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Pleurisy is caused by swelling and irritation of the membrane that surrounds the lungs. It is often a symptom of another illness. The pain may be anywhere in the chest depending on the site of the inflammation, the pain is made worse by breathing in, or coughing, as this causes the two parts of the inflamed pleura to rub over each other.
Pleurisy can develop from many things, including bacterial or viral infections of the lungs (such as pneumonia), TB, lupus, chest injury or trauma or a blood clot in the lung, often a cause cannot be found.
Where the underlying cause is unknown, we would recommend that you read the protocol outlined in the article Factors Involved In Auto-Immune Disorders And Effective, Natural Treatment Protocols 
The natural remedies suggested are nutritionally balanced solutions that tend to raise overall health. They contain enzymes and many other naturally occurring phyto-nutrients shown to help reverse and prevent disease generally by optimizing the immune and hormonal systems.
We particularly recommend the addition of Plant Sterols and Sterolins to the diet.
With the exception of Black Seed Oil, the the specific natural remedies we recommend for Pleurisy are contained within the article above.
Zell-Oxygen - we strongly recommend this product, as it will get the immune system working properly again. It is a product that has many years of successful clinical use behind it and can justly be described as an essential supplement and finally
Collodial Silver is a natural antibiotic with beneficial side effects.
Olive Leaf works on fungal, bacterial and viral infections. It also has other benefits such as anti-oxidant effects and can be helpful for the circulation. Please see the full Olive Leaf Extract Capsules article for more in depth information.
Ionic Minerals are full spectrum salts from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and provide a complex mixture of many salts, minerals and trace elements found in seawater - these harmonise with the bodies cells and internal fluids to support health.
When it comes to health and well-being, a strong immune system is vital, and the properties of Black Seed Oil are key to regaining the efficient functioning of your immune system and maintaining its optimum effectiveness.  Furthermore, Black Seed is a potent, antihistamine,  antibacteria and anti-inflammatory agent making it a useful natural remedy for Pleurisy.