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Autoimmune Protocols

The Autoimmune Protocols
New evidence suggests that protocols including iodine and bio-identical hormones are in so many ways the first protocols of choice in treating autoimmune disorders; with very positive results. 

Whilst we still stand by our original autoimmune protocol that we have published for many years (through many adjustments and revisions to include new discoveries), we now feel it is time to create a new protocol rather than revising the existing one. Hence, we will now offer a choice of autoimmune protocols. There is considerable remedy overlap between the two protocols, as you will note upon comparison.
December 2018 New information:
Essential food toxins/components to avoid to yield a significantly higher success rate in overcoming all auto-immune disorder full details in Dietary Guide update December 2018

Glycine and autoimmune disorders

The severity of autoimmune disorders has been found to collate with the degree of body glycine deficiency. The reason is simple, glycine is quite possibly the major antidote to inflammation. It is inflammation that causes destruction of tissue and also damage to the beta cells of the pancreas. Supplementing with Glycine at 10 g or more daily, as discussed in the video below can have the amazing effect of stopping the inflammatory process.

Glycine is contained in gelatin/gelatine (hydrolysed collagen from mammals or fish) at about 30%. However, taking gelatin alone will require a dose of at least 30g daily to achieve the best healing. This can work out costly and inconvenient. Since glycine alone is so effective and cost effective and very easy to take in drinks, it makes sense to either take just glycine at optimal doses of 10 g a day to balance the methionine that is contained in our average daily protein input or in some cases, depending on the individual responses, doses higher than 10 g daily. One can take gelatin in addition to provide more balanced nutrition (e.g. 10 g daily each of gelatine and glycine, or more glycine if needed, as stated above).

Both are available from Regenerative Nutrition
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Note: 10 g glycine is approx 6 level 5 ml medicinal teaspoons

Please click here to read essential new information on Liquorice dosage in relation to adrenal hormone support (adrenal insufficiency, hydrocortisone and steroids), low blood pressure, fatigue, asthma and all other autoimmune disorders.

We suggest prioritising the new protocol; designated PROTOCOL ONE as we feel this will be a far more effective programme for most cases. 

However, the original; now designated PROTOCOL 2 is still supported and the remedies are still being supplied by RN. We suggest this protocol for those not wanting to use hormones and for those who are already using it and do not wish to change. It would also be recommended as a back up for those who do not achieve success with protocol one.


A particularly useful combination of supplements for SUPPORTING the main remedies recommended are....

Click above to view the full information on each or click here for an overview of the two in combination.
D-ribose is a complex 5-carbon sugar made in the human body. It is the catalyst that starts the metabolic process for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the body's cells. ATP is a co-enzyme used as an energy carrier in the cells of all known organisms. D-ribose is the specific nutrient needed for ATP production, the essential component for the body's energy production. Without D-ribose, cells cannot produce ATP and a low energy state of lethargy will occur.

Benefits and applications of D-ribose
  • Energy boost for all low energy states, from simple tiredness right the way through to chronic fatigue syndrome, including fatigue brought on by autoimmune conditions.
  • Heart health; recent research shows ATP production in the heart muscle increased by 300% to 400% due to supplemental D-ribose
  • Blood health; aids in the longevity of blood cells
  • Brain health; increases the ability to think clearly by virtue of glucose production aided by D-ribose supplementation


For all of those with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, problems losing weight and any chronic heath issue the most common factor worsening your condition, often dramatically and covertly, is an intolerance to wheat.

Wheat intolerance is very common, in fact a study of a selection of patients with autoimmune disorders found that 100% had wheat intolerance.

Wheat has been found to cause damage and inflammation in the gut. Inflammation then spreads throughout the body and can impact on any organ or system, including the brain.

Any food intolerance can be masked, so that you are not aware of how the food is damaging you, if you have been using it habitually. The food intolerance can be found/unmasked simply by stopping the suspect food for one or two weeks to see if  symptoms improve and then re-introducing them two weeks later (have plenty) and noting if an aggravation of symptoms occurs.

One can spend years with various therapies and nutritional supplements and not regain full health when simply removing a single food (most often wheat) can result in great improvements in health.

Wheat Products: Bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, flour, pasta etc. If you habitually consume these foods then you can more or less guarantee you have an intolerance to them.


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