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Removal of blocks to health improvement

Major Blocks to Health Improvement (and How to Overcome Them)

Broadly speaking, we can define the major blocks to health improvement, although there are both obvious and subtle links and relationships between them all. These areas should be considered the essential areas for resolution - the number one priority - before we can go on to more specific healing of various health conditions as detailed in the programmes offered by Regenerative Nutrition. By tackling and removing these blocks to ones health improvement, one will feel stronger and more prepared for these programmes and will achieve greater success with them. These major blocks to health improvement can be broadly stated as follows.
  • toxins: both acquired and self generated toxins (acid waste)
  • low body oxygenation
  • unbalanced pH levels
  • chronic adrenal insufficiency
  • Lack of sufficient cellular energy production (ATP insufficiency)
Toxins and Acid Waste

The basis of chronic disease can be understood when we consider the fact that the very act of breathing and eating cause harmful by-products to build up in the body. Fuel (food) is taken in, burnt with oxygen (metabolised), acid waste is produced, which is never fully eliminated from the body. Add to this all of the non-nutrient content, such as toxins, chemical additives etc., that are taken into one's body (orally, environmentally and transdermally) and it's little surprise that at some point the body will cease to cope with it and become "sick”.

Low Oxygenation

Acid waste accumulation (in cells, tissues and bodily fluids) clog the lymphatic system, extracellular fluid and the cells. These acid wastes neutralise oxygen that should be used for proper cellular respiration and energy and an efficient immune system. Low oxygen levels reduce the energy output of the cells resulting in an impoverishment of all metabolic activity and efficiency. This process tends to become self perpetuating. Please see the article Disease: Acid Wastes, Oxygenation and Lymphatic Congestion. Low oxygen levels anywhere in the body lead to the development of disease, such as a proliferation of chronic infection such as Candida. Cancer cells will develop successfully only in a low oxygen environment. Oxygen is the great cleanser and purifier.

Unbalanced pH

The nearer ones pH to ideal, the more oxygen rich they are. The lower the pH, the more acidic and anaerobic (without oxygen). Maintaining the recommended slightly alkaline pH of human blood at 7.365 is critical to optimal health as the pH of the body is a critical factor in overall health. An over acidic body pH is a reflection of imbalance and sets the stage for disease. It reduces the body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. It reduces energy production within the cells, as well as the cells ability to repair and to detoxify metabolic by-products. Low pH (chronic low-level acidosis) is believed by many researchers to be an underlying contributor to such diseases as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, chronic infections and many more chronic, degenerative and autoimmune conditions. A urine and saliva pH of 6.4 indicates optimum internal pH and metabolic energy.

All of the acid waste products must be detoxified and discharged for us to stay healthy. Virtually all waste products are acidic. 

A note on Antioxidants and Free Radicals: Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that can start a chain reaction. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs and this is the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. Antioxidants are molecules which can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged

Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency

This insufficiency has arisen due to either; acquired adrenal insufficiency from birth or childhood, or most commonly from the many years of demands of hyper-civilization; stress, modern lifestyle, poor nutrition and not enough rest to recover. People end up shifting from this hyper-civilization mode to a burn-out phase of constant tiredness and insufficient energy to do what they used to do. This means that the adrenal glands are unable to produce sufficient hydro-cortisone to maintain health and adapt to life’s challenges, be they physical, mental, emotional or physiological.

Studies show that a majority of adults will suffer from adrenal fatigue syndrome.

The article Health Restoration: The Necessity to Support Adrenal Hormone Output is an absolutely essential read for a deeper understanding in this area.

May 2015 - Important addendum to this protocol - The addition of DMG
Why DMG?
DMG is truly an astounding nutritional supplement that I find myself recommending to everyone. I am sorry that I had not looked into DMG before, even though I took some briefly in the 1980's.

The reason I recommended it for everyone is that it tends to bring the whole system in to balance, so reducing the manifestation of diseases and health issues. Further, it adds a robustness to the system enabling it to cope with stresses of many types. An example of its incredible ability is that it is an extremely effective normaliser of the immune system; on the one hand boosting its efficiency and ability to keep disease at bay whilst at the same time reducing or eliminating auto-immune issues and tendency to inflammation.

These actions are achieved by significantly improving cell to cell communication and filling in gaps in the body's biochemistry (via methyl donation). Combined with its action of buffering stress as an extremely effective adaptogen, it can be useful even for those with adrenal fatigue and/or delicate health who struggle to find a therapy they can adapt to. 

Many supplements have broad acting benefits, but the percentage of those using the supplement achieving significant boosts to their health is always limited by the body's ability to adapt and utilise it. DMG is not like those supplements, in as much as everybody should benefit from it's use. It is a stand out remedy in the advanced nutritional healing field, and personally I believe it should be included in any health nutritional program sooner or later. 
John Claydon - Founder of Regenerative Nutrition
DMG produces a wide range of beneficial biological effects on the body including... 
  • increased energy levels 
  • improved neurological function and mental clarity 
  • better physical performance
  • improved sexual function 
  • better cardiovascular health 
  • vastly improved immune system function, whilst inhibiting immune system response
  • better cholesterol, blood glucose and hormone levels
Research has found that DMG can enable one to function at improved mental and physical levels whilst simultaneously helping with the resolution of many diseases and health conditions.

The tools required to overcome these blocks

Just 3 tools will overcome these blocks to health, healing and well being
Zell Immunocomplex versus Organic Germanium
Organic Germanium aids oxygenation generally within the cells, tissues and body fluids. Zell Immunocomplex supplies respiratory enzymes to directly aid mitochondria to utilize cellular oxygen. These two remedies therefore are complimentary and use of both will result in the best health outcome. If just selecting either one, the following information may be useful (Note the cost of 3 Organic Germanium a day, a reasonable maintenance dose, if no pressing health issues are involved is similar to 30ml Zell Immunocomplex daily, the typical recommended maintenance dose)
Zell Immunocomplex 
This works well as part of the management of most health problems including auto-immune tendencies. It helps detoxification to proceed with minimal stress on the body. When the energy of the body is increasing due to supplemental and other therapies detoxification is common as toxins are stirred up and they have to be broken down and eliminated. For adrenal insufficiency/burn out cases this can result in a cleansing crisis that can turn out to be more of a disease crisis. Immunocomplex paradoxically strengthens the bodies core energies and improves oxygen uptake by the cells but at the same time mitigates stress that could otherwise occur from detoxification. On the other hand Organic Germanium improves oxygenation and energy but has less of an immediate venting out of toxins so requires more adaptation and careful dose regulation. For these reasons Immunocomplex is the remedy of choice to facilitate detoxification and facilitate immune competence AND balance during the process of upping the bodies energy and detoxification, and for sensitive/auto-immune types.
Organic Germanium
Germanium's properties, within this context, include
  • Neutralising acid wastes (Also consider Vitalyza 3, Celtic Sea Salt, Barely Grass Juice Powder and Seagreens as nutritional aids to supporting healthy pH)
  • A major help in eliminating a variety of toxins
  • Increasing cell oxygenation
  • Partially normalising acid/alkaline levels

Germanium works at the molecular level to eliminate free radicals, especially un-burnt hydrocarbons within the cells; in combination with its oxygen enhancing abilities, it is one of the most potent healing remedies ever produced. It has a prime place in any significant/fundamental health recovery program.

Please review the full information on Organic Germanium by clicking on the further reading tab of this page here. This information includes the May 2013 Organic Germanium review and important information from clinical trials and researchers.

Adrenal MAX Support (Bio-identical Hydrocortisone)
The correct dose of Liquorice Concentrate can often be more effective than Bio-identical Hydrocortisone in re-establishing Hydrocortisone and aldosterone regulation, i.e. a more balanced option (see link below).

Please click here to read essential new information on Liquorice dosage in relation to adrenal hormone support (adrenal insufficiency, hydrocortisone and steroids), low blood pressure, fatigue, asthma and all other autoimmune disorders.

Sufficient hydro-cortisone is essential for a balanced immune system. On one hand it is required for a efficiently functioning immune system in times of infection, stress and detoxification, and on the other hand it is required to limit the degree of inflammation in the system. It is a hormone produced in response to stress. Hydro-cortisone also plays an important role in the regulation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Hydro-cortisone fights inflammation, helps regulate blood pressure and helps stabilize cardiovascular function. Low hydro-cortisone levels cause varying symptoms among individuals. The main indicator of chronic low hydro-cortisone levels is fatigue and low blood pressure.

Those with moderate, but not severe, hydro-cortisone insufficiency can sometimes function reasonably well, but need more rest than most people. If they come under stress, (which would include detoxification from therapies, worry, over-work, insufficient sleep and infections or simply being pushed beyond their normal tolerance levels in any way) then they can suffer from more marked fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also possible to lapse into an auto-immune disorder or experience a worsening of an existing auto-immune disorder. The reason for this is that the body requires significantly more hydro-cortisone to maintain its physiological balance in times of stress. In a person already suffering from adrenal insufficiency, their adrenal glands simply cannot produce enough extra hydro-cortisone on demand and this will render the cells even more hydro-cortisone deficient.

Inflammation is a natural part of the immune and healing response, it is a mobilisation of the bodies defenses that should normally be halted at the appropriate time for healing to proceed. With any auto-immune disorder, insufficient hydro-cortisone results in inflammation that is not halted when it should be and thus results in detrimental affects on the body, including tissue and organ damage. For example, in the case of asthma, the failure of inflammation to stop at the appropriate time results in distress and constriction of the bronchi. This can, in extreme cases, eventually lead to damage of lung tissue.

The full information is available by clicking the further reading tab of this page here. This information includes symptoms indicative of adrenal insufficiency, common conditions that can be relieved, methods for ascertaining adrenal insufficiency and reference to research and further reading.

D-ribose is a complex 5-carbon sugar made in the human body. It is the catalyst that starts the metabolic process for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the body's cells. ATP is a co-enzyme used as an energy carrier in the cells of all known organisms. D-ribose is the specific nutrient needed for ATP production, the essential component for the body's energy production. Without D-ribose, cells cannot produce ATP and a low energy state of lethargy will occur.

Benefits and applications of D-ribose
  • Energy boost for all low energy states, from simple tiredness right the way through to chronic fatigue syndrome, including fatigue brought on by autoimmune conditions.
  • Heart health; recent research shows ATP production in the heart muscle increased by 300% to 400% due to supplemental D-ribose
  • Blood health; aids in the longevity of blood cells
  • Brain health; increases the ability to think clearly by virtue of glucose production aided by D-ribose supplementation
Basic Support (Mineral Salt & Water)

Mineral Salt support is essential to get the best results from the above. This involves the daily use of 9-12g of a full spectrum salt such as Celtic Ocean Sea Salt. (approximately 3-4 level 3ml teaspoons). Preferably as a sole source of salt. These optimum levels are confirmed by population and disease studies as detailed in the Celtic Ocean Sea Salt pages. 

Water at 2.4 liters per day for a typical weight adult. Water should be sourced from a high quality filter, such as those listed here or from bottled spring /mineral water. 

During the health improvement process there will be days when the body requires more water and occasionally less. Keep watch for signs of extra need (often subtle), such as dryness of the throat. Once you respond quickly to these promptings increased thirst often arrives for a few hours. Urine in a glass should be pale straw color (unless you have consumed some B vitamins within about 4 hours) If darker than that you need more water! Other drinks do not cleanse the body as does water. Tea, coffee and many herbal teas encourage urination and therefore loss of water, so do not count these in your daily total.


Once these three tools are adopted into a regimen, or used as a precursor to other regimens, you will start to feel and see the benefits. Not only from these tools, but from other remedies you may be using. You may have tried all sorts of remedies; nutritional and herbal approaches, different therapies and so on, but failed to get well after months or even years of use. With the removal of these blocks to wellness, as discussed above, remedies and therapies will take on a new lease of life. Where, in the past, they had little or no effect, or even a negative effect, they will now have a far more marked effect and result in positive improvements.

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