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pH Testing Urine/Saliva

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What should our saliva and urine pH be ?

PH is the degree of acidity / alkalinity. pH of 1 being the most acidic pH of 7 is neutral and pH of 8 and higher is alkaline.

The blood must stay within a very narrow pH range centered at around 7.35. If there are insufficient minerals freely available to keep it at that pH, minerals will be drawn from other parts of the body, including the bones, to maintain the essential pH of the blood. This process is at the center of the journey towards death. Conversely maintaining the correct slightly alkaline pH of the cells and tissues is the foundation of health and the most important physiological factorin preventing and reversing disease.

There is plenty of mis-information about what the urine and saliva pH readings should ideally be. Having investigated this issue for years and regularly testing my urine and saliva pH I find Dr Russell Jaff understandings the most valid. His investigations have found that the urine first thing in the morning after at least 6 hours sleep should be between 6.5 and 7.5 pH. I deduce from that an ideal healthy balanced state is in fact near the blood pH of 7.3. Regular readings over 7.5 indicate the physiology is in a catabolic state, i.e. proteins are being broken down due to some pathology. The exception is if one is taking alkalisers to boost the pH. This should not be done for extended periods. An example of this is using Sodium Bicarbonate for health/disease management. Doses that drive the pH up to even 8.5 can be used for about 2 weeks when used as a method to treat cancer, and held for one or two weeks before discontinuing. In order to do this, you must read Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature's Unique First Aid Remedy Dr. Marc Sircus. Also see here Alternative-Cancer-Treatment-Sodium-Bicarbonate. Note: doses must be taken at the correct times e.g. not when digesting food.

Note: Taking sodium bicarbonate at doses high enough to maintain a pH over 7.5 or any other substance can be extremely dangerous if maintained for long periods and can cause a condition called alkalosis that in the extreme could cause death.

Generally, plant foods i.e. fruitsand vegetables are alkaline forming and meat, fish and eggs are acid forming. These are the reliable mainstays to enable a healthy pH.

Saliva pH, usually, is not an indication of the internal body fluids pH levels. It is effected by the type of oral health and associated bacteria strains and acid they produce. If alkaline it is usually due to digestive enzymes released by the salivary glands. It can therefore vary greatly while the pH of the urine can remain very stable taken first thing in the morning

The most efficient way to restore and maintain a healthy pH along with a whole food plant based diet is to take seawater concentrate (from the inland sea of the great salt lake of Utah) 5 to 20 ml daily (equivalent to 50 to 200 ml sea water or 150 to 600 ml of extracellular fluid/blood plasma). Sea water has the same mineral balance as healthy extracellular fluid/blood plasma from whence our cells evolved. This partly explains why sea water has been found to be the ideal medium to restore the internal terrain, see here

Instructions for supplementing with Inland Sea water concentrate:

There are a variety of ways to obtain benefits from daily consumption. It may be added to food instead of salt, e.g. 1 teaspoon on a meal. If the taste is not salty enough then Celtic salt may also be added.

Strong therapeutic method as discussed in Dilute the Ionic Minerals thus: To 10ml add 90 ml water. This makes 100 ml of so called hypertonic solution and is three times the concentration of the bodies blood plasma and the extracellular fluid. Take just 10 ml of this hypertonic mixture into the mouth and leave for about one minute before swallowing. The more often this is repeated the more powerful the therapeutic journey will be. Typical use for health maintenance 2 doses daily. Typical use for overcoming acute disease states such as infection 4 to 8 times daily. For cancer and strong immune boost at least 6 times daily. For chronic disease states typical use 3 or 4 times daily. More details can be see on

If you are very sensitive to remedies or you feel the effects of the hypertonic somewhat overwhelming you can switch to 1/3 the dilution i.e. isotonic solution. To make an isotonic solution use 3 mls of Ionic Minerals to 90 mls water to produce 93 ml of isotonic solution. Take 10 ml of this isotonic solution 2 to 4 times daily. You can switch between the isotonic and hypertonic dosing for further benefits for the sensitive types and eventually get used to the hypertonic on a regularbasis. Of course, for less powerful effects one could just take the hypertonic just once or twice a day.

It should be understood that with any therapeutic shift there is often detoxification, a temporary worsening of symptoms, or old symptoms briefly returning as the body unravels it's disturbances to find a higher level of health and balance, often referred to as detoxification.

Why Inland sea water i.e Ionic Minerals and Trace elements ?

Taking sufficient Celtic salt daily with its relatively high mineral content compared with other sea salts also has some alkalising effect but less than ionic minerals and trace elements and generally best results are obtained when taking form 2 to 4 teaspoons (level 3ml teaspoons) daily in all food /drinks daily

How to test the pH of the urine:

Only a teaspoon of urine needed in a small container or spoon. Sample taken on rising in the morning/after at least 6 hours sleep. Use Simplex Health pH Test Strips for Urine and Saliva. Dip the coloured ends of the test strip into the urine so both colours are wet. Time 15 seconds before comparing the two colours of the strip with the pH chart. Take every morning to get a reliable guide as it can change a lot if your mineral reserves are not high, and get more stable as your health/alkalisation program progresses.

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pH Testing Urine/Saliva

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