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Organic Silicon is more effective than any other nutritional product we have studied for repair & cellular regeneration. Silica in mineral form has been used therapeutically for many years, but is absorbed inefficiently in the human body; there are many silica and silicon supplements on the market, but Organic Silicon is unique in its ability to heal the body

Vitalyza 3 Donates free electrons, a 'mother anti-oxidant', improves cellular oxygenation, anti-inflammatory, alkaliser. Vitalyza 3 is a water soluble form of pure elemental silicon that provides many benefits to your body

Colloidal Minerals are a broad-spectrum source of paramagnetic minerals and trace-elements with fair quantities of silicon. This is an excellent all round supplement which also helps to improve the uptake of the nutritional elements in your food and has a tremendous range of potential health benefits
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Silicon Products

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