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Natural Remedies for Ringworm
Ringworm is a fungal infection that can affect the scalp, body, feet or nails.  It is a contagious infection.   The name comes from the characteristic red ring that can appear on the skin. Ringworm is also called Tinea.  Ringworm is spread by either direct or indirect contact.


Wormwood Capsules is a valuable herb has been used for thousands of years. Its heroic qualities are related to its anti-parasitic action.   It is extremely effective against fungal infections such as Ringworm


·         Invigorates and stimulates the whole digestive process.

·         Helps with indigestion, when the cause is insufficient digestive juices.

·         Anti-parasitic

·         Anti-inflammatory

·         A bitter tonic 


We strongly recommend Zell Oxygen as it will get the immune system working properly again.  A product that has many years of successful clinical use behind it - Zell Oxygen can justly be described as an essential supplement.  The action of the special live yeast cells (saccharomyces cerevisaie yeast) that is aerobic, as opposed to oxygen ‘hating’ fungal forms. The zell yeast will take over the terrain where Ringworm is resident, forcing this more primitive life form out of existence.  At the same time the improved cellular respiration and immune system will complete the work in re-balancing the inner terrain.


We also recommend the use of Primebiotic contains the highest quality, nutrient dense, green superfoods, pre-digested with 13 synergistic live bacteria. Multi strains of bacteria are far more potent than merely supplementing with one or two strains of bacteria. The potent mixture of superfoods, cereal grasses, micro-algae and kelp, provide many health benefits.  Cereal grasses are high in chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, minerals, and unique digestive enzymes. Micro-algae contain significant amounts of lipid, protein, chlorophyll, carotenoid, vitamins, minerals and unique pigments and Kelp provides all the nutrients from the ocean - nature's most complete nutrient 'store', exposing these wonderful ingredients to the probiotic process enhances their inherent ability to promote the growth and reproduction of friendly bacteria. 


A third remedy we recommend in a natural fungal treatment is Barley Grass Juice Powder.  A whole food that keeps us healthy contains many anti-oxidants and protective factors. One to two dessertspoons a day of this mixed into water or sheep’s or goat’s milk (do not heat above blood heat as it contains live enzymes) will provide a broad range of low carbohydrate nutrients to provide valuable nutritional support.


Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing.   The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.  No claims for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied.  Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states.   The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA.