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Water Filter - Stand-Alone

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Filter replacements are still available as detailed to the right
A stand-alone unit - does not require any installation. Comprises 2 stainless steel containers with a stainless steel lid, ceramic filter cartridges and a tap. Portable. Works to a far higher standard of filtration than a typical jug filter. It has 2 filter cartridges which will last for one year.
The ceramic shell removes harmful bacteria, parasites & sediment and the volume of filter media is sufficient to last for a year It contains two types of activated carbon for removal of particulates, aluminium sulphate flocculates, chlorine, organic pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, benzenes, phenols and many other toxic chemicals. It also incorporates a specialised ion exchange resin for the removal of heavy metals. The filtration is made even more thorough by the slow passage of water - it takes one hour for the production of 1 litre or pure water.
Available to UK customers only

Water Filters
Drinking unfiltered tap water has been scientifically shown to turn essential nutrients into toxic chemicals and it is essential for your health regime to drink sufficient quantities of pure water every day.Water makes a vital contribution to your overall health, fitness and life expectancy and plays a role in nearly every bodily function.Many of us are chronically dehydrated without even realising and this has been shown to be a factor in many degenerative diseases. Bottled water is used widely to avoid the health risks of tap water, but European standards for bottled water are actually lower than those for tap water in the UK!
For an in-depth article about the dangers of Chlorine, please Click Here
Aluminium sulphate, chlorine and fluoride are added deliberately at the waterworks - numerous studies have linked these substances to a variety of health conditions.However our tap water is exposed to even more toxic substances in its journey to our taps - studies have reported up to 700 different contaminants in our drinking water including fertilisers, chlorine, fluoride, antibiotics, nitrates and an array of harmful bacteria.Water filters are the only way to avoid exposure to such chemicals and offer a cost effective alternative.
Shower Filter
Daily washing with chlorinated water causes a high level of absorption of chlorine into the blood, and can be as much as one would absorb by drinking chlorinated water. To protect against this it is advisable to use a separate shower filter.
GS2 Stand Alone Water Filter
A free standing unit consisting of two stainless steel containers with lid, tap, base ring and 2 ceramic filter candles. Produces up to 50 litres of water per day and is far more effective at removing contaminants than jug filters. The upper container is filled with mains water which percolates through the filter candles into the lower container. The water is purified and free from bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and chemicals.Healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained. The crystal-clear water is ready for immediate use or storage in the frige. Unit measures 209mm x 486mm, replacement cartridges (1 years use / 4,000 litres)
Under the Sink Water Filters
Imagine the benefits of having purified water straight from your tap - giving you the freedom and convenience to drink, wash and cook with pure water at very little cost. Both water filters are easy to fit with basic DIY skills - full installation instructions are provided.
The MP1K Fountain Fresh Water System
This removes virtually all harmful contaminants from water yet retains essential minerals for good health and taste. The MP1K removes more pollutants than any other single cartridge system. The unit is complete with fountain tap, tubes and fittings, all certified and complying with UK Water Bylaws. It is built to last with all stainless steel systems carrying a 10-year guarantee; the remainder of the system has a 12 month warranty.Replacement Cartridges (Approx 1 years use / 4,000 litres)
MP2K Fountain Fresh Water System
This system has all the benefits of the MP1K but with an additional housing giving a higher flow rate and capacity and a longer replacement cartridge period.Delivers up to 4 litres of pure fresh water per minute.
In addition to the MP1K cartridge (described below) with its world-beating, six-stage, ceramic filtration process, the second cartridge brings additional performance and even purer water. Replacement Cartridges (Approx 1 years use / 4,000 litres)
Six Steps to Clean, Clear Tap Water
  • Stage 1: A ceramic barrier filters 99.99% of all particles larger than one micron (not visible to the naked eye). This includes bacteria, parasites, metals, organic matter and other chemicals. As deposits accumulate on the filter's outer surface, they can be easily removed, allowing the cartridge to be re-used again and again.
  • Stage 2: A premium grade Granular Activated Carbon filler eliminates organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides and herbicides. Silver impregnation reduces the build-up of any remaining bacteria.
  • Stage 3: A different type of Carbon filter removes chlorine and improves taste and smell. Silver impregnation provides a second barrier to bacteria.
  • Stage 4: Special flow baffles improve the efficiency of the filtration process.
  • Stage 5: This ion exchange resin takes out dissolved metals such as cadmium, lead, copper and mercury.
  • Stage 6: A pure polypropylene layer prevents the escape of any carbon or resin particles.
How does the MPIK system work?
By lifting or pressing the 'touch-flo' lever on the tap body, cold water is diverted through a non-return valve to the purification unit located under the sink. The housing of this unit contains the replaceable Fresh Water 1000-25-SM cartridge. The cartridge is constructed in six stages:
a) An outer shell of microporous ceramic that removes harmful bacteria, protozoa cysts and all particles above 0.9 (microns). The ceramic element is proven to remove 99.99% of particles between 0.6 - 0.7 (microns). For comparative purposes a red blood cell is approximately 5 (microns) in size while the lower field of human vision is estimated at 20.

1) Are gravity filters plumbed in?

No, gravity filters are not plumbed in, which makes them great for use in temporary accommodation or out in the field where are ready supply of potable water is unavailable. To use, simply fill the upper container with water. The force of gravity means that dirty water passes though the ceramic cartridges and clean water collects in the lower cabinet. 

2) What is a ‘silverised' ceramic?

Our ceramic cartridges are impregnated with silver which prevents bacterial growth on the cartridge. 

3) Is it safe to use the filter after it has been idle for a long period?

Yes, though it would be best to sanitise the unit before using it again. Add ‘Puritabs' or another sterilising agent to water in the upper compartment and allow the solution to pass through the normal filtration process. This will remove any build up of bacteria that may have occurred. You may also want to clean the cartridges by brushing them gently under cold running water. 

4) What kind of flow rate can I expect?

The GS2 can produce up to 50 litres of pure water a day.  

5) How much water can the container hold?

The lower canister holds 7 litres of pure water. 

6) Can I remove fluoride from my water?

Yes, Use GS2 Fluoride Candles 2 x FL-12-CP17 in addition to your regular cartridges you can remove fluoride. 

7) Can I remove nitrates from my water?

Yes. Use GS2 Nitrates Candles 2 x N-12-CP17 in addition to your regular cartridges to remove nitrate. 

8) Can I remove limescale form my water?

No, the gravity filter does not remove hardness from your water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which cause limescale, are considered extremely beneficial to health. 

9) How often should I change the cartridges?

We recommend that you change your cartridges every six months to a year to maintain optimum performance.

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Water Filter - Stand-Alone

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