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Capra Mineral Whey







Please note this product no longer contains added Boron & Vitamin D. It is as supplied by Mt. Capra Products. For those looking for Boron & Vitamin D supplementation, please see Colloidal Minerals with Boron & Vitamin D, Vitamin D3 2000IU and Repair Tonic. 

A 100% Natural, Mineral Rich, Electrolyte replacement from Goat-Milk Whey


• Uniquely processed at low temperature to retain nutritional integrity

• Made from goat-milk whey powder

• Contains more than 20 naturally occurring minerals in a highly complex whole food

• A highly concentrated alkaline mineral supplement

• Mt. Capra goats are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones and are never exposed to pesticides or herbicides


Capra Mineral Whey™ is a high quality mineral rich product that should not be considered if you are looking for a goat milk protein product. While there is a small amount of whey protein in Capra Mineral Whey™ it is intended as a mineral replacement product rather than protein supplement


Our goats are free range allowing them to enjoy life the way nature intended. Their food supply is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and they are not treated with antibiotics. This laid back lifestyle and food quality is captured in our gentle and unique production methods and transferred into the products we produce.



Alternatives to Capra Mineral whey (More complete & bio-active)


Synergised Barley Grass Juice Powder for virtually all the nutrients and enzymes the body requires.


For Arthritis we supply Repair capsulesthat include Boron and vitamin D 


We also supply colloidal minerals with Boron and vitamin D capsules. Boron can have a beneficial influence on bone density, menopausal symptoms, and arthritis. See Article "The Wonder of Boron"




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