Nephrotic Syndrome

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Nephrotic Syndrome (NS)
This can be caused by a wide variety of underlying diseases that damage the kidneys, Diabetes and Hypertension are just two examples.  
Normally, individuals lose less than 150 mg of protein in the urine in a 24-hour period, through the filtering system of the kidneys  - the glomeruli. In cases of  Nephrotic syndrome this can increase to as much as 3.5 grams of protein during a 24-hour period. Over time, the glomeruli may lose the ability filter waste and excess water and to clean the blood.
The three main symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are as follows:
Germanium with colloidal minerals can help heal any underlying condition in the kidneys  along with  Live Cell Immunocomplex.
One gram of Sodium Ascorbate twice daily will provide adrenal and general support.
To help relieve scarring of the kidneys and inflammation, we recommend Serrapeptase.
Multi-Enzyme Protect with meals would be helpful  to help the adrenals to produce healthy steroids, in turn reducing inflammation and calming down the auto-immune response (excess B cells to T cells ratio).
Raw eggs are recommended as a completely balanced, highly absorbable form of protein, that is to help keep up depleted albumin, but in our opinion should be used as a regular part of most peoples diet please see our Dietary Guide.  Diet may aggravate the condition.
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