Maxi Focus Sublingual Spray

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Maxi Focus™ - Lutein Sublingual Spray


A complete nutritional fomula for the health of your eyes, brain and body. In addition to the essential carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin, MaxiFocus contains a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. The sublingual formula ensures the most effective absorbency, even in those with digestive tract problems.


The doctors in the USA who pioneered this alternative treatment for Macular Degeneration also found that Retinitis Pigmentosa also responded. Quite why this is if the problem is genetic ‘in the eye’ is baffling. If the problem is lack of nutritional uptake in the digestive tract (genetic) or a problem absorbing the nutrients in the eye then it may explain ‘why’. The simple fact is it does respond at any age and the average person could not care less why it works.


Lutein Formula Spray is a sublingual spray containing Lutein, Zeaxanthin, L-Lysine, Bilberry and Gingko. This is the best product for the delivery of these specific nutrients to the eye. Studies have shown these nutrients help improve and prevent vision loss due to Macular Degeneration. Lutein and Zeaxanthin filter light and serve as potent free radical scavengers for the Retina. L-Lysine and Bilberry help maintain healthy blood vessels. Gingko improves blood flow to the blood vessels in the eye and improves the utilisation of glucose and oxygen, increasing ATP production and preventing vasoconstriction to the brain and retina (and improving memory).


Maxi Focus - Lutein Sublingual Spray has 800% more benefit than tablets or capsules. Can improve vision and prevent loss due to Macular Degeneration and other eye diseases.  Recommended dosage: 6-8 sprays per day for the first two months then 3 sprays per day for the next two months and lastly 1 spray per day as a preventative.


Frequently Asked Questions


My Doctor said that she has not heard of Lutein, is it proven scientifically?

There are many scientific studies to show that Lutein deficiency is implicated in many eye diseases. This Lutein formula has been used for the past seven years, with good results by doctors in the USA. We have a special pack of information for your Doctor with all the scientific research if they are interested in finding out more.


How long is it before I will notice any improvement?

20% of people taking Pure Focus, report visual improvements with the first bottle.

The Majority respond in 3-5 months, a minority can take 8-10 months.


Are there any side effects or interactions with the drugs I am taking?

After 5 years of use in the USA there are No known side effects or interactions with any drugs. However you may notice improved mental clarity and memory as well as an increase in available mental energy.


I have been getting strange feelings in my eyes and head, is this OK?

Yes, imagine you had been sitting on your leg and had restricted your blood supply. When you stood up it would feel very strange, pins and needles etc. This is the same, when blood returns to parts of the eye that have been starved for some time you may feel it. Just shout, great!


Why is a sublingual spray better than tablets?

Intra Oral sprays achieve 95% absorption in everybody at every age compared to tablets. Tablets have 20% absorption at best and as our digestive systems start to fail after the age of 60 then this decreases dramatically. We may even have other absorption problems that stop us getting it through food.