious and invigorated system.

This is no new, radical idea, but has been understood since time immemorial; as Hypocrites famously said "Let food be your medicine and medicines your food". Food medicines are the most powerful way of building health on a firm foundation, and the firm foundation is based upon the totality of the basic elements beneath our feet, the dust of the earth - "For man is built from clay" Old Testament. These basic elements are the 90 minerals and trace elements that make up the earth's crust. Once these are correctly established in the body, the journey to victory over disease and limitations to health and vitality can begin.

As our soils become increasingly de-mineralised so do we. Therapies that would have worked 50 or even 10 years ago are becoming rapidly less effective as the degree of planetary and personal demineralisation increases, combined with the chemical pollution of our food and water. It is a race against time to understand and solve these problems, and remineralise the soil with very fine rock dust. In the intervening years the methods discussed in this article are a way to personally overcome, a largely man made problem.

Solving the Problem of Broad Spectrum Mineral and Trace Element Deficiencies


The typical reasons for engaging in natural therapies/taking nutritional supplements are as follows:

(1) To relieve a particular symptom or illness that is recent in origin. These are acute, e.g. sprained ankle or infectious episodes.


(2) To relieve a particular symptom or illness that is of longer duration. These are called chronic disorders such as arthritis, stomach ulcers etc.


(3) To bring the overall health up to a higher level. This would include nervous system enervation, and conditions that affect the general functioning and energy such as chronic fatigue syndrome or M.E.


(4) To raise the overall level of wellness and to achieve some reversal of the degenerative process, to proceed with the regeneration of the health on a fundamental basis.


(5) To act as a preventative of future illness/disease, such as regular infections, circulatory disorders associated with the elderly and other degenerative diseases.

When we hope to eliminate a particular symptom/disorder, sometimes a course of herbal/nutritional/superfood supplementation will do the job. However, if we raise the overall level of health with various measures and/or a broad-acting supplement such as a superfood e.g., MagSea Ionics in conjunction with Chlorella, Barley Grassor Pollen and apply, if needed, a particular remedy, the chances of success are higher.

In fact, we do not always need specific remedies to treat specific health problems. By raising the overall level of health, specific disorders often resolve themselves, and we have raised the health in a broader, more fundamental way. Given a full spectrum of nutrients, especially minerals and at least 20 trace elements, in our daily diet and water (there are 90 elements in the earth's crust, or in sea water from whence we evolved, and Magnesium Chloride as a foundation supplement) and provided we have sufficient clean water daily1, exercise and rest, we have begun the journey to better health

Unfortunately there is a gross deficiency of minerals and trace elements in our soils, and hence the crops and animals that the soil produces. This is mainly due to commercial farming methods. Even so-called organically grown food is usually deficient in minerals and trace elements, since unless rock dust or seaweed is added regularly to the soil there will be deficiencies. Several groups of people have been discovered who have regular full spectrum minerals/trace elements in their water and diet. This is due to glacial mountain streams. Minerals are freed from the earth's crust by the grinding action of slow moving glaciers across rocks. The melt water contains a good concentration of colloidal minerals/trace elements. This shows itself as milky or cloudy river water. The natives drink this water, and their crops are grown on a soil irrigated with it. The Hunza people of Pakistan are one example. There is almost no sickness or disease, and the chronic killer diseases are almost unknown. It is common to live over 120 years, and more importantly, at this age, there is great vitality and an ability to work hard all day.


It is interesting to note that the Hunza's as well as consuming crops that are highly mineralised and water containing colloidal minerals, they consume to local rock salt in their tea several times a day This is a good vindication of the use of full spectrum unprocessed salt (Celtic Sea salt or even actual Sea water concentrate) for optimum health.

So how do we obtain a full spectrum of minerals/trace elements and all the vitamins and other nutrients we need, on a daily basis to optimise our health? I believe that once this question is fully resolved then there will be a revolution in health care and regeneration. How can this be done conveniently, without excessive financial outlay, in a way that can be integrated into our current lifestyle? How can we optimise our nutrient intake without recourse to diagnosis, or regular trips to a practitioner? (At present, I believe, there is no single or even combination of diagnostic methods available to show exactly what we need, as individuals. However, in nature a full spectrum supply will be the basis upon which the body will regulate its nutrient balance). There are simple answers to these questions, but not yet in the form of a tablet or a capsule. Full spectrum mineral, trace elements and all the required vitamins and other essential nutrients, in the correct form and combination cannot yet be synthesised in any laboratory or industrial process. However, combinations of easily obtainable, natural products have been found to provide the answer.

The Answers

The bulk of the minerals and trace elements that enter into us are soluble, and some that are poorly soluble, are rendered so by digestive acids. In such a soluble state, mineral salts form into two halves, one the 'cation' with a positive charge, and the other an 'anion' with a negative charge, and as such they are referred to as ionic or electrolyte minerals, that regulate and supply electrical charge, as well as a myriad of functions underpinning the internal ecology. It is only in this form that they are able to enter into your billions of cells. In a natural situation the juices of fruits and vegetables, and for carnivores, the blood of animals, serves as the major source of the soluble minerals/trace elements. In addition, river water supplies a not insignificant amount, in particular forms and combinations. Provided the soil from which these 'liquid' foods come from is flooded by mineral-rich rivers, or supplied by glacial melt rivers, there will be an adequacy of up to 90 minerals, (many in exceptionally small amounts, but nevertheless having a catalytic action).

Research in Norway with the growth and development of animals has scientifically proved that adding small amounts of a full spectrum of trace minerals (over 70 having been analysed in the test supplement used, derived from coal from ancient forest), showed that the bulk minerals and other nutrition from food is far better absorbed to create healthy well developed animals, on what otherwise would have been a deficient diet, even though the major minerals such as calcium were still inadequate in conventional terms. Since our food, even most organic food, is trace element deficient, we cannot obtain the full benefits of the food we eat and drink. This would partly explain why persons consuming a diet seemingly high in major minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium exhibit deficiency symptoms of the same. (Recent research with negatively charged hydrogen ions in 'Hunza-type' water, strongly suggests this improves nutrient assimilation. These ions or free electrons can be obtained from a supplement called Alka-Vita, discussed later in this article).

Nutritional ‘experts’ repeatedly state that we need certain amounts and relative amounts of for example calcium and magnesium and other minerals; yet fail to take into account the role of the trace and ultra trace minerals in the equation. This is a reminder that if we look at things in isolation we end up with partial truths.

Simple And Effective Measures We Can Take To Remineralise

(1) Crude Black Molasses or Blackstrap Molasses

This is made from sugar cane (Meridian Foods supply a 1lb jar, available in many health shops, if organic is not on the shelves, request they order some, but in the short term use what you can get). The roots of the sugar cane grow as deep as 15 feet and are able to receive a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements normally lacking in the top soils. The bulk of the sugar is removed, leaving behind the exceptionally rich mineral/trace element cocktail, with a good selection of vitamins. The book "Crude Black Molasses” by Cyril Scott published by Benedict Lust Publications is highly recommended reading. This is one of those once in a lifetime gems of a book. One teaspoon in a cup of warm water before each meal (three times a day) has astounding health benefits. Personally, I take it at any convenient time and feel it works best on an empty stomach. Do not expect good results on only one cup a day; quantity and persistent regularity is all important. Persons who cannot stand the taste may find it easier to swallow a teaspoonful amount straight from the spoon and wash down with hot water or a hot drink.

Many people have overcome all sorts of serious, seemingly intractable health problems with molasses drinks alone! This includes cases of various types of Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Strokes, poor nervous system, skin disorders, bowel and digestive disorders; the list goes on and on. This is not at all incredible if you have taken on board that acquired disease cannot exist in a body that receives the correct nutrition. If you find you cannot stomach a full teaspoon of molasses at first, then use smaller amounts, but several times over the day, or sip over a period of time. There are many people who would seemingly remain ill even to a premature death than drink something they don't like the taste of. Are you one of these?


However The work undertaken by Cyril Scott is over a generation ago and the level of toxicity in the environment and people is now far greater and simple measures as discussed above will have a lower success rate now, for the majority of persons. We now need to address such issues as heavy metal toxicity and pesticide toxicity to name but a few (As well as chlorine toxicity from tap water) Re-mineralisation can help to detoxify most poisons and includes an emphasis on Magnesium Chloride, Sea Greens, Organic Sulphur and Alpha Lipoic acid

An alternative to molasses, and a product that has received less heat in it's processing, is goat’s mineral whey powder, available as a product called Capra Mineral Whey. Two dessertspoons daily will provide a good source of food state mineral electrolytes, and is extremely well tolerated.

(2) Grape Juice (red is best)
Drink one glass a day; it works much better on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning is best. Ordinary grape juice in 1 litre bottles or cartons available commonly in the shops has achieved good success. It is not organic, but the sprays used in the vineyards are not as toxic as those used on our grain or vegetable crops. Depending on the soil it is grown on, it will have deficiencies in trace minerals, but will have a wealth of the major minerals in a highly assailable form, and being of a different profile to molasses, would be a suitable adjunct. Living juices, i.e. raw and extracted at home with a juicer such as a Green Star juicer (Twin gear type juicers are the best, rather than single gear or centrifugal), will give better results as they contain live enzymes that shop bought grape juice does not have. See details in the article General Dietary Guide for Optimising Health and Overcoming Disease. All juices in cartons, even if ‘pure’ have been sterilised to lack ‘living’ enzymes.

(3) Sea Water
From whence we came, or our cells at least. Life is thought to have evolved in the sea, as the first microorganisms evolved into single celled life forms, taking in the 90 minerals and trace elements ever present around them. Then groups of cells got together to act cooperatively. Cells took on specialised roles and higher life forms developed eventually leading to humans. We carry approximately 22 pints of 'sea-water' around with us (3 times as much as blood), in the form of extra cellular fluid, bathing our billions of cells. The ionic mineral composition of this fluid is almost identical to that of seawater, except sadly lacking in some of the trace elements. Taking one or two teaspoons a day of an Inland Sea Water Concentrate (Ionic minerals and trace-elements -pollution free) diluted in water has many health benefits and aids the integration of herbal and superfood therapy; benefits that are not available by any other method presently found.


More recent research has found that the major mineral after sodium Chloride found in sea water is a form of magnesium that is very well absorbed and can rightly be called a 'foundation supplement' due to the importance and universal deficiency of magnesium. We supply this as a product called MagSea Pure, and also now supply a mixture of Inland sea water concentrate fortified with extra magnesium Chloride called MagSea Ionics. It should be noted that the magnesium chloride used so successfully and extensively is derived from a deep mine deposit that originated from and ancient ocean sea bed. The ionic mineral and trace element profile is opposite and complementary to food state ionic minerals, such as Capra Mineral Whey, grape juice or molasses, so to obtain a complete balance, this is highly recommended. Furthermore, seawater is the only guaranteed source of ionic minerals that contain all the trace elements. For individuals of low vitality, mixing the seawater with molasses or fruit drinks, has a deeper effect, and sooner or later will pull the chi too low, so the advice is to take concentrated seawater drinks at least an hour apart from molasses or fruit drinks.


The mineral composition of sea salt is considerably inferior to seawater, since the sodium chloride crystallises out of solution first and the other minerals are largely washed away, before evaporation takes place. For example, sea salt is typically 97 to 99.5% sodium chloride with a magnesium content from 0.04 to 0.005%. Sea water (mineral proportions) contains typically 86% sodium chloride and 4% magnesium along with smaller amounts of all the minerals/trace elements released from the earth's crust (90 in total) So the composition of sea salt is very different to that of sea water. Even Dr. Batmanghelidj talks about the ocean surrounding our cells, but fails to realise the superiority of supplemental seawater to sodium chloride. The best sea salt I have encountered is Celtic Sea Salt. This unique salt contains about ten times as many trace minerals plus magnesium as a typical sea salt, relative to the sodium Chloride. It therapeutic effects have been studied for many years by Professor Jacques de Langre Ph.D. and his book "Sea Salts Hidden Powers” is highly recommended. Seawater contains four times the trace minerals and magnesium relative to the sodium chloride, and as such is the most balanced product, but the Celtic Sea Salt is a cheaper option, especially for the whole family added to food. It improves the taste of food quite considerably. The Seawater concentrate is used more ‘medicinally’ by mixing with a glass of water.

These measures are suggested to form the foundation of any health regime; so before you go to any therapist, or start any other remedy, start this program first. I have met many patients who simply cannot get well, in fact become worse when given the best-selected herbs, nutritional supplements or superfoods. They often go from therapist to therapist, and usually take a whole cocktail of natural remedies, still failing to get well. The reason is simple: unless the basic re-hydration and nutritional foundation is established, the effect of stimulating the system with new energies and or specific remedies, will induce some stress and may de-stabilise the system further. The types of person who will experience these problems are in my experience, those with a weak nervous system (with or without being labeled as neurasthenic), some types of M.E. also delicate cases and those of a weak constitution. Conversely, the strong constitutional types can usually take comparatively large doses of herbs and superfoods and do well on them.

It should be noted that herbal therapy developed before modern farming methods, and although soils had various types of mineral/trace element deficiencies at various locales, there was not such a degree or diversity of mineral soil depletion. So it was generally in this situation, of strong 'peasant stock', that herbalism evolved in the four continents of the globe. The Chinese herbalists realised that the best herbs for long term use for raising the overall health (rather than first aid measures), were the herbs most closely resembling foods. Today much scientific research1 has revealed the dynamic power of the superfoods such as Pollen, Chlorella and Barley Grass Juice Powder. These are like herbs in the fact they contain potent phyto-nutrients, or phytoseuticals as they are now being labeled, synergistically combined with a very concentrated mix of virtually every known (and unknown?) vitamin, mineral and trace element. However, since they are stimulating (except for Barley Grass Juice Powder, this can be taken in quite large quantities and is not stimulating to the nervous system, but rather calming), whilst not supplying a sufficiently large volume of soluble minerals/trace elements, the three liquid mineral/trace element foundation drinks are still required. The important point to note, without getting bogged down with a wealth of information about their wonderful potential health benefits, is that they are stimulating, in a sense, like the best total vitamin supplement, that cannot yet be synthesised artificially, and that they are complementary opposite, in all practical senses (from an energetic standpoint) to ionic mineralisation.


A broad spectrum nutritional supplement has been developed to supply as much essential nutrition as possible , including minerals and trace-elements, without causing excess stimulation. This is called Multi-Green Nutrition. The need for extra magnesium has been addressed with the foundation remedy MagSea Ionics  and Magsea Pure

Why Do We Suffer from Chronic Health Disorders?

Apart from the deficiencies discussed, the reasons for chronic illness have a history, from a hereditary standpoint, as manifested in genetic weakness and predisposition (this is in turn due to diseases and deficiencies of our forebears) and our personal history from birth. Our current health status is rather like our bank account, it has a history of our transactions. Health status is built in layers as we grow up. A weak or toxic organ will produce toxic settlements, and tissue enervation in the body, a fever suppressed, leaves an unfinished situation, a period of overwork and stress combined with suppressive drugs, faulty cooking methods, (Cooking leads to chronic enzyme depletion, one of the major factors in diseases of aging), ongoing poor mineralisation, all contribute in their own way to a gradual deterioration of our constitution, health reserves and so on. This can be readily understood through the subject of iridology. The iris of the eye displays a map of the entire internal structure of the body. Various features such as dark lines and cloudy/stained areas have been found to be indicative of tissue health status. In the hands of a skilled iridologist, the eye can reveal accurate information about the past, present and future possibilities of health, as a person ages, tissue damage and toxicity increases. After a radical health regime, the iris of the eye gradually returns to a former healthier state. Provided a complete nutrient-rich regime is adhered to and other necessary measures are taken, regeneration of health will occur.

Engaging in such a radical health reform, will not bring optimum health overnight, it is a reversing process that at times will bring layers of past ill health to the surface, so some old symptoms often long forgotten return, but usually only briefly. There will be times when toxins and catarrh held in tissues will be released into the circulation, prior to elimination, and this will give rise to periodic symptoms of un-wellness, such as nausea, lightheadedness, feeling 'spaced' and fatigued. Symptoms will vary, depending on the person. If these episodes are fairly marked, they are labeled a healing crisis. It is important to be able to recognise the difference between a healing crisis and loss of balance or homeostasis. A healing crisis of varying degrees will occur after a period of feeling better than normal. In general, the healing/regenerative process includes feeling better mentally and emotionally with an improved quality of sleep. There is often a felt need to rest or sleep more, since this is needed for the regenerative process; however once one has slept, energy and motivation is generally above normal.

Feeling better mentally and physically, with changing physical symptoms, often with increased bowel activity, are classic signs that a healing process is underway. There is always an emotional and mental component to any significant healing process, and at times, this can be quite a dominant part of the experience of change. As mentioned earlier, if you have a weak nervous system, or suffer from generalised poor function/fatigue, the nervous system must heal first before any progress is achieved. One can take herbs and the best quality superfoods till the cows come home and not improve one iota until the nervous system is healing. As indicated, this will be apparent by generally feeling better emotionally and mentally (but not all the time) and better quality/more refreshing sleep. Taking herbs and superfoods at the same time, or unnatural, unbalanced nutritional supplements all multiply together to create a stimulation of the nervous system that prevents quality rest and repair. If we have not followed the mineralisation requirements discussed in this article (See also The Core Regime, for a discussion of putting together your nutritional supplement programme).

Other Essentials to Support the Healing/Regenerative process

(1) Water
This everyday item is often overlooked. There is now virtually universal agreement amongst the health care professionals that we need to drink at least 2 pints of clean, pure water daily. The book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. ISBN 1899398 35X is highly recommended reading. I was quite typical, in that I hardly ever used to drink water, only tea and coffee. As I encouraged myself to drink more water I found my lost instinct for the need for water returned. Tea and coffee cause the body to get rid of fluid, i.e. they are diuretic, so do not contribute to eliminating chronic dehydration. Most of us are suffering from chronic dehydration without knowing it. Water is needed to help clean away metabolic toxins, and to carry the nutrients to the cells, with the correct dilution of the blood and extra cellular fluids.


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj has concluded that many health disorders are due partly to chronic dehydration, and in fact most of us are chronically dehydrated which contributes to aging, as our cells and our DNA spirals dehydrate, we deteriorate. He also concluded that as part and parcel of the re-hydration process we need about half a teaspoon of salt daily, if we are not obtaining a fair amount from other sources. He goes on to explain that the body retains salt when it is chronically dehydrated to help force fluid into the cells; this involves some rise of blood pressure. The body prioritises its needs; salt is not causing the high blood pressure, it is dehydration! Many health disorders can clear up with increasing the water drunk and salt consumed. A classic example of this is Asthma; Batmanghelidij suggests that some cases of asthma will disappear with this method. There is some disagreement about how much water should be drunk. I see extremes around me; on one hand many persons hardly drink any water at all, just tea and coffee, and carton fruit juice. These persons have lost touch with their natural thirst and suffer chronic dehydration so their body cannot detoxify or supply sufficient clean fluid and nutrients to the cells. At the other extreme I see persons who have swallowed some mass prescription that we should drink X amount of water daily, some persons even drinking as much as 5 liters or 8 pints a day. Water can be taken in excess and will result in imbalance such as loss of mineral salts.


The amount of water we need depends on diet E.G. a largely raw diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables provides some water in the form of 'live tissue fluids' and that person even though still requiring some pure water would tend to need less than someone eating a concentrated dry cooked food diet. Other factors include climate, metabolic rate, physical activity, detoxification from nutritional supplements and so on. Alcohol consumption is dehydrating and requires a surprising amount of water to balance. Get in touch with your lost thirst is the general recommendation, at the slightest sign of dry throat or mouth drink water immediately if possible and keep this up. Chronically dehydrated persons at first may need to make a conscious decision to drink more water and find massive thirst surfaces after a few days. This usually lasts a few days, and the amount of water drunk should be limited to about 3 Liters a day for a few days. Personally I find that three pints of water a day (about one and a half  Liters) is sufficient in combination with a 90 % raw food diet consisting of mainly fruit and coconut water and a little grain and raw egg, this is in a tropical climate.


One can assess the degree of hydration on a daily basis (although this will not show chronic dehydration) by the colour of ones urine. A glassful of urine should be light straw coloured. If brown or orange or dark straw then more water is needed. The exception is the consumption of B vitamins, even in food state form (Includes Zell and Immunocomplex) will colour the urine quite a deep yellow for a few hours after consumption. In this situation take the b vitamin source in the morning and test urine colour in the evening


Some people find that the daily doses of sea water (not enough salt to cause dehydration, but the correct dilution and mix of many mineral salts to encourage correct fluid regulation), improve the desire for water; this often begins with a loss of 'trapped' fluid. There is then a greater turnover of fluid. Chronic dehydration has been linked to premature aging, cracking and drying of the skin, and plays its part in all disorders, in many people. Many naturopaths say drinking chilled water is bad, and slows down the digestive process. There are certainly many persons (chilly types especially) who are 'injured' by cold water. A traditional method of detoxifying the body is to drink one pint of hot water on rising each day. Personally, I often warm all my water, as I know it suits my constitution.


The best water we can drink is wild unpolluted river water, and other natural sources such as springs, so in practice non-carbonated spring or mineral water is best. Failing that, filtered tap water can be used. Our high quality Under the Sink Filters or similar specification filters, remove far more toxic chemicals than the jug filters commonly in use, and are more convenient and cost effective for a family, providing ‘pure’ water for all cooking and drinking. This will eliminate some of the cocktail of harmful chemicals that are in our water supply. Distilled water lacks minerals and oxygen, and carries the information pattern of the mains element used to boil it.

The role of full spectrum salt, as mentioned previously is important. A client was following the standard advice to drink plenty of water daily, and was drinking about eight pints. After she commenced taking a little seawater concentrate daily (Ionic liquid minerals and trace elements) in a glass of water, her water consumption dropped to two pints daily. Drinking excessive water daily will discharge minerals and mineral salts leaving the ground for health imbalance. Drinking of distilled water on a regular basis has health dangers. Several studies in Europe and USA have revealed that the more minerals found in tap water including hard water that furs up the kettle etc, the better the general health of that population and specifically less heart disease and diabetes. The regular intake of minerals, even in small amounts via our drinking water is an essential part of the way our bodies have evolved to re-mineralise.

When we take superfoods, herbs, nutritional remedies or in fact engage in any therapy or activity that promotes change, the need for hydration increases. Lack of sufficient water can be a block to therapy. Some people hate drinking water, this is indicative of part of their health disorder. However, drinking water and an adequate mineral supply are complementary, and taking in a full spectrum of minerals, as detailed in this article for example, may help to return the desire for water. We can make a high quality mineral water to drink at home daily by

(3) Oxygen Therapies

I will not go into any details here about the scope and value of oxygen therapies, as there are plenty of articles and books available on the subject concerning increasing the level of oxygen in the blood by various products and methods. The two points I wish to make are that (1) Damage to the cellular mitochondria occurs in almost all of us. Apparently, mitochondrial DNA is far more vulnerable to damage than the DNA in the nucleus of the cell. Damage is caused by a variety of factors including free-radical damage, toxins, infection. As we age the mitochondria become progressively damaged and anyone with a chronic health problem will have some degree of mitochondrial damage. The mitochondria have been described as the biological spark plug for the cell, they process the oxygen in the cell and help the cell to metabolise nutrients and release energy for the entire functioning of the body. We see exceptional and consistent results in therapy by the use of a supplement to repair and maintain mitochondrial function. We consider this is essential in any regenerative/healing regime the product is Zell-Oxygenor (Live Cell Oxygen) Immunocomplex.


Other agents to promote cell Oxygenation



By supplying free electrons cell oxygenation is enhanced. At the same time cell and tissue acidity is reduced or eliminated. Oxygenation occurs more efficiently when the cells are at the healthy pH i.e. slightly alkaline 7.45.


Acidity is associated as the prime cause of chronic disease, as not only is cell respiration hindered, paving the way for harmful micro-organisms including fungal invasion and all chronic disease including cancer, but also causing the build up of acid toxins and free radical damage. Alka-vita is a mother anti-oxidant due to its electron supply, and helps to overcome free radical damage.


Organic Germanium works on the same principle via electron donation and improving tissue respiration and the brake down of acid hydrogen compounds into oxygen and water and water. As Germanium has been in use for a longer period there is more know about its wonderful curative action across all the common chronic diseases, as it gets to the heart of the disease process, and due to the wonderful research by Dr Asi click here for more details

When the mitochondria are functioning properly, there will be activation of overall energy of the body, a strong active immune system and an ability to heal or replace damaged cells and organs. This process is a corner stone of health. As we age the mitochondria get lazy. They can also be damaged by chemicals, pesticides and genetic defects. Because of this damage all kinds of illnesses have become prevalent such as Cancer, mature Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's. Almost all our bodily functions are hindered by damage to this vital part of our cells. Organs are robbed of energy, giving rise to an increasingly lowered immune system as well as increasing the chances of tumor growth. The rate of aging is also increased by this damage. Due to a rapid turn over of our cells we may cope with the occasional toxic dose of certain substances inhaled or ingested, however a continual onslaught as we experience in our increasingly toxic world has a long term damaging effect on the mitochondria.

A well-known Professor in Portugal, Serge Jurasunas who has a successful natural health clinic uses Zell Oxygen to treat chronically ill patients with much success, such as Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis. People who suffer from CFS or M.E. are helped immensely. It is a tonic to the entire organism, a powerful antioxidant, increasing energy and accelerating hair-growth

Zell-Oxygen or (Live Cell Oxygen) Immunocomplex is helpful in the reduction of Candida type symptoms, due to the action of the special live yeast cells. This may surprise some of you, as most of us associate Candida with excess yeast. However, Zell is a saccharomyces cerevisaie yeast that is aerobic, as opposed to Candida that is oxygen ‘hating’. The special live yeast will take over the terrain where Candida is resident, forcing this more primitive life form out of existence, and at the same time the improved cellular respiration and immune system will complete the work in re-balancing the inner terrain. However we do suggest that actual anti-Candida remedies are used at the same time see article concerning Candida

I have noted that supplements that directly supply oxygen lead to anxiety and insomnia for those with a weak nervous system. Zell-Oxygen or Live Cell Oxygen Immunocomplex on the contrary is healing for the nervous system, essential for treating chronic fatigue and nervous and mental disorders, this is because the cause of low oxygen is dealt with rather than loading the blood with above natural amounts. It has been found that very small amounts of oxygen added to water, e.g., 3 drops of Oxy-Boost daily is sufficient to reactive the natural oxygen cycle in the extra cellular fluid, to make up for the lack of dissolved oxygen in our water, since we do not drink ‘wild’ river water that nature provides .



Enzymes are the triggers and messengers for chemical reactions to occur in the body. Enzymes are destroyed easily by heat above about 120 F or 45 C, in other words they are rendered useless by cooking. There are thousands of enzymes needed for daily chemical function in the body. The body produces all of these, but the production decreases with age and the more cooked food is eaten the more the bodies enzyme reserve or production ability can be come depleted. This is one of the major causes of sickness. Enzymes include respiratory enzymes, (as supplied by Zell-Oxygen and Immunocomplex) digestive enzymes (Supplied by Digestive enzymes capsules and Multi-enzyme Protect) and metabolic enzymes. Enzymes are also supplied by Wild spanish Pollen, Barley Grass Juice powder, Chlorella, Prime Biotic and Sea Greens. The role of enzymes in auto-immune disorders is discussed in the article Auto-Immune Disorders

(4) Exercise

A certain amount of exercise is needed just to maintain a sufficient circulation of blood, and especially lymph, or extra cellular fluid. The lymph system does not have a direct connection to the pumping action of the heart it is pumped round the body with the aid of muscular movement only. When people become sedentary, especially through illness, the sheer lack of movement produces lymphatic stagnation, so the body is not able to properly clean itself or carry the nutrients, fluids, and oxygen properly. In practice this can account for as much of a health problem as the original problem, and tends to make the symptoms of the illness worse. There is a certain type of exercising, dubbed the healthiest exercise invented by man, it can overcome these problems with as little as five minutes a day exercise, and it is called Rebounding. If you can walk at all, you can do it, no matter how weak or infirm, just do it to your own level and endurance time, even if only a minute at a time at first. Rebounding is undertaken on a 'mini-trampoline'. The weak or infirm do not jump, but simply stand rocking up and down gently. As soon as any pain or strain is felt the exercise is discontinued. Endurance is gradually built up, e.g. one minute a few times a day to begin with. This method can often dramatically improve the health, including that of M.E. patients. It works by acceleration and de-acceleration causing the lymph fluid to be pumped round the body. It is best done to music and is fun, even for the exercise and discipline phobics! Mini Trampolines are available from stores such as Argos.

(5) Rest
Many of us underestimate the amount of sleep and rest we really need. There is a difference between getting by, and having sufficient sleep to more fully repair us each night; slowing down the destructive processes of aging. This oversight is understandable in the modern world of much activity and extending the natural day with artificial lighting. Again, by looking at the natural world, we see that primitive peoples in a less pressured society often take a nap in the day; just half an hour can make a difference. Most therapists recommend 8 hours sleep a night. Some persons find they feel bad if they sleep in the day. This feeling bad is the tip of the iceberg in the body trying to heal itself. Why not have another cup of coffee and feel better? Yes, many of us do use tea and coffee to try to keep awake, when the body wants to sleep! Poor nutrition, low chi, low oxygen atmospheres and blood sugar fluctuations (partly due to mineral and trace element deficiencies) can all be common contributing factors to sleepiness in the day.

Once the healing/regenerative process begins (if you have undertaken the correct regime) there will be times of greater alertness, creativity, and energy, but just as much the desire to rest and sleep will increase. Sleeping is not a waste of time, it is a valuable period of repair, and without repair there is not sufficient stored energy to enjoy life. Obviously if we have been not having the optimum amount or quality of sleep for some time, this deficit will have to be made up.

(6) Dose

Doses of herbs when used as a course of treatment are generally within a certain range such as 2 or 3 capsules after meals, or if taking infusions, so many cups a day. If reactions are too marked, leaving off for a day or two and trying a smaller dose may be appropriate. However as discussed earlier, the doses of superfoods are much more variable and you need to experiment with the dose range. For the average person, when starting Pollen or Chlorella, unless you know you are especially sensitive to substances, start at about half the full adult dose (or less if under the age of 10, or of a very light build). For Chlorella, this is 8 small tablets daily, or with pollen about one teaspoon daily (or ¼ teaspoon daily as a test to see if you have allergy or very weak nerves). It is gentler on the system to take in divided doses two or three times a day, however when you get used to a remedy and also are no longer so delicate, many remedies can be taken in a single dose once a day. If you find you manage well on that dose and are sleeping as well or better, and feel as good or better mentally and emotionally most of the time, then after a week or so you could increase to the full dose. On the other hand if you are finding the action too strong for you and not sleeping so well, you can try taking the last dose no later than 2 pm (for example). Please see Adapting to the Regenerative Process below for a fuller discussion of remedy reactions, dose etc.

If the problem is 'shutting-down' at night, you may need to reduce the dose. As you get used to the superfood it will tend to be less stimulating, and your system will gradually be toned up so that over a period of several months all organs and systems will function more efficiently. This is provided that you have a sufficient mineral/trace element base to work from (good constitution) and/or (preferably) take minerals as detailed in this article and the The Core Regime to get an idea about taking a balanced mixture of supplements.

If you are delicate, frail, or have a weak nervous system, or are a 'difficult' patient who has tried lots of therapies it may well be best for you to take no superfoods, herbs or homeopathic remedies, nor complementary therapies until you have been taking Ionic Minerals or the more potent MagSea Ionics for some time, e.g. a few weeks, and generally molasses. Where there is enervation and weakness, often due to mitochondrial damage as discussed (a typical M.E. / chronic fatigue patient), you may not have the vitality to process molasses until you have been taking the Zell Oxygen for at least a week. This provision does not apply to the Ionic Minerals, since these do not require energy to process them. Once the basic nutritional groundwork has been done, the response to superfoods and herbs will be completely different. The nutritional remedy lecithin will help repair the nervous system and cell membranes throughout the body. Other remedies specific to the nervous system include Blackmores PPMP mineral tablets these are not available for online order but can be ordered by email or phone

Multiple Remedies.  
For a discussion of using multiple remedies and if this approach is counterproductive or helpful, instructions on building a successful supplemental regime is detailed in the Core Regime.

Adapting To The Regenerative Process
(See also The Full Article: Adapting to the Regenerative Process)

Supplying the body with the correct nutrients that it has not had before, will help the body to awaken to proper functioning, leading to sooner or later, greater energy and well being and a more effective hormonal, circulatory, digestive and immune system. While this process of change is under way, old congestions and toxic material, will be pushed out of harms way into the blood for elimination via the skin, urine and faeces. So during this process, skin rashes or other manifestations may appear, also symptoms of a cold or even influenza like states can occur. If you use antibiotics during this time, all you are doing is pushing the process back in. You can use Colloidal Silver during these periods if you are suffering from symptoms of infection, although it is often difficult to tell the difference between detoxification symptoms and an actual recent infection, taking the silver, as it is harmless will resolve this dilemma. If you are in a period of releasing quite a lot of toxic material, even a fever can manifest, this is due to an improved immune response.

Occasionally when detoxifying, pain can arise, such as headaches or toothache.(Colloidal silver swished around the mouth frequently can often alleviate toothache and kill bad bacteria) In this situation drink plenty of water, often warm water is better tolerated, drinking a pint of warm water will sometimes reduce pain. Those with liver or gall congestion may experience some headaches and nausea problems, in such situations, a simple liver/gall flush can be taken first, read instruction sheet for Liver and Gall flush. Most persons will experience loose bowels for quite some time from the start of the regenerative programme, this is a natural reaction of the body, and the most obvious aspect of the house cleansing that will take place.

Many will feel the need for more rest and sleep, try to give your body as much rest and sleep as it wants; most of us, in this modern world are chronically tired and have some rest to make up. Eventually your sleep will be more effective and refreshing. The more sensitive and observant of you, will notice a change in how you feel every day while on the regenerative programme, while the strong constitutions and robust will move towards a higher level of health in an uneventful manner.

If you find at any time that any health problems you have temporarily get worse, or you feel some degree of discomfort, you may choose to stop taking the supplement(s) for one day and resume at a lower dose level, perhaps reducing to half the dose for a few days or a week then increase back to the full amount. As discussed, however, the adaptation response still occurs, this is a series of reactions that the body is expressing as it gradually moves itself towards higher levels of health, when disease tends to drop away. There is a law of healing that states "Healing proceeds from above downwards, from within out, and symptoms disappear in the reverse order to when they arose”.

In practice this means that external symptoms such as a discharge, runny nose, or temporary skin rash are the result of the morbid aspects being pushed outwards. Old, long established symptoms will be the last to go, whereas more recent problems tend to resolve first. Also symptoms we may not have experienced for years may return, albeit briefly as the layers of internal disorder are resolved. It is sufficient to have faith that the many symptoms we may experience, are the result of our bodies own natural intelligence, repair and re-organisation, while undergoing the regenerative process.


Accommodating new remedies and types of accommodation problems/Issues


(1) Oversensitivity.
The first Issue here is to re-mineralise especially important are the full spectrum mineral salts such as MagSea Ionics. Although magnesium can be supplied faster/in greater quantity the sensitive types generally need to proceed more slowly with magnesium supplementation hence the use of MagSea Ionics and in cases of extreme sensitivity pure sea water concentrate. Celtic sea salt taken with food is also important. The use of the complementary minerals contained in Barley grass juice powder, Capra mineral whey is also suggested.


The regular use of these minerals generally reduces the oversensitivity, and then more bioactive remedies can be introduced as referred to in the core regime, e.g Multi-Green Nutrition Powder/capsule, Immunocomplex.


Sometimes oversensitivity can be due to chronic infections that you may or may not be aware of. Colloidal silver is generally well tolerated by the sensitive as it is relaxing rather than stimulating, and long term use will eliminate most infections. Zell-Oxygen will improve immune response and gently improve the functioning of all the organs and cells of the body. Once Zell-Oxygen has been adapted to the more nutritionally potent version Immunocomplex can be tried.


(2) General Chi depletion without oversensitivity  

In this situation, introduced Nutritional / herbal remedies tend to act slowly and sometimes not fulfill their action properly. The bodies basic electrical potentials are low, and this decreases the effect of remedies, like a kind of under-reactive state. Remedies that are energisers like MagSea Ionics (helps with Bio-electrics), Pollen taken in quantity, Peruvina maca, Chlorella at full recommended dose, Immunocomplex can help to raise the vitality. However the basic block to getting the best results from your nutritional and herbal therapy, chi depletion, needs to be overcome. The two most common causes of chi depletion are (a) Geophatic stress and (b) Excess sexual activity, especially by males (excess loss of sexual fluids of the man, especially relative to the age). (c)Other factors can include sitting for a long time at a computer and to some extent lack of fresh air. (d) Constitution. Persons with a weak constitution have inherently weak chi and have to be more careful with their health, and obtain plenty of sleep. Often this can be a state of low Kidney Chi and can be picked up by an acupuncturist. Perhaps surprisingly Geopathic stress (detailed below) is the most common reason for chi depletion in un-well individuals and is often a major contributory cause.


(3) General chi depletion with oversensitivity  

This is a particularly difficult situation, as the vitality needs to be increased with nutritional supplements, but what ever is tried the person over-reacts and there is a feeling of loss of homeostasis from virtually any nutritional supplement or therapy. Oversensitivity can gradually be overcome by the introduction of mainly ionic mineral therapy using Ionic minerals and trace elements, Celtic sea salt with food and capra mineral whey for broad spectrum food state minerals. At the same time the chi depletion should be overcome by removing the cause(s) as detailed above, and below concerning Geophatic Stress


(4) High tolerance for introducing new remedies

In this ideal situation the person, usually of a good constitution and health problems that are not too deep/systemic can tolerate introducing several new remedies, supplements at once.


(5) Depleted immune system and low metabolic function
In this situation the full recommended dose of Immunocomplex and introduction of and MagSea Ionics, (Also MagSea Pure if faster magnesium repletion is selected) and Multi-Green Nutrition can be introduced at the start of therapy. However it should be noted that there will most likely be a considerable detoxification as some point in time from improving a low metabolism and low immune system. With all these categories reference should be made to the core regime, and very often also to Auto-immune disorders articles


Note any disease can be present in any of these states.

Geopathic and electro-magnetic stress


Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth radiations occur in quite a high proportion of the buildings we work or live in. Indeed research has found that cancer and other serious health issues are much more common for persons who have lived in geopathically stressed houses for considerable periods. It creates stagnant energy in the body, renders the immune system lower and can encourage constitutional diseases to manifest. Geopathic Stress can also prevent your body absorbing vitamins, minerals and trace elements from your food and supplements.. In cases where geopathic and/or electromagnetic stress is strong, this could stop a therapy from working, or at least weaken it. It is for this reason that it is important to address this unseen, yet powerful influence. Geopathic stress can be dealt with in two ways . First of all it is important to get out of the room or the house/flat that is contaminated. A history of sickness in certain buildings over a period of time, i.e. disease hot spot is evidence of geopathic stress. Sometimes the GS is confined mainly to one room or even part of a room so moving the bed/chair can reduce the stress. In some cases moving out of the building altogether is the best solution. Some dowsers claim to be able to locate GS. There are various devices on the market to help relieve GS that can be placed in the house, although their effectiveness varies.


Personally I have found the orgone type devices made from a matrix of epoxy and metal with quartz crystals to be effective click here also here. Also I am developing energy pendants to boost ones electro-dynamic energy or chi. These may be available by Autumn 2009. Prior to that date, if you are interested in trying out one of these pendants then contact us and we may be able to supply free of charge on a testing basis. I have been wearing one of these chi restorative pendants for two months and have given a few out to friends and they do seem to work well.


(7) Diet

For details of a highly beneficial raw food diet and healthy cooking methods please read the article General Dietary Guide for Optimising Health and Overcoming Disease

There are many types of diets advised for improving health, and in reality, different types of constitution will do better on their own constitutional type of diet. Also climate is important. E.G In a tropical location an emphasis on raw fruits and coconuts (Mainly the coconut 'water' with whatever white coconut meat is soft and edible if available) This may be found instinctively, or by studying the relevant literature available. Eat Right For Your Type by Dr Peter J D’adamo ISBN 0-399-14255-X Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons is highly recommended, this links suitable foods to 4 basic blood types. My advice is to combine this knowledge with your own instinctive feelings, there is no need to pedantically follow the details, but to experiment, and find what is right for you.


There is a common theme running through almost all diets to achieve and maintain good health.


(1) Eat only wholesome food that has not been processed, had things added to or taken away and is as close as possible to its natural state.


(2) Eat an alkaline forming diet.
Proteins tend to be acid forming, also refined sugar, refined flour products, white bread, cakes, biscuits etc. whereas fruits and vegetables especially, by virtue of their mineral content, tend to alkalise the system. The general guide is two thirds fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and no more than one third concentrated protein, such as cheese, eggs, meat and fish, although fish is less acid forming than meat, and if coming from the sea will contain more trace minerals. I have found that the issues of blood group related to suitable diet do not seem to apply so strongly when consuming food in its vibrant, undamaged, raw state.

There seems to be a general lack of awareness about the importance of how one cooks. This is as important as what one cooks. Steaming vegetables at pressure destroys many vitamins and should not be used. Steaming in a saucepan with an inner basket may seem preferable to boiling, but look at the vegetable juice left behind in the water. The steam soaks the vegetables, and dissolves the most soluble vitamins and minerals, especially that vital element potassium, and transports them to the water in the bottom of the saucepan. This is thrown down the sink. This is as important a method of demineralising the body as is boiling vegetables. If you can obtain organic fruit and vegetables then do not peel, as there is a preponderance of certain nutrients in and just below the skin. There is an old folk remedy for arthritis, using the peelings of potato, boiling, then drinking the water only.

There are several ways round this problem of keeping the cooking water apart from just drinking it! When cooking items that absorb water, such as rice, beans or lentils, add the correct amount of water at the beginning. Then either add the vegetables to the boiling contents, so at the end of cooking all the water is soaked into the rice or legume, or place a steaming tray above the rice and use the steam from that to cook the vegetables. Another method, (works best with a thick cast iron saucepan) is to fry the vegetables over a very low flame with olive oil (olive oil is one of the few oils that tends not to become toxic when heated). When par cooked, add a small amount of water, place on lid, and cook very slowly, this really is a combination of cool frying roasting and steaming, without loss of valuable nutrients. Another method is of course, to bake or casserole. If well fitting tops are used on casserole dishes then less steam is lost, often just an onion or two will produce enough moisture to steam the food, if you decide not to use oil. If you do fry, keep the heat very low, so that little browning takes place, use a lid to keep in the steam released from the food to aid the cooking process. Heating food in oil does destroy some of its nutritive value especially lecithin. The oil will contain valuable oil soluble nutrients, and since olive oil is not fattening and is a 'health food' pour this on your plate as well. Finally, you can boil with a limited amount of water plus a lid, so that any uncovered food is still cooking, and if any water is remaining at the end of cooking add a little thickening such freshly ground oats, or a little wholemeal wheat flower etc. to absorb the water.

Microwave Cooking
From the foregoing suggestions about avoiding nutrient loss, it could be deduced that microwave cooking may be the best method. Many people instinctively feel that microwaves damage food, whilst others feel that if they are in use they must be safe, and that the effects on food quality must have been thoroughly checked out. In reality, there have been no long-term tests on the health of individuals eating a diet of largely microwave cooked food, just as with genetically engineered food.

Furthermore, when an independent study was undertaken and showed rapid deterioration of the blood quality of the volunteers, the industry suppressed this report, by legal means through the Swiss courts. Recently an appeal to the European court of human rights has reversed this decision. The study was carried out by Swiss biologist Dr. H U Hertel and Professor Bernard Blanc. Their study on the effects of microwave food on human subjects in comparison to conventionally cooked food, proved that the microwave cooked food caused significant changes in the blood of all test subjects. The scientists noted that these changes, some of which were highly significant, indicated the beginning of pathological changes, e.g. the beginning of cancer. The study took place over a few weeks.

The anthroposophist A. Bohmert, found that seeds soaked in previously microwaved water (and allowed to cool) would not germinate, whereas the same seeds soaked in the water that had not been microwaved, germinated successfully. Microwave cooking works by induced oscillation of the molecules of the food in the region of a thousand million times a second. This caused friction at the molecular level and results in heat. This process damages some of the food, reduces nutritional content and produces toxic by products that encourage disease. A study on milk conducted in Vienna, that had been subject to microwave heating, showed that high razemization rates in proteins in the milk that was not observed in conventional cooking. Are Microwave Ovens a Source of Danger? by Marion Wild is worth reading (available from Regenerative Nutrition). Personally I feel there is only one sensible way to use a microwave oven, and that is to dump it, first having smashed it up to prevent anyone else using it!

Food combining
There are systems of diet based on what food is eaten with what, so as to facilitate efficient digestion, such as the 'Hay diet'. The most important point is that proteins and starches require acid and alkali digestive juices respectively and that eating a reasonable quantity of both at the same time will tend to neutralise these opposite juices, rendering digestion ineffective. Efficient digestion is important for overall health. The main points are to not eat a large portion of protein with a large amount of starch such as potatoes and meat, or fish and chips. Try to keep proteins and starches to separate meals, also starchy/pastry puddings are incompatible with protein first courses.

A handy tip I read in ‘The Eye of Revelation’ by Peter Kelder (thoroughly recommended, discusses the ‘Five Rights’ rejuvenation exercises), is based on the observation that foods do not mix thoroughly in the stomach, so that the order of eating foods is very significant for overall efficiency of digestion. The rule is to eat the most easily digested and watery foods first and the more concentrated more slowly digested foods last. Meat, eggs, cheese and fish should be eaten last and vegetables next, with fruits first. This method is described in grater detail in the book.

Good Digestion
Drinking tea or coffee, or a glass or more of water with a meal will dilute the gastric juices, rendering digestion inefficient. Meals that really fill you up are too big for adequate digestion. Eating late in the day i.e. a main meal less than 3 hours before you go to sleep is harmful to the digestion, and hence overall health, since during sleep the digestive process slows down, producing fermentation, (or putrefaction if you have eaten proteins). Eating in a relaxed manner, slowly with lots of chewing, is the way to aid digestion. It is advisable to wait at least one hour and a half after food before drinking much liquid, although a wine glass amount of liquid, provided it is not chilled is probably not be a matter for concern.

Digestive Enzymes are important for efficient digestion. Raw foods supply these but cooking destroys them. In such a situation, we rely on our body’s ability to manufacture digestive enzymes. As we advance in years and as general health deteriorates, the body produces less of these essential enzymes. This is one of the major causes of chronic and serious disease. For example the pancreas secretes enzymes to digest protein, as these fail, eating cooked protein (this applies even to a vegetarian diet), can lead to an accumulation of undigested protein in the system and to a failure to digest ‘rouge protein’ cells within the body. This has been proven to be one of the major causes of cancer (as has lack of cellular respiration due to mitochondria damage, general acidity due to magnesium, calcium and other mineral deficiencies, a proliferation of fungus in the blood, and a lack of vitamin B17 in the diet, Apricot Kernels are the easiest way to provide B17. For enzyme supplements see Digestive enzymes, Multi-enzyme protect. For Oxygenation recovery see the paragraph above on Oxygen therapies. Also see the article Cancer Winning the battle


For related and updated information See:




Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing. The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors. No claims for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied. Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states. The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA.



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