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Breaking Through The Untouchable Diseases: By Gerald Green

At the age of 45 Gerald was struck down with life threatening asthma and  emphysema. Following the failure of conventional medicines and treatments  Gerald decided that the only way to survive was to embark upon a process  of  discovery with herbal remedies. Now in his seventies Gerald has devoted  his  life to the study and successful treatment, using both applied immunology
 and herbal remedies, of many of the worlds most devastating and  debilitating auto-immune diseases, including crohn’s, multiple sclerosis,  and even cancer.

The foreword of the book is written by Jo Wood-author of the organics book  Naturally (wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood), and it is Gerald whom Jo  credits with turning around both her health and her life. To quote her  final paragraph ‘This book will walk you towards Shangri La, and I strongly  suggest you let it take you on your way’.

The book has just been released onto the market, and is available through  many online book stores including isbn no. 0953240789 Breaking Through The Untouchable Diseases: Gerald Green

 Synopsis as featured on

This book is a 'bible' of self-help and hope for those who find themselves  unfortunate enough to be suffering from ill health and disease. The  author,  who found himself in this situation with a terrible lung disease, and  whose  condition was made worse by conventional medical treatments, set off on a
road of discovery and self help. The book catalogues his own successful  treatment and details the many people who have been helped, and the
treatments used to help them, ranging from cancer (and other dread  diseases) to infertility. Written in a narrative style, it is interesting, informative and amusing.

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