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Natural Supplements for Wrinkles
Bamboo Tabashir has many uses and is a general rejuvenating agent, as part of a holistic programme.   Its main active ingredient is naturally occurring silica, known by homeopaths to be one of the most deep acting remedies. It therefore takes time for its full rejuvinatory effects to reveal themselves, and should be taken on a long term basis as part of a holistic health regime.    Silica is known as the mineral of youth & good looks - it improves the condition of hair, nails, teeth, gums & skin.  As well as a natural way to help wrinkles, Bamboo Tabashir offers many other health benefits.
MSM is an excellent natural supplement for wrinkles.  Collagen is the most plentiful protein structures in the body and predominates in the formation of bones, skin, nails, hair, and many other body tissues.   MSM and silica are two important nutrients that give collagen its strength and flexibility.  If there is insufficient MSM, as new cells are formed they become rigid and the skin lacks softness and flexibility.  The tendency to cracking, and wrinkles will be greater when MSM supplies are inadequate. (Vitamin C is helpful to this process).
It is far better to get the body to make its own collagen than to apply collagen to the skin, since it cannot repair cells this way. The fact that MSM gets right to the heart of the process of tissue/skin health and renewal can be seen in the rapid healing of wounds and disappearance of old scars, MSM also helps the growth of healthy hair and nails. This is partly due to the substance keratin that forms a large part of the structure of hair and nails.
Repair-Tonic provides a complex of nutrients to help the body produce better collagen from the inside out.
Fine Green Clay can be applied regularly to the skin (make a paste with water or zell-Oxygen and leave on for appropriate period of time), this helps to reduce wrinkles and improve the health of the skin.   Clay can also be taken internally and has many wonderful health benefits - please read the full product article.
Zell-Oxygen applied to the skin on a regular basis has been reported by one of our customers to be the best beauty treatment for her skin that she has found!
Miracle II Gel contains electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water with minerals and energy beyond scientific measurement.   It reduces the surface tension of bodily fluids, and beneficially alters the electrical charges of colloidal components of the blood as well as delivering negatively charged oxygen to every cell in the body. This has the effect of detoxifying the body even at cell level and aiding cellular hydration.   It is reportedly excellent for wrinkles and can be applied topically for lots of other health issues.