Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson's Disease
This is a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system. Although it is generally thought of as a disease of old age, (It can also occur in middle age) it can take years or decades to manifest severe symptoms.
The causes of all degenerative nerve diseases include (but are not restricted to) the following factors.
(1) Heavy metal toxicity - Please see the article Health hazards of heavy metals  
(2) B12 deficiency - Please click on the further reading tab at the page here

(3) Magnesium deficiency - Magnesium Chloride (Mag Sea Pure) is beginning to be widely recognised for it's potential to help resolve Parkinsonís Disease. Please click on the further reading tab at the page here
(4) Failure of cell mitochondrial function. Every cell in the body has a little 'biological spark-plug', called mitochondria. These mitochondria are responsible for enabling the cell to process oxygen properly and to supply energy for all biological-chemical processes. Restoration of this function by supplying specific enzymes to restore mitochondrial function has proved effective in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
(5) Chronic infection - In view of the possibility of chronic infection being one of the causes of Parkinsonís Disease, the use of Colloidal Silver in small regular doses may help. Silver can also exert a healing influence on damaged cells. See  also, the article concerning Mycoplasma Infections and their link to chronic disease.

Generally, one of the causes of degenerative disorders is due to hardened fats not only in the blood vessels but in the oily membrane surrounding every cell in the body. This is due to consuming heated and processed fats and oils such as margarine, foods containing trans-fats and fried food. These products harden around the cells reducing the ability of nutrients, fluids and oxygen in and toxins out. Consuming quality raw oils can help to dissolve these hardened fats, and return nutrient transport into the cells.

Black Seed Oil is of particular use in this regard.

For further information on oils see The Dramatic Importance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Facts that May Contradict What You Have Already ĎLearnedí

All these factors detailed above can have a greater effect on a person who is genetically susceptible and has nutritional deficiencies and poor diet. 

The four most important aspects to treating Parkinsonís Disease are: 
(1) Removing heavy metals, especially mercury, from the brain and nerve cells by use of a formulation such as Deep Cell Detox  .
(2) Providing high dose of sublingual (dissolves in mouth) Vitamin B12, especially in the form of Methylcolbalamin. 
(3) Supplementing with magnesium chloride (Mag Sea Pure) via skin application
(4) Supplying specific respiratory enzymes to recover cell mitochondrial function by use of a formulation such as Zell Immunocomplex

Heavy Metal Detoxification:  

The product Deep Cell Detox (DCD) is designed to remove heavy metals, including mercury from the system. This supplement comprises of SeaGreens, MSM, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acety-L-Carnitine. These supplements are also available individually from Regenerative Nutrition. See our online article about Heavy Metal Detoxification
R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-L-Carnitine: has a role in heavy metal detoxification, especially in the brain, and helping the brain cells to function properly as evidenced by studies involving improved cognition and memory.
R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-L-Carnitine is such an important remedy combination that it is available from Regenerative Nutrition as a single capsule, as well as being part of the DCD formula. It is a valuable promoter of healthy brain function. Please read our online article about this important remedy  

Vitamin B12 Methylcolbalamin :

Regenerative Nutrition supply this remedy in high-dose sublingual Lozenges, Each Lozenge contains 1 milligram (1,000 micrograms) of Methylcolbalamin a form of bio-active B12 that is well absorbed and crosses the blood brain barrier more effectively than other forms of B12. This makes it suitable for general/systemic wide B12 deficiency, and more uniquely for brain/nerve disorders.

See our online article about this important remedy 

Parkinson's Disease and the Use of Magnesium Chloride
From Nancy English (via The International Medical Veritas Association)
"Parkinson's . . . I have completed my first day of Magnesium Oil therapy on William who has had Parkinson's for over 20 years. I am hoping for a revival of functionality, but not with high expectations because of the severity and duration of his symptoms. His condition before starting the magnesium oil was: He couldn't talk at all. Could not articulate whatsoever! He was barely functional and did nothing voluntarily. No exercise and no attempt to stop drooling. The drooling was getting so bad and so constant that I was beginning to isolate him to his bedroom in his big recliner because the carpets are new here and the enzymes of the saliva stain permanently. And it appeared to be getting worse by the week.
That's how he was. He also had started getting violent with me. If I pushed him too hard he would fly into a rage and hit me with whatever he could lay his hands on. I applied the Magnesium Oil twice yesterday, and he woke this morning and washed his own face, cleaned his teeth and put on his robe by himself - without being told to do these things. This is unheard of and hasn't happened for two years. What is more, he is not drooling. The drooling has been massive and absolutely uncontrollable for about a year. His swallowing reflex is simply going. He has had his nutritional drink, his coffee, his brain formula, fresh veggies and scrambled eggs and hasn't drooled once. So, my hope is high. This is the best I've seen for a very long time. After only three days interestingly his speech has been much better over all. I am applying it faithfully three times a day all over him. I will just keep up the application and let time do the explaining.
I am very encouraged by the improvement in speech. I honestly did not expect to see any results. His eyes are brighter, the concentration is longer and better, and the speech is much improved. By no means has he become a toastmaster but at least he can string two or three words together now and does not freeze up completely. I am spraying him 3-4 times a day on his back, belly, inner thighs, inner arms, chest and soles of his feet primarily. I put an ounce in his bath and am spraying about 50 sprays each time I anoint him.
He thrashed me over the head with a plastic ladle one day so quickly that he got in six or seven good thwacks before I could snatch it away from him. But since starting the magnesium oil, his demeanor has improved immensely. No more surly ugly looks, no more stubborn refusals to swallow or do something that I ask him to do. Great improvement and best of all . . . he is now able to communicate so he can tell me what he wants and needs.
The Symptoms of Parkinson's such as shaking, muscle spasm, personality changes, nerve disorders is a classic 'symptom-picture' for magnesium deficiency.

Recovering cell mitochondrial function
Another important aspect in nerve function restoration of Parkinsonís Disease and the elderly is restoring the ability of cells to function properly. Every cell has a Ďmini-cellí inside called a Mitochondria. These are like biological spark plugs that get the cells to breathe and to produce energy. These mitochondria are easily damaged by toxins that accumulate over time, including mercury and pesticides.
Specific enzymes do have an effective role in restoring mitochondrial, and hence cell, function to the nerves and brain. They also can contribute to the overall health of a person. Zell Immunocomplex contains these enzymes and is a very useful tool for dealing with any released toxins. Zell Immunocomplex contains specific respiratory co-enzymes that help restore aging and damaged cells, including brain and nerve cells, towards normal function. These co-enzymes include NADH, Q6 and Q10. Please read our online article about this important remedy

A simple protocol for treating Parkinsonís Disease
Begin with Vitamin B12 Methylcolbalamin Lozenges. Dissolve one lozenge in the mouth one or more times daily. Also begin as soon as possible Magnesium chloride (an oily liquid) application to the skin (massage in to convenient areas of the skin, such as the abdomen and armpits). The more frequently this is done the better but should be done at least twice a day minimum. Watch out for increased thirst and the need for more water.
Zell-Immunocomplex can be also be added at this stage. As it is a liquid it can be mixed with cold water or fruit or vegetable drinks.
After a few weeks (To avoid too much detoxification all at once) Deep Cell Detox (DCD) can be added to start the heavy metal removal, this will take approximately 4 months, to eliminate the bulk of the heavy metals at the recommended dose.