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Natural Remedies for Lumbago
Lumbago is mild to severe pain in the lower back.  It can be difficult to identify the exact cause of lumbago, but it can be caused by conditions such as a slipped disc.   Movement of the spine will be limited and tingling and numbness in the back and legs is often felt.   It is important to be active, avoid stooping and bending.  Rest and sleep on a flat surface will help lumbago.  If your condition is chronic, you may benefit from seeing a Chiropractor or Osteopath.
Capra Mineral Whey and Boron  is beneficial to weak and painful joints - a perfect natural remedy for Lumbago.  Capra Mineral Whey is minimally processed to insure itís original composition.  It contains more than 20 naturally occurring minerals in a highly complex whole food form which our bodies recognize and utilize with ease, a highly concentrated, alkaline, mineral food.  Just 1 ounce of this goat whey powder has the nutritional equivalent of 25 ounces of  fresh goats milk .  We include Boron within our Capra Mineral Whey, Boron helps with the integration of calcium, and much much more! Each 16 grams of whey contains Vitamin D3 450 I.U. Boron amino acid chelate, elemental weight of Boron 10mgs.   
In addition, or alternatively, you may wish to have a look at our Repair Tonic - an advanced, high potency formula to provide nutritional substances to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the protein structures of the body.