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Save with Regenerative Rewards...

Regenerative Rewards is our way of helping you save money on your health needs. As a loyal customer you will be rewarded with a discount of up to 15%!

  Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade
Level      Jade Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Discount      2.5% 5% 7.5% 10% 15%
90 Day Spend      £50 £100 £200 £300 £400

Here's how it works...

Every time you order, we add up the total you have spent in the last 90 days, including the order you have just made - if it reaches one of the levels in the chart above, you will be upgraded to that level.

We'll let you know by e-mail, and you will receive the corresponding discount on all further orders for a 90 day period. That's right EVERY order, for 90 days is discounted!

Providing your spending remains at the same level during this 90 day period the discount will be reactivated for a further 90 days at the end of it.

Of course, if at any point your spend reaches the next level, you'll be upgraded again and will enjoy a higher discount for a new 90 day period.

If you are in danger of losing your discount, but are close to the spend needed, we'll let you know by e-mail 15 days before the discount expires.

On your "my account" page you will find a useful "meter" that shows you where you are in relation to other levels. Also some useful statistics to help you maintain or improve your discount level.

The discount meter looks like this:

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