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Type 2 Diabetes (Full Article - Draft)

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Type 2 Diabetes and How to Eliminate It

Diabetes, which had a per-capita incidence of 0.0028% at the turn of the century, this disease, under a variety of aliases, was destined to go on to wreck the health of over half the American population and incapacitate almost 20% by the 1990s. The incidence in Europe is fast approaching that of the USA and increasingly as processed foods are increased in consumption in Asia diabetes is increasing there. There can be no doubt that diabetes and related diseases i.e cardiovascular disease and syndrome X, is not some rouge disease mysteriously arising from imperfect bodies, but as a direct result of incorrect 'modern' foods that have pushed aside more naturally occurring foods and traditional diets.

What these errors in diets are, has been found and understood. The method of elimination and prevention of diabetes and syndrome x in general has been found and used successfully by thousands of sufferers. Diabetes can be cured but not with drugs that only modulate the symptoms but fail to halt its encroaching devastation into the health and life of so many. Diabetes is a mass epidemic, a mass tragedy, that brings in billions of $ to the pharmaceuticals, via a multitude of drugs for the various symptoms of diabetes and syndrome X.

Suffers have 2 choices :

1.Go to the conventional doctors for support, but no long term resolution of the progress of the disease.

2. Take the 'bull by the horns' and correct the faulty functioning of the body with simple natural foods , herbs and nutrients.

Note: We do not suggest suddenly stopping pharmaceutical drugs, but monitor your self daily, including blood sugar readings and where needed, daily blood pressure readings. This is so that any changes in blood sugar readings or blood pressure readings can be used to adjust the level of prescribed drugs taken on that day. One exception to this are anti-cholesterol drugs known as statins, these reduce the activity of mitochondria producing basic cell energy and can lead to heart failure. Cholesterol is not a problem as will be discussed later.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is basically a malfunctioning state of the sugar (glucose) regulation and distribution in the body. The basis of this is that the main source of fuel for our cells is glucose, this must be delivered to every one of our trillions of cells and ‘burnt’ / combined with oxygen to form energy in the form of a substance called ATP for short. ATP is then used throughout the body to supply basic energy for all processes e.g. thinking, moving, digesting, processing chemicals and so on.

The Physiological Nature of Type 2 Diabetes.

Sugar, in the form of glucose enters the blood, from the food we consume, mainly from carbohydrates (Although a low carbohydrate diet can result in protein and fats converting to glucose). From the blood/extracellular fluid, glucose must then enter every cell of the body. Each cell is surrounded by an outer oily membrane, through which glucose, minerals and gasses must pass. In order for glucose to enter each cell it must be aided by insulin secreted from the pancreas. Insufficient insulin due to pancreatic incompetence basically describes type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can have a degree of this aspect, especially long standing Type 2 diabetes, however the overriding issue with Type 2 diabetes is not insufficient insulin, but a resistance of the cells membranes to the passage of glucose, due to a hardening of the oily membrane that surrounds each cell, and possibly glycated proteins.

This has a a two fold effect. First, insufficient glucose enters the cells resulting in a variety of symptoms, including weakness and low energy. Second, glucose piles up in the blood/extracellular fluid and combines with proteins to form a destructive substance called advanced glycation end-products (AGE’s.) They attach to certain cells and cause them to oxidize, i.e. destroy them. AGE’s can also be ingested. Eating foods that are high in glycotoxins like AGE’s can also contribute to this.

AGE’s are produced in the dry heat cooking of meats, fats and highly processed foods. Grilling and roasting meats and fish and high temperature cooking of anything that contains fats or oils all accelerate the production of AGE’s. What happens, is that these AGE’s attach to proteins and lipid molecules and induce the process of oxidation, thereby contributing to oxidative stress in the body. Typical damage that occurs to diabetics from cellular oxidation caused by long term excess blood sugar include blood vessel damage that can result in gangrene and subsequent amputation of feet or legs and vision deterioration eventually leading to blindness.

Another aspect of the malfunction of glucose regulation relates to the Liver it is a very important aspect that is often overlooked. The liver serves an important role in glucose regulation. When we eat, and for a period afterwards, the blood sugar level becomes potentially high, the liver is designed to absorb excess glucose and store it in the form of glycogen. As time passes after the ingestion of food the blood sugar will potentially become too low, so the liver then discharges glucose into the blood to enable the cells to have an even and unremitting supply of glucose. In Type 2 diabetes the receptor cells of the liver become blocked or incompetent, therefore the blood sugar during and soon after meals rises to excess levels in the blood, but after some time, may become too low. This buffer action of the liver is very important in Type 2 diabetes and improving liver function in glucose management, on its own, can bring blood sugar levels to normal after a few weeks of specific nutritional inputs.

The liver and the pancreas work in tandem with each other, helping the liver return to normal functioning will tend to aid the function of the pancreas. In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas will often produces excess insulin for a period of time over the course of the progress of the disease, in an attempt to push glucose into the resistant cells. This over-production of insulin can, over time, exhaust the pancreas. Insufficient insulin production is the result. When the liver is functioning better due to nutritional remedies it provides many kinds of enzymes that can help stimulate renewed insulin production, i.e. can help normalise the functions of the pancreas.

The most important hormone that regulates blood sugar (Probably as much as insulin) is the liver created hormone IGF. In order to make this, the liver needs to convert growth hormone. Nutrients that stimulate growth hormone production, that becomes increasingly less as we age, are a sensible aid to correct blood sugar regulation. These nutrients include glutamine as occurring naturally in the collagen of bones, and skin. A fish collagen, highly absorbable is available as Ocean Repair . When the liver can produce adequate IGF stress is taken off the pancreas allowing it to recover from enervation that has occurred.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

There are a number of long term ‘insults’ to the body that produce Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes was extremely rare in the first part of the 20th century and is very clearly the result of processed foods that deviate from traditional pre-modernisationof the food and agricultural system. The main insult is regarding fats/oils. As it was discussed above, the main issue with the development of Type 2 diabetes is a hardening of the oily membranesof all the trillions of cells in the body. The cells need an oily membrane and that oil is derived from the diet. Vegetable and seed oils that are processed or heated become damaged and will harden, whether it is in the drains of a restaurant or in the lining of our blood vessels or on the surface of our cells i.e. the cell membranes. The change over from traditional fats and oils that can be obtained naturally without industrial processing, such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, eggs , fish, even lard, to the industrially produced vegetable and seed oils that are easily chemically damaged is one of the main reasons for the diabetes epidemic and also cardio-vascular disease.

The rows of various vegetable, bean and seed oils that line our shops and supermarkets cannot be obtained without industrial processing and extraction and we could not obtain them in that form in a natural environment. Most vegetable and seed oils have heat applied during their processing and often solvents are used. Vegetable and seed oils are highly reactive and spoil easily so by the time they arrive in the shops they are frankly toxic to the body. Further damage occurs when they are heated again during frying of food. Cold pressed vegetable and seed oils can be purchased in the health section of supermarkets or in health shops, but should only be taken raw in small quantities as even in the body they are inclined to degrade and create oxidation. The safest way to consume oil/fats from seeds or nuts is to eat a handful of nuts or seeds daily.

The change over from healthy fats/oils to toxic ones and of butter to margarine, these processed fats/oils have in every day reality for many persons become the main source of oils/ fats. So our cells use these to maintain their membranes that eventually harden and devastate the cells biochemistry and ability to absorb needed glucose , nutrients and oxygen.

There has been massive propaganda that has been funneled through the media and medical/government establishments that saturated fats lead to heart disease and are simply dangerous fats and that margarine, processed vegetable and seed oils are good for you, is utterly the reverse of the truth. The original studies that saturated fats caused heart disease was flawed and disproven not only by numerous scientific studies but by whole populations consuming large amounts of saturated fats with almost zero heart disease and arterial congestion. The reason behind demonisation of saturated fats was partly a commercial one so that profit could be made by switching the public to margarine and cheaply produced vegetable oils. The healthiest oil on the planet, coconut oil has become hard to find in many supermarkets. One cannot wonder if there was a hidden agenda to create mass disease of diabetes, heart disease and cancer with the switch over from natural traditional oils to refined/processed/ heated ones. This has created massive business for the pharmaceutical/medical establishment as Type 2 diabetes now effects a high percentage of the population. For more details about cholesterol see here

Another cause is a lowered general state of health related to some mineral deficiencies especially magnesium and chromium. This is partly due to modern commercial farming methods where only a few major minerals such as NPK are added to the soil, whereas up to 90 minerals and trace elements are involved in a healthy soil that has not been over-farmed. The trace element Chromiumaids insulins ability to carry glucose into the cells. Magnesium and other minerals and nutrient deficiencies increase inflammation and destructive effects of excess blood sugar levels. We consider along with a diet high in vegetables, some cooked, some raw juiced/smoothies, some fruit that the best long term solution to mineral deficiencies or suboptimal tissue reserves, including magnesium is Ionic minerals and trace elements

What are the nutrients and foods to cure Type 2 Diabetes ?

First of all we will discuss the remedies to help the liver function better so that it can fulfill its role of regulating blood sugar as discussed above. The main ‘nutrient’ is lemons (or limes). It’s a complex mix of phytonutrients in the lemon that make it such a valuable aid for restoring liver function. One of the nutrients in lemon is limonene. Limonene has been found to help dissolve hardened fats and specifically dissolve congested bile within the bile ducts in the liver and even hardened bile/cholesterol as occurs in gallstones. This is why fresh lemon juice is used in most gall stone elimination health programs see here.

The skin of lemons and limes contains a higher proportion of limonene, so using the whole lemon is more potent in it's beneficial effects. Ideally the lemons should be organic i.e free of /low in pesticides to use the skin. Once the juice has been extracted from a lemon the skin can be left to soak in water for about 1 hour this will release quite a lot of Limonene. Blending the whole lemon will provide the most potent juice of all.

There are enzymes that occur in freshly squeezed lemons that are not reliably present in bottled pure lemon juice. Therefore prepare freshly squeezed lemon juice just before use. Along with lemon, the spices turmeric, ginger and cinnamom have been found valuable in helping to restore normal blood sugar levels.

How much lemon should one use daily on a long term basis? This is only an approximate guide, but care should be taken by diabetics as consuming a lot of lemons in one day can suddenly wake the pancreas to produce insulin that it was previously unable to driving the blood sugar too low, too fast. For those that weigh less than 150 pounds (68 kilos) or 11 stone, squeeze the juice from a lemon to provide one ounce i.e 30 ml or 3 dessertspoons. (The amount of lemon you use will depend on the liquid content of the lemon) If you weigh over 150 pounds, double the amount. The lemon juice can be used as part of the liver activation and cleanse mixture detailed later, and also added to water for regular consumption.

To help your body get the energy from the food you are eating, drink lemon water regularly. Next to drinking plain purified water, drinking lemon water daily is the most important thing you can do for your health. For a three week period one lemon can be taken as part of a mixture of remedies detailed below in Liver activation and cleanse.

It has been found by many with type 2 diabetes that blood sugar levels return to normal or near normal with 3 weeks use of daily lemon juice, cider vinegar, ginger and turmeric.

It is thought that this occurs mainly due to Liver function nomalisation. This alone will not provide reliable long term results. As discussed in the causes of diabetes the cell membranes need to be repaired/reformed. This is simply done by avoiding all sources of processed fats and oils and avoiding frying or roasting any food with fats in such as meat, eggs, and fish, where the naturally occurring fats can be damaged, and replacing them with raw unheated coconut oil, butter, hemp oil and some virgin olive oil.


A recent study has proven ginger to have a positive effect on the health status of diabetics. Patients treated with ginger were noted to have significantly lowered fasting blood sugar levels, lowered advanced glycation end-products (AGE’s)substances that damages/destroys tissue, especially blood vessels it is in contact with. It helps to provide an average level of blood glucose over a long period of time. Decreased insulin requirements, decreased triglycerides levels, decreased C-reactive protein (decreased inflammation) are all engendered by the regular consumption of ginger.

A therapeutic dose of ginger is one level teaspoon of the powder twice daily in liquid or on food but at least one dose should be in liquid eg add 1 teaspoon of ginger powder to a cup of hot water and e.g. add some lemon juice, e.g. 1 dessertspoon and a little honey e.g. 1 teaspoon if desired. Some turmeric paste (or if you have not prepared the turmeric paste as discussed later just add a teaspoon of turmeric powder)

The United States NIH (National Institutes of Health) stated in an article published online in PubMed, the National Library of Medicine’s public internet search service:

"Ginger improved insulin sensitivity and some fractions of lipid profile, and reduced CRP and PGE2 in type 2 diabetic patients. Therefore ginger can be considered as an effective treatment for prevention of diabetes complications.”


In 2009, Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications published a study out of Auburn University that explored how supplementing with turmeric can help reverse diabetes.The study discovered that curcumin in turmeric is literally 400 times more potent than Metformin (a common diabetes drug) in activating AMPK which improves insulin sensitivity which can helpreverse Type 2 Diabetes.

In addition to correcting the causes of diabetes, curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has also been proven to help reverse many of the issues related to insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. Examples include diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. One of the most common complications of diabetes is damaged blood vessels which cause blindness.

A study found that supplementing with curcumin can delay this horrible complication of diabetes because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Chromium enhances the actions of insulin and is necessary for maintaining normal metabolism and storage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Its role is to increase the strength of the signal that insulin sends, helping to drive blood sugar into cells more quickly after a meal It is an essential part of metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar, and helps insulin transport glucose into cells, where it can be used for energy. Chromium also appears to be involved in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Inadequate intake of chromium has been linked to the development of glucose intolerance, a condition seen in type 2 diabetes. Chromium can also help raise HDL ("good") cholesterol levels, and may play a role in preventing heart disease.

Chromium has been found to reduce excessive carbohydrate cravings, another aid in overcoming diabetes. For a chromium supplement and more information on this crucial trace element see here

More about Fats and oils.

Generally, it is advised when in the early stages of recovery to keep butter and olive oil low and take coconut oil in raw therapeutic doses. Coconut oil along with regular lemon juice will dissolve the hardened fats around the cells membranes and provide the different types of fats required for healthy cell membranes that can allow glucose to permeate into the cells hence overcoming the prime cause of type 2 diabetes. The addition of a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds daily will provide some extra omega 3 and omega 6 daily. Raw flax seeds e.g ground and added to oats make a good basis of a meal to provide even flow in of glucose to the blood, roughage for bowel cleaning and undamaged omega 3 oils. Butter should be yellow in colour due to cows being grass fed, obtain organic milk and butter if you can to avoid hormones and antibiotics injected into cows. Although butter is generally a healthy fat and has many health enhancing effects it does take some processing by the liver, so in the early stages of the program/until liver function is improved it is wise to not take large amounts of butter. Raw cold pressed hemp oil is recommended as a good compliment to coconut oil, in low doses at first and gradually increasing to the generally recommended amounts e.g one or more dessertspoons daily.

As mentioned in the causes of type 2 diabetes chromium helps to facilitate the action of insulin in passing glucose into the cells and generally regulate blood sugar along with ginger, turmeric , lemon and coconut oil it should be considered an essential daily supplement. In cases where there is pancreatic /insulin insufficiency i.e. the pancreas has become too exhausted to produce enough insulin the the trace element vanadium can be very helpful in its restoration, also the herb mistletoe leaf powder is reputed to help pancreas restoration, along with its action of improving circulation and lowering high blood pressure.

Unrefined salt (s)

While on the subject of high blood pressure we come across another example of 180 degree false information that was put out by the media/medical establishment concerning salt. Unrefined salt has been found to be highly successful in bringing down high blood pressure. Sodium is the major mineral in the blood and extracellular fluid and is mainly in the form of salt. In fact our blood and extracellular fluid that surrounds all our cells has a mineral salt profile very similar to sea water except 1/3 the concentration. When a person is unable to feed or drink in hospital a ‘drip’ is fed directly into the blood stream of saline (+glucose) that provides around 30 g of salt daily. For full discussion and details of the therapeutic use of salt and for superior results Inland sea water see here .It is important to point out that population studies have found that insufficient salt intake i.e. less than 6 g daily on average results in increasing amounts of mortality from all causes, especially syndrome X i.e. cardio- vascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Unrefined salt is another essential remedy that will help to normalise ones physiology, help maintain a good pH balance and REDUCE high blood pressure. It almost goes without saying that to treat type 2 diabetes one needs to measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels daily. If one is taking blood sugar lowering drugs, then as one begins to see improvements in the bodies self regulation the blood sugar levels may drop too low due to the blood sugar lowering drugs, so careful adjustments need to be made with the dose of such drugs.Therefore one is warned not to suddenly stop whatever drugs one is taking, but to carefully self monitor as one changes over to a natural type 2 diabetes correction program.


Fucoidans also combat metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease by modulating glucose and insulin levels, disrupting formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), and lowering triglycerides.

Diabetic patients also suffer from diminished peripheral blood flow, leading to skin ulceration and poor wound healing. In one compelling study, researchers discovered that fucoidan supplementation could restore normal control of capillary blood flow in diabetic animals. Some of this benefit may arise from the fact that fucoidans can inhibit binding of AGEs to the cellular receptors that trigger many of their damaging effects.

Fucoidans enhance immune function, combat infectious diseases, and support defense against cancer. Fucoidans combat metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease by modulating glucose and insulin, disrupting formation of advanced glycation end products, and lowering triglyceride levels. In human studies, fucoidans(extract from seaweed) demonstrate beneficial effects at doses of75-300 mgdaily. One source of fucoidan is a high quality seaweed capsule called SeaGreens . Suggested use 2 to 3 capsules twice daily.

Details of treatment program.

Start with Liver activation and cleanse.

This can be done in various ways using the ingredients of Lemon, cider vinegar, ginger and Turmeric. Turmeric is poorly absorbed, at least the active ingredient curcumin is, without first heating and adding a carrier oil. One convenient way to achieve this is to make up a batch of Turmeric ‘golden paste’, it is not time consuming. To e.g. 50 ml of turmeric add 100 ml water and stir to a paste in a saucepan while heating, if more water or turmeric is needed to obtain a smoothie paste, add. Allow to be heated while continuously stirring for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and stir in some black pepper enough to give a hot taste eg 1 or more teaspoons, this helps to drive the turmeric into where it is needed. Also add one dessertspoon of coconut oil.

Each morning on an empty stomach squeeze the juice of a lemon, to provide at least 3 dessertspoons of lemon, if it does not, use more lemon, into a cup and add a dessertspoon of cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of ginger powder and stir in a heaped teaspoon of the golden paste that can be kept in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks approximately. You can also add a little chili powder to further increase the spiciness as the spice effect helps to integrate/absorb into the liver. To this mix add a cup of warm, but not hot, water and take every morning for at least 3 weeks.

After the first week you will gain even more in-roads into health by adding a dessertspoon of barely grass juice powder . This provides a full spectrum of nutrients, is anti-inflammatory, improves pH and detoxifies the bowel and liver. The liver needs bitter foods to encourage its continued healthy function and the addition of Barley grass juice powder is an elegant way to do this. The continued /permanent use of barley grass juice powder is a wise health insurance. Adding a teaspoon of ginger powder to the Barley grass renders the effect less ‘cooling’ for those of a cold constitution, and will potentate its action.

Fresh lemon juice has so many benefits many people have taken to the habit of taking 1 or even 2 lemons daily in their daily water, this is recommended for almost any health improvement program especially for those who are recovering form type 2 diabetes.

Apple cider vinegar has been medically proven to reduce blood sugar levels and is to be recommended as part of the treatment of diabetes. In the medical journal Diabetes Care, researchers found if you took some apple cider vinegar and water before your meal, it decreases your blood sugar levels. It also Improves metabolism and aids weight Loss. Ideally, try to find organic apple cider vinegar with some cloudy mother vinegar at the bottom of the bottle. The use of SwedishBitters before meals is a potent method to improve digestion, liver function and by implication blood sugar regulation, and would compliment lemon and cider vinegars action.

As discussed, reforming the oily membranes of the cells so they can receive blood sugar adequately is at the heart of diabetes recovery. This is achieved by avoiding all the forms of fats and oils mentioned, be careful with processed food, it is best to avoid all processed food, as often forbidden oils/processed oils /fats are added in the small print. The worst foods are margarine and high temperature fried foods and trans-fats.

Furthermore, a natural diet of whole foods only. This should provide plenty of fresh (or some frozen) vegetables and some fruits. Changing from bread to wholegrain rice is a good idea since even 100% wholemeal bread often causes inflammation in the gut that spreads to the whole body systems. Oats are normally tolerated well, and slowly release sugar into the system tending to stabilise it. Avoid all refined sugar, avoid all artificial sweeteners as they are toxic and interfere with sugar regulation. For sweeteners, stevia is recommended as it can improve blood sugar regulation. Small amounts of unprocessed, preferably raw honey is acceptable.

As regard fruits, you do not need to avoid fruits, in fact a study found that regular drinking of orange juice actually improved blood sugar, but don’t drink a lot or quickly, in general fruit juices are not advised as the roughage that comes with fruit is important. Fruit and vegetable smoothies do retain roughage and are the sensible choice, especially for recovering diabetics. The emphasis should be on vegetable smoothies rather than fruit smoothies. Smoothies are a good way to top up with valuable nutrients especially if one has lowered digestive ability and / or fail in the habit of eating sufficient vegetables. Always sip smoothies so it takes time to drink them, this way the sudden rush of sugars from the smoothies will be reduced/avoided.

The difference between isolated sugar and sugar found in all other foods, is the sugar in foods is bound to a myriad of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber, which ensures minimal disruption to homeostasis. Free sugar, dimineralises and acidifies and converts to fat and encourages diabetes. Don’t eat large amounts of fruits or quickly. Small amounts can be used between meals if blood sugar drops to low, e.g. a banana or a little orange juice sipped. Do not eat sweets to give temporary blood sugar boosts for the reasons discussed, except in emergencies.

Eggs, from healthy chickens are a superfood and contain a complete balanced mix of all the proteins required and healthy fats, provided the chickens have had a healthy mixed diet. It is best to get organic free range. Cook just a little i.e. lightly boil or poach. If frying, fry slowly only in coconut oil and no browning of the egg as damaged fats and proteins need to be avoided. Best of all take raw for details/discussion see here. Raw eggs are so easily adsorbed even by the weakest digestion, the best complete, easily absorbed protein.

It is recommended to avoid red meat, and avoid roasting or grilling meats, or fish as this will create damaged fats. Frying at low temperatures with coconut oil and a lid on the saucepan avoiding any browning is just about acceptable as regard damaging fats and proteins. It is best to steam fish or meat i.e. in a non-pressure cooker method (layered saucepans with holes in type, to allow steam ingress with a lid on top of the top one.)

Avoid refined foods as all the nutrients as provided by nature are needed to keep all the aspects of your physiology working — sounds simple ! So, no white bread or white rice or white pasta, whole meal only please. The use of superfoods is a valuable tool to move one further up the healthy zone such asBarley grass juice powder .This provides massive amounts of phytonutrients and is incredibly easy to absorb being 100% water soluble. It will help to eliminate toxins and support hormonal and liver functions. This can be taken, but not essential, with lemon and ginger to boost its liver aiding properties even further. For a general discussion about dietary guide and details about fluid consumption see here

Chromium is simply obtained via a food state chromium tablet daily although some is contained in the product Zell Immunocomplex a broad spectrum support for cell heath and oxygenation. Earlier in this article it was discussed that energy is derived from glucose being ‘burnt’ in cells this is done via a complex process called the Krebs cycle that involves small organelles in the cells called mitochondria. It is probably no exaggeration to say that all chronic disease or poor health has, as a component, inefficient production of cell energy due to poor mitochondrial function i.e. the complex chemical/Krebs cycle is not working properly. This is clearly seen as we age, energy just gets less and less due to failure of the cells to produce enough energy. This situation can be improved with a number of agents such as the respiratory enzymes found in Zell Oxygen or Zell Immunocomplex. For a further boost a number of other agents can be used such asNADH that supplies hydrogen with electrons to donate to get the whole Krebs cycle working.

Coconut oil

This is a valuable therapeutic agent. It should be bought as cold pressed raw for best results. However, after recovery from type 2 diabetes also some cheaper versions used for cooking may be used for low temperature frying. Coconut and also palm oil are the most resistant to damage when heating so some low temperature frying may be used if using coconut or palm oil, but no other oil should be heated including olive oil. Remember it is the damaged oils/fats that harden onto the surface of the cells and blood vessels. Where cholesterol is formed on arteries this is the bodies attempt to shore up leaky blood vessels that have been damaged by free - radicals that could have been prevented with vitamin C ,but hardening of the arteries and cell membranes occurs even with vitamin C protection in the presence of damaged fats/oils. Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants have their place in type 2 diabetes recovery especially Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) & Acetyl-L-Carnitine, that also helps to improve blood sugar as well as helping to repair damage to blood vessels caused by diabetes

Effects of ALA on Diabetes & Insulin Resistance 

Alpha Lipoic Acid functions as a co-enzyme in sugar metabolism.  In a study of adult diabetic patients, Alpha Lipoic Acid increased cellular uptake and burning of glucose by approximately 50%.  This study showed that Alpha Lipoic Acid could be extremely beneficial to diabetics and those who are borderline diabetic (insulin resistant).  In other studies ALA significantly reduced symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (pain, burning and numbness) in the feet and improved cardiac autonomic dysfunction in non-insulin dependent diabetics.  Alpha Lipoic Acid increases insulin sensitivity and optimizes the use of glucose for energy and if glucose can be effectively used as cellular fuel, it will not be stored as fat. 

In Germany, Alpha Lipoic Acid is an approved treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy where high blood sugar levels over several years cause long-term damage to the nerve fibers, in Diabetics, this normally first presents as reduced sensation in the feet and usually spreads further up the legs. The superior antioxidant properties of Alpha Lipoic Acid help to reduce events in the body that cause the reduced endoneural blood flow and oxygen tension that occurs in cases of Diabetic Neuropathy. 

Other anti-oxidants that can help repair are NADH this can also help repair damaged DNA, Grape seed OPC and raw cocoa powder (also low sugar high cocoa % chocolate to a lesser extent)

Coconut oil, cold pressed, can be used at 10ml to 50 ml daily on the spoon or added to hot drinks (I like to add to tea of coffee there is minimal taste from it) It is best to begin at just 1 dessertspoon (10 ml) daily and gradually increase over a few weeks to give your body time to adjust to the changes. Coconut oil also improves metabolism or metabolic rate. Whatever health issues one has, adequate metabolic rate is needed to full recovery. Also weight loss is very difficult to maintain without adequate metabolic rate. Improving metabolic rate if it is low, usually leads to a reliable loss of excess weight . See here for details of how to assess and correct metabolic rate.


Apples are another valuable food for diabetics. Research done on people with pre-diabetes found that apples could keep people from developing diabetes. In the twenty-four hours after "apple consumption", pre-diabetes symptoms were fewer. One phytonutrient in apples called ursolic acid has been found to be responsible for some of its therapeutic effects.Ursolic acid is a triterpene that has anti-oxidative and anti-glycative properties.

"Ursolic acid for diabetes. Ursolic acid enhances the cellular immune system and pancreatic beta-cell function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice fed a high-fat diet. Int Immunopharmacol. 2009; Department of Nutrition Education, Graduate School of Education, Sunchon National University, Suncheon, Republic of Korea”

Studies have found that ursolic acid that is more concentrated in apple peel also helps in increasing muscle strength.

So consuming at least one apple a day including the skins (If not organic wash thoroughly with the following mix that can be spayed on and left for five minutes before rinsing off :1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon white vinegar 1 cup watersolution first to remove pesticides) is a sensible addition to the foods, herbs and nutrients used in overcoming diabetes.

The Thyroid and Diabetes.

Studies have shown that even when blood sugar levels are returned to normal symptoms of fatigue and other symptoms associated with diabetes can in some cases remain.

These symptoms can be relieved by taking a natural whole thyroid glandular. Furthermore, damage to the blood vessels, including artherolsclerosisdamage to the eyes can be prevented or relieved by establishing a normal metabolic rate with the use of natural thyroid. It has been found that persons suffering from diabetes have a higher incidence of low thyroid/low metabolism that the non-diabetic population. Sub-clinical low thyroid/metabolism is very common and can be ascertained simply at home with temperature testing as detailed in the article here (see further reading tab)

This information is taken from Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness

byBroda Barnes. Optimising metabolism has other benefits for diabetics including helping to loose weight and 'burning' claories more effectively.

Good Sleep.

This is important in helping to normalise health including overcoming diabetes. Sufficient melatonin and growth hormone aid the regulation of blood sugars. As discussed, the use of glycogen and or Ocean repair for a natural source of glycogen can aid growth hormone and help the liver to process glycogen and glucose.

How to Eat To help resolve Diabetes

There have been many dietary programs fostered for diabetics with various menus and dictates that do not take into account individuality, and adherence to rigid menus often leads to non-compliance and disillusionment. So it is best to select your own menus and when to eat. The most important suggestions to incorporate into your diet are:

Don't eat large meals. If you are in the habit of consuming a large amount of food in one sitting you need to overcome this habit. Wait at least one hour after a meal that you want to fill up more during the adjustment phase to top up. After time the stomach will shrink and feel full on smaller meals. Large meals will spike blood sugar excessively and will hamper the recovery process.

Do not attempt to restrict calories. Eat the amount of food you feel you need, not to excess or not to restrict. This method will bring more success in smoothing out blood sugar levels. Restricting food intake will take the body into 'starvation-mode' that will hamper blood sugar regulation and ultimately lead to lower metabolic rate and later increase in weight.

Do not allow blood sugar levels to get to low. As large meals are being avoided this means in practice that there may be more 'meals' or healthy snacks/mini-meals over the day.


In one study, published in "Diabetes Care" in 2011, researchers found that subjects with type 2 diabetes had increased energy after consuming 2 ounces of mixed nuts daily, compared to a control group. These individuals also had changes that indicated their blood sugar was lower during the study and their levels of "bad," LDL-cholesterol also dropped. The researchers concluded that nuts are a good replacement for carbohydrate foods that can improve glycemic control.


Cinnamon can help improve glucose and lipids levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in Diabetics Care.

The study authors concluded that consuming up to 6 grams of cinnamon per day "reduces serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes." and that "the inclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases."

Examples of an Important daily snacks / mini-meals

Blend 2 apples. Mix in some ground cinnamon, one to two teaspoons. If purchasing ground cinnamon make sure that it is still smelling fresh with a slightly sweet smell and it should be kept in air tight container and used within a few weeks. Alternatively freshly grind some cinnamon sticks in an electric grinder. There are two types of cinnamon, it is best to use the cinnamomum verum / Ceylon cinnamon type as the cassia cinnamon can be slightly toxic. Add a little lemon and coconut oil.

Nut Mini-meal.

Grind a handful of raw nuts. (Of course not roasted!). Mix in some grated carrot, grated apple, a little oil (hemp, coconut or virgin olive oil all cold pressed raw) and some lemon juice or cider vinegar. Herbs/spices to taste e.g a little ginger powder.

The Introduction of Nutritional supplements, herbs and spices.

There are quite a few items listed in this article. It is best not to incorporate them into your regime on day one, as the total effect will tend to push changes in your physiology too fast. Also, remedies that are tending to increase physiological energy/activity (essential for getting healthy) at first can tend to reduce sleep quality and time. For these reasons it is best to add remedies incrementally over a few weeks.

Some people are more sensitive than others so may need to introduce fresh remedies more gradually so that sleep is not hampered ,also the reverse may be true for some. We therefore can only give an approximate guide to the incremental introduction of remedies.

First 3 weeks: introduce the liver cleanse as detailed, however since the Ionic minerals and trace elements are stabilizing, these can be introduced at the start of the program also, e.g 1 teaspoon a few times a day in food and drinks, up to 5 teaspoons daily. Daily use of 2 onz approximately of nuts (large handful) can also be introduced from the start. Continue to take some turmeric and ginger daily on long term basis on food/drinks/smoothies, whatever is convenient. Vitamin D may be introduced in week 2

Week 4: Introduce Barely grass juice, eg 1 dessertspoon in a little water, ideally add a teaspoon of ginger powder. Introduce 1-2 lemons daily in water. Also Ocean Repair. It can be an aid to sleep if taken in the evening, e.g. 2 heaped teaspoons in a drink. Vitamin C powder with acerola and rose-hip can be introduced, e.g 1 heaped teaspoon daily.

Week 5: Introduce coconut oil. Take one dessertspoon daily, for ease of digestion take neat away from meals ideally, or can be mixed with hot drinks. If you are used to drinking tea of coffee an example could be to a mug of tea add 1 teaspoon ionic minerals and trace elements, 1 teaspoon of honey (raw if you can get it), 1 dessertspoon of coconut oil. Increase coconut oil to 2 dessertspoons daily by week 6 and 3 dessertspoons daily by week 7. You can also introduce Sea Greens eg 2 or 3 capsules twice daily.

Week 6: introduce chromium 1 capsule daily. Best take first thing in the morning before food. Example: Personally I found this very stimulating (indicating a great need for it), and had trouble getting off to sleep, so I reduced this to half a capsule daily for a week before taking the whole capsule. If you are 'under the weather' due to detoxification reactions or feeling especially low in energy often Zell Immunocomplex works well and tends to compliment any regime as it aids core cell energy.

Week 8: Add in Cinnamon. This can be quite stimulating for some people at first , if you find that, it is best confine to the morning for the first week or two. Use is 1 to 2 level teaspoons daily on food or drinks.

Week 10:Add in Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) & Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This can also be quite stimulating so start with one capsule daily in the morning and raise to two capsules daily the following week.

Week 12:Take you temperature on rising, midday and in the evening for a few days. If it is often below 37C or 98F then the metabolism is too low. It may be better when you started the regime, as coconut oil can help raise the metabolism. So, if too low refer to our Thyroid article for more details. In brief, by gradually introducing a whole thyroid glandular metabolism can be improved resulting in beneficial effects across the board. However if you adrenal function is low, this should be corrected first. This is simply determined by a simple blood pressure test i.e. postural hypo-tension (also known as orthostatic hypo-tension) i.e. a drop in blood pressure that occurs upon rising from a horizontal position or sitting position. In marked cases, a feeling of dizziness or light-headedness will occur if standing up fast see here for more details (select further reading tab)

Cocoa Powder, raw is best. If using the raw cocoa powder for its potent antioxidant effects take care as it can be very stimulating start with small amounts preferably not late in the day until adapted to. For a discussion on the adaptation process, i.e remedy reactions see here

Summary of suggested foods, herbs and nutrients to use in overcoming type 2 Diabetes

1. Lemon, turmeric, ginger, cider vinegar.

2. Growth hormone boosters such as a source of glutamine e.g. Ocean repair. Helps liver to regulate blood sugar levels

3. A regular source of bitter greens such as Barley grass juice powder.

4. A diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits to supply adequate minerals, and phytonutrients.

5. A source of chromium such at GTF tablets

6. Correct fats/oils to dissolve the hardened fats that are blocking the effect of insulin to pass glucose into the cells and to maintain healthy oily membranes around the cells. The main one to use is coconut oil, a little cold pressed hemp oil, raw nuts, some butter and eggs from organic eggs lightly boiled, poached or preferably raw.

7.Serrapeptase, simple oral chelation to help clear the blood vessels of accumulated deposits.

8.Daily use of vitamin C Sodium ascorbate with acerola cherry and rose-hip powder 1 level teaspoon twice daily in food or drink. This will help repair damage to circulation

9.Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) & Acetyl-L-Carnitine

10. If appropriate, Thyroid glandular

11.Vitamin D capsules to balance immune system and aid mineral absorption

This is very important to help the other nutrients complete their tasks.

It is important to consume a diet that contains a high proportion of vegetables , especially green vegetables, some fruits, in order to obtain sufficient minerals and other nutrients for recovery. As stated, if you find this difficult drink regular vegetable smoothies. If the roughage is felt to be too much initially for the intestine then some raw vegetable juices are the second best choice, but drink slowly so as not to cause a rapid peak in blood sugar. Barely grass juice powder supplement is especially useful as just 15 mls provides the nutrients you can get from several servings of the healthiest green vegetables. This can be mixed with water or with vegetable smoothie/juice.

The daily use of some Ionic minerals and trace elements will also help to provide minerals to help obtain a healthy cell ph and support the nutrients you are consuming via foods.

Various diets have been put forward as curing diabetes. There is a mass of information e.g on the internet about various diets to cure diabetes. I have seen over the years many people that got stuck in someone else's dietary recommendations that did not suit them. Some of the diets recommended for diabetes cure vary wildly from a almost pure vegetarian /vegan raw food diet through to the opposite of a diet almost completely lacking in carbohydrates and high in meat. Most people following these diets will eventually abandon them as they are not the most naturally balanced or suitable for that individual constitution or climate.

So called primal diets, although they have some merits do not represent a true situation since in most climates the natural or primal food for the human species is a mixture of plant greens, plant carbohydrates, some fruit, especially in hot climates and various amounts of eggs, fish and meat. Some health researchers who have been leading edge in natural therapy stress the importance of cooked vegetables, although some raw food has its merits as does cooked food. The diet I am suggesting in this article to help overcome diabetes is a mixed diet of raw and cooked foods, no extremes, with plenty of the correct unprocessed oils and fats to restore healthy cell membranes to overcome insulin resistance. The main issue is to avoid processed and refined food and consume a diet that is easy to stick to and is fairly typical (apart from the luxury of raw juices/smoothies) of the diet that existed pre-diabetes epidemic. For a fuller discussion on diet see Dietary Guidelines

Other considerations when overcoming health problems including diabetes

Minimise stress. Get plenty of sleep and relaxation. Laugh as much as possible. Healing music. Exercise e.g. Walks daily.

If your sleep is not as good as you would like, sometimes Melatonin works well. Liquid melatonin is generally absorbed best. Only take a small amount i.e. the lower end of suggested doses and repeat the dose if need be on waking as its action can expire in a few hours

How long to cure and how successful are the cure programs ?

As stated earlier, blood sugar levels can normalize surprisingly quickly with the Liver activation/cleanse in as little as three weeks. However it will take longer to repair cell membranes and this depends on how severely they have been hardened and how long you have had diabetes and if the pancreas is weakened or damaged. In reality at lot depends on how well the diet is reformed and how well the therapeutic measures are applied. In short, from weeks to months to a year, in the worst cases. Although a major consideration is how much of the above program is followed along with sufficient rest, avoidance of stress and exercise, such as daily walks of at least 30 minutes if able to.

But even in the worst cases blood sugar can be normalized quite quickly as indicated and this means the destruction of cells , circulation etc has been, by in large stopped.

Repair of damaged blood vessels and other tissues can take place provided sufficient anti-oxidants and good diet is maintained. Important in the self repair process is adequate ATP/cell energy production, example nutrients include as stated. Zell Immunocomplex and NADH along with regular use of Ionic minerals and trace elements. Without sufficient electrolyte minerals and trace elements any therapeutic program will tend to be limited and involve a struggle to maintain homeostasis /physiological balance.


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