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Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulphate

Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulphate
Crucial ingredients in our Repair Tonic Formulation
A wider grasp of the possible tonic effects of repairing collagen and improving tissue hydration may be grasped by reading the extract that follows. It discusses the use of chondroitin sulphate, one of the main components of collagen, the substance that provides structural supports to all the cells. Note that Glucosamine is converted in the body to chondroitin sulphate.
Extract from 'How to Live 100 Years Without Growing Old' by Bill Sardi 
'Sometimes great medical discoveries are overlooked and as time passes, they are never adopted into the daily practice of modern medicine. Such is the case of Dr. Lester Morrison and his research over three decades ago. Dr. Morrison a Californian physician, provided case histories of patients who took oral chondroitin sulphate supplements. (In large doses ed.) Here are three astounding case reports.
A 77 year old retired university professor was seen in 1958. He had a previous heart attack, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and enlarged prostrate with complaints of overall weakness, pounding heart, skipped heartbeats, coldness of extremities, nervousness and insomnia. His blood pressure was 160/100. He started on 10 grams a day of chondroitin sulphate, then after three months this was dropped to three grams a day and finally one and a half grams. He had been taking three drugs including digitalis and nutritional supplements. Within three months of taking chondroitin sulphate the patient said he felt wonderful. His fatigue, nervousness and debility had disappeared. The skipped heartbeats were no longer reported. His hair began to re-grow and he had dark hair replace previous white hair. His prostrate gland no longer bothered him and frequent trips to the bathroom at night ceased. His planned prostrate removal surgery was cancelled. The urologist said a "remarkable improvement" in his condition had suddenly occurred. His need for prescription drugs waned. There were no side effects ..
A 68 year old retired male was first seen in 1965. He had experienced a previous heart attack (1949), high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, numerous small strokes, visual impairment, exhaustion, inability to walk or stand without  assistance, vertigo and fainting. He had been on blood pressure lowering drugs, a tranquilizer, other medications and vitamins. Following two months of ten grams a day of chondroitin sulphate , "striking and dramatic improvement" was noted. All black outs and fainting spells ceased. All numbness from previous cerebral accidents disappeared. Vision strikingly improved as did memory, gait, strength and vitality. Patient began walking 6 miles every day. Hair growth was observed after going bald fifteen years previously. New black hair was observed.
A 58-year-old female secretary was seen in 1955. Her heart had enlarged, she had hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis of the back, high cholesterol, chest pain, heart palpitations, nervousness, hot flashes with swollen ankles and puffy skin around the eyes. She was taking thyroid hormone, nitroglycerin, an anti-anxiety pill, and many other medications and vitamins. She was started on ten grams a day of chondroitin sulphate and five months later the dose was dropped to  two grams and finally one and a half grams per day. On chondroitin sulphate alone she experienced remission of angina chest pain for the first time in over a decade . Within a year his  patient had resumed work and had planned to move to Europe now she was feeling so well.
(Morrison LM, Schjeide OA, Corony Heart Disease and the mucopolysaccharides, Charles C Thomas, Springfield, 1974)
Repair Tonic Formulation contains some chondroitin sulphate, but not at the high levels discussed in the above quotes.   At these levels the price would render it unavailable for many individuals. We have provided large amounts of Glucosamine to top up the chondroitin sulphate levels in the body.    Glucosamine is converted in the body to chondroitin sulphate.  Clinical trial with arthritis, using Glucosamine, have show that higher doses e.g. three grams a day of glucosamine produce a better result than lower doses, e.g. half to one gram a day. Most glucosamine formulas on the market have provided only up to about half a gram of glucosamine per daily dose.  By providing three grams daily (plus co-factors to be discussed) it is hoped that sufficient chondroitin sulphate will be produced in the body to have the sort of potential shown by the above three dramatic case histories, but possibly over a longer period of time.
This is an amino sugar, normally produced in the body from glucose combining with the amino acid glutamine. It has been labeled 'a basement membrane builder', since it is the starting point for the manufacture of many materials to produce a variety of tissues/protein structures.  For example, it is used in the structures that surround blood vessels and tissues, helping to determine their permeability. It is crucial for the production of a substance that lines the mucus membranes of the digestive tract, lungs and genital urinary tract. This protective lining is a barrier against irritants.   Providing glucosamine can have a dramatic effect in alleviating conditions associated with mucus membrane enervation, such as intractable cystitis, and bowel disorders.
Glucosamine has become a well known nutrient of late, due to its anti-arthritic properties. These have been borne out in clinical double blind studies1 Joints become damaged due to the protective synoval fluid, normally a thick gelatinous substance, becoming watery, and failing to act as a jelly-like lubricant and mechanical buffer.  
Not so commonly realised, is that the spinal vertebral discs are also protected by this same jelly-like substance - not surprising then that glucosamine can alleviate both back problems and arthritis. It also helps to repair tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, blood vessels, heart valves, and several structures in the eye. We are made up of different types of protein!
"Glucosamine is one of the most exciting orthomolecules to have emerged in several years. In the next few years it will become an important tool in the prevention and treatment of the major degenerative diseases that now affect our society and we will be better for it" Dr. Daniel Cisaft.
The Glucosamine in the Repair Tonic Formulation is in the form of Glucosamine Hydrochloride - selected as a more concentrated and purer form of Glucosamine than the well know Glucosamine Sulphate. It provides a greater quantity of glucosamine weight for weight, e.g 1,600 mgs of glucosamine hydrochloride provides as much glucosamine as 2,000 mgs of glucosamine sulphate.
Glocosamine Hydrochloride has been proven to be effective in reducing arthritis pain, when compaired, double blind, to placebo. The Sulphate was most popular since it was used in the initial European studies; it was made available by an Italian pharmaceutical company who had proprietary rights on the sulphate form. It gave them a marketing edge to release the sulphate form. The original researchers attributed the benefits to the amino sugar glucsamine rather than the sulphate half. The Hydrochloride version has been deliberately selected for the Repair Tonic Formulation to give a greater quantity of available glucosamine, since higher doses of glucosamine give the best results, and further more help to manufacture chondritin in the body. Any need for sulphur is provided in the more viable form of MSM, as discussed in this article.
Summary of clinical indications for the use of glucosamine
  • Degeneration
  • Swelling and inflammation of the synoval fluids
  • Osteo-arthritis
  • Damage and inflammation of the muscles
  • Slipped disc and sciatica
  • Injury and  loss of elasticity of invertebral discs
  • Erosion, ulceration, and inflammation of digestive tract including irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
  • Food allergies
  • Skin disorders e.g. acne, psoriasis, cystitis; this includes interstitial cystitis (previously considered untreatable)
Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing.   The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.  No claims for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied.  Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states.   The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA.

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Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing. The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors. The information provided in our article is for information purposes only, it in no way constitutes a medical consultation, or medical advice, nor is it intended to be taken as a solicitation to purchase our products.

Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states.

No claim for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied nor do we claim that our products will treat, cure or prevent any disease.