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The Withdrawal of Organic Silicon

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When the current stock of Organic Silicon has been depleted it will be withdrawn from sale.

At Regenerative Nutrition, after a few years of trials, we feel that better results can be obtained by the use of other products or product combinations over Organic Silicon, and therefore after the current stock of Organic Silicon has been depleted, we will no longer supply this product.

Vitalyza 3 Elemental Silicon
This carries added benefits over Organic Silicon, especially it's infection clearing and anti-oxidant properties. Vitalyza 3 can be used as a direct replacement, where an increase in silicon, for silicon defficiency, is the reason Organic Silicon was being used with many added benefits.
Please click here to read the full information on Vitalyza 3
Costs: at maintenance level, just 25p a day (compared to £1.21 per day for Organic Silicon)
Schindele's Mineralien
This can also be used as a source of silicon, but over and above Organic Silicon, it provides over 20 minerals and trace elements with metallic ions predominating for widespead health benefits. Alongside Seagreens it can be the basis for a complete re-mineralisation regime.
Please click here to read the full information on Schindele's Mineralien

Costs: at maintenance level 80p daily (a saving of 41p a day over Organic Silicon)

This can be combined with Vitalyza 3 or Schindele's Mineralien if Organic Silicon was being taken for it's repair or general healing/health properties, we find both of these combinations to have more powerful effects than Organic Silicon alone. To make an informed decision on which combination will best suit your current needs please read the articles
Please click here to read the full information on L-Carnosine
Costs: at maintenance levels, Vitalyza 3 and L-Carnosine are just under 70p per day (a saving of 51p a day over Organic Silicon). Schindele's Minerailien and L-Carnosine are £1.24 per day, a few pennies more than Organic Silicon.
If you are in doubt, after reading the articles for each product, as to which product or combination will suit you best, please contact us with your questions here providing as much detail about your use of Organic Silicon and the benefits experienced as possible please.

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