The Incremental Introduction of Nutritional Supplements

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The Incremental Introduction of Nutritional Supplements

Why this approach?

Determining your sensitivity to nutritional and herbal supplements is an important step when starting a new remedy regime. The range of adaptation varies too greatly for us to be able to give a hard and fast set of rules by which to implement or adjust any supplement regime.

If you are experienced with nutritional supplements and know that you have a strong constitution with no adaptation problems then it is possible to introduce several remedies at one time. However, if you have never used such supplements, or you know yourself to be sensitive to remedies then it is always advisable to take a much slower approach to implementing a full regime.

This not only applies to the number of different supplements, but also to how much of any one supplement should be taken. Those with a strong constitution can usually start most supplements at the full maintainence dose, sometimes even the intensive usage levels, whilst those who have proven sensitive may need to start at a greatly reduced level and build themselves up gradually over a few weeks, even months.

Even experienced users will often have a strong detox/adaptation reaction, but it is almost inevitable in new and sensitive users. Anytime such a reaction (possibly flu like symptoms, headaches, inability to sleep, tiredness, loss of appetite, nausea) occurs there are a number of ways to deal with it, one approach would be to temporarily discontinue or reduce supplementation, but the likliehood is you will experience it again, to some degree, once you recommence. There are some additional remedies that can help with these detox symptoms, you will find that these are detailed in the Core Regime article, and should be in use anyway as part of the regime. Zell Immunocomplex being the best and most essential remedy in this regard. So, the preferred approach, if you can tolerate it, is to work through the detox with the aid of a supplement like the aforementioned Zell Immunocomplex and one of the Vitamin C products. It will, in most cases, be over in less than a week, and at that point you should already be starting to feel the benefit of the supplements you are taking. Mitigating the adaptation effects can make all the difference between giving up with, or persevering with, a remedial regimen of supplementation. Another important remedy that can help you through the detox/adaptation stage is Liquorice which is a great remedy for supporting the adrenal glands which have to work hard and can even become stressed during these changes. Sensitivity to remedies can often be the result of long term weak adrenals. Adrenal support is discussed in the article here.

If one has a compromised immune system stimulating remedies may not appear stimulating at all as the individuals core energy is very low. So, as a persons health and core energy improve additional remedies may then appear more stimulating as the energy is being raised even further. This is a good sign, and the adaptation should be treated as above.

Foundation Supplements

Foundation remedies are normally not a problem with regards to adaptation, even for sensitive individuals, and can be quickly incorporated into ones daily life. In this regard, we would say that starting with basic Core Regime recommendations should always be the first step. For instance:-

Targeted Supplements (for specific health conditions)

From here, once established on the foundation supplements, you can start to introduce more targeted remedies for health improvement or disease resolution, but one should note that improving health is a journey that takes time and commitment. If infection is involved, then after core/foundation remedies, eliminating these infections would be the next step. Eliminating infections with the recommended infection remedies may give fairly speedy improvements in well being but usually the underlying reason for why the immune system did not eliminate the infection needs to be addressed too, else it is quite likely that one will face the very same problems further along the way. So the foundation supplements are essential even when one considers they are "cured”

Taking a break and alternating supplements

This is predominantly aimed at targeted remedies rather than core remedies, which are best maintained at all times. Any remedy that provokes a strong, personal, physical reaction of any kind should be rested at least one day a week and considered a likely candidate for alternating with other remedies. So whilst a particular health problem should be targeted until resolution, the supplements used to target it should be varied.

Never take too many supplements

This fits in well with the above section on alternating remedies or taking a break from some remedies. Again we can not offer hard and fast rules as to how many different supplements one should be taking at any one time, and most people will be governed by their financial situation in this regard anyway, but as a general rule we would suggest that a maximum limit of 8 different supplements on any given day be adopted, this would include core/foundation remedies (but Celtic Ocean Sea Salt can be omitted from the count).

If after studying a certain health condition and selecting remedies for that condition in addition to core or autoimmune remedies gives one a count greater than 8, then we would look for action overlap between certain remedies, and these would be the ideal candidates for alternating.

Personal Experimentation

The word "experimentation” conjours up all sorts of images for people, but it is an appropriate word and nothing to be weary of. It's basically just a way of letting you know that you are the master of your journey to better health. We can offer advice and share our learnt and experiential wisdom as it applies to us and offer annecdotal accounts from others and details of research but none of this will be exactly aligned with your own personal experience. We do not want our system of natural health care to go the same way as medicine, with people blindly taking this and that when they are told to. We believe in taking responsibility for one's own health, of course with guidance, knowledge and so on, but ultimately you have to find your own way, and this is what we mean by experimentation.

Ultimately, everyone has to monitor their reactions closely, as no two people will react the same to any given supplement or group of supplements. One has to be prepared to put in the work required to find the best remedies for their own unique body and also how much and how often to take them. The directions given on the website and on the pots themselves are basic guidelines or starting points but we cannot emphasise enough that they are not hard and fast rules. We would suggest that one never goes beyond the stated maximum for any supplement or at the very least should contact us if they feel it would be beneficial to them personally to do so.

A very basic "steps" guide, to be adapted by YOU for YOU
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