Iodine - Actions & Reactions (Additional Info)

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Iodine - Additional Information
Iodine deficiency is a recognized risk factor in the development of cancer of the breast, prostate, and probably the ovary and endometrium.
Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast, (High success rate with Iodine supplementation) breast cancer, thyroid cancer all autoimmune thyroid disorders. All of these conditions have been shown in the literature to be associated with iodine deficiency (1). Positive clinical results were seen in most of these patients after supplementation of orthoiodosupplementation within the range of 6.25-50mg of iodine/iodide- Dr David Brownstein.
There are 3 types of estrogen in the body, according to  Dr Wright, Iodine helps to balance the three estrogens in balance of the safer estrogen- estriol 1. Maintaining a balance of estrogens  can help ensure strong bones,  and helps prevent weight gain, mood swings and even cardio-vascular disorders.
Iodine Suppresses Tumor Growth
[Funahashi et al.] Japanese researchers have found that iodine suppresses tumor growth in experimental animals and they have demonstrated that seaweed, that is high in iodine, induces apoptosis in human breast cancer cells Japan and Iceland have the highest intake of iodine and the lowest incidence of goiter and breast cancer).
Dose of Iodine best for protecting against Cancer ranges from 6-50mg a day 1  Normally 50mg a day iodine will not cause any issues. To enable Iodine to work properly and also for immune system help and cancer protection Selenium is also required.
Iodine Deficiency Can Cause Cretinism
When a pregnant woman is hypothyroid, she risks giving birth to a baby that is neurologically and cognitively impaired. Cretinism refers to severe mental retardation that occurs at birth due to a low thyroid condition and can be caused by an iodine deficiency.
Iodine deficiency in pregnant women can cause miscarriage, stillbirth and mentally retarded children. Endemic cretinism is still found in southern and eastern Europe and it is also common in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, where the incidence may reach 10 percent in some communities.
According to the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders, iodine deficiency affects fifty million children. Of these:1 to 10% are born cretins 5 to 30% have some brain damage 30 to 70% have a loss of energy due to hypothyroidism, The New England Journal of Medicine has called iodine deficiency,the most preventable cause of mental deficits in the world.
An Iodine Deficiency Will Be Influenced By a Selenium Deficiency [John,] Iodine and selenium should be taken together if they are both deficient. Scientists have recently discovered that there is a relationship between iodine and selenium. Although selenium has many important functions in the body, its role in thyroid health has been the key that has helped researchers understand that these two minerals interact. In areas of the world where iodine and selenium are both very scarce (e.g. African Zaire), a high percentage of the population have goitres and hypothyroidism. When selenium was given to iodine deficient patients who were hypothyroid, their hypothyroidism not only became worse, selenium supplementation also produced hypothyroidism in people who had normal thyroid function. This outcome caused researchers to realize that these minerals should both be taken together.

Seleniumís Role in the Body - Thyroid Functions

Scientists have studied the interaction between iodine and selenium since the 1990s, and it is now known that the deiodinase enzymes that convert thyroid hormone T4 (thyroxine) to the more active hormones.
Dr. Jonathan Wright explains that iodine helps eliminate fibrocystic disease and ovarian cysts, in part, because of iodineís interaction with estrogen. There are three estrogens in the human body and iodine helps to metabolize the two dangerous estrogens (estrone and 16-alphahydroxyestrone) into a neutral estrogen (estriol) thyroid hormone T3 (triiodothyronine) and then T3 to T2, are requiring or dependent on selenium. Selenium also plays a role in thyroid metabolism as part of a detoxifier known as glutathione peroxidase (GPX) that limits the excessive production of T4 by degrading hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) that is produced during the production of thyroid hormone. If GPX were not present to degrade H2O2, the levels of T4 would be excessively high. The degradation of H2O2 also protects the cells of the thyroid gland.
This oxidation-reduction reaction is the reason that Iodine and Vitamin C should not be taken together, Leave at least one hour between taking Iodine and any anti-oxidant supplements.
Iodine Improves Fertility in PCOS Patients
[Dr. Jorge Flechas] Dr. Flechas has had six patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) resume normal periods and four have had children. PCOS was first described as an infertility problem in 1935, but it is now recognized as a complex endocrine disorder that affects six to ten percent of women. Complications include insulin resistance as well as increased risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. Symptoms include irregular or absent menstrual cycles, high blood pressure, acne, elevated insulin levels, insulin resistance or diabetes, infertility, excess hair on the face and body, thinning of scalp hair (alopecia) and weight problems or obesity that is centered around a womanís waist.
Iodine Inactivates the Autoimmune Mechanism
[Dr. David Derry] Derry explains that autoimmune diseases are related to damage to the cells of the thyroid gland, pancreas and other glands. He says that when dead cells enter the blood stream, the proteins are foreign to the body, causing the bodyís immune system to manufacture antibodies that are capable of attacking normal tissue. With enough iodine in the blood stream, the discard cells are made non-allergic by a coating of iodine.
Iodine Allergy is Usually a Seafood Allergy
A very small number of people are sensitive to iodine and may break out with hives when they consume iodine. In his 30 years of practice, Dr. Jonathan Wright says heís only seen an iodine allergy a few times. He says that it causes a red, bumpy skin rash that goes away when iodine is discontinued, and that a topical (on the skinís surface) iodine allergy is almost never a serious emergency. He says that SSKI or iodine can occasionally cause acne, that also goes away once the source of iodine is discontinued. Wright explains that an iodine allergy, that can interfere with breathing and occasionally send people to the emergency room, is usually not allergy to iodine or iodine molecules, but instead to a much larger, possibly iodine-containing molecule found in lobster, crab, clams and other shellfish. These molecules are not present in SSKI or iodine.
Bromide Detox Symptoms
Iodine supplementation, if it is done too quickly, and/or in the presence of bromide in the body, can cause detox symptoms (constipation, acne or rash) that occur mostly from bromide (Note: For a list of 29 possible symptoms, see: Dr. William Shevin has developed a salt protocol to clear these detox symptoms if they occur (See: Shevinís Remedy for Clearing Bromide Symptoms on page 93).
Iodine Heals Dupuytrens Contracture
[Dr. Jonathan Wright] In his iodine article on his Tahoma Clinic Web site, Dr. Wright relays a story about iodineís ability to heal Dupuytrens Contracture and a similar condition called Peyronieís disease. This is related to Iodine's ability to remove fibrosis see also Multi-enzyme protect and Serrapeptase
Iodine Removes Toxins
[Dr. David Derry] In his book, Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer, Dr. David Derry, M.D., Ph.D, cites the work of researchers I.F. Heniene and L.G. Heniene as the source of this iodine function and explains that iodination of amino acids tyrosine and histidine in protein cell membranes deactivates biological poisons such as snake venom. Derry proposes that this may be an important function of iodine in the lumen (cavity) of the stomach. He says this may explain why Lugolís solution in a glass of water is a good antidote for food poisoning .
Thyroid Function Surge
Thyroid function may surge briefly as you add iodine to a gland that has been iodine deficient for a long time.
Iodine Dissolves Parotid Duct Stones
[Dr. Jonathan Wright] In his iodine article on his Tahoma Clinic Web site, Dr. Wright relays a story about Iodineís ability to dissolve parotid duct stones: Although itís not a common condition, from time to time someone will come to my office at Tahoma Clinic inquiring about alternatives to surgery for parotid duct stone. These are stones which can form in the saliva-carrying duct(s) from the major salivary glands (parotid glands, located at the angle of the jaw). Three to four drops of SSKI taken in water daily will almost always dissolve parotid duct stones within four to eight months. Iodine is used as an expectorant.
Iodine Heals Bladder Infections

[Dr. Jonathan Wright] During their trips, Dr. Wrightís wife has helped women heal bladder infections with SSKI: Although Holly (Dr. Wrightís wife) has never had the experience, occasionally another woman at one of the conferences they attend has developed a bladder infection when far away from home and her own physician. Holly gives her our back-up small bottle of SSKI with instructions to take ten to fifteen drops in water or juice every three to four hours (while awake) until the infection is gone.

[Michael, from Peoria Arizona] Michael posted this on the Iodine Group Web site (

I have used Lugolís internally for years. My wife had a major bladder infection and tried all kinds of drugs. Finally, she wanted to try Lugolís and within two weeks she began to walk without pain. I also placed it in the water containers of my two dogs and my ten year-old dog came alive again. I feel it killed all the worms in her that were bleeding her of energy. I believe in Lugolís for everything.
Iodine Detoxes Heavy Metals
[Dr. Jorge Flechas] When taking iodine, there is an increased excretion in the urine of arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum, and other toxic metals. Iodine is selective in that it leaves the essential metals (e.g., iron) and removes the toxic ones.

For nearly 80 years, commercial bakeries added potassium iodate to bread as a dough conditioner but stopped using potassium iodate in the early 1970s due to the iodophobia that Guy Abraham says can be traced to the Wolf-Chaikoff paper. Bakers began using potassium bromate instead of potassium iodate.

Potassium bromate is toxic and every effort should be made to avoid bromated bread. When commercial bakeries reacted to the Wolff-Chaikoff study and replaced potassium iodate with potassium bromate, the daily intake of iodine not only dropped, but the new oxidizing agent that was used in its place is extremely toxic.

Many iodine literate doctors suggest selenium, Vitamin C, and magnesium to enhance the therapeutic value of iodine. Niacin was also recommended at the February 07 Iodine Conference.
Reactions to Iodine
In an online paper about iodine, Dr. Janet Lang ( explains that magnesium and selenium are two keys to minimizing reactions to iodine. Similar to Dr. Jonathan Wright, she emphasizes that an allergy to iodine is often an allergy to seafood, and not iodine.
Hyperthyroid Response
Hyper or over reactive thyroid is characterized by trembling of the hands, fast heart rate, and nervousness. Dr.Lang explains that this condition can occur in people with thyroid nodules (diagnosed with ultrasound). This group can take iodine, but slowly, and should be monitored/self monitor with the Barnes' morning temperature test method, detailed in the Thyroid  article here
Detoxification symptoms that occur from iodine supplementation include fatigue, aches, pains and headaches that are often from halogen excretion.
Seaweed Amount of Iodine (mg. per 100 gm.)
From this we can see that the Iodine content of seaweed varies dramatically , so even consuming large amounts of seaweed daily may not give sufficient Iodine for best results. A study of Pacific Seaweeds showed that Kelps contained over 90% of their Iodine in a water soluble form, mainly as Iodine Ions.
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