Post Natal Depression

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Post Natal Depression 
We recommend the addition of the following supplements to the diet if you are experiencing post natal depression - please click the links below for more information on each  
Natur-Leaf balance the hormones, support cellular health and more.
Wild Yam (Whole Dried Root of Dioscorea Villosa) helps to maintain a balance of hormones in the body for women & men, it is a natural anti-stress remedy. 
Iodine is the main trace-element that helps with the hormones related to the thyroid, and ovaries and as such is complimentary to Wild Yam. Iodine can be obtained by Seagreens or Lugols Iodine (7% Solution)  
Magnesium is essential for the functioning of hundreds of different enzymes in the body, particularly those that produce, transport, store and utilize energy.