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Possibly the best combination of herbs for circulatory health, with both a preventative and remedial role

Wild crafted herbs that help to normalise your circulation, blood vessels and heart function

Herbal remedies have been studied, tried and tested around the world for millennia. They have the power and capability to treat cardiac and circulatory disorders, or preferably, prevent them

* Cayenne - has a total effect on the circulation, prevents stickiness of blood platelets
* Hawthorn - a gentle tonic for the heart itself, acts to normalise blood pressure and reduce arteriosclerosis
* Mistletoe - strengthens the walls of the peripheral capillaries, has active substances that normalise the whole system
* Ginger - acts specifically on the peripheral circulation
* Horsechestnut - improves vein health and reduces inflammation

The combination of these natural herbs provides a master formulation to help your heart and circulation

Also see Zell Immunocomplex for respiratory enzymes to help prevent heart failure.

Circulate Capsules
Wild crafted herbs to normalize the circulation, blood vessels and heart function. mistletoe, hawthorn berries and tops, ginger, ginkgo biloba and capsicum.
Wonderfully Effective Herbal Remedies For the Heart and Circulation
Herbal remedies have been studied, tried and tested around the world for millennia. They have all the power and capability to treat cardiac and circulatory disorders, or preferably, prevent them.
Their use has largely been forgotten in the modern 'civilised countries' since the pharmaceutical industry has gained the marketing and propaganda ascendancy.  At Regenerative Nutrition, we believe that herbs provide a superior and natural approach for many health conditions.
One advantage of living in the modern world, is that the best herbs from around the planet are easily obtainable, as is the knowledge of their use. The best herbs can be combined synergistically to provide effective formulations, e.g. for heart and circulation, digestion, and immune system.
There is an optimum number and class of herbs that are appropriate to yield the most effective formulas.  Too many herbs, would tend to over stimulate and fail to provide sufficient benefit to any single system, e.g. circulation. On the other hand, herbs are broad acting in their effects, and usually have many different effects. An example is Ginger and capsicum. Both these herbs are digestive tonics and both act to favorably influence circulation, each in their own specific, yet complementary way.
Cayenne (Capsicum Minimum) the strongest of the capsicum family
Cayenne is one of the greatest herbs on the planet. It is often ignored or ridiculed by the general public, like garlic, due to its culinary use and associations. It is the number one circulatory herb, being extremely effective and totally harmless.
It has a total effect on the circulation and performs all the main actions required of a circulatory remedy.  It prevents stickiness of blood platelets, considerably reducing the tendency to clot and has a resolving action on existent thrombosis. This is all the more remarkable in view of the fact that  it rapidly stops internal and external hemorrhage. It cleans the blood vessels, making long term use or regular courses a rejuvenator of the circulation. It can have a wonderful effect on brain clarity and memory, especially for the elderly by its normalising effect on the circulation to that most vital organ!  This normalising effect means that any areas of the body that are deficient in blood supply, such as the brain, will receive fresh vitalising blood to renew and restore. The normalising effect also means that high blood pressure will tend to be reduced and low blood pressure raised. Cases of gangrene have been reported cured by this wonderful herb.
This herb even has the capability to abort some types of heart attack and angina. (If a blood clot is not the major cause.)  For example when there is pain in the heart and the left arm (angina) and  more severely, a crushing pain (like an elephant sitting on the chest), sipping a glass of hot water into which a teaspoon of cayenne has previously been infused  (i.e. by bringing the water to the boil with one teaspoon of cayenne added, and leaving to infuse for a few minutes) will, in many cases abort the attack within minutes. Regular use of a sufficient dose of cayenne will keep these individuals free of heart attacks for many years, possibly for life, with  those of this susceptibility.2  (One does not have to endure the burning taste of the hot water method for regular use, encapsulation being the preferred option!). This action of Cayenne is due to its ability to help oxygenate the tissues, combined with an antispasmodic property. Adequate tissue oxygenation is one of the prime factors in health maintenance, especially  relevant with the elderly. Its action on the heart goes even further to help produce a regular heart beat.
Another valuable effect of capsicum is on the digestion. It is actually good for the stomach. Indigestion, poor digestion and even stomach ulcers are all improved or rectified. (It is possibly due to its antiseptic properties that the bacteria involved in stomach ulcer cases is eliminated). So contrary to what is sometimes believed, cayenne will not harm the stomach or other internal organs, but only aid function. It has a stimulating effect where there is sluggishness of the digestion or circulation, yet normalises high blood pressure. It is used in many herbal formulations, even those not aimed at the digestion or circulation, since it is used to help circulate or 'carry' the other herbs around the body.
Cayenne helps maintain the presence of blood within the vessels, and to provide a balance of white blood cells, therefore supporting the lymph system. It is an effective remedy for 'piles' by equalising circulation to the anus. It is also very beneficial for circulatory disorders of the extremities, including the legs, such as claudication, varicose veins etc.
Hawthorn Berries & Tops
Like cayenne and garlic, hawthorn has a long history of use, and is safe to use in long term supplementation.  The main action is as a gentle tonic for the heart itself, and to regulate the heart rhythm, e.g. easing out palpitations. It also acts to normalise blood pressure, and  reduce arteriosclerosis (clogging of the arteries)  and angina. It is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids.  Although not a broad-spectrum master herb like cayenne, its properties make it a leading contender in any herbal formulation for the heart and circulation.
This culinary herb is very popular in the east and had been used medicinally for millennia. A broad range of action, its main uses being in helping the digestion and circulation.  Acts specifically on the peripheral circulation and has a focus of action on the abdominal region.   Used specifically to treat poor circulation, cold extremities, chilblains and cramp (note:- these latter three symptoms may also be signs of calcium deficiency)3  It promotes gastric secretions so may be used for poor digestion, dyspepsia, flatulence and colic. It is warming and promotes perspiration. Adequate perspiration helps keep the blood clean. (Antiperspirant sprays, 'roll-ons' etc. are anti-health).  Ginger is a useful addition to the foregoing herbs to produce a balanced circulatory formula.
Ginkgo Biloba
This is now the most prescribed herb in continental Europe.  A general aid to circulatory health, containing many bioflavonols, including some of the highly active water soluble proanthocyanidins. These nutrients have considerable antioxidant or free radical scavenging effect. They cross the blood brain barrier and  may account for the reputation of ginkgo as a restorer of circulation to the brain.  Especially useful for the elderly, or to prevent some of the symptoms of health deterioration associated with, aging, such as Alzheimer's, memory loss, loss of hearing and eyesight deterioration. At least 40 double blind clinical trials (Lancet) demonstrate a considerable improvement in short term memory, vigilance, mood, mental performance, tinnitus, vertigo, headache, emotional liability, depression and brain electrical abnormalities
Ginkgo helps to alleviate some of the after effects of micro embolism by restoring circulation. Better transmission of nerve impulses in the brain is also engendered.  Improvement in muscle tone of the blood vessels, occurs with regular consumption having the effect of improving circulation. Like cayenne, ginkgo  inhibits platelet formation (helps prevent blood stickiness and clotting.) Ginkgo also has anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore may be helpful in many health disorders that involve inflammation, an example being asthma. Tests have shown an increase in breathing peak flow rates in both children and adults.
Mistletoe (See more here)
The Druids held mistletoe in great reverence as a sacred plant that could remove every ill. It was gathered with great ceremony and cut from the tree with a golden knife. These days its wonderful virtues have almost been forgotten, and many people think it is poisonous; this being true only of the berries, the leaves however are completely non poisonous and may be taken like any other herb on a regular basis.
According to Maria Treben (quoting from Health through God's Pharmacy)
"For hardening of the arteries mistletoe is an excellent remedy, esteemed and recommended for stroke, which would have scarcely have happened had the tea been drunk regularly. After a stroke drink 3 cups a day for 6 weeks, 2 cups for 3 weeks and 1 cup for two weeks.....Misteltoe is the best remedy for heart and circulatory complaints. I cannot emphasise mistletoe enough for circulatory problems. Since it has active substances that normalise the whole system, it lowers high and raises low blood pressure. It soothes the heart and strengthens it. All the side effects of abnormal blood pressure such as blood rushing to the head, dizziness, buzzing in the ears and visual defects disappear. Mistletoe it can be said is invaluable in all heart and circulatory disorders..."
"It is an excellent relaxing nervine (nerve tonic) indicated in many cases. It will quiet, soothe and tone the nervous system. This remedy acts directly on the vagus nerve to reduce excessive heart rate whilst strengthening the walls of the peripheral capillaries. It will thus act to reduce blood pressure and ease arteriosclerosis. Where there is nervous quickening of the heart (nervous tachycardia) it can be very helpful."
David Hoffmann, herbalist
Medical herbalist Gerald Green states that mistletoe is the best herbal remedy for high blood pressure.
By combining mistletoe with cayenne, ginger, hawthorn, ginkgo biloba, we achieve a master formulation to help the heart and circulation.
Calcium deficiency
This should not be rectified by merely taking a Calcium supplement. When taking calcium always include at least the same quantity of magnesium. If little sunlight exposure has occurred, especially by the end of the winter, vitamin D deficiency is likely. Vitamin D is required to process calcium effectively in the body. So vitamin D supplementation may be appropriate. The trace mineral Boron also aids calcium utilisation.

"After 15 years I have been signed off by my Doctor as I no longer have high B. P. When the allopathic medication got to 3 different drugs and each one becoming stronger every year, I thought this is enough. This is not working. So bravely or foolishly I threw them away. I read a lot on Google and found Regenerative Nutrition who supply various remedies. It was easy to choose as there is a lot of information. I settled on Circulate, Serrapeptase and Magnesium Oil (ed. See Mag Sea Pure) and this combination has worked. I told my Doctor and he said you must have lost weight. Not true as I am always 55 kilos. This year has been stressful as I am in the middle of a year long building project so the supplements must be helping . Do keep trying different remedies. It is likely something will help you." Mimi, aged 73

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