Colloidal Minerals with Boron & Vit D

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Colloidal Minerals & Trace Elements

With Boron & Vitamin D

This supplement is designed to aid re-mineralisation with an emphasis on calcium metabolism that is supported by Boron and Vitamin D. This is anti-arthritic and may help with all auto-immune disorders, please see the full article The Wonder of Boron.

Colloidal Minerals & Trace Elements with Boron & Vitamin D is also a broad spectrum mineral supplement consisting of paramagnetic rock dust, having a tremendously wide range of potential benefits if the full recommended dose of 3 capsules twice daily are taken for about 3 months, thereafter 3 capsules daily 

The product is complementary to Organic Silicon and both may be taken for the full benefits of repair and remineralisation, especially for collagen and immune system stabilisation.  

Paramagnetic Rock Dust

Paramagnetic volcanic rock powder that contains all the minerals and trace elements in the earth's crust (90) in colloidal form.  Works in an opposite but complementary way to Ionic Minerals and Trace Elements 

People today are suffering from many forms of chronic illness; a main contributory cause, is the mineral deficient soils that bear our crops. Paramagnetic volcanic rock powder works by providing a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements, to make up for the deficit in our diets. 

Mother nature knows best.  Since we are now so removed from natural situations,  the most successful way of restoring optimum health is by observing and applying all the good things that we have left behind from nature.

The Health Benefits of Paramagnetic Rock Dust

There are several groups of extremely healthy and long lived peoples around the world such as the Hunzas of Pakistan, and the Vilcabamba people of Ecuador.  A number of Hunza men and women over 120 years old still work in the fields every day. What do they have in common? Mineral rich water.

Different from other mountain cultures is their cloudy grey water. It contains a fine rock dust created by the glaciers higher up.  As they slowly slide across and grind the rock, the melting ice mixes with the rock dust creating a rock slurry that finds its way into streams and rivers.   This mineral rich water is used for drinking and to irrigate soil and crops.

Amongst many native cultures it is known that when flooding occurs, mud and silt from the rivers mineralise pastures, replenishing deficiencies in the soil that have occurred through farming the land.

Our soil lacks in varying amounts, the very minerals and trace elements that we need for good health.  Plants also require the same full spectrum to be strong and resist parasites. Modern agricultural methods of farming are very destructive.   Fertiliser is used containing only three minerals, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus; this causes quick, forced growth, but does not provide balanced nutrition for plants.  The application of pesticide (that is necessary due to the inherent poor resistance of the plants) to crops, penetrates into soil killing off beneficial soil bacteria.

Soil bacteria work  in  collaboration  with  plant  roots  to  facilitate  proper  nutrient  uptake  from  the soil.  The destruction of Beneficial micro-organisms in soil further degrades the quality of food produced.  At one time we routinely ingested these organisms with  daily intake of vegetables - not so now with our modern farming methods.   Healthy  fertile soil is a rich dark colour due to the presence of these good bacteria, which can be seen under a microscope.


"The atoms or molecules of a substance having net orbital spin magnetic moments that are capable of being aligned in the direction of the applied field”  Any substance, including soil or rock that will move towards a magnet is paramagnentic.

Colloidal Minerals is a paramagnetic rock dust, of volcanic origin, ground into a fine powder.  It was discovered from a breach in the earth's crust, in an Austrian quarry, a volcanic, brittle material.

Volcanic rock shows itself to be the most paramagnetic (measured using a CGS meter), this is the reason it is so successful in restoring healthy plant growth and remineralisation in people.   Paramagnetic rock dust will help to build up the mineral reserves in the body, compensating for the mineral and trace element deficiencies in most diets.

The mineral elements in paramagnetic rock products are just like protein, fats and carbohydrates - helping to create the physical and chemical conditions for the functioning of the cells   They are concerned with the building up of hormones, and enzymes and are important constituents of the bones, teeth and tissues.   Since these minerals and trace elements are continuously exchanged and lost, they need to be taken in by in body regularly.

Inside us and around us, are millions of ions - groups of atoms which carry either a positive or a negative charge. Anions are negatively charged ions, cations are positive charged.  When nature is balanced, these two ions create a unified field of energy present every where, called a paramagnetic field.  This field is present in all levels of organ living matter including the human brain.

Our so called civilised ways of living, industrialisation, mechanisation, and the intense electromagnetic fields generated by modern technologies, produce high levels of anions. These can make us feel heavy and exhausted,  with prolonged exposure can be a contributory factor in any health disorder.

Every cell in the body contains a balance of energy which keeps each cell individual, in perfect suspension with it neighboring cells - a colloidal suspension.  High concentrations of anions disrupt this balance, the suspension is broken down leading to cellular coagulation, and dysfunction. The unified field has become unbalanced, in favour of anion dominance, we have little contact with what we need these negate these positive charges.

How do we redress this imbalance?

The highly paramagnetic rock dust has the effect of neutralising excesses of both positive and negative charges, bringing balance and homeostasis (the natural balance of the organism).

Water is an important contact with nature, but nowadays is very unlikely to be highly paramagnetic.  Thus the paramagnetic rock dust can provide this very important and harmonising effect on our systems, neutralising external fluctuations in our metabolic and nervous systems, aiding sleep, relieving stress, and improving many other health conditions, refreshing and invigorating the whole organism.

A daily intake of paramagnetic rock dust  affords you the daily contact with this source of paramagnetic energy and over 90 minerals and trace elements. Three capsules daily is sufficient, although for the first week or so twice daily is advised, to reinstate mineral balance and reduce stress by aiding the correct colloidal suspension of the cells within the body.

Broadly speaking, the volcanic rock dusts, with their predominance of silica is strengthening to our overall constitutions and structures of the body.  They work steadily but more slowly than the ionic electrolyte minerals, which are also essential on a regular  basis to help balance the fluid and electrical activity of the body. These minerals work rapidly to maintain essential functions.   Our Ioninc minerals from the Great Salt Lakein Utahare available in the shop, and prove to be essential, for many in natural health regeneration programs.

These two different sources of minerals and trace elements (colloidal paramagnetic and ionic) provide a balanced regime of remineralisation.   So even though the amount of major minerals is small in the volcanic rock drink, there is a catalytic effect from the whole swathe of trace and ultra trace elements which improves overall uptake of major minerals in the diet.

An example of this phenomenon was shown with an experiment carried out using mineral supplement called Floramin. This is created by feeding a pro-biotic culture with coal . Coal is formed from  primeval rain forest which through millions of years compression has formed into coal. The test involved three separate groups of rats. Over a period of 90 days group one was fed a nutrient deficient diet, these rats lost weight and became ill. The second group also received a poor diet, but were given the full spectrum, multi-mineral trace element supplement in small quantities. Group two gained weight and were in excellent health and fared slightly better than group three that received what was considered a high quality diet!

So, small, but regular daily doses of these full spectrum food supplements generally improves the uptake and utilisation of the nutritional elements in our food. Even when are eating well we are not utilising the nutritional elements in our food properly, due almost universal trace element deficiency.

At this point it is worth mentioning about the fallacy of the health benefits of drinking distilled water, from the false belief that the minerals in drinking water clog the circulatory system and are not nutritionally useful.

Dr. Masironi from the world health organisation has said "modern diets are usually marginally deficient in many elements, and therefore the contribution from hard water makes a difference between optimal and sub optimal intake. Just the little extra boost  of minerals from our drinking water may add enough to the minerals obtained from food to get us up the stairs from adequate to optimum intake (clearly Dr. Masir underestimates mineral/trace element deficiency since our official understanding of the role  minerals  and  trace  elements  have,  lagged  behind  both  anthropological  and experimental, evidence.)

It  is  well  known  that where  people  consume  hard  water,  which  has  a  higher  mineral content than soft water, that there is a definite protective influence on the circulatory system. This shown by a study on 76 Swedish communities, those consuming hard water had a 41% less incidence of heart disease and 14% less strokes than those consuming soft water) It would seem prudent not to consume distilled water which is completely deprived of minerals' and acts to remove minerals from the system.

So once again mother nature knows best, and will provide some ionic (soluble)  and some colloidal mineral and trace elements, in muddy/sediment rich rivers, and clinging to the food we would eat in a natural situation. Since we are now so removed from natural situations, in practice, the most successful ways of restoring to our optimum health and longevity is by observing and applying all the good things that we have left behind from nature on a daily basis.

Vitamin D

This supplement alone is NOT an adequate source of Vitamin D

The importance of vitamin D is often over-looked. Vitamin D is a hormone like substance that is manufactured in the skin in response to sunlight exposure. Failure to obtain a least a few minutes a day direct sunlight  exposure on the skin, will result in a deficiency of vitamin D. Deficiencies have now been linked to a multiple array of diseases and an increased incidence of cancer. These diseases include arthritis, muscle weakness, multiple sclerosis, and other auto-immune disorders. For a full article on vitamin D please see The Healing Power of Sunlight & Vitamin D

One can take a broad-spectrum of nutrients and be conscientious about ones diet, but failure to address the Vitamin D issue will result in health problems, and is so commonly overlooked. This is especially true of the elderly and persons who already have compromised health, who tend not to venture outside much. This problem has been compounded by false information about the actual amount of vitamin D that we need. There have been warnings by health authorities in the past, not to take more than about 800 IU a day...but that sort of dose is obtained just from partial exposure to the sun when it is high in the sky for a few minutes.  Much research has now found that larger supplemental doses are required to overcome vitamin D deficiency syndrome. 

The general advice based on this knowledge and client experience, also clinical trails is to supplement initially with around 2000IU per day for a few months, thereafter about 1000 IU is sufficient. Vitamin D is stored in the body. So for example, if you are exposed to strong sunlight without sunscreen for 30 minutes a day for a few weeks then the body will store enough vitamin D to last possibly a couple months. 

For more Information on the importance of Vitamin D click here


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