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Natural Remedies for Hyperlipemia
Hyperlipemia occurs when there is an unusually high amount of fat in the blood and fats such as triglyceride and cholesterol aren’t metabolised properly and the arteries become clogged.
Genetics, obesity, diabetes, stress, thyroid gland dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and pituitary dysfunction can all cause Hyperlipemia.
A Japanese scientist Dr. Takahashi carried out a study on Hyperliemia and the benefits of a supplement containing beneficial bacteria.   Hyperlipemia could cause arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction, and cerebral infarction.  More than 60% of people 50 years or older in Japan are suffering from hyperlipemia due to changes in lifestyle (more meat and sugar, less physical exercise).
Eighty percent of cholesterol is produced by the liver and provides benefit to the body.   Bile acid produced from cholesterol assists digestion and absorption by binding excessive lipids in the intestine. Intestinal micro organisms (beneficial bacteria) assists with metabolism, absorption, and excretion in the intestine. The use of cholesterol in the body depends upon the condition of intestinal microbial flora (the balance of beneficial vs. harmful organisms). Beneficial bacteria turns the cholesterol into useful substances, which, in turn, lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. It is important for people who are suffering from hyperlipemia to enhance their beneficial intestinal bacteria by daily intake.
We therefore strongly recommend Primebiotic in cases of Hyperlipemia, this contains the highest quality, nutrient dense, green superfoods, pre-digested with 13 synergistic live bacteria. Multi strains of bacteria are far more potent than merely supplementing with one or two strains of bacteria. The potent mixture of superfoods, cereal grasses, micro-algae and kelp, provide many health benefits.  Cereal grasses are high in chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, minerals, and unique digestive enzymes. Micro-algae contain significant amounts of lipid, protein, chlorophyll, carotenoid, vitamins, minerals and unique pigments and Kelp provides all the nutrients from the ocean - nature's most complete nutrient 'store', exposing these wonderful ingredients to the probiotic process enhances their inherent ability to promote the growth and reproduction of friendly bacteria.  
Plant Sterols and Sterolins have been shown to help reduce excess lipids in the blood.
Reishi Mushroom fits well into any healing programme, as a general tonic and as an immune modulator that tends to calm down the destructive aspects of the immune system – often a stumbling block in the treatment of chronic health problems.   Studies in Japan and elsewhere have demonstrated that Reishi is beneficial to the cardiovascular system; it appears to help regulate coronary and cerebral blood flow and also seems to help reduce levels of blood lipids and in lowering elevated cholesterol, it is well indicated then for Hyperlipemia.
VitaProtect Capsules may also be useful - a high potency antioxidant with broad-spectrum action.    Grape seed extract with O.P.C, Biovin, turmeric, wild rose hip, propolis concentrate, hawthorn berry.   All organically grown.   By combining these wonderful natural, herbal supplements, we provide a broad spectrum effect on all systems of the body, with the emphasis on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.   Long term protection is provided against the ravages of free-radical attack.