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Disease: Acid Wastes, Oxygenation and Lymphatic Congestion

Most of us have heard that it is important to keep the level of acid wastes in the body to a minimum by consuming an alkaline forming diet. However this alone is not enough to guarantee we will live long and healthy. All food consumed requires oxygen to burn it. There are many reasons that this burning process is not 100% efficient. To put it simply; food that is not completely consumed for metabolic energy i.e. improperly burnt will leave acid wastes polluting the system. We can reduce this ongoing pollution by taking supplements that aid oxygenation e.g. Zell Immuocomplex and organic germanium. This measure alone can help prevent serious disease and most likely extend lifespan.

It will not however eliminate all stored acid waste (Actually we cannot be sure if consuming relatively large doses of organic germanium for extended periods would help to clear out old trapped acid waste or not)

The process of Lymphatic and interstitial fluid congestion with acid waste

The other reason for the production of waste in the interstitial fluid and the lymph system is the death of millions of cells daily. These have to be broken down and eliminated from the body.

Every cell in the body is bathed in a semi transparent fluid called interstitial fluid. This fluid is similar in mineral composition to sea water. The interstitial fluid delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells and transports out of the cells carbon dioxide and waste products. The interstitial fluid is derived from the blood but contains no red blood corpuscles.

The waste products from the cells must be eliminated to maintain life and health. The bulk of the waste is passed via the interstitial fluid into the blood via osmosis and returned into the circulation by the veins, these are eventually eliminated from the body after processing by the Liver, immune system bowel and kidneys, and to some extent sweat. Also carbon dioxide is eliminated via the lungs. About 10 to 20% of the debris is too large in size, such as discarded proteins, to pass back into the venous capillaries and has to exit via the lymphatic circulation, the body’s main waste disposal system.

The Lymph system consists of very small lymph capillaries that pass this waste material onto larger lymph capillaries, these then combine into the larger lymph vessels that contain one way valves, so that muscular movements, both voluntary and automatic pump the lymph in the correct direction. At various intervals along the lymph channels are filters called lymph glands (not to be confused with the endocrine glands) These filters give the white blood cells time to break down some of the wastes and also work on any pathogenic micro-organisms before the lymph is finally passed into the venous blood circulation at the thoracic duct.

The lymph channels and vessels are not connected to the pumping action of the heart so movement is slower and retarded if insufficient exercise is taken. The other retarding factor, a major cause of all disease or rather a major link in the chain of all disease is the fact that the lymph fluid becomes excessively full of acid wastes. These acid waste products produce a thicker lymph fluid so it cannot flow efficiently out of the body. Over time this poor flow from the bodies waste disposal system leads to a progressive clogging up of the lymph system and its origins in the interstitial fluid. This then makes the elimination of wastes from the cells less efficient. In this situation, oxygen is consumed by combining with some of the hydrogen in the acid wastes. This results in lowered cellular oxygenation and in turn increases the acidity of the cells, interstitial fluid and lymph fluid. This is a vicious circle, and unless appropriate action is taken disease and or pre-mature death eventually follows

So here we have it, the process of degeneration and a common foundation for the development of all chronic disease. It can take years for this gradual clogging up of the system, lowered oxygenation and further reduction in the burning efficiency of the foods and dead cells that are required for a fresh and healthy life. So when one refers to detoxification the issues can now be more clearly understood.

I have known about the important of tissue pH for many years, and the importance of a healthy diet. But I was unaware that this process of acid waste accumulation can take years to occur and only superficial cleansing occurs with good diet and regular supplements. In fact trapped acid wastes are often carried forward from childhood on, starting the basis of health problems that can occur later in life.

It is possible to see the trapped acid wastes evidenced in the iris by a close up photo of the iris in some iris types (this diagnostic method is called iridology) A recent photo of my iris showed trapped acid waste of the same or slightly greater amount than an iridology photo that I had taken 8 years earlier. Conscientious diet and supplements had not eliminated the acid wastes I had started to accumulate from childhood on…so how to get this cleared out? How to overcome the basis of disease?

One can take herbs and nutritional supplements to resolve some current health problems, but if success is only partial or if the problems re-occur, or if other disorders manifest, we can make some progress with further nutritional supplements, especially the ones that aid oxygenation and provide vital nutrients. Also helping to balance the endocrine system is often of paramount importance. (I hope to produce an article concerning the restoration of the endocrine system in the next few months) However all serious health disorders, as many health writers have discussed are underlined by an excess build up of acid wastes. If the cells are bathed in a clean interstitial fluid free of toxins and excess acidity then nutrition and oxygenation of the cells is more efficient, hence nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances are patially mitigated. If we are able to clear out the acid debris and protein waste not only do we enhance cellular oxygenation we also have a vastly improved anti-oxidant status. This will result in increased well-being and freedom from serious disease and increased longevity.

The book,
An undetected acid-Alkaline Imbalance (Warning acid waste and trapped proteins are damaging your Lymphatic system, creating Illness and disease) by John Ossipinsky was a wonderful discovery for me and answered these questions, I thoroughly recommend this book.

Method of overcoming trapped acidic waste in the interstitial fluid and lymphatic system.

1/ Electron donation.

Several scientists have concluded that longevity and health of the healthiest and most long lived people on earth such as the Hunzas is largely due to the presence of plentiful free electrons in the glacial melt water that they drink. Anti-oxidants support the process of electron distribution to neutralise free radicals. However, actual electron donation has been referred to as the mother anti-oxidant. Organic germanium is an electron donator and one of the most valuable nutritional supplements available.

However, at the moment we do not have enough information to know how effective it is breaking down acid wastes. For this we suggest the electron donator Vitaliza 3 (formerly called Alka vita). Vitaliza 3 is an excellent electron donator, a form of silicon compound with free electrons readily available to neutralise acid wastes. Once this neutralizing occurs the wastes in the lymphatic and interstitial fluid are broken down making transport out of the Lymph system relatively easy.

2/ Enzymes.

Most of the stubborn waste in the Lymphatic and interstitial fluids is composed of degraded protein, some from poorly burnt food some from dead cells. Enzymes facilitate the dissolution of these proteins and render the fluids that contained them thinner, again promoting easier removal from the body via the lymph and interstitial fluid/venous system.

The enzymes that are used for this purpose include
Serrapeptase, multi-enzyme Protect (includes serrapeptase , nikotinase , protease and other enzymes)

Also, digestive enzymes can have a role in this process, reducing the enzyme load or overall enzyme deficiency.

As we age the tendency to reduced enzyme production is common especially the protein digesting enzymes, hence we tend to gradually clog up with poorly processed proteins as we age. This leads to inflammation and fibrosis of the internal organs, an unnecessary part of ageing.

Personally I preferred to start with
and SerrapeptaseVitaliza 3. Suggested cleansing courses are from 3 months to 1 year to have any significant effect on ones lifelong accumulation of acid wastes. However some health problems, even of a serious nature may begin to resolve in a few weeks. Continuation of Vitaliza 3 after 3 months is suggested at half the dose i.e. 15 drops daily (unless of course one uses any other effective electron donators) Life-long supplementation of an electron donor makes sense.

The reason I prefer serrapetase to the more broad acting and potent multi enzyme protect is, like some others, the large amounts of protease in this supplement can produce nausea but only in some individuals.
Digestive enzymes capsules with a lower level of protease can be used in conjunction with serrapetase if desired for a more rapid cleansing action.

There are exercises such as rebounding that can be very useful in speeding lymph cleansing and also certain lymph drainage exercises that one can do on one’s self, further details in the book by John Ossipinsky, An undetected acid-Alkaline Imbalance.

And of course drink plenty of water to help clean the system right down into the cells.

Don’t forget the basics such as unrefined full spectrum salt
i.e. Celtic Salt to support the healing process and general homeostasis. I was surprised to find on researching recently, that the typical need for salt is at least 3.5 grams daily i.e. a slightly rounded teaspoon and in many situations more. Salt is essential for many things including proper hydration and cleansing. For the evidence of this level of salt being healthy see: Salt and our Health  and The Salt of the Earth

Basing a diet on foods that are more alkaline to excess can lead one into ill health, such as restricting protein. After years of thinking in these terms I have realised that it can lead one astray. The question we need to ask is, what are the general foods and principles that have been proven in populations to lead to greater health and longevity? To answer these questions I refer you to a well trusted information source based on many years research with actual populations around the world at Western Price website

Testing urine and saliva for pH.

Something I have done on and off for years. First of all there is disagreement among the various writers on the subject. Some say a healthy urine and saliva pH should be alkaline i.e. 7 or 7.5 pH. A health researcher I respect a he had much clinical success is Dr. Carey Reams. He concluded that the healthy level of urine and saliva pH should be around 6.7pH and that the pH of the cells and is not the same as that of the by Urine or saliva

Over the years of testing, this latter statement I found to be broadly correct. Failure to eliminate excess acid causes an alkaline urine. Furthermore very sick individuals can show both alkaline urine and saliva, even as high as pH 8. Recently I have found from detoxing deeply that the urine and saliva becomes temporally much more acid.

So the whole situation of urine and saliva pH needs to be treated with great reservation. The most important things are to consume sufficient water and full spectrum salt, eat a healthy diet (many of us need deprogramming about false information we have been fed. (go to western Price for more information) and take supplements as detailed in this article to clear out trapped acid waste products. (See also the core regime for other important nutrients such as Iodine and or Seagreens)

On a final note:

A French doctor was able to keep a chicken heart alive for 37 years (until there was an error in the laboratory doing the experiment) by using fresh water containing Celtic salt.

I think the moral here is if our fluids that bathe the cells are replenished with clean fresh fluid then great extensions to longevity can be expected


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