Adapting to the Regenerative Process

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Adapting To The Regenerative Process
Supplying the body with the correct nutrients that it has not had before, will help the body to awaken to proper functioning, leading to sooner or later, greater energy and well being and a more effective hormonal, circulatory, digestive and immune system. While this process of change is under way, old congestions and toxic material, will be pushed out of harms way into the blood for elimination via the skin, urine and faeces. So during this process, skin rashes or other manifestations may appear, also symptoms of a cold or even influenza like states can occur. If you use antibiotics during this time, all you are doing is pushing the process back in.  You can use Colloidal Silver during these periods if you are suffering from symptoms of infection, although it is often difficult to tell the difference between detoxification symptoms and an actual recent infection, taking the silver as it is harmless and will resolve this dilemma. If you are in a period of releasing quite a lot of toxic material, even a fever can manifest, this is due to an improved immune response.

Occasionally when detoxifying, pain can arise, such as headaches or toothache. In this situation drink plenty of water, often warm water is better tolerated, drinking a pint of warm water will sometimes reduce pain. Those with liver or gall congestion may experience some headaches and nausea problems, in such situations, a simple liver/gall flush can be taken first, read instruction sheet for Liver and Gall flush.  Most persons will experience loose bowels for quite some time from the start of the regenerative programme, this is a natural reaction of the body, and the most obvious aspect of the house cleansing that will take place.

Many will feel the need for more rest and sleep, try to give your body as much rest and sleep as it wants; most of us, in this modern world are chronically tired and have some rest to make up. Eventually your sleep will be more effective and refreshing. The more sensitive and observant of you, will notice a change in how you feel every day while on the regenerative programme, while the strong constitutions and robust will move towards a higher level of health in an uneventful manner.

If you find at any time that any health problems you have temporarily get worse, or you feel some degree of discomfort, you may choose to stop taking the supplement(s) for one day and resume at a lower dose level, perhaps reducing to half the dose for a few days or a week then increase back to the full amount. As discussed, however, the adaptation response still occurs, this is a series of reactions that the body is expressing as it gradually moves itself towards higher levels of health, when disease tends to drop away. There is a law of healing that states "Healing proceeds from above downwards, from within out, and symptoms disappear in the reverse order to when they arose”.

In practice this means that external symptoms such as a discharge, runny nose, or temporary skin rash are the result of the morbid aspects being pushed outwards.  Old, long established symptoms will be the last to go, whereas more recent problems tend to resolve first. Also symptoms we may not have experienced for years may return, albeit briefly as the layers of internal disorder are resolved. It is sufficient to have faith that the many symptoms we may experience, are the result of our bodies own natural intelligence, repair and re organisation, while undergoing the regenerative process.