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John Claydon

John Claydon D.Hom


It is my mission to provide information to help people improve their health and have an ambition to develop the most simple and effective healing method possible. Many years of research and collaboration have resulted in a nutritional and regenerative programme that has helped many people including myself!


My interest in healing began when my own health caused me to seriously address my body’s needs. I have included my story here as it is this, that drives the philosophy of Regenerative Nutrition - a passion for helping people get well, recover from disease states and to achieve natural, vibrant health.


Personal Story and Background


I was always thin and rather frail, with a nervous disposition, rather idealistic and interested in science. I developed asthma when I was 3 years old and had many attacks, at the age of 14 they stopped, but returned with a vengeance when I was 28 after periods of low energy.   


I knew nothing about natural or alternative therapies, but had begun to ask deeply what was wrong with me and felt there was a disturbance in energy. It was there all day, every day, it was an effort to walk across a room.  After 3 months of using an inhaler I returned to the GP, who suggested using a new powerful treatment  – steroids.  I remembered a comment I had overhead in a crowded pub a few weeks before, “acupuncture can cure asthma” and mentioned to the GP that I was considering acupuncture.   He became distressed and angry and his reaction took me aback!


That was the best thing he could have done for me.  In one blow he had destroyed the ivory tower I had put doctors on, it was the last time I ever went to a doctor for advice, only for sick notes from then on!


I did have the acupuncture, I hated the experience, as I was feeling so fragile, but one treatment broke the back of 80% of the labored breathing, so I was able to function again as a normal person.  After 6 months the main symptoms returned, I had another session of acupuncture, it was worse after a few days and back in remission after 7 days.


At a local library, a book fell into my hands about using raw garlic as a treatment for all sorts of diseases. I found a chapter saying asthma could be cured by taking raw garlic, and burst out laughing. I thought how can such a ‘weak herb’ cure such a powerful disease as asthma… but I took the book home and decided to investigate, I was sceptical, but the author Professor Kato had clearly done his research.


The treatment consists, for an adult, taking a piece of raw garlic about the size of a cigarette filter, cutting it very finely and swallowing with half a cup of warm water after every meal. (For children below about 10 years a piece about half that size).   While on holiday a few weeks later I was walking up a steep hillside by the sea when I realized I could describe myself as ‘cured’. I worked out how long I had been on the garlic cure and it was six weeks.  I continued taking raw garlic after every meal for the next 3 years, but as my breath was smelling so strongly I gave it up to improve my social life!


I wanted other sufferers from asthma to know about this ‘cure’.  I wrote about 50 letters to chest and lung doctors around the country spreading the good news and explaining my own and Professor Kato’s discoveries.  I was amazed at how few replies I got - about 5 in total.  Of those most made jokes about the smell of garlic, but were not prepared to look into the matter.  Only one was interested, I later learnt that the Breakspear Hospital had a history of being receptive to alternative treatments. They said I would need to raise £3,000 for a trial!   I learnt that ‘science’ cannot be involved with common sense but has to have things like double blind trials.  My medical-political education was just beginning!


I decided to run my own trial and send the results to the authorities I had originally sent letters to.  I still had more to learn about medical politics and it took me another 20 years before I realized the depth of corruption that exists in the health service where the authority of the drug companies, the education and training and the associated heads of NHS following the party line were far more important to the relief of suffering.  


I appeared on London Radio and had several magazine articles published. I talked of my experience and asked asthmatics to volunteer for a trial of the garlic method.  I received about 100 letters from interested sufferers - only 10 bothered to undertake the trial. Of these, 7 achieved very significant relief of their asthma.  Most of the 10 were in the upper age range for the method, if more had been younger then a higher successes may have occurred.


I sent the results of the trial back and received no response.  At this point I gave up, and realized I could not influence things through the ‘authorities’ (welcome to the real world!) and would have to work individually through people.


Five years later, due to the summer pollen and not having taken raw garlic for 2 years I had a severe attack of asthma that lasted about 7 weeks, this was eventually broken by a homeopathic remedy.  About 2 years after that at the age of 35 another severe attack occurred, I was feeling weak, ill and was homeless.  It was a blow to my pride to return to my parents where I lived for 6 months. I visited a radionic practitioner that lived locally, and achieved some relief from the asthma but was still very weak.


I moved on from my parents and started out again. I became very interested in radionics and purchased a radionic potentiser, similar to the one I was treated with and enrolled in a postal radionics course. The device could aid in diagnosing suitable remedies and make homeopathic remedies by setting the correct combination of frequencies on the dials.


A few months later, with a background in electronics, and a keen interest in physics and radionics, I began to research the question of what constitutes healing energy as produced by radionic equipment. The research consisted of altering a design aspect of the electronic equipment (mainly consisting of copper coils or wire in various configurations) and taking measurements of the changed energy, and testing via ‘medical radiesthesia’ techniques. This is a method devised by monks some time ago, using samples from the person, and samples of a test organ e.g. some dried liver (not human!) and the test remedy, to see if the readings improved. Finally I would take the experimental homeopathic remedy to assess its effects on me.


I had a mission to uncover the basis of healing energy and to be able to produce equipment that would get people well by balancing energy, without the need for diagnosis. I pursed this relentlessly from 1982 to 1991. I made some interesting devices and sold 2 to therapists, but was not satisfied with the results. My health was still weak, and I finally admitted defeat.  It was then that I became open to other peoples work in the field of energy medicine, and undertook a formal training in Homeopathy and dedicated myself to learning about nutritional therapy.  


In 1993 I took up practice as a homeopath, but after about a year became disillusioned, it did not seem to be reliable and consistent enough to bring people to health.  I also studied celloid mineral therapy, (based on the biochemic tissue salts but in actual milligram doses) and found that to be a useful tool, but again as a sole healing modality it was not the answer.  I studied nutritional supplements and herbalism and practiced a form of energy therapy involving light, gems and crystals.


I found that taking isolated supplements that seemed to fit my symptoms drove me from one imbalance to another, today this is one of the key aspects of the company philosophy.


In 1994 I began to exchange information concerning nutritional supplements and began to learn through free information exchange.  By the end of the year, I was supplying a nutritional company with two products that I had sourced, researched and organized. This is where Regenerative Nutrition began.


10 years later and I have been constantly learning about forms and combinations of nutritional supplements that are not taught in any school.   I learnt in practice, simple and essential truths like the value of full spectrum salts and the use of sea water were very personal quests and discoveries. My associates and I continue to make discoveries and progress in the field of Regenerative Nutrition and it is my mission to bring these wonderful, effective programmes to as many people as possible. 


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