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Natural Remedies for Piles
Haemorrhoids are a very common condition and include external and internal haemorrhoids.
There are two pre- disposing factors;
(1) Congestion of the portal circulation that passes through the liver and on to the rectum. Liver stagnation and stress can be a factor. The health of the liver  can be improved with the Core Regime - a proven nutritional program that improves health naturally. A specific herb that can help is Milk Thistle Tincture.  Even if we do not have actual gall stones, there is often congestion of the hepatic (liver) bile ducts with thickened bile, sometimes referred to as ‘mud’. One can use the methods for treating Gall Stones to de-congest the liver thereby improving overall feeling of health and well-being and also contributing to alleviation of hemorrhoids. This includes the use of Black Seed Oil, an excellent liver and lymph de-congestant.  Astringent/sour herbs and foods can also be of benefit with hemorrhoids, such as lemon and lime (lemon is used in the gall stone flush method).
(2) The other aspect of hemorrhoids is the health of the blood vessels of the anus. Silica, as per Organic Silicon G5  helps to strengthen connective tissue (see also Repair-Tonic Formulation) including the elastic walls of the blood vessels. Serrapeptase helps to overcome inflammation and congestion of the blood vessels.