Cardiac Syndrome X

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Cardiac Syndrome X
Cardiac Syndrome X refers to situations where the pain of angina is felt, but there is no coronary artery disease (the usual cause of Angina) and the coronary arteries are free from blockages.
It is more common in women, especially post menopause; it does not increase your risk of heart attack or coronary artery disease.
New research has shown that Cardiac Syndrome X  is most likely caused by a form of angina called micro vascular angina where the small blood vessels in the heart (capillaries) tighten or constrict reducing the blood flow in the heart.  Being so small, these capillaries that there is increased risk of heart attack.
In this situation, we need to improve micro-circulation, so recommend our Circulate Formula at 2 capsules after each meal.
In addition, Immunocomplex is recommended to improve the oxygen uptake to the cells (angina is basically poor oxygen levels reaching the heart muscle, in part due to poor circulation, and in part due to low oxygenation). Once adapted to these remedies the addition of Organic Germanium would further enhance oxygenation and improve overall long term health.
Some doctors think that Cardiac X syndrome may be linked to low levels of the female hormone oestrogen; Wild Spanish Pollen is a good broad-spectrum nutritional tonic but can also normalise oestrogen production, and therefore may be especially appropriate. Start at a low dose and build gradually, but only after adapting to the other remedies recommended.
Ensure that you are taking the correct salt, e.g. Celtic Ocean Sea Salt, this will help with hypertension.  We also recommend Serrapeptase, or even better Multi-Enzyme Protect to clear the circulation. This is advised even though the tests have not shown typical gross arteriosclerosis, there is always some blockage, especially of the smaller blood vessels that tests may not reveal; in other words there is almost always (except if one has been on raw diet for many years) some clogging as we age.