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Organic Germanium and Cancer

Organic Germanium and its

Implications for Cancer


Without Dr Kazuhiko Asai PhD, (deceased), the incredible healing benefits of Germanium may never have been discovered.   The existence of Germanium was predicted by a Russian chemist - Omitri Mendeleev who was the proponent of the periodic law in chemistry; he left gaps for as yet undiscovered elements to be entered – the 32nd column was left for an element he called "Ekasilicon”.  A few years later, in 1886, a German chemist, Clemens Winkler, discovered a new element that fitted the description, he called this new element Germanium paying tribute to his homeland.  It was not until 1945 that Dr Asai’s lifetime of dedication to exploring Germanium began. 


Quoting Dr Asai…


"I have whole-heartedly devoted myself to the study of germanium for close to 30 years.  At the outset, I intended to describe the therapeutic efficacy of germanium. Gradually, however, I have been led to believe the existence of something in germanium that cannot be fully explained in terms of science in its present stage of development, when I see that obstinate diseases for which modern medicine is powerless are successfully cured by our germanium therapy. Now I consider that the answer lies in the realm unknowable by science referred to by Alexis Carrel”. 


"As will be seen later, the organic germanium compound can be regarded without exaggeration as an effective means of combating almost any disease. Nonetheless, for assuring its efficacy and the health of the body, the following two conditions have to be met. One is to keep a well balanced diet in order to maintain the acid alkali equilibrium of the body fluids. The other is to relieve stress to keep a stable mental state for maintaining the equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system”.


The entire transcript of Dr Asai’s book is available HERE.  Dr Asai dedicated himself entirely to the study of Germanium, his passion, commitment and sacrifice have had enormous impact upon many people’s lives.  Whilst it is a fairly long document, the book Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium is recommended reading.  Based on research and findings to date, our view of the essence of germanium is as follows:


  • Provides free electrons as a 'mother' anti-oxidant
  • Neutralises positive charges, mops them up and discharges them in conjunction with converting cellular and tissue toxins to water. It should be noted that toxins arise from consuming any food, since some of our food remains as 'unburnt cellular debris' the germanium completes this 'burning process' by donating electrons and conserving cellular oxygen. These processes are so fundamental to the preservation and restoration of health that this 'electronic' therapy is one of the most potent available in a single remedy for many diseases, and health maintenance.
  • Enhances immunity
  • A prime anti-aging remedy
  • Greatly enriches oxygen in the living body (a lack of oxygen is a key factor in ill health)
  • Perhaps the most potent cell detoxification remedy available. (See also Zeolite)

Many persons will need to start at one capsule a day, and leave off for one or two days when detoxification proceeds if the reaction feels too strong. More robust/seriously ill persons (unless sensitive or ME type) can build up the dose more quickly.


Maintenance use for general health and as a potent anti-oxidant one capsule once or twice daily. For Chronic health problems including cancer support build up to 3 capsules one to three times daily, depending on the severity of the condition, and experimenting to find the optimum dose. The dosage can of course be reduced after a period of relatively high dose, once improvement has set in and been maintained for a few weeks. Organic Germanium is non toxic at levels far above those advised, so the dose recommendations are based on what is required for the best therapeutic response.



Excerpts from Dr Asai’s Book


On the strength or these findings, I used organic germanium for treating cases of cancer, including post-operative patients, arteriosclerosis, cerebral apoplexy (brain haemorrhage, thrombosis, softening of the brain), sequela of cerebral apoplexy, climacteric disorders, heart troubles (angina pectoris), stomach ulcer, depression, epilepsy, senile mental diseases, chronic rheumatism and Raynaud's disease. Except for stomach ulcer, organic germanium showed a marked or some degree of efficacy in almost all cases.  A Chinese proverb says. "Better to light a candle than lament the darkness." Darkness still  prevails in the world regarding cancer and other obstinate diseases. I am attempting to keep a candle alight with the organic germanium compound.  I have dwelled on aspects of the treatment of diseases of the body and mind in general in the previous section and now I intend to concentrate on that disorder that may affect all parts of the human form, cancer. Once again, bearing in mind for a moment the fact that oxygen is the source of life for all living things, it is all the more understandable how harmful an oxygen deficiency can be. The internationally famous German scientist, Dr. Otto Warburg, clearly states in his thesis on cancer that the growth of cancer cells is due primarily to cellular oxygen deficiency. Since the normal, healthy cells in our bodies are aerobic, an insufficient supply of oxygen alters the structure of these cells which develop a series of abnormal reactions in order to survive under such conditions. The cells begin glycolysis and turn anaerobic. The nuclei of cells which have undergone such changes are exact replicas of the nuclei of malignant cancer cells.


An article taken from the Nov 8 1973 issue of the Medical Tribune, seems to support the Warburg theory on the ulceration of cancer. It continues to the effect that the theory has met with objections from various quarters, but a number of prominent researchers do support it saying that cancer can be controlled by preventing oxygen starvation from occurring in the cells. Waltenburg, of the University of Minnesota, also agrees with the theory by saying that anti oxidation drugs can inhibit the formation of lung cancer. Indeed, using our organic germanium compound in 20 patients with lung cancer there has been almost 100% recovery. Related also to the above theory is a recent discovery made by Professor Hans Selye of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal. Prof. Selye revealed that if the amount of blood flowing into a living organ is reduced slightly by lightly binding one of its blood vessels, the organ will develop a state of morbidity. Reduction of the blood flow reduces the supply of hemoglobin by which oxygen is supplied, thereby producing an oxygen deficiency with morbidity as a consequence.


Another clue to understanding the nature of cancer as a particular disease is to think of disease as a certain state of the human being who is nothing more than an organic mass. Understanding of the nature of man, therefore. is essential to treating any disease. Having tackled the question "what is matter" within the range of limited human knowledge, modern physics has confirmed that man is an: aggregate of minute electrically charged particles. In terms of modern quantum physics, therefore, a disease is interpreted as a "distortion" developing in the aggregate of electrically-charged particles that are close to electrons. That is why electron dynamic action is needed for correcting the "distortion." Herein is found the area where germanium, a typical semiconductor element, plays a vital part. The electrons of the germanium atom have unique properties that are not found in other atoms. Of its 32 electrons, any one of the four in the outer shell will tend to leap out of its orbit when approached by atoms of other substances it is by taking advantage of this feature that the electronics industry has been able to use germanium for amplification in transistors, and for rectification in diodes. The living body is a mass of minute electrical particles and each organ of the body functions as its own concentration of mass of these particles. Accordingly each has a predetermined electrical potential of its own. Since disease results if this potential is disturbed the potential of a diseased organ being different from that of a healthy organ the potential of the afflicted organ must be restored to its normal level to effectively cure the disease. It is by employing an effect in the body similar to its semi conducting effect used in electronics that the germanium compound serves to return this potential to normal and hence cure a disease. In cancer, for example, it is known that the potential of a cancer cell is markedly different from that of a healthy cell. The potential at a cancer cell wall is high and varies greatly, a factor which may be attributed to the fact that cancer cells multiply at such a rapid speed. The germanium compound, whether administered orally or injected, deprives cancer cells of electrons, and thereby reduces their electrical potential. In biochemical terms, this means that the germanium compound brings about a dehydrogenation reaction, ultimately suspending the activities of cancer cells. It is also by this mechanism that it acts to prevent metastasis.


Other data have established that when the germanium compound is taken in sufficient amounts, radiation sickness as a result of irradiation treatment can be prevented. Radioactive rays, which are gamma rays, emit electrons which destroy cancer cells and tissues. Unfortunately, at the same time, these rays destroy red and white blood cells as well, and have been known to cause the death of patients undergoing prolonged exposure. Recent data have indicated, however, that the atoms of the germanium compound securely fasten to red blood cells and shelter the cells from oncoming electrons by diverting them around the atom.


Another effect the germanium compound has exhibited in relation to cancer and other diseases, and which may be attributed to its semi conducting characteristic, is that it completely kills pain, pains after operations, toothaches, headaches, etc. Pain acts as a sort of a warning given to the brain. Electrons are relayed via nerve cells from the origin of the pain and are conveyed to the brain where they are sensed as pain. Conventional anaesthesia serves temporally to inhibit the movement of electrons so that we do not feel pain, and the germanium compound, given in sufficient quantities, also does so, as its semi conducting action stops the movement of electrons through nerve cells. Unlike anaesthesia; however, continuous, prolonged administration is possible due to the absence of side effects.


Speaking of the absence of adverse side effects for a moment, it may be said that this feature adds one more note of praise which can be heaped on the use of semiconductors in medical treatment. Physiologically, it is very convenient that germanium is a semiconductor and not a metal, a feature which eliminates the danger of its accumulating in the body. The blood and various cells, having semi conducting properties of their own, repel germanium because of their inherent electrical properties. In fact, one of the major problems now facing our laboratory is that the present compound is discharged so quickly from the body that extensive efforts are being made to produce a compound which will remain in the body for a longer period. At this point it is difficult to explain scientifically all the medical properties of germanium. Today, there are tens of thousands of medicines in use and not one of them utilizes semiconductor properties. I believe they will come to play a major part, and in fact bring about a revolution in medical treatment in the future.


Prevention of Metastasis


It has long been held by cancer researchers that cancer can be cured if the primary lesion is eliminated. This is not as simple as it sounds, however, as cancer cells mix in the bloodstream and metastasize or migrate throughout the body. Doctors working with the germanium compound have repeatedly confirmed, however, that patients receiving the compound have shown virtually no metastasis. This alone is tremendous news in cancer treatment since, if metastasis can be prevented, cancer can be stopped with a massive attack on the primary lesion.  Although it is known that the dehydrogenating action of the compound has an inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells and plays an important role in halting metastasis, precise details of its mechanism are not yet known. One important clue, however, is provided by Dr. Haruo Sato of Tohoku University (Japan), an authority on the metastasis of cancer. In a paper which he presented to the Japan Society for Cancer Therapy, he relates that cancer cells that have entered the bloodstream continue to move with the blood flow. If a pathological condition should develop in a blood vessel, they will adhere to the wall of the vessel, eventually infiltrating and destroying it to proliferate outside. Secondary tumors can be prevented if action is taken to prevent the cells from adhering to the vessel. Based on Dr. Haruo Sato's theory. a plausible explanation of how the organic germanium compound functions to prevent metastasis is that the increase in the body's supply of oxygen brought about by the compound sharply reduces blood viscosity, thereby improving the blood flow. From a hydrodynamic point of view, cancer cells as an alien substance will continue to flow with the blood without being pushed aside until they reach the capillaries, where they are oxidized and destroyed by the dehydrogenating action of the compound. This explanation is hypothetical and is still being tested, but is not improbable in the light of the activity of the germanium compound. Information gleaned from our laboratory experiments and clinical observations lend heavy support to the theory that cancer develops due to cellular oxygen deficiencies.


Indication is that the high efficacy of the compound in treating lung cancer and liver cancer may be attributed to the activity of the germanium compound in the entire bloodstream flowing through these areas. In one experiment, a group of five mice were given a hypodermic injection of cancer cells after administering a water solution of the organic germanium compound. Another group of five mice were given a hypodermic injection of cancer cells without administering the solution as a control. The hypodermic injection of cancer cells is a method of inducing cancer in mice generally practiced in the Cancer Research Institute. The mice injected invariably developed cancer, except those five mice to which the germanium compound was also administered who failed to develop cancer. This experiment was repeated twice, with the same result.


Notable Cases


For post-operative treatment of cancer (female. 6l years old): A thumb sized malignant tumor was discovered in the right cervical region 15 years ago, and was removed subsequently. Three years after this excision, the patient underwent an operation for removing a gland cancer on her left breast, followed a month later by a similar operation on the right breast. Another malignant tumor was found again on the right cervical section which was removed. Soft tissues and lymphatic glands around the cervical tumor could not be removed. Radiation treatment and anticancer agents were not used. A daily dose of 800mg of organic germanium was administered. Over three years since then there has been no sign of recurrence. The cervical tumor was histologically diagnosed as a gland cancer which appeared to be a Lymphatic metastasis, but no primary lesion was observed. Although the case history had an excision of cancerous tissues in the same cervical area 13 years ago, which leads me to suspect a latent slow developing malignant tumor, no recurrence has actually developed subsequently.



Case report (Leukaemia, male, 12 years old): Diagnosed as suffering from leukaemia at a hospital. the patient underwent chemotherapy, but no relief was obtained from such symptoms as fever, fatigue and bleeding gums. At our clinic, a dose of 500 mg of water solution of the organic germanium compound was administered, and on the 3rd day his temperature returned to normal and stayed there all month. The patient regained enough strength to go to school again. Two months later, the blood count at the hospital where he received the initial information of his disease revealed no abnormality. Before we could produce the organic germanium compound, we prepared a germanium salt solution and injected it into an albino rat whose hematogenic tissues of the bone marrow had been destroyed by irradiation of radioactive rays. The hematogenic tissues were found restored in the marrow when dissected about three weeks later. This experiment was presented at a meeting of the Radiological Society. Germanium proved to be particularly effective in treating leukaemia among children, and while in many cases the disease could be arrested, just as many children entirely recovered.


A 54 year old company employee was diagnosed as having cancer of the lungs. X-rays showed a large bean size cancerous growth in two places on the right Jung. Although he had been injected with anti cancer drugs, he had lost his appetite and his strength was deteriorating steadily. It was at this stage that he visited the germanium clinic. After ascertaining the details of his case, doctors prescribed a 500 mg daily dosage of the germanium compound. A Ray photograph taken five weeks later showed absolutely no trace of cancer. In addition, the dry cough peculiar to lung cancer was gone, his overall condition improved rapidly and he soon recovered his former state of good health. There are at least 20 cases of lung cancer at this point which have followed a similar course to complete recovery.


It is difficult at this stage to make an objective assessment of the overall effect or the potential future effect of germanium in the treatment of cancer. Its efficacy is not confined to lung cancer; Numerous cases of recovery from various other cancers are on record at the clinic today and results achieved thus far are enormously encouraging. Aside from the fact that the germanium compound stops the activity of cancer cells and halts the growth of tumors, its most promising characteristic is the capability of halting metastasis, or the spread of cancer cells.


Concluding Remarks


I have always urged cancer patients to put complete confidence in my germanium, and with a simple desire on my part to save those suffering from cancer, I have enunciated these conditions. This may sound ideological or like self importance on my part. Of course, there have been actual cases where cancer has been cured, and where the suffering from cancer has been alleviated, but these are not subjective conclusions on my part. I myself have had cancer and since I have overcome it so beautifully with germanium as my weapon, I can provide genuine proof, for I have tested it on my own body, and everything I say has a powerful basis. This is bound to have great influence on all with whom I come in contact. Cancer is an incurable disease. There are various means of treating it, such as carcillostatic substances and radiotherapy but it is undeniable that none of these treatments offers conclusive efficacy. I would like to state that organic germanium is indispensable in treating cancer. It is needed not only for treating benign tumors but also for all obstinate diseases arising from ever, if the disorder is diagnosed as cancer malignant tumors. How the earlier the administration of germanium the greater the effect. In any case, even a "wonder drug" will naturally be ineffective if the disease is in the terminal stage (See Zeolite) or the "cachexia" due to cancer has progressed too far. (It should be noted that in some cases patients can recover from the active phase of cancer but die due to the accumulation of effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy) What is most distressing in the case of cancer is the pain attending the terminal stage. Anodyne is usually injected continuously in an attempt to relieve the pain. Only organic germanium can relieve this pain resulting from terminal cancer. When organic germanium is injected into a patient with advanced cancer who can no longer take the drug orally, the pain and suffering miraculously subside. To give a final example, there was a man aged 64 years, whose doctor had given him only six months to live with lung cancer. When this patient began to take organic germanium. He lived through the first six months, and though he caught a cold he lasted through one year. This man ultimately died after a year and seven months from an asthma spasm caused by an aggravated summer cold, but his death was painless. I said earlier that it was difficult to make an objective assessment of the overall effect of germanium in the treatment of cancer. Cancer is a disease causing those afflicted mental and physical agonies far beyond those imaginable in any other disease. The majority of the patients who come to the Organic Germanium Clinic are in the last stages of their disease. They turn to us as a last resort. Mostly they are too weak to appear in person and are represented by a relative in a last desperate effort to help the afflicted escape imminent death. Of the patients who are now being treated with germanium, most refuse to return to modern medicine, but remain at home and continue germanium treatment. One youth began germanium treatment after receiving notice from his hospital that his case was hopeless, and is now well. Many in worse conditions with only a day or two to live, have extended their lives three months, a year, two years, and in some cases even four years with germanium. Most of all, however, these people appreciated the relief from intense suffering brought by treatment with germanium. The unfortunate for whom it was too late to extend their lives passed away peacefully freed from the agonies associated with cancer.


Recent research has shown that when acupuncture needles are applied to what are known as tsubo in Oriental medicine, the pituitary gland secretes a peptide hormone called beta-endorphin (which consists of 91 amino acids in a 61 to 91 amino acid sequence) resulting in a strong pain suppressing effect. The tsubo vary according to where the operation is to be performed. Three acupuncture needles are inserted precisely at the required positions, and after 15 to 20 minutes the desired anaesthetic effect is achieved. Since the anaesthetic agent is an autogenic anaesthetic produced in the body, there are no undesirable side effects, and postoperative recovery is rapid. However, the doctor continued to say that since these tsubo and other facets of acupuncture are not acknowledged in Western medicine and are not included in university medical courses, this excellent anaesthetic practice is not generally employed. It dawned on me as I listened that this anaesthetic action is very similar to the action of my organic germanium compound. On being given 3 to 4 grams of organic germanium cancer patients literally writhing in pain have found relief in 15 to 20 minutes. Time and time again, I have witnessed terminal stage cancer patients find release from their torment as if by magic, and be allowed to finally pass from this world in peace. Pain is a form of warning passed from the troubled area to the brain by means of an electric charge relay mechanism along nerve cells. It is only "signal" reaches the brain that we actually feel pain. Anesthetics. such as morphine, prevent us from feeling pain by interrupting this electric charge relay temporarily by chemical action. Germanium. on the other hand was initially thought to interfere with the electric charge relay process due to its semiconductor properties. and this action quite possibly takes place. However , it also seems reasonable that the introduction of a pseudo morphine anaesthetic agent called "endorphin is stimulated in the body by germanium in much the same way as by acupuncture needles. This proposition is certainly supported by the results of experiments on laboratory animals using organic germanium.


In clinical cases, too, germanium has been very effective in the treatment of a number of diseases caused by adrenaline inadequacies, including enlargement of the prostate gland, cancer of the breast and uterine cancer, goiter and uterine myoma, etc. It would thus appear germanium compound has a kind of electro-biochemical action quite unlike the effect of conventional pharmaceuticals. For example, germanium increases the amount of oxygen transported by haemoglobin in the red blood cells. The supply of oxygen to tissue cells is thereby increased. resulting in greater cellular activity. This in turn can be assumed to be responsible for various other biochemical processes in relation to cell membrane potential. The pseudo morphine agent "endorphin" referred to earlier is a peptide hormone secreted from the hypothalamus in the brain, and is thought to be stimulated by the germanium compound. To think that Oriental medicine that has its origins some 3,000 years ago discovered aesthetic procedure, which has now been substantiated by modern science, is exhilarating to say the least! I can only marvel at the wisdom of the ancient Chinese and the systematic development of their knowledge of medicine. At present, however, the focus of world attention has been turned to the "wonder medication " interferon. The existence of this substance was first brought to light more than 20 years ago, and is considered one of the most significant medical discoveries since penicillin, particularly where cancer treatment is concerned. However, just what kind of substance interferon is, and how it works, remain very difficult questions to answer. To put it as briefly as possible, when an infectious virus enters the human body, tissue cells commence to secrete interferon (a glycoprotein with a molecular weight of about 40,000) to protect the cells from the viral infection. In addition, there is also an increase in the number of macrophages (one of the leucocytes involved in the removal of cells) for greater effectiveness against cancer cells. Clinical test with interferon have produced excellent results. So much that pharmaceutical manufacturers have started to worry that that their more conventional products will become obsolete. It should be noted here, however, that interferon is not a new drug - it is a substance produced in the human body, whose natural healing powers have been harnessed scientifically. That famous doctor Robert Koch is quoted as saying, "The best substances formed naturally by the human medicines are those in the body." It seems he was forecasting the discovery of interferon, Although was discovered, and its significance understood, more than 20 years ago, there are several reasons why it has not been used greatly. First, large scale cell cultures are required which are very difficult to grow. Secondly, since the amount of interferon obtained is very small, little has been learned about its chemical structure. Although it has been found to be a glycoprotein, its molecular sequence and its biochemical action in the human body have still not been studied sufficiently, Thirdly, nothing is known about how interferon is produced in the cells, and fourthly, interferon is unbelievably one gram costing more than $100,000. At present, this wonder working substance, interferon, has still not been synthesized in the test tube. Only live cells are capable of its production, and furthermore, the only interferon which is effective in the human body is that which is produced by human cells. As the synthesis of interferon is practically impossible, and there seems little likelihood of any suitable method for production being developed in the near future, it has been proposed that the same result might be obtained by somehow inducing the production of interferon from living cells in the human body. Consequently, a number of researches have attempted to force the secretion of interferon by stimulating the cells with various toxic substances. However, although this method does in fact stimulate the cells to secrete interferon, the stimulating reagents are invariable toxic, and cannot be used for medical purposes.


During my own research, I have often paid attention to matters relating to the electric charge on cell membranes. Apparently the very nature of cancer cells, for example, is changed by alterations in the cellular membrane potential. Nobel Prize winner Prof. Albert SzentGyorgyi has put forward similar ideas based on electro-biochemical concepts. My germanium compound is an organic compound containing atoms of the semiconductor element germanium. The semiconductor property of the germanium atoms enables this compound to bring about changes in electric charge (as can be seen in the dehydrogenation and super oxidation effects.) From the above suppositions it is postulated that it is this change in membrane potential of the cancer cells that results in the stimulation of interferon production. Supporting evidence for this postulation is presented in the accompanying diagram. Throughout this book I have explained the basis of an organic germanium compound exhibit solely on the basis of an increase in the amount of circulating oxygen in the body. This explanation, however, is inadequate. To be sure, the dehydrogenation effect in the body is certainly an advantage in various medical treatments. However, with the discovery of the induced production of such a powerful weapon as interferon in the suppression of diseases and particularly the elimination of cancer cells. I felt an overwhelming sense of conviction that I was moving closer to the truth. Modern Western medicine is based on an allopathic approach (i.e. treating symptoms as each call for attention.) Cancer resistant agents are typical examples, but these agents involve undesirable side effects resulting in the considerable recent controversy about iatrogenic diseases (diseases caused by medical treatment.) I think it would be quite proper to call interferon a "natural healing substance," In contrast to anticancer agents, interferon is produced within the body in order to protect the body from disease, and it is designed to support life, and does not, therefore, result in any undesirable side effects in other parts of the body. Furthermore, my organic germanium compound, which induces the production of interferon, is also completely non-toxic and free of side effects. In this sense, it is very similar to traditional Chinese medicines. Another interesting fact which should be considered here is that just as acupuncture fails to affect some people (i.e., no anaesthetic action) germanium, too, on rare occasions fails to induce the secretion of any quantity of interferon. Although the reason is not easy to explain, my observations of clinical cases where organic germanium has been employed tends to make me believe that this phenomenon is due to acidosis of the blood which is a result of loss of a proper acid/alkaline balance.(See Zeolite as a means of restoring correct acid/alkaline balance) I would like to state my belief that the induced production and secretion of interferon by organic germanium, and of endorphin by acupuncture, establishes a scientific basis for Oriental medicine. Chinese medicinal herbs invariably contain high levels of germanium. And furthermore, it is also possible that these herbs also contain other compounds that induce the production of other interferon like substances in the body. In acupuncture, stimulation via the tsubo results in the increased production and secretion of endorphin which in turn results in a healing effect. In moxa cautery treatment, the toxic components resulting from the thermal decomposition of protein under the scorched portion of skin are passed into the bloodstream, and subsequently induce the production of interferon in the tissue cells. Both endorphin and interferon are types of hormone, each closely related to the other. Living beings have been endowed with these natural healing substances for self preservation purposes. I believe future medical treatment will be centered around the use of these and similar substances. The basic concept is expressed as "Sho" in Oriental medicine, "Gesamtheit" in German, and "holistic" in English. On this basis, the amount of circulating oxygen which is so essential to life is increased to strengthen the body's defense against the cause of a disease, and the production of the powerful weapon interferon is also increased to join in the fight against the pathogen.


Disclaimer: We do not claim Zeolite, Germanium, Zell-Oxygen, Live Cell-Immuno-complex, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Pelvetia Sea Greens or any other health supplements are a cure for cancer. Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing.   The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.  No claims for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied.  Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states.   The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA.


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