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Allergic response is a complicated area; people's response to different remedies and levels of sensitivites can vary dramatically.  There are several natural remedies for allergies and we recommend that you explore the product articles below, you will find lots of useful information and find  products that suit your needs - over time as your body adjusts you can add in other supplements
Sodium Ascorbate in relation to the Immune system, allergy and auto-immune disorders
The availability of the sodium salt of ascorbic acid for oral use represents a marked advance in the therapeutic approach to allergy.  In many cases considerable relief from allergic manifests and in some cases even striking and dramatic improvement. The sodium form of ascorbate is thought to improve adrenal metabolism. This regular use of sodium ascorbate at least one gram twice daily has been found in clinical studies as far back as the 1940's to have a high degree of success in the resolution of hay fever and asthma. (See the article Sodium Ascorbate in the Treatment of Allergic Disturbances for details of asthma and hay fever treatment and also some discussion as to why the sodium form of vitamin C is by in large the preferable form).
These conditions are related to an under functioning of the adrenal glands in the sense of failure to produce enough natural steroids. This in turn is related to an over activity of one wing of the immune system, tending to produce the self-attack syndrome that pays a part not only in asthma but all auto-immune disorders. The fact that clinical trials have been done on asthma and allergy sufferers is not an indication that sodium ascorbate is only therapeutic for these auto-immune disorders, but rather a strong indication that all auto-immune disorders will tend to be helped with sodium ascorbate use, as the mechanisms described are not specific to asthma only but to all auto-immune disorders. We refer the reader to the article Factors Involved In Auto-Immune Disorders  And Effective, Natural Treatment Protocols and also to the use of Sterols and Sterolins to further understand and alleviate auto-immune disorders. Most chronic (long term, rather than short episodes) disease has an auto-immune component, where there is excess activity/production of B cells and under activity /production of T cells. 
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