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Natural Help for Stammering
The goal is to heal the nervous system and bring the body back into balance.   
The Core Regime is a proven nutritional program that improves health naturally. By addressing overall health in a holistic manner, many health conditions are alleviated and even resolved completely. 
Zell Oxygen is a first choice in any healing programme and is particularly useful for stress, it is healing for the nervous system and essential for treating chronic fatigue and nervous and mental disorders. Rich in all B Vitamins which are particularly useful for anxiety symptoms) as well as A, E, D, K, beta carotene, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids such as Methionine, Gluthathione and Cysteine. Followed by Co enzyme A and Co enzyme Q 10. plus a number of other enzymes. This wonderful combination raises health in a natural way and is a vital supplement.
Blackmores P.P.M.P.

Blackmores P.P.M.P. provides ideal neuromuscular support for conditions of physical, mental and nervous exhaustion. P.P.M.P. also assists in cases of extremely decreased nervous energy. Blackmores P.P.M.P. helps to boost exhausted energy levels whether it be from conditions of the physical, mental or nervous nature; whilst the Magnesium Phosphate aids in energy production, normal nerve function, normal muscle function and cramps, spasms and twitches. 

Active ingredients

Potassium phosphate - dibasic 33 mg
Magnesium phosphate - 65 mg

Adults - Take 1 tablet 3 times a day with meals, or as professionally prescribed. Children under 12 years - As professionally prescribed. Suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Magnesium may decrease the absorption and efficacy of some medications. P.P.M.P. should be administered at least 2 hours apart from tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics.
Please note this is a "Practitioner Only" product, which means that it has increased potency when compared with retail lines and would normally be prescribed by your healthcare professional. Available only by phone (+44 (0)845 512 0999). 
We particularly recommend molasses as part of the nutritional programme for healing the nervous system and in cases of Stammering. We also recommend the addition of Plant Sterols and Sterolins to the diet.