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Molluscum contagiosum
This is caused by a virus caused pox virus and is a contagious viral infection of the skin. Usually clearing up within a couple of months, some cases can continue for as long as two years.  It is typically found in children, but can occur at any age, many people are resistant to the infection, those with Eczema may experience more severe symptoms.
Pearl-shaped pink spots occur predominantly on the face, arms and legs, the incubation period is between 2 and eight weeks. The spots look like small warts which is squeezed will ooze a white fluid.  Pharmmcetical treatments can often be painful and leave scarring.
The natural remedies we recommend are the same as for any viral infection;
Zell Oxygen is an incredible remedy to activate and strengthen the immune system and will speed a successful outcome over chronic (long term) and acute (short term) infections is most likely.  For long term use, typical maintenance use is 2 dessertspoons daily. During acute infection use up to 4 dessertspoons three times a day
Collodial Silver  has been found to attack all known harmful virus and bacteria. For chronic infection use 10 to 500 mls daily. For acute infection use 30 to 500 mls daily.
Olive Leaf Extract is rapidly being recognised as a natural alternative to antibiotics. Extremely beneficial for people with viral and fungal infections and a non-toxic way to strengthen the immune system. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredient in olive leaf extract, oleuropein, has powerful healing properties and can fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that cause infection and disease. Maintenance use one months supply. For acute infections double the dose.