Chemotherapy Support

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Natural Chemotherapy Support


Chemotherapy can induce many symptoms - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness and more.   The overall health will have an impact upon the ability to tolerate chemotherapy treatments.  (Dosage, timing of the treatments and any prior chemotherapy are also important). Chemotherapy is active against any actively dividing cell whether cancerous or not, cells in the intestines, bone marrow and hair follicles are all damaged by chemotherapy.


Before you commit to chemotherapy we strongly suggest you read the following article from this link   and then the article below


There are natural remedies that can protect against this damage and support the chemotherapy process, such as Organic Germanium and Immunocomplex. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy these two nutrient remedies are generally taken at about twice the recommended amount detailed below. If you oncologist suggests that these remedies or the regime suggested will interfere with chemotherapy, we believe this opinion is based on a lack of understanding of these remedies. Natural remedies and diet that supports cell oxygenation and alkalinity will act as a weapon against cancer cells and will compound, not neutralize the cancer destructive effects of chemotherapy. Furthermore, such natural remedies and therapeutic diet will lessen the damage of the systemically toxic chemotherapy, and help the immune system to recover more quickly to prevent systemic fungal invasion that often follows chemotherapy.  Fungal invasion is generally now understood to be the basis of future cancers that may appear months or years later, and is believed to be a co-factor in the development of metastasis.


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