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Natural Remedies for Impetigo
Impetigo is a contagious skin disease caused by staphylococcus bacteria or in rare cases the streptococcus bacteria.  Impetigo usually begins on the face, it starts as a small scratch or itchy patch that quickly develops into a blister.   These blisters become crusty and weep.  Children suffering from eczema are especially likely to develop impetigo.
For bacterial infections such as Impetigo, we recommend the broad spectrum natural antiseptics and anitbiotics Colloidal Silver or Olive Leaf Extract Capsules.  Please see the full articles for in depth information.
Zell-Oxygen will get the immune system working properly again. It is a product that has many years of successful clinical use behind it and can justly be described as an essential supplement, it is a first choice in any healing programme. Rich in all B Vitamins as well as A, E, D, K, beta carotene, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids such as Methionine, Gluthathione and Cysteine. Followed by Co enzyme A and Co enzyme Q 10. plus a number of other enzymes. This wonderful combination raises health in a natural way and is a vital supplement.