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Eating raw unprocessed foods, free of steroids, antibiotics and additives, limiting the intake of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine and taking exercise will all help. Please read more in Essential Reading


Reishi is a wonderful herb (or functional food) for the nervous system. In people suffering from insomnia, it enhances relaxation and increases sleeping time. It is especially suitable for the sensitive patient who is normally difficult to treat, as remedies tend to over stimulate.

Zell Oxygen helps to restore the health of the nervous system and also can alleviate fears and anxiety.


Liquid Ionic Minerals and Trace Elements help to balance the electrolyte balance and hence electrical potentials in the brain; this supplement can often help relieve some of the effects of too much or too little energy in the brain, hence aiding sleep.


If there is excess electromagnetic of geopathic stress (often due to an underground stream or body of water below the house), keeping a Life Force Generator in the house alters the energy field within the house and can help alleviate chronic insomnia plus other health benefits

We particularly recommend molasses (available from your health food shop) as part of the nutritional programme for healing the nervous system and in cases of Insomnia.